2 Life Happiness Hacks for 2015

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Yesterday marked our 7 year anniversary! Seven years people! That's seven years of chasing this Crazy Cotter Triathlon dream. That's 7 years of ups, downs, triumphs, and frustrations. What's even crazier is that my husband has been racing pro since 2006. Almost a decade of HARD training and perseverance. But last year.... oye! Last year was year was a doozy, a true test … [Read more...]

The Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated….


The past month I’ve seen a certain word everywhere. I’ve heard it, read it, thought it, absorbed it. So what the heck is this word? Smallness (in life). Sometimes feeling small in a BIG world is where God needs you to be so you can gain strength, grow, and support others. We (Crazy Cotters) often feel small trying to figure out this DREAM, this JOURNEY. The past injuries … [Read more...]

The OVER FIXING Syndrome


I had it all planned out, drafted and all. I wanted to share a post about core. Heck, even the kiwi spent part of his weekend taking pictures for his “foundation” routine. Yes, we had a plan. He was going to share his routine and then I was going add it to my core post. Brilliant! Go TEAM COTTER. And then I tried to “fix” a few things and add more plugins/widgets to his site … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday – Choosing Contentment


Choosing Contentment One of the most memorable words of advice I ever received was from a clinical nutritionist and doctor that I highly respect. He said to say thank you in every situation/circumstance and FOR every situation/circumstance. Life is a gift, learn to see it as one. Easier said than done, yes? Well, he also said that we must be a good steward of our bodies. We … [Read more...]

“Stressing Over Stress is What Makes Stress so Stressful”


Welcome Marvelous Monday! I think I should start off by explaining last week’s RESTING more than a day post. Yes, I closed comments for that post so that we could all rest. But I also did it because I knew I would want to respond to comments and engage in good conversation if I left them open. And to be honest, I had enough on my plate last week; I didn’t want to “stress” over … [Read more...]

Bolder Blogging: Why I will never have a perfect Blog


These are my truths. These are my imperfections. And these reasons why my blog will never be perfect. I don’t post every day. I’m pretty the grammar Gods frown upon me with each post. I don’t have the best food photography skills –> but at least they are improving. I’ve had a light box (for food photography) since last year and haven’t even used it. I … [Read more...]

Try it Out Tuesday: Christmas Eve Style


Try it out… Reset, Reboot, Slow down… Try it out… Let go of guilt and perfect. Don’t compare. Try it out… Have FUN. You know it’s in you. Go here for the FULL picture. It’s too fun! Try it out… Be Real. It’s way easier than than looking like you have it all together 24/7. Try it out… Bake with Love, Count … [Read more...]

A lesson in Dreaming Big –> Live them OUT LOUD


It's true, we live in a “The World is Your Oyster Era”. Maybe it's because social media is at our fingertips every day. We see other people pursuing their dreams and/or really striving in life. Or so we think. This can be a good thing for us, motivationally speaking, but I also think we tend to get caught up in other people's successes. We see someone training for more races, … [Read more...]

Race Week: living on chances.. and protein


This weekend we’re taking another chance. Actually, we’ve been given another chance. A chance to dream big. A chance to KEEP GOING. A chance to GIVE it ALL we’ve got! ….. It’s RACE WEEKEND. The kiwi Cotter has been been training SMART and HARD. We’ve made some major changes and some major sacrifices. All for what? For God’s Plan. Gosh, I know it’s all about the journey … [Read more...]

Making the Most of GF Ingredients: Indian Spiced Tuna Cakes


Well, the Slowdown Challenge has officially ended (well at least the email updates have), but I am going to continue posting about it through the month. Even though I don’t get the daily encouragement from the writer himself, I still get encouragement from others and it’s something I NEED and WANT to work on. Also, my friend (BLEND) Jess will be doing a guest post for me … [Read more...]