Savoring Springtime Suppers


The first few days of Spring have been all about savoring. We had my father in law in town from New Zealand and soaked up every minute of family time we could. No agenda. No rush. No plan. No worries. That’s the one of the many things I really enjoy about these Crazy Cotters. There will never be a plan. There will never be  a “rush” of the day. We spent hours around … [Read more...]

ChobaniATX dinner: Just Add Good


So…. I’m still in a wee bit of a food coma. You see, last night I feasted on a 5 course dinner. It was a South by Southwest dinner hosted by the amazing crew at Chobani. The chefs at Parkside Austin put together an incredible menu full of chobani flavors (hence the JUST ADD GOOD hashtags). Yes, it was crazy good and we were spoiled. But I’ll get to that in a … [Read more...]

When things just Click


There are several things that just seem to “click” from time to time. I am sure you could agree. Like putting on new run or workout gear and feeling motivated. It just clicks in! Like putting dark chocolate almond butter in Strawberry Raspberry Hot Oats from LoveGrown Foods. It’s a clicking combo! Like making a strange but good recipe with the bare essentials left in … [Read more...]

Thursday Things: Workout and New Vocabulary


The day has come and gone. Yes, that day, Christmas. We had a wonderful day. Pretty simple, but still filling. A little running with the hubs, a little cooking, a lot of eating, a little present opening, a lot of wine and bubbly, and a lot of laughing. Side note: American Apparel PVbody blue tights, Livewell360 CORE bag, and Love Grown Foods NEW PRODUCT all arrived a … [Read more...]

Let the Holidays Come…to YOU


My friend Jess wrote this awesome post about how to let the run come to you (us). It struck a cord with me. Yes, I apply this to my running (no numbers runner, remember?) but I also think it can apply to the way we live life or more so, the Holidays. Let the Holidays come to you (us). When I looked up the synonym for LET in the thesaurus, it actually had the definition "sit … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshots and Small Survey


I’ve never done a Snapshot Sunday or a Sunday scenes, but I thought I might start today. Why? Because sometimes Snapshots speak more than words. Yes? Work, Play, Eat, Rest, Enjoy, Repeat. There are snapshots of each below, from working for Attunes at Whole Foods to Enjoying new wine and goodies from great Blends (thanks Jess and Jo). So scroll down and ENJOY this 3 second … [Read more...]

Sunday Stew


Sundays are suppose to be a day of rest, but in this day in age, most people are out running errands, doing house work, running long, racing, and practically doing anything but resting. I’m okay with that, as long as part of the day is simple and somewhat restful. Since we go to the evening service at our church, our dinners are pretty simple. I adore it! We usually hit up … [Read more...]

What I’m Enjoying Wednesday: VLOG


I am switching things up today. Instead of a WIAW, I’m gonna focus on a WIEW (What I'm Enjoying Wednesday). That’s cool, right? And instead of a wordy post, I’m gonna post more pictures and a vlog. Cool? Cool. No really, it’s a busy month week. Lots of things to enjoy and lots of thing to share. But you know me, I forget things easily. So before I do, I’m posting it … [Read more...]

More days


Happy Friday. Be back next week with regular posting. Sabbatical week continues through the weekend. But in the meantime, I’ll just post some random thoughts and pictures, k? Enjoy More. It’s that simple. Enjoy…… More days of early sunrises, more days of days of late sunsets. More days of things that make you laugh and people who make you smile. More days of home … [Read more...]

The Splurge…


I try not to think too hard on the weekends. Let’s face it, I need all my brain cells to get me through the week. So when the hubs asked me if I wanted to stay in and pick up a NICE bottle of wine,  I didn’t even think twice. Scratch that, I didn’t even think. We ventured out to Central Market and asked their Wine Connoisseur for their best red. It took about three different … [Read more...]