Not Really but kinda Wordless Wednesdays: Bahamas Days

Ahh, one more day here. It’s gone by fast, too fast. But I think it’s because we’ve stayed busy. I know a lot of people think we are on vacation, but nope, that’s not the case. We just get to work in paradise for a week. Can’t complain. It’s definitely a vacation from the norm though.

I thought’ I’d share a little bit of what goes on here and then follow it up with a lot of photos. That works, right?

Okay, here goes.

Bahamas Days: Cotter Camp

Wake up. Make breakfast, coffee, etc..

Sherpa (that’s me) gets her own time to run or strength train. Then back to the house to make snacks.

Do a little work for Barbara on the upcoming UWC Triathlon Bahamas. (side note: everyone needs to come race this!!! It’s going to be, what’s the word? EPIC!)

Lunch time is an ocean swim (ironman distance). Sherpa prepares lunch or picks it up. Makes sure the fridge is stocked with bananas and chocolate milk (crucial, haha). If enough time, Sherpa gets to hang out at the beach while they swim.

Post lunch grocery store run. Follow up with emails, Triathlon work, etc. Run any other errands needed. Maybe break lose mid day to go the beach again for an hour. Hehe.

Early evening is a bike and/or run workout. Sherpa gets dinner ready or arranges dinner plans. If okay with boss of course. Winking smile 

Late evening dinner, clean up, debrief on porch, eat a snack. Bed!


And now, pictures. The WORDLESS STUFF.


Lots of swims, lots of sweat, lots of stretching, and lots of scary beach hair. EEEK!

Oh my one food pic for the week, a favorite. Duck confit with bacon from Mahogany House. Ya, that’s good stuff right there. I need to learn how to make this.


Well, we’re back to Austin tomorrow. Then back to other work Friday. I’ve got healthy bites orders to fill and a dog waiting to be spoiled. Not to mention laundry laundry laundry.

Cheers to good travels!


Views and Vlog: Bahamas

Okay, gotta make this quick. We are off for the second part of training today and there’s no service where we will be. Kinda love that. True disconnect!

Anyway, we are here and it’s quite the adventure. I’ll let the VLOG speak for itself.

On another note, I’ve still managed to make some good pre workout fuel with my rice maker. I call this my trail mix brown rice porridge. It’s even better with a little coconut cream or Greek yogurt on top. And honey! Recipe to come.


Managed a good strength session with the hubs.


And managed to enjoy the scenery and the views from above. Even if it did rain the first 2 days.


Well, we got lots of work to do. See you in a few.

Sherpa Signing Off!



Thirty Minute Thursday: Checklist

Here we go. Our last minute checklist. We’ve got thirty minutes till we head out.

Last minute Cotters, stand by Cotters. Ya, get the picture? We’re sporadic.


  • Pack Bags
  • Pack travel food


  • Take Dog to Brothers


  • Wash clothes
  • Ship last minute Healthy Bite orders
  • Find Passports
  • Costco run for more larabars
  • Get extra contact lenses
  • Thank God for provision— DOUBLE CHECK!
  • Get my fitness classes covered


  • Do a little strength training


  • Check in!!!


Oh and get my beach hair ready. Bahama Mama is back!

boat ride

See you on the islands.




HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to Jolene for her recent engagement. That news just made my whole week. So happy for you Jolene!

Enjoy the View

This was our last weekend in the Bahamas. Another round of long runs, bike rides, and swimming. But before we hopped into training mode, we got to enjoy some boating in “recovery day” mode. Yes Friday was recovery, from the week of training, then Saturday and Sunday were longer training hours. I hopped in a few swim here and there and tackled a slow slow slow 5k. It felt good to be out there and it felt good to be the first one done, hehe.

Anyway, here’s a quick video and a few views from the boat.

boat ridepingboat ride 2boat

Love the large homes with the yachts out front. The hubs and I fully intended to win lottery and then buy one, or both!  Anyone wanna pitch in for a vacation spot? Winking smile haha.


Well, that’s it folks. I head back to good old ATX today and the hubs comes back a day or two after. It will be good to be home but I will miss my time here. We always meet such amazing people when we travel. We get to act like locals and make a little home away from home. We create new friendships that last a lifetime. Yes, it is corny, but true. They don’t call me Corny Cotter for nothin.’


Life at home awaits. Several orders of healthy bites to be filled, hooray! And a new game plan for the hubs. Stay tuned for another stand by by Cotter report.

Cheers to new friends, new experiences, a successful journey, and a great view!


Food & Fitness Friday: Bahamas

I think we might need to move her. Today is another Holiday. It’s Bahamian Labor day. Last Monday was a Holiday too. A three day work week sounds good, doesn’t it? Winking smile

Anyway, today I wanted to share a little Food and Fitness. I love how Jess does her Foodie Fridays and Lindsay does her Fitness Fridays, and because I love both, I will share a wee bit of both. Thanks for letting me hop on the bandwagon ladies.

Let’s talk Food.. and maybe some wine.

Wednesday we were invited to a 2 hour wine tasting at the Mahogany House. We sampled about 4 different red wines and learned a ton about each one. This only made me love wine more. I love learning about the regions, the grape, the vineyard, the texture, clarity, etc. of wines. I think a certain someone was also intrigued. Just look at that concentration.


I’ve also been cooking up a lot of one pot wonders. It’s cheaper, its easy, and it can feed the masses.

Here’s a good one. Gluten Free Cajun chicken sausage with zucchini, garlic, chickpeas, smoked barbeque sauce, tomato, and a little paprika/cayenne to top. I served this with gluten free herbed couscous and a papaya salad. Yes, local goodness on that papaya.



The best thing about these are the leftovers. Perfect for post ride lunch today. Just throw in a corn tortilla. Delish!

Now about that Fitness…. mine has been a work in progress as I mentioned before. But yesterday I took the plunge. The plunge into the pool that is. I did not do the group workout but I did swim, at my own speed, and with a little help from the hubs. Winking smile


For those of you who like a solid swim workout. Here was their Main Set.

SWIM Warm up 1000 straight with every 4th non-free

6×200 (1-3 band only at 75% on 30 sec rest, then progress 4-6 as 75%, 80%, 85% effort with 20 sec rest.

3 x (12×25 fast followed by 50 easy with 1.5 min rest)

Set 1 band only on 30

Haha, swim lingo at it’s finest!

Now we are off for a land workout.. hitting up the gym at Albany for a little strength. Love how empty is! I know, spoiled.


TRX Strength and Core:

20 rows

20 curls

20 single leg squats (on each leg)

10-20 push up and tucks

1 minute plank

Repeat for 15-20 minutes straight

K, that’s it. I’m pooped. Let’s go enjoy this Bahamian Labor day and not labor anymore.

Cheers to Friday Friends!


Ocean Potion

Not gonna lie. This has been one crazy ride. Past few week here have flown by! These crazy folks have anywhere between 2 to 4 workouts a day. I’m trying to do my best to keep the fridge stocked and fuel ready. It ain’t cheap either. Gluten free bread is about $12! Wowza! Let’s just say rice cakes have been my best friend instead. That, and corn tortillas.

Our training camp staples. The cheap and the not so cheap.

  • Cheap: Plantains the size of your arm, local pineapple (to die for), papaya, coconut water (the cheap local kind), corn flakes, corn tortillas, eggs, peanut butter.


  • The not so cheap: larabars, cliff bars, any kind of organic meat or vegetable, almond milk, almond butter, bottled water, and greek yogurts (with the exception of Chobani, which I found on sale. HALLELUJAH!!

I guess paradise does come with a cost. Haha! Winking smile

Anyway, here’s a little swim video and pictures from today’s ocean swim. A time trial ironman swim. It’s always good to practice open water swimming. Such a huge difference when it comes to endurance versus in the pool. Ya know?


As much as I adore my Sherpa job, I also find myself very eager. Eager to train again, eager to keep up with the “crew,” eager to be fit. It’s hard not to when you are constantly surrounded by endurance junkies. But I am lucky, wait.. scratch that. I am blessed. Blessed to have married a man, a professional athlete, who had been through all those feelings before and can relate. He has felt the high of winning and being fit as can be and he has felt the lowest of lows, being injured and working paycheck to paycheck. Yes, the hubs. One piece of advice for anyone coming back from an injury, illness, etc. … start slow and appreciate the process. It will only make you stronger than before, more mentally than anything.

So here I am, starting off slow, building back my fitness, stronger than before. I maybe not be out there training like I did before, but that’s okay. I don’t need to be. Fitness is a passion that can last a lifetime. Not an all or nothing regime. Well, maybe just in my opinion. Smile

How do you view YOUR fitness these days? Is it still a passion?

I hope so!

Embrace it with arms wide open.

wild kiwi



Island Hopping Training Weekend: Sherpa Scenes

Well, we’re back in Nassau. We took a quick trip over to Eleuthra (another island) so that the crew could get in some solid hours of training. And boy did they ever! Hours of riding and running all done here (below).


And while the crew was away training, this Sherpa spent her time grocery shopping at the only grocery store on island piggly wiggly (literally a 300 sq. ft. store). So stinkin’ cute! And flying solo at the beach, just walking in the sand. This is how all Sherpa-ing should be!

Anyway, here’s a video a few pictures of the flight, the weekend, and so much more. Prepare to be in Bahamas picture overload. Winking smile

The co-pilot. Who actually does have his New Zealand pilot’s license.


The itty bitty plane. Oh my!


The views from above.


Post ride treat for a few. Gosh I wish they made GF beer here!!


My solo time well spent.


My hair 7 days into the trip. Not washed still and I am scared to run a brush through it. Wish me luck!


To say we are lucky would just be wrong. We are fortunate to know such amazing people and we are fortunate to work in this field. We have been nomads since last October but I don’t think I would change that for the world. Thanks for following, thanks for putting up with the highs and lows, thanks for encouraging. The Cotter Crew is thankful.

And a HUGE thanks to those fallen soldiers. Today we remember!




One more week to go here. More to come. Winking smile

Bahama Mama

I’ve nicked named myself the Bahama mama Sherpa. I only say that because I have the hair to prove it. It’s my “holy cow humidity FRO” hair.

bahama hair

I blame it on the rain. It’s been raining everyday since we got here. I think we must have brought it with us. Sorry bahamas. But the good news is, with my new FRO, I have yet to wash my hair. So… I am saving on shampoo, right?

Anyway, here’s a little video of where we’ve been staying, etc. Please excuse the hair once again. It has a mind of it’s own. Plus I had just gotten back from a walk. Yes, I am sweating like I was in a steam room. That’s totally normal when you walk 2.0 mph here. Winking smile

And here’s our ride. We call her the Bahama Yellow Beast.


A view from the house. The 2 minutes it wasn’t raining.


Tomorrow we are off to the island Eleuthera.


Lots of good riding there and of course WHITE BEACH! As the official Bahama Mama, I’m packing balls.. I mean bites. Bahama Breeze Bites. Yes, I am sharing the recipe. This recipe definitely needs to be shared. Come get your Bahama Breeze on with me.

pineapple rum coconut

Bahama breeze Bites
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: healthy bite
Serves: 22-24
  • 6 oz. dried pineapple
  • .25 cup cashew or sunflower seed butter
  • 2 tbsp. coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp pb flour (optional)
  • 25 grams vanilla protein
  • 2 tbsp. shredded coconut
  • ¼ cup banana chips (crushed)
  • ½ tsp. rum extract
  • ¼ cup honey or agave nectar
  1. Grind up pineapple and banana chips separately in food processor. Transfer into a large bowl and a pinch of
  2. coconut. Then stir in your protein powder, nut butter, and coconut/pb flour. Pour in the rum extract and mix
  3. together.
  4. Last, mix in your honey/agave and then roll into balls/bites. Roll each bite in the extra coconut and protein powder before storing. Freeze right away then store in fridge or freezer to maintain freshness .
  5. Makes around 22-24

Tell me, how do you tame your hair?

Happy Holiday Weekend!



Work and Play

So how’d we end up here? Work and play you might say, plus we got an invitation and a place to stay. Gosh we know generous people! We are always amazed at the kindness and thoughtfulness they show. Unreal!

But we are here training and working (a little).

A little bit of swim coaching … pool and ocean



A little bit of nutrition work and healthy snack making…..


Raw fuel cookies anyone?


A little bit of riding……


And of course, a little bit of enjoying….

One of the locals who is training with us (Chris), just happens to be the manager and the sommelier of this divine place.. the Mahogany house. We have been there 3x already, and were spoiled. Okay I was spoiled. Wino at it’s finest here!



So that’s word.

Now, if it would only stop raining. Off to practice my RAIN AWAY dance.

What’s your work and play today?



Travel Talk Tuesday

A couple weeks ago “Standby” Cotter (aka the hubs) decided he changes some plans. Of course he asked me first, but to me honest, I really did not think He would follow through with. I know, bad wife. I was supportive though.

A little over a week ago we received an email confirmation with our airline tickets. They had been purchased.


We are really going.

travel ticket

And we did.

(my go to travel companions. Gt Kombucha and Go PICNIC GF travel meals)

travel kgo picnic

with a quick layover…..


And a final hop over to an island……


An opportunity arose, we took it. Now let’s hope for some smooth sailing during these next 2 weeks.

Life will resume when we get back to the states. Healthy Bite orders will definitely be happening again, no doubt! But for now, I might be a little disconnected…. we shall see. Winking smile

Off to sharpen my Sherpa skills.

What opportunities are you taking these days? Do you wait and think through them or just go for it?

Cheers from the Bahamas!



I finally got my booty back into Tuesday Trainer. It’s Balance week! Check it out. Some amazing moves by these ladies.