A different Kind of Allergy friendly..


I love living in Austin, I really do. It’s a funky fit town with lots of hills, lakes, trails, etc. I love that we have abundant access to that. But if I could change one thing, just one thing, it would be the allergies. ACK! Yes, the allergies are brutal here and I am way to stubborn to stay inside. I am also way to stubborn to take medicine. Well, until I get a major sinus … [Read more...]



Helloo!!! “I don’t think we’re in New Zealand anymore Toto.” Yep, my exact thoughts. As soon as we landed in LA, a rush of adrenaline hit. Yes, half of it was the jet lag and strong coffee combination, but the other half was just REAL. Let me tell you our travel plans, just humor. 4 hour drive from Taupo to Auckland, wait 5 hours for our flight. Then 12 hour … [Read more...]

Cotters Get Closure


This weekend was such a blur. A fast pace, good time, closure filled blur. Yes, I said closure. Actually, I didn’t even know that it was closure filled till late last night. You see,  yesterday the hubs was a PRO SPECTATOR at what suppose to be one of his last races of the season. They even called his name out at the starting line, whoops! But this guy did not start. He … [Read more...]

Weekends are for Memories


As I sit here, plopping myself on the couch after another day of moving stuff, I can’t help but think about all the memories that were brought about this weekend. I like to think that most weekends are for “making memories.” Ya know, the fun nights gathered around with friends/family, the crazy adventure races we decide to do last minute, and the restaurants that make us … [Read more...]

My Yoga Story and WIAW


This morning I woke up fully intending to get outside for some physical activity. The air was cooler than normal (for Texas that means it was around 65-70F) and the humidity was low. It was perfect running/hiking weather. But as the sun slowly started to come up, I felt my body telling me to take it easy and my mind still telling me to GET OUTSIDE! Lately my body has been … [Read more...]

Ice Tee Giveaway


Man, I should have met this company months ago when we were just starting to hit the 100’s here in TX. But guess it's better late than never, right? What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about the coolest training shirt out there….literally! Ice Tee is a local Austin company that has put a new twist on an old recovery/cooling method. “The IceTee is a moisture … [Read more...]

Power of Prayer


I could sit here and recap in great detail what the past 4 days have been like, but I won’t. If you’ve seen the news or been on Facebook, you know. You know the depths of the fires that surround us, you know how many lives have been affected, you know how hard the rescue teams have been working. But what you don’t see on the news….it’s unbelievable. The amount of support, … [Read more...]

Labor in Prayer

Guys I am asking that you labor in prayer right now. We have been evacuated from our homes and our neighborhood. We are safe but many people have lost homes. This video is right down the road from us. We are not sure if my work (the gym) has been affected either. The winds are still crazy today and the fires are hard to contain. Power is still out and we are not sure when we … [Read more...]

Weekend Entertainment


The hubs has a slight obsession with LeBron James. In fact, when we have kids, he wants our first son to be named Lebron. Sorry hubs, not gonna push out a watermelon for that. I doubt our child will be 6’6” anyway. Just ain’t gonna happen. But I’ll make a deal. How ‘bout I film you doing your best LeBron James “big decision” (aka team decision) impression? And let's make it … [Read more...]