A different Kind of Allergy friendly..

I love living in Austin, I really do. It’s a funky fit town with lots of hills, lakes, trails, etc. I love that we have abundant access to that.

But if I could change one thing, just one thing, it would be the allergies. ACK! Yes, the allergies are brutal here and I am way to stubborn to stay inside. I am also way to stubborn to take medicine. Well, until I get a major sinus infection desperate relief. LOL.

For the past few days, our temperatures have been quite pleasant in the morning. We took advantage of being outdoors, and unfortunately, so did the mold.




Ya, do you see that? Unreal. And let me just tell you, the hubs and I don’t do well with mold. My glands swell up and I can’t swallow anything. James gets monstrous headaches and congestion. We’re such a pretty pair! Winking smile

Well, as soon as I started feeling the fat throat, I changed up our meals for the week. As much I hate doing it, it needed to be done. Ohh woe is me, yes?

To help relieve some of our mold allergies, we cut out the following. Okay, maybe not cut out, but backed off a bit.

  • meats
  • dairy
  • yeast
  • fermented foods (less kombucha)
  • wine (sad sad face here)
  • starchy foods and vegetables
  • peanut butter (another sad face here)
  • vinegar dressing
  • dried fruit

Instead we are focusing more on these foods.

  • fresh fruit, especially citrus
  • green smoothies with good fat added in (like avocado hemp milk with vanilla protein powder)
  • sunflower seed butter
  • cooking with more olive oil and lemon/lime juice- butter will be back soon though!
  • coconut milk yogurt/kefir
  • fish
  • steamed greens
  • eggs
  • cocoa coconut healthy bites

Hemp meal heated with coconut milk and fresh berries, this is our MOLD RELIEF breakfast for sure! That and some vegan cocoa coconut healthy bites.



You can check out more info on airborne allergies and food avoidances here.

It looks like the allergies will be taming themselves soon, so hopefully by the weekend I can have my wine back. What’s a wino to do without wine? Boring.. jk.

Thanks Jen for allowing me talk about mucus and mold today.

Do you have any Airborne Allergy cures?





“I don’t think we’re in New Zealand anymore Toto.”

Yep, my exact thoughts.

As soon as we landed in LA, a rush of adrenaline hit. Yes, half of it was the jet lag and strong coffee combination, but the other half was just REAL.

Let me tell you our travel plans, just humor.

4 hour drive from Taupo to Auckland, wait 5 hours for our flight. Then 12 hour flight from Auckland to LA. Layover was suppose to be only 2 hours but then flight was delayed last minute. Left LA at 8pm and got into DFW at 1am. Construction on the highway so didn’t get to my parents house till 2am. Woke up at 7am (darn you body!!!), laundry, then drove another 3 1/2 hours to Austin. PHEW!!!!

Customs were probably the worst part, thankfully they did not take away our beloved marmite! ha!

But the highlight of it all was DEB!! Sweet, amazing, kind, loving, and GORGEOUS DEB!! The best layover present a gal could ask for. That and Trader Joes of course.

Thank you Deb for rescuing us from the LAX airport. And thank you for being YOU! We needed someone as special as you to ease us back into US society. Winking smile

photo 1

photo 2photo 4

Speaking of society, jet lag, and homecomings… Here’s a little clip of my first day back in the good old US of A!


And thank GOODNESS these treats were waiting for us when we arrived home. It was like a Christmas for the GF blogger. YAHOO!

Note: Home right now is a PO box. gotta love the nomad style.


ahhh, the brands I love!

So comforting. yes!

But the best thing… the very BEST thing… was REUNITING our CHILD.


So here’s to jet lag, to long layovers with friends, to reuniting with fur babies/friends/family, to old favorites, and to continuing this journey

American style.”


What’s your best homecoming memory?




The RACE recap by the Hubs is up. I think it sums it up just right.

Cotters Get Closure

This weekend was such a blur. A fast pace, good time, closure filled blur. Yes, I said closure. Actually, I didn’t even know that it was closure filled till late last night.


You see,  yesterday the hubs was a PRO SPECTATOR at what suppose to be one of his last races of the season. They even called his name out at the starting line, whoops! But this guy did not start. He coached and cheered from the sidelines with me.


As we waited for one of his athletes to come out of transition, I turned to him and asked how he felt being here, not racing. He said he was happy, and in a way it brought some CLOSURE to this knee injury of his. I get that. Closure is part of the healing process, in fact I think it’s the most important part because it heals the heart and the mind. So now we are just waiting for that last bit of healing….the actual knee itself.


One Cotter Closure down, one to go. Which leads me to myself. ICK! But I know I am in need of some. You see, I am not good at being vulnerable and really speaking my mind. I am often told that I am a closed book, or rather vague. It’s a WALL and a defense mechanism. Well, closure to me means pulling down that wall, creating space for my own well being. My closure comes in words. Writing out how I feel, being okay with, and moving on.

Closure” Points:

  • I used to compete in triathlons but now I am the triathlon “mom.” I like to take care of those competing instead. No need to justify that.
  • I think of myself as a runner even though I am not really running these days. It’s about my passion for the sport, not the number of miles I log.
  • My previous parasite/intestinal infection from 2 years came back. It recently took a toll on my gallbladder (hence the weekly doctor visits). I am frustrated for not taking care of myself fully in the first place. But I am allowed to feel this way, and I am finally doing something about it!
  • Fear and anxiety used to consume me due to this infection. Each day I learn to let go of each a little more and trust my body is healing.
  • I have “trained” for many running events thinking I am 100% healthy, but have quickly learned that God has other plans for me at the moment. One of them is patience.
  • I now know why God puts us through certain physical trials, to build us back up stronger.
  • I will now define my life by my daily aspirations, not by my accomplishments.
  • I’ve learned that asking for help has made me more compassionate for others.
  • It took me way to long to write this, but I did it. Sympathy is not my intention here, just writing for me…… for closure.

One step closer to healing, one moment of vulnerability embraced, one smile away from aspiring peace.

Cheers to Closure!



Congrats to Sio (Sio’n on the Run) for winning the CALM giveaway. Email me your address friend!

Weekends are for Memories

As I sit here, plopping myself on the couch after another day of moving stuff, I can’t help but think about all the memories that were brought about this weekend.

I like to think that most weekends are for “making memories.” Ya know, the fun nights gathered around with friends/family, the crazy adventure races we decide to do last minute, and the restaurants that make us savor every bite! Well, this weekend was all about remembering those times. I laughed with old friends, celebrated with my old college roommate at her baby shower, and spent hours packing up our first apartment together as husband and wife. So many great memories ran through my head and I still can’t believe where all those memories have taken me (us).

Those memories have opened up doors that I never would have thought I’d walk through. And you know what? I’m ready to create more! The good, the bad, the exciting, the scary. Memories make the journey, am I right?

Okay, so maybe packing is not a great memory.

I know this girl can relate.


Packing breaks were filled with old friends and lots of pregnant bellies. I think I was the only one NOT pregnant.

Janetha, where were you when I needed you?




After the babyfest, it was back to packing. But not after making a few “Austin” memories for the weekend.

Yes, it’s Fall yet 95F. What, no Fall lake swimming in you’re city?


The last of the boxes have been packed………

but I can’t find it in myself to pack up this last picture.


What was “memorable” for you this weekend? Corny? Yes, but you know that’s how I roll!



My Yoga Story and WIAW

This morning I woke up fully intending to get outside for some physical activity. The air was cooler than normal (for Texas that means it was around 65-70F) and the humidity was low. It was perfect running/hiking weather. But as the sun slowly started to come up, I felt my body telling me to take it easy and my mind still telling me to GET OUTSIDE! Lately my body has been smarter than my mind, so I chose to listen to it. I grabbed my yoga mat and headed out the door.

As I approached the door to MY FAVORITE yoga studio, I realized that not many cars were outside. In fact, my car was really the only one in the parking lot. Hmmm, I thought to myself, “is yoga canceled today? I guess we’ll see.” I was greeted as I entered with a fresh face, a new teacher. She was lovely and I could see she was very passionate about yoga. I was excited to take her class.

I set up my mat in the center of the room. I was hoping at least 2 more people would soon be walking in. Maybe even my favorite YOGI blogger would come. Five minutes passed and no one. My lovely new teacher walked into the room with a huge smile on her face. “Well my dear, are you ready for class?” I looked at her, looked around, looked back at her and said “don’t feel obligated to teach if I am the only one, trust me, I totally understand.” Not a chance, she eager to teach and even more eager to leave an everlasting impression on me, and boy did it ever!

The next hour was solely focused on my practice. She talked me through each pose, each flow, and really challenged me to focus on my bodies abilities. She also helped me to lengthen certain poses and feel confident in trying new ones.

As the class came to an end I felt restored, balanced, and some what “nourished” with confidence. I am thankful for my bodies voice, the voice that said to take it easy. Because once we listen to that voice, it will help us to stay in tune with what our body needs so that we can actively “nourish” it.


Speaking of nourishment, let’s get to that food!

my partial WIAW compliments of the oh so lovely Jen.


the wordless addition……



A simple GF recipe I need to post soon, yes?


and last but not least….



What voice did you hear today? Did you listen to it?




Ice Tee Giveaway

Man, I should have met this company months ago when we were just starting to hit the 100’s here in TX. But guess it’s better late than never, right?

What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about the coolest training shirt out there….literally!

Ice Tee is a local Austin company that has put a new twist on an old recovery/cooling method.


The IceTee is a moisture wicking t-shirt, fitted with high intensity (reusable) cooling gel packs that stay dry and cool you at critical points on your body – the neck, spine, and underarms.

The IceTee cools you quickly and effectively pre-workout, post-workout or for outdoor activity in the heat.”



Yes, a cooling shirt with gel packs in the points where your body needs it the most

- the neck, spine, and underarms.

But I have to admit, my favorite feature about the product was the storage.


The bag!

Wash your shirt, then stick it right back into the freezer bag. Fits perfectly in our freezer too.

The kind folks at Ice Tee were able to hook us with this shirt just in time for the hubs key training leading up to World Champs. These last few weeks have been over 100F so any and all cooling systems were a must.

After biking 3 plus hours in the heat, the ice tee shirt made for a great transition shirt when performing those bike/run brick workouts. Trust me, a lifesaver in the TX sun.

The hubs even used it after his swim leg relay race last weekend. It kept him cool while he cheered on his teammates for the remainder of the race.

ice t austin relay

Such a good team! First place relay.

okay okay, so now that explained how much we love this shirt, how about I give one away?!

I know, it might be close to Fall season, but trust me when I say you can use this cooling shirt year round. Just think, post treadmill runs, indoor cycling, hot yoga, etc.

To win:

  • Go the Ice Tee website and tell me one thing you learned from them.
  • Like them on Facebook and let me know you liked them.
  • Follow them on Twitter and let me know you follow them
  • Tweet about this giveaway.
  • Pray for TX rain (we really need it)

I’ll let announce the winner this Friday September 16th. Contest is open to US residents only. Wish I could make it universal. Sorry guys.

Thanks again for all the support and cheers for the hubs’ race this weekend! It just might have been his last one for the season. Will have to give a BIG update soon because, well, it’s needed.




Ice Tee company did not compensate me for this review. This is my personal FREE opinion. Thanks for listening.

Power of Prayer

I could sit here and recap in great detail what the past 4 days have been like, but I won’t. If you’ve seen the news or been on Facebook, you know. You know the depths of the fires that surround us, you know how many lives have been affected, you know how hard the rescue teams have been working.

But what you don’t see on the news….it’s unbelievable. The amount of support, the volunteers, the donations, the hugs, the caring phone calls and emails,the community that serves each other and gives the clothes off their back, and the prayers, oh the prayers! Friends, that is some amazing GRACE. .

We are home today. We are safe. We are thankful. We will do what we can to help this community move forward.

Tomorrow I will take the hubs to the airport. He’s off to race World Champs in Vegas. A little tired but oh so grateful.

Our lives will be back to normal soon. But for our friends who lost everything, it will take more time. Nonetheless, they will be covered in prayer.


Thank you for praying. Never underestimate the power of prayer!




Labor in Prayer

Guys I am asking that you labor in prayer right now. We have been evacuated from our homes and our neighborhood. We are safe but many people have lost homes. This video is right down the road from us. We are not sure if my work (the gym) has been affected either. The winds are still crazy today and the fires are hard to contain. Power is still out and we are not sure when we can return home. Another fire just popped up south of us.

We are are extremely amazed and thankful by the support that has poured out from our community. Let’s continue that! Pray!!! Please pray for the families, the firefighters, and for our state.