Sweet as…

I fully intended to adopt this Kiwi phrase. I hear it way to often.

sweet as- Urban dictionary defines it here.

Second most common phrase in New Zealand after “awesome“. Said when something is rather good instead of just “good” or “OK”. Often followed by “bro”.

EX: How was the surf at Ragland yesterday?
Sweet As bro


I’ve noticed that this saying is said a lot. But you know what’s different about it? I think it’s said with a GENUINE purpose.

So here’s to SWEET AS (‘s)…….not to be confused with sweet a**. Winking smile


Life in slow motion. Life in vivid colors. Life, taking risks and not looking back.



SWEET AS … being tired from a good day


SWEET AS … things that make you laugh because they are so true


SWEET AS …. your good friends making their FITNESS dreams a REALITY!

Jess and Jo!- READ HERE!!

SWEET AS … a rest week for Tuesday trainer and hearing all these INSPIRING Ladies!


SWEET AS… my dinner last night because I finally found Corn Tortillas. It was Taco Tuesday in the Cotter House.

o-matic (3)

Now tell me…

What’s your SWEET AS today?



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  1. Sweet as…reading this blog post where one of my favorite blog friends in the world shows such awesome love and support for me and my sis as we follow our fitness dreams. You are so awesome. Thank you!! I’m seriously bowled over by all the support flooding in from bloggy land today on my news! It’s totally humbling. <3 you!

  2. awwww!!!! You are the sweetest! Sweet as sweet! :-) I needed this today as my day has been a complete cluster…and that just brightened it immensely and helped me take a step back and breathe. Life doesn’t have to be so fast all the time, now does it? XOXOXO!

  3. sweet as…the gorgeous orange lilies i bought for myself today!

  4. NZ sounds like such a positive place if the two most common words/phrases are “awesome” and “sweet as…”. I want go there now! Okay, I already wanted to go there, but now I’m even more sold.

    I love the feeling of being tired from a good day. It’s a distinctive feeling from just being tired in general. It’s like being lovedrunk or something.

    I am still on the hunt for good corn tortillas!

  5. Sweet as… coming home starving for a late lunch and remembering there are leftovers ready to be eaten! The best :) Hope you’re having a good day (night?)!

  6. sweet as…practising yoga in the morning with my Kiwi – it was awesome! 😉 xyx

  7. Sweet as finishing my first 50K and still having enough energy to go wine tasting!! =)

  8. I like that expression!! Sweet as… my dream where I went to New Zealand and saw you. Not even kidding. My dream was in such detail that my status on facebook (in my dream) said “in Christchurch!”

  9. Ah, love it. What a great expression!! Taco Tuesday sounds good to me. That might be what we have tonight.

  10. Love that phrase! I think I might have to adopt it as well…and I’m really far from New Zealand. :-)

  11. … finding out that someone thinks that what you are doing is awesome (especially when you’ve forgotten it yourself)!

  12. Awesome post!!!! 😀
    For today, me sweet as would probably be getting to do a quick aerobics routine with the ladies in the community where we work!

  13. Taco Tuesday?!?! I’m coming!!

  14. Julia @ pain, pride and perseverance says:

    Sweet as a compliment from a coworker I look up to and aspire to be like!

  15. Julia @ pain, pride and perseverance says:

    Sweet as a compliment from a coworker that I look up to and aspire to be like :)

  16. Ha! Learn something new everyday. Um- tacos, yessss! :)

  17. My sweet as today is definitely going to be tacos for dinner!

  18. I love learning through you! I want to come there so badly! Life just seems so beautiful and relaxing! My sweet as moment was when my boys started working out with me this week! It felt so good to have them be so into doing something with me especially when they had to get up at 5:50am!

  19. Sweet as….you and reading this post! :) Beautiful beaches and yummy food pictures—that’s sweet as. Sweet as running…which I’m going to head out and get done now- which usually results in the second kind of sweet as…;) hahaha sorry I couldn’t resist!

  20. I find it so interesting how different English-speaking countries use the same words to mean entirely different things! One of my good friends from college is from South Africa and she would always use words we were familiar with in ways that would make us just go “huh?!” For example she would say “just now” which we would think would mean she was going to do something at that moment but really meant she was going to do it at some undefined future point in time…lots of confusion ensued.

  21. I love it! Both sweet as and sweet ass! 😉

  22. Sweet phrase 😉 I find local slang so interesting. English words can be rearranged in so many different ways to mean so many different things. Thanks for sharing. I would love to go to New Zealand sometime in my lifetime. This phrase makes me want to go even more now!

  23. Oh, this makes me smile… love a good bit of kiwi slang. Love the pictures of New Brighton too, I used to lifeguard round those parts… there’s a brilliant bulk foods place over there too. It’s called Binn Inn… but with a Kiwi accent that’s Bun Un. Hehe.

    My sweet as is playing in the sunshine with Misty and a few of his little mates – play date ahoy! SO sweet :)

    • those beaches are wicked! haha, is that a saying too? maybe i made that up. Wish you and misty were here to frollick with me. And now i must go find this Binn Inn.

  24. i like the one about calling your mom :) going to do that!

  25. This post is sweet as bro! Today I’m actually in a world of pain from going to the dentist, but trying to find the silver lining!!! I’m going to focus on having fun in the kitchen making zucchini hummus and spinach bread instead. A day of healthy green things ahead….sweet as!

  26. Yay for taco Tuesday!
    For me today it’s sweet as total domination of my hill interval workout.
    And i called my mom too. : )

  27. Hee hee, love it, Lindsey. Today…My internship was sweet as bro. It was nice because of the camaraderie and also I got a lot of stuff done!

  28. awesome post as usually my dear…today was sweet as because are working towards reaching our dream…getting ready to take the next step to grow our bakery. exciting yet scary.

  29. You bet your sweet as!!!

  30. have i told you lately that i freakin’ love reading your blog. brings back SO MANY MEMORIES :) love it

  31. Sweet as finishing up the prep work for all my classes this week by TUESDAY!!!

  32. Sweet as…learning a new expression! I’d love it if you’d share more Kiwi sayings with us!

    Sweet as…catching up with YOU! I’m excited that you found tortillas–cheers to the return of Taco Tuesdays! I hope you’re now able to share the tradition with the taco-un-enlightened New Zealanders!

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way! xoxo

  33. Taking a day to rest a bit and listen to my body. Enjoying each moment for what it is. :) Sweet as having an amazing friend like YOU!

  34. Corn tortillas, they really do make a difference!

    I love being tired on a good day:)

  35. YOU.

  36. Great post! Very lovely pictures of the ocean :)
    Sweet as waking up rejuvenated and ready to take on the day (after a cup o’ joe of course!)

  37. Aww, I love this expression! 😀

  38. sweet as … my new love of marmite! :) and a reminder of why i love your blog – great recipes, tons of inspiration, and new food finds!

  39. Thanks for clarifying ~ I was definitely thinking of the other “sweet as*” phrase. haha

    The tacos look fab!

  40. yummm – sweet as….taking control of my career

  41. Awww gorgeous picture and the tacos look scrumptious. My Sweet as was watching my Dad’s basketball team win last night. They have had a few hard games and it was so so sweet to see them succeed yesterday. :)

  42. Life’s unexpected surprises…although it drastically change my plans in the near term, it is the best thing that could have happened to me =)
    Great post, Lindsay…

  43. Excellent post as usual :) Sweet as… not feeling guilty about not being as productive as I should have been yesterday. Today is a new day to get stuff done!

  44. ohh, I love your beach pictures. I also love “keep calm and call your Mom”.. haha I should frame that 😉

  45. Ha! Sweet A**…I like your new phrase, a fab reminder of all the good surrounding us!

  46. Hi Friend, How are you? When are you coming back to the US?

  47. Love this! And Taco Tuesday sounds fabulous!

  48. Sweet as…feeling those random muscles groups burn during a yoga class, or watching the legs do their thang’ when you unleash for a tempo run! :)

    It took this long to find corn tortillas?! Craziness.

  49. ahhh love that expression! so kiwi. sweet as bro . . .love it!
    how funny is it to be so excited to find something we take for granted here? i think you need a tortilla press –just got one and they are small and definitely portable. you could order masa harina online and make your own there, easy! :)

  50. so glad you found corn tortillas! Billy started to just make his own when he lived in London because he couldn’t find them anywhere. :)

  51. sweet as watching the wind move the trees…(palm trees mostly)
    i spend a lot of time doing that (don’t laugh) because it brings me to God. The wind moving invisibly but definitely reminds me of his Presence in us and with us.

    Hard to explain but seriously that’s my sweet.

  52. Aww I forgot that kiwis say that!!! bahaha it took me so long to grasp!

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