Sweat to Street to Eat

Hi friends. How’s life treatin’ ya? Hope the weekend was FILLED to the rim of good stuff. This weekend was pretty low key at the Cotter House. Training (hubs), Chores, Eating, Sleeping, and Easter service.

Let me tell you something we’ve come to realize lately.

The Cotter’s do not have much style. Wait, let me rephrase that. The Cotter’s do not wear enough normal clothes to have style. ha! In fact, it has been a month since we’ve worn jeans or a real outfit. And guess when that was? Yep, on the plane ride home from New Zealand.

Are you laughing yet?

But this weekend we got to dress up for my favorite holiday, Easter. I busted out a skirt that I bought 2 years ago, which still had the tag on it. ohh man, that just shows you how I shop, right?

So here ya go, a little “Simple Style” Sweat to Street Weekend.

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Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up!Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.


What are we wearing?

Wild Kiwi & k-swiss (Hubs’ Sponsors), Gap, H&M skirt, Lulu pink pants, and um ya, that’s about it. My husband has enough Kswiss gear to last him 10 years, or until he retires and puts on 20lbs. Whichever comes first. haha.


Oh I forgot to mention Sadie. Sadie is wearing dirt from the trails and a very old Petco Purple Collar. I think it’s about time we update her wardrobe. Winking smile

And just for kicks, I’m throwing in a few of our Easter Eats. These are definitely COTTER STYLE!


Easter Tamales anyone?

What was your weekend Style? Favorite Easter Food tradition?




A HUGE thank you to Jen for STYLIN’ this blog. She’s amazing and my style icon. Smile

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  1. Happy Easter!
    The blog looks fantastic
    I love love it!

  2. Girl, I have zero style! I’m like you and prefer to be in sweats/workout clothes. I really like that skirt tho!


  3. Heck ya! Brin over some of those Easter tamales. I’ll provide the wine. Your header has style! Loving the new look!

  4. HAHA, I have like Noooo style! I swear, if I could, I’d just dress like a tramp 24/7 :p.
    You look SO cute in your yogi attire and stripey skirt!

    This weekend I made your berry crisp healthy bites- OMG awesome! I LOVE your recipes!

    Glad you had a chill weekend:),

  5. I love the pink yoga pants! Very nice!

  6. Wait- there are clothes besides “work clothes” and workout clothes??

    Happy Easter Lindsay!

  7. I love the little sunflowers, too cute :) Sunflowers just make you smile. Man these days, I just can’t be bothered with clothes/style/fashion… if I put something “nice” on, you can bet your bottom dollar Misty will smear food/boogers on it within 30 seconds. Plus 7 years in the fashion industry totally killed a lot of my love for clothing!

    Comfy is best… yoga pants/shorts/singlet = hooray!

  8. Happy Easter, Lindsay! I actually find you are a stylish person! Okay you may wear a lot of sportswear, but it’s always stylish sportswear! 😀 I feel you have a sense of what suits you, and I like that very much.

    My style is casual and a little sporty. I just sorted all my clothes and realized I have about 15 hoodies. 😀

  9. I love Sadie’s outfit.. I was wearing the same thing yesterday on a egg hunt with my kids. haha .. You look gorgeous!.. I have always wanted a pair of those Lulu pants.. hope you had a nice Easter. xo

  10. Sadie is stylin! 😉 So glad you guys had such a great Easter together! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!

  11. I LOVE your new layout!!

    I have NO style what so ever. Last Tues I went to a movie with 4 youth girls from my churchs youth group. I wore leggings and a hoodie(I was seeing the midnight showing of Titanic) and I basically got a LECTURE bc I wanted to wear black leggings with a dark blue hoodie. It was INSANE. So yeah, I guess I have no style either.

    • leggins and hoodie are STYLISH to me! trust me, i bet you looked cute.
      Been praying for ya. how are things?

      • I felt STYLIST but the girls told me I couldnt wear black and blue?! What the HECK?! I seriously didnt care!! For one I was going to be sitting in a DARK room for 3 hrs and 15 minutes waiting for a boat to sink on the big screen in 3D and I wasnt trying to impress anyone so I didnt care! haha

        Im doing okay. I am still feeling lonely and out of the world bc it feels like everyone is getting into relationships or engaged or popping out kiddos and I just feel SOO left out. But its okay. I have 13 days till my FIRST half marathon and Im SERIOUSLY freaking out!! I feel as if I didnt train enough and Im just worried Im going to fail. Still havent found a teaching job for the fall, but I did find a SWEET job for the summer so I guess thats a BONUS!

  12. LOVE the new blog layout.

  13. Easter tamales?! I’m coming to celebrate with You next year. Delicious.

    After a few months of working at lulu, I realized I had more luon in my wardrboe than anything else. It was quite the challenge to “re-learn” how to dress without something tight and stretchy. 😉

  14. P.S. where have I been?! LOVE the new header.

  15. Your blog is most certainly styling and profiling? As for me, I would LIVE in my yoga/workout pants if I could, but work does not allow for that 😉 However, I do wear jeans and running shoes most of the time, quickly switching to said yoga/workout pants when I get home. I have no “real” style, just comfort 😉

    • ha, we are one in the same abby. comfort is style. And as for the question mark, i like it. We are questionable these days anyway, right? hehe

  16. I didn’t mean to use a question mark. Your blog IS styling and profiling! (Exclamation point.)

  17. LOVE your whole new blog look! I adore the wine addition!!!

    Hope you guys had a great easter!! <3

  18. Love that skirt – our dogs are sporting dirt right about now too LOL. And Maddie’s cute Razorback collar has seen better days so it’s time to break out their spring collars 😉

  19. LOTS of style goin’ on up in here! Love the new blog look – I’m jealous, I want! :)

    I also love your style, you can rock that skirt just as well as those lulu pants, and you rock them like a pro lemme tell ya! Simple style is good in my book!

  20. omg laughed so hard at the “sadie is wearing dirt” comment. LOVE IT

  21. Love your outfits! And I would LOVE some Easter tamales please!!

  22. Love the new look of the blog! So pretty! 😀 Sounds like ya’ll had a nice weekend!

  23. I could live in my work clothes (workout pants and tank tops). I actually hate forcing myself to put on street clothes to go out after work. Although, I hate getting my butt checked out by creeps, so that’s the only thing that really forces me to change. I hope you had a great weekend!

  24. the pink lulus are hot!! I love them! And honestly, I don’t wear jeans very often either, during the week it is lulus all day and then usually barre n9ne, and only on weekends when I am actually going somewhere do I wear ‘normal’ clothes, so I feel ya 😉 Ah the joy of working from home! Happy Easter friend! (love the new blog look btw!)

  25. Love your outfit You have a great Easter.Thanks for posting and for good words.

  26. I really love this idea! Can anyone join along? The sad thing is I rarely get out of my lulu yoga capris these days, so I might only share one week’s worth before it becomes too redundant haha.

  27. My weekend style was work apparel… dark wash jeans and a white, button-up polo… but yesterday was my last day!

    So, it that a green band-aid on your finger? If so, that is for sure some awesome style. =)

  28. I love the new look!! I have to say my style is running clothes and pajama right now because I’m on spring break and I’m just relaxing. It’s nice not to worry about how I look!

  29. YES!!! What an awesome look.

    I was in hiking stuff Saturday, running stuff Sunday…you know the norm:)

  30. So so fun! I hope you had an amazing Easter Lindsay. I love, love, love the pink pants. So cute and you look great!

  31. I LOVE your pink pants, those are AWESOME!!!!

    I actually bought a couple of things at H&M this weekend, I didn’t realize how inexpensive the clothes are, I was thrilled!

    Your pup is so adorable, mine needs a wardrobe update too hehe 😉

  32. are those pink yoga pants? LOVE THEM! omg. so bright. also, that skirt is super cute!!! 😀

  33. oh Lindsay it looks beautiful around here! love the new look, and love seeing your smiling face – glad you had a nice Easter weekend, hope the week is a great one too! XO

  34. The blog looks great! And the tamales at Easter sound like a great idea as well.

    I wish I could wear workout clothes all day everyday. Is that bad? I even design women’s clothing for a living. Mostly dresses! So Ill ask again is that bad?? lol (ps I never wear dresses)

    I just can’t help it. I feel more comfortable in workout stuff. I just wish it was warm enough, it is still a little too chilly so I have to be putting on the jeans a little while longer. Counting down the days to summer!!!

  35. Stylin! You two (and Sadie too) look awesome! Must participate in this! Ha, we did Easter tacos!! :)

  36. i love the new look! and i think you guys pull off your looks fine. i wish i could live in workout clothes all day because that woul dbe heaven. btw the loved your new you tube video-sadie is too cute :)

    • haha, i think cycle jerseys are stylin. I know you agree here. and so glad you liked the video. it’s for lindsay tuesday trainer. Sadie did the talking. 😛

  37. I work from home so I’m always rocking my workout clothes! So comfortable : )

  38. One workout outfit and one non-workout outfit each week? Pretty sure that’d be the same two outfits every week for me. Okay, so not really, but I do tend to wear the same things over and over and over and over…

    If I looked as good as you do in my workout outfit I’d probably wear that all the time!

  39. LOVE this idea! I can’t wait to do it – and maybe it’ll force me to get dressed (other then LULU) on the weekends!

  40. bahaha. oh Sadie. my pups are wearing similar things these days 😉 those Easter tamales look YUMMY!!! Happy Monday LC!

  41. So I’m super slow at getting to read this…but I’m taking a break from lesson planning! I can’t believe you wore jeans on a plane!? Plane= a nice old pair of comfy trackies! 😉 Ohhhh tamales!!! so those are the easter tamales we were talking about! Yum!

  42. Loving those pink yoga pants!!

  43. The hubby and I spent our first holiday alone since moving to California…we drove around our new city and made an amazing pizza dinner. It was a great day :)

  44. Look at the new style of the blog…Love it! Favorite Easter tradition…was the fact that Mom got my sister and I “fancy” chocolate from a local chocolate store. Let’s just say “mint chocolate covered oreos” were involved. Um…Exactly. HA!

  45. If I didn’t have to get dressed for work, I’d probably try to go as long as possible in workout clothes. :) I love the sweat-to-street idea, sounds fun! Also, the blog design looks great!

  46. Hope you had an amazing Easter!!! I love the new look of your blog, it looks great! I especially love the wine glass included in the header :)

  47. love the sweat to street pics :) and love the new blog look!!!!!!!!

  48. This post makes me smile (as do all of your posts). Love the sweat to street. I keep meaning to do one of those posts. Yes, Easter tamales please and thank you. :) Love ya!

  49. There’s a reason I could never participate in the sweat to street… I never wear regular clothes! Okay maybe once a week, but then it’s def not something I want to brag about. I don’t know how to dress myself any more! Some one help! 😉

  50. Oh my gosh you two are so cute! Love the pink yoga pants. I’ve been on a pink kick lately and might have to get those. I work from home and I don’t think that I know how to dress normally anymore. BTW – blog looks great!

  51. What a great idea! Although lately, I don’t wear many normal clothes! lol

  52. In my family, we love to wear “daytime pjs” …it’s the best! I save so much money on clothes by not having to get dressed for real (although all the lulu and athleta stuff makes a dent in my wallet for sure)!

  53. Your new blog design is certainly stylin’!…And makes me want a glass o’ wine. 😉

  54. LOVE LOVE the new blog header! Very cute- so you too! & I’m sure you know my obsession with sunflowers, so it’s perfect to me 😉 (& my usual obsession with wine..but that’s on hold 😉 )
    CUTE pink pants. I need those. They are so loud…but in a good way!! :)

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