Soul Muscles

Bare with me here. I am not sure if the malware is gone, but I am going to assume it is, therefore I will post. And if for some reason my blog shuts down over the next week, you know what happened. That or we boycotted life and ran back to New Zealand to live on a vineyard. Hey, it could happen, right? Winking smile


okay I digress. Anyway….

I never know where to start when I’ve been absent for more than 3 days. That’s like months in blog world, am I right? But atlas, I am here. Come on, you know want to say it…. WELCOME BACK “Cotter.”

Right, I am back. We are back. Last week was bad, but only because I made it bad. I said yes to too many things, I gave too much of my time when in was tired and therefore sacrificed sleep. Heck I slept through two alarms, and I NEVER do that. I barely use alarms! I begged my husband to help me with errands, work, etc. when I know he had a lot on his plate as well. Plus it was his first week back of training! But he willingly sacrificed that in order to help me. Plus  I bribed him a few times with Breakfast tacos.

My husband told me I was stressed. I denied it, that was until I sprouted a nice fever blister on my lip (sign of stress and infection).

So basically I did what almost every American woman does. Busied myself into a hole and then all of sudden it was dark and I couldn’t see.

That’s when I stopped. I stopped, prayed, and decided to let go of some weight. Actually more like pressure. Pressure to get things done. I don’t do well under pressure, obviously  HA!  Yes, it’s silly, I am the one that got myself there, into that state. I could get myself out, right?


When we work ourselves too much (physically and mentally), we lose sight of our purpose. Our bodies maybe be busy and able, but soul/spirit becomes weak.

fitness of soullate

You gotta balance both in order to live in light. To live with zeal! I love that word... ZEAL!

This past week I was going through the motions of training, teaching, working, etc. Yes, I looked fit, acted fit, sounded fit, but my soul/spirit was UNFIT. My goals were blinded and I let my busyness get the best of me.

BUT..I did not let that busyness get ALL of me.

Thank you GOD for your amazing GRACE you show me each day.

Right now I am getting my “soul” fit on.

Working my “soul” muscles. You know, more time spent in my morning devotional, really taking time to pray for others, giving more time to my husband, etc. I like this type of fitness. You know what my favorite soul muscle is to work?

The heart. Winking smile

And just like that my heart is worked/shared.


Corny Cotter


Monday I am posting the pay it forward giveaway. Get your hearts ready!

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  1. Beautiful words, Lindsay. We’ve all been there. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and can recharge. :-)

  2. I get where you are coming from. This serves as great reminder for me to put in more time to workout my soul muscles.

  3. I can do that way too easily, too… I’m really working on not saying “yes” as often, but I also thrive on being busy, so it’s a tough balance! So glad you’re feeling recharged and finding more soul care time. We can feel so out of whack without it!

  4. If mind and soul aren’t fit, much of the other stuff doesn’t matter. Right!?
    Remember to take time for you!


  5. no stress girlfranddd :) life is supposed to be fun! i support you & the hubby running off to a tropical island for a bit! hah i’ll meet you there

  6. How do we make sense of life events? What is missing in daily life? How can one thrive, not just exist? How do we create a soulful, meaningful existence, and what does that even mean? What can we do to leave a legacy of spiritual growth that will benefit others after we’re gone?

  7. Sounds like you have a great plan for flexing those soul muscles of yours! Good for you. Have a great weekend!

  8. Mom used to harp on me all the time about focusing too much on taking care of my body and not enough on taking care of my soul. Hate to admit that she was right. Even though spending more time working my soul muscles has been more difficult than working my physical muscles, it’s definitely paid off. Welcome back, Corny Cotter 😉

  9. Hahah being the alliteration freak that I am, I can so appreciate the Corny Cotter signoff. Hey CC, those are my initials! I really like this post and the idea of soul muscles. I like to think of my soul muscles as pretty big – I have conquered so much especially in the last couple of years! Concentrating on my soul muscles over my physical muscles in turn makes my soul muscles even bigger, funny how that works huh? Good for you for taking a step back and taking time to de-stress :)

  10. Flexing our soul muscles are just as important as working every other muscle in the body.

  11. so the malware was there to give you time away from the blog then? funny how things happen to MAKE us slow or stop when we most need it.

    you have to take care of YOU, first and foremost. please do? XXO

  12. I need to work out my soul more often and I’m so happy that for me that just means a bit more yoga. :)

  13. ah this was great for me to read. I’m going through a phase of trying to get my “soul” at peace too. Life, busyness, stress, can really take over sometimes. Very nice to hear you’re taking care of yourself first!

  14. Thank you so much for this! Sometime it’s so hard to know when to tell yourself to stop without feeling guilty. The only way we can really discern this is by listening to our bodies and especially by listening to God. Unfortunately, I tend to put worldly voices ahead of His more often than I should!

    Your calendar quote reminded me of a quote from Jimmy Pena that I saw on FB one time: “Are you feeding your faith? Are you as dedicated to your prayer as you are to your protein? Create habits this week. Be as disciplined spiritually as you are physically. Remember, chiseled abs are meaningless if we have smooth knees.” Convicting, no? It sure is for me!

    I hope you get some good “soul rest” this weekend!

  15. oh so true! we woman bury ourselves until it is dark-amen. need you to be my running partner so you can share your wiseness to me everyday. love ya woman!

  16. Great idea to recharge! We all need to keep that in mind!

  17. boycotted life and ran back to New Zealand to live on a vineyard — can we come with you?
    our bags are packed :)

  18. This is one thing I really work on too. Not taking on to much and saying yes to everything. I am glad you are stepping back and realizing that you too need time to recharge.

  19. My soul could reallllyyy use some workouts right now!! So could my body, but I will start with the soul! The body is a fascinating thing isn’t it? Telling us when we’ve been doing too much. I hope your fever blister clears soon!

  20. if you boycott life, can you give me a heads up please? just so I can pack a suitcase and come join in the boycott!! 😉
    glad that you are feeling better after your crazy busy week! :)

  21. So enjoyed & related to this post! Thanks!

  22. Hope you’ve been able to slow back down this weekend! Definitely too easy to get caught up in taking on too much!

  23. “So basically I did what almost every American woman does. Busied myself into a hole and then all of sudden it was dark and I couldn’t see.” LOL you caught me!
    Loved what you said here about flexing your soul muscles. It is much needed..And GOOD for you for stopping to pray when things got stressful. That’s what HE wants – our attention.
    PS..I’d like to join in that new zealand escape plan :)

  24. This is exactly what I needed this morning! Recently I too am starting to “busy myself” with too many things and oftentimes feel overwhelmed… Sometimes it’s nice to wish that I could just run away and when I got back everything would be done, better, and resolved. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and I just try to remember to look forward and not let myself do it again. Thinking of you girly!

  25. aww i hope you feel less stressed this week! it’s kinda amazing/terrible at the same time that our body outwardly shows what is really going on inside of ourselves. it’s def a warning sign to take a step back and just breathe :)

  26. I’m so glad you are taking this time to nurture your soul, getting it as ‘fit’ as the rest of you is. I SO know exactly what that dark hole feels like — when you paint yourself into a corner, cramming WAY too much into your days. It’s the worst…and it’s totally self-inflicted, not cool!! I need to do soe of this ‘soul fitness’ too, and often. xo!

  27. You ‘soul’ post is speaking to my ‘soul’!
    A little resest can go a long way. Keep filling your heart up friend. Isn’t it amazing what a little quiet time with God can do?! And breakfast tacos? Always a good start to a day :-)

  28. You are such a cheese ball and I love it! I hope you worked on those “soul” muscles this weekend and cannot wait to see what your Monday post is all about. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  29. I have done this VERY thing, overschedueld and overbooked into a corner and then you don’t enjoy any of it, right? Glad you reset and are getting your soul back to ‘fit’ too and this week is off to a good start, right?? XOXO!

  30. Love that you denied how stressed you were. Sounds like something I’d do. I sure hope this week is a better one for you. Stress is never ever a good thing.

  31. <3

    Sherpas need their sherpa, too.

    Hear a word that…. if the DR said you had to go to Dialysis everyday to live…would you really even have the option of saying "no…that hour everyday…I'm too busy" or "I'll just skip today.." etc.
    And you see…that is what time with God is.
    (Simple and beautiful analogy but DANG these forgetful minds of ours…)

  32. I feel like I am being redundant by saying “I love this post” on every single post.
    I really like this post.

  33. I so needed this!! I’m there right now. I’m stressed and I’ve “busied” myself. This weekend I said no, I rested, I prayed, and now I’m human again. What would we do without our amazing husbands who love us, speak TRUTH to us, and pick us up when we need it?!?!

  34. After nearly two months of neglecting my soul muscles in favor of letting stress dictate my thoughts and actions, I spent my first weekend feeling strong again. I re-centered. I prayed. I practiced pilates for the first time in…a year? And you know what? God came through. Dedicating time to just BE does wonders for the body and soul. Cheers to our soul muscles–the strongest and most resilient muscles in our bodies!

  35. I hope you’re feeling much less stressed now! Hopefully the fact that I just nominated you for a sunshine award brightens up the new week! :)

  36. I can comment on blogs again!! My internet is back! I’ve been going a mile a minute the past few weeks taking on so many responsibilities. Over the last week I’ve started trying to practice lovingkindess mediation to work on loving me, others, and my “soul muscles.” That is such a great phrase Lindsay!
    Thank you for sharing and hopefully those soul muscles are developing Hulk style.
    Can’t wait to read about the giveaway tomorrow!

  37. Sounds like you are doing some life laundry. I don’t know how you do it 1/2 the time rock star, so give yourself some credit and I’m glad to hear about the soul workout. A helpful reminder before starting out the week:)

  38. Nice post! I hope you worked your soul and cut back on a few things that could wait.
    I got a triple split lip this weekend- a sign I’m getting sick and stressed. I took care of my soul for the rest of the weekend!

  39. Amen sister! I am with you 1000%. I am taking a lot of time of reflection and meditation on God’s word, and letting Him be the focus first and foremost. Everything else is just gravy. Praying for peace in your crazy life!! xoxox

  40. Corny Cotter….I love that. I hope this week is off to an amazing start for you! xoxo

  41. wonderfully said! i turn into a stressball by my own hand plenty, and definitely need to make sure i keep the zeal in my life. yes, awesome word! hope all those annoying tech issues are squared away, and if u leave for NZ be sure to take a few of us with u…just saying. 😛

  42. This is resonating with me so much right now. Thank you! And here’s to a better, calmer, more balanced week. xo

  43. Wendy kluge says:

    Wow. I just happened upon your blog and this excellent post today after a “busyness meltdown.” You are so right about that soul muscle. I’ve been trying to teach, run, swim, be a good wife, mom, grand mom. I also take care of my 97 snd 98 year old grandparents who live on their own. By the end of the weekend the joy was gone, and a grudging attitude had set in. So glad to have read your wonderful words here. They were more needed than you will ever know. -wendy

  44. What an absolutely beautiful post friend!I am so late b/c I too have been busy but it is definitely getting better as this semester is winding down with school and I am really trying to REST & RELAX & make my SOUL fit too LOL while at the same time making my body fit. Go see some family & friends & release the stress. AHhh I feel better already LOL 😀

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