Sorry or Not?

oh boy. I’ve been struck. Struck by the taper mode. Yes, we are 10 days from Ironman and the hubs is in full-on taper mode, which means Sherpa is too.

So I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.

I’m sorry I’m lazy with my day and not responding/emailing back right away. But I’m not sorry I’m hanging out, enjoying my last few weeks.

I’m sorry I forgot take pictures of my eats for WIAW (I really am sorry Jen), but I’m not sorry that I got to go check out a local winery instead (more pictures to come)


I’m sorry I won’t be posting a workout today either, but I’m not sorry that my body is getting rest, much needed rest.


I’m sorry I won’t be around to post much while we are traveling next week, heck I don’t even know if we will have internet. But I am not sorry that I will give all my attention to the hubs. He needs me, and I like that. Winking smile

And last but not least, I’m sorry I’m not posting healthy gluten free recipes, but I’m not sorry I made these for the hubs and made his DAY!



adapted from here.

5.0 from 2 reviews
Kiwi Man's Yo-Yo's
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: dessert
Serves: 8-12
  • 175 g butter (i used pure new zealand unsalted butter)
  • ¼ cup icing sugar (similar to powder sugar)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 ½ cups flour (plain or Gluten Free of course)
  • ¼ cup custard powder
  • optional: dash of whole milk or cream**
  • optional: dash od sea salt**
  • Butter Filling
  • 50 g butter , softened
  • ½ cup icing sugar
  • 2 tablespoons custard powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut cream**
  • ** are my additions
  1. pre heat oven to 180 degrees C or 375F. First beat your butter and icing sugar until smooth and fluffy. Take a while. Then add in vanilla and optional milk.
  2. Second, slowly combine (or sift) flour and custard powder together, then fold into the creamed mixture while beating. Make sure it's nice and doughy.
  3. Roll dough into balls and place on cookie sheet. Flatten with a floured fork and bake for 15-20 minutes. While cookies cool, make filling. Just beat all ingredients together until smooth. When the cookies are cooled, then sandwich together in pairs with butter custard filling.
  4. I let them sit in the fridge for 20 minutes so that the filling can set. THEN EAT!


I’m sorry I made myself sick licking the leftover batter from the bowl, but I’m not sorry cause it was worth it. Well kinda. haha. Winking smileo-matic6

What are you NOT SORRY for these days? Enlighten me.

Smile with tongue out


Lazy LC

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  1. Ahhh 10 days! Tell James to read my email : )

  2. I’m not sorry for drinking about a litre of kombucha today. Maybe my bladder is, but I don’t care…. we haven’t been friends since Misty was born anyhow.

  3. I’m not sorry that I am going to bed with wet hair. It’ll be funky as all hell tomorrow, but I don’t care.

    Making yourself sick from licking batter is just one of the occupational hazards of baking. No way to avoid it, really 😉

  4. More and more I’m thinking of letting go of the guilt and the feeling sorry – obviously not when you’ve done something wrong – but for this kind of stuff. YOu’re doing what’s needed right now L – by your husband, by yourself, by your body. No need for being sorry for any of that.

  5. those yo-yo’s look yummmy..pinning recipe
    and I’m not sorry that I am who I am :)

  6. I don’t think you should be sorry at all! Sounds like you’re in a great place and enjoying the rest of your time there!

    I’m not sorry that I slacked on work for 3 days so I could spend time with Matthew while he’s on winter break!

  7. You deserve to be enjoying the taper! You’ve been working hard too!! I’m not sorry I ate a piece of carrot cake before my workout yesterday. The cramp was so worth it, haha! I’m also not sorry that it was supposed to be my sister’s…. no one has to know!

  8. Gosh, those look so good!

    I’m not sorry that I go to work with wet hair because of AM spin class

  9. 10 days!!!! Wow! So excited for him!

    I’m sorry that I want to drink wine at 7 am this morning due to some stress, haha! I’m actually not sorry for that, just for my husband having to deal with a lush ; )

    Love you!

  10. Those yo yo’s look sooooo awesome!!!!! 😀 Yum!

  11. 10 days! YEEEEAHHHH BABY! Tell the hubs I can’t wait to cheer for him! Happy tapering- to you and James both 😉
    Winery- looks beautiful! :) and yummy…I could go for a barrel…I mean, glass.
    Yo yo’s look gooooood! I would have licked the bowl too.

  12. yay for hubby treats! i’m sorry i’m skipping class tomorrow but not sorry that it means i get to hang out with the hubby all day :)

  13. Yes – don’t be sorry for any of those things even if you want to initially say “I’m sorry.” The key is that you’re enjoying right now. So much more important than WIAW, posting workouts, etc. I am not sorry I didn’t blog, tweet, facebook very much when Jess was here. Not sorry one bit.

  14. No need to be sorry at all. Enjoy your time!!

  15. Like you I’m not sorry to going out and enjoying the outdoors…gotta go out while the sun is shining and the weather is good :)

  16. I’m not sorry for paying more attention to myself than school this week…for once!

    I always love the positivity in your posts Lindsay. You keep me rollin’.

  17. this post makes me chuckle LC. i am not sorry to be enjoying some of my favorite people and some of my favorite wine a little too much this week. i deserve it!

  18. I love it – no need to be sorry, all of those things you list are worth it items, and include some great sherpa-ing to come as well! I’m so excited for your husband’s big day — I think NZ has worked wonders, for both of you. I love that!

    I’m not sorry for whining to my husband last night that I wanted to cuddle on the couch and be lazy when he told me he had his nephew’s basketball game to get to after dinner. I’m also not sorry that I chose to stay home to read a book instead.

  19. 10 days!!! Wow.. Hmm I’ve had a rough couple of days. With the email from a friend then what happened to my son. I’ll get back to you!

  20. Don’t be sorry! I am glad you aren’t because you are soaking in the last of your time in NZ!!! ENJOY every second :)

  21. I need those. now.

  22. 10 days!! How exciting!!Don’t be sorry lady, you know we’ll be here when you get back :)

    I’m not sorry that I haven’t blogged much this week – its been crazy busy with amazing productivity and RUNNING!

  23. Mmmm…that’s my fav part of baking – licking the bowl. Not the healthiest habit, but it sure is delicious!! =)

  24. I’m not sorry that I drank a full pot of coffee (just the usual morning routine…), but I AM sorry that the pot of coffee is now gone.

  25. Not sorry about the huge $5 frozen yogurt I ate last night along with a beer. (I am sorry I didnt get an even bigger froyo though). It was my first date with my husband since we had our second baby 6 months ago!

  26. You shouldn’t feel sorry for ANY of the above! ENJOY your last few weeks in NZ! This is a special time for you and the Hubbs, and you deserve to savor it. We’ll all be here when you come back, excited to hear about your adventures. 😀

    I’m wondering about custard powder! Never seen or heard of it…Do you know if it’s available in US? Is it kind of like gelatin? Licking cookie batter straight from the bowl is so much fun. And yes, completely worth the tummy ache afterwards!

    I’m not sorry for taking a full day off from researching yesterday to enjoy the 70 degree weather. Spring has come very early this year in DC!

    • your hard working brain needs fresh air and warm breeze! good for ya! and the custard powder is in the internation section as the grocery store or at World Market. Get some! so good.

  27. go-hubs-go!!!
    sending good thoughts to both of you for th big day!!
    yahoo! kick it! if someone has the nerve to pass you…make them bleed! go kiwi man go!! yahoooooo!!!!

  28. Woo hoo! 10 days is so close! I am not sorry that I have been enjoying lots of wine as of late…but at least it isn’t a lot all at once ;).

  29. I’m glad you’re NOT sorry.. there is no need to be! Soak up all you can during your last few weeks in NZ and embrace the help and time you’re able to give your hubby!

  30. I’m not sorry that I have been running out of work as soon as the clock hits 5 (usually my boss stands around and talks). Lee has been on daylight shift this week so he is at home waiting for me…and I want to get home to spend as much time with him as possible! :-)

  31. i’m not sorry for taking a mental rest day tonight – this week has been so hard and i’m battling burnout. tonight, the only mental energy i plan to exert is on watching modern family!

  32. Those yo yos look like heaven. I am in a cookie mood lately and can’t stop! And I am not sorry about it! Also, I have been really bad at replying to emails, too, but I am sick. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Also, have not worked out at all lately. Oh well! Life goes on! Love you!

    • i think you need a yo-yo to make you feel better. WIsh i could send one over with some coffee. Sorry you are sick. Did you get LIndsay sick too? hehe, jk. I know randy and penny are loving snuggle time though. Love you!

  33. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you health is. I know you aren’t running right now–are you feeling well? GOOD LUCK TO YOUR HUBBY as the IM approaches!!

  34. all definitely things to NOT be sorry about. And never be sorry for making delicious treats. mmmmmm!

    • no way, especially when they are made with LOVE!! How are YOU friend? I’ve been thinking about you and all the things going on in your world. Feel free to email me with prayers. xoxo

  35. I have been waiting for this recipe… can’t wait to try it!

    thinking of you guys, I will send good vibes and positive energy on the appropriate day (now that you are almost home I finally remember you are a day ahead…) 😀

    enjoy Enjoy ENJOY!! XO

    • you’ll do it 10x better and vegan style, thats why I LOVE YOU!! can’t wait to see your version. Thank you for all the positive energy. I hope you save some for you too!

  36. Love this post! I’m glad you’re not sorry ;). I’m sorry I’m not doing homework but I’m not sorry I’m reading blogs instead ;]

  37. HAHA! Love the post and a tummy ache is totally worth licking the bowl every now and then. :)

  38. says:

    AHHHH GOOD LUCK JAMES and GOOD LUCK TO YOU LINDSAY…your job takes just as much work:) Those yo-yos look amazing! Have an amazing time traveling and I love ya!

  39. Dont be sorry 😉
    Glad you’re taking you time <3

  40. Enjoy the taper fully and completely! It will be nice to have the extra time and the extra energy :)

  41. You crack me up and there is no way I’m making those Yo-Yo’s, so feel free to send to me, when you are back in the states! 😉 I’m not sorry for being “not myself” this month. It happens and I’m just letting it take its course, cause we can’t be chipper all the time! XOXO

  42. I am trying to get past the saying I’m sorry for things I’m not really sorry for. I will be unplugging this weekend and I am seriously not sorry for that! I am DEFINITELY NOT SORRY I will be making these soon! I need to have them!

    I miss you! I hope you guys are doing well and I am thinking about you both!

  43. Hahaha. I would never be sorry for licking a bowl full of batter clean. These days, I’m not sorry for running not being the 100% only thing I care about in my life. Im not sorry because worrying about racing and all makes me a nervous mess!

  44. Ahhh – taper is the worst and best part of training! :) Sending you both some love!

  45. I’m sorry that I’ve been an awful blog reader and commenter and missed so many of your posts! But I’m not sorry that by being a bad blog reader I’ve been a much better mom to my kiddos that need me. :)

    • AMANDA!!! I am not sorry that you’ve been a bad blogger because being a good mom and wife is WAY more important! I love that about you and admire you more for it. So cheers to bad blog readers!

  46. Girl, I know all about taking blogging breaks so you know I won’t be giving you a hard time for taking one! Enjoy your last few weeks and your time taking care of your man : ) I wish you guys all the best and great success in the upcoming race.

    Big hugs and prayers,

  47. heh those Kiwi Man’s Yo-Yo’s look delicious!

    Top link to “the hubs” is causing a 404. Need to add a http:// before link. no need to be sorry :)

    Have a great IronMan

  48. Oh the yo-yo’s. They look delicious. So glad you’re getting rest. :) I’m not sorry I sat outside with my boys today instead of trying to work while they played by themselves. We had the best day. I’m also not sorry that I’m watching The Biggest Loser instead of writing a post. Hugs to you!!!! Give that cute hubby of yours all the attention he needs. :)

  49. Good luck to James! I hope the taper goes well and that he doesn’t get the taper crazies!

    I’m NOT sorry that I scheduled a hair cut instead of a workout for Saturday morning. My hair needs it!

  50. Linds! these look amazing. you are quite the Kiwi chef these days. I hope you are enjoying your last weeks over there. sending positivity and prayers for James’ upcoming race. he is ready for this because of his hard work and YOUR hard work and support, too. what a team. :)

  51. mmmm those peanut butter cookies look delicious!
    It’s so good for the mind body and soul to just do what it needs/feels in the moment. More people should listen!

  52. I’m NOT sorry that I have no plans to do anything productive other than work for the next three days. No homework here. It’s called Spring Break for a reason, and I’m taking it!

  53. Batter is always worth it! haha I’m not sorry I haven’t worked out this week. It’s supposed to be a restful week for me too, and it’s making me really anxious to get back in the gym bright & early Monday morning.

  54. I’m sorry I’m not sorry for going back for seconds of my Mom’s delicious birthday cake last night. Come on, it’s cake. :)

  55. No need to apologize for yummy recipes :) Those sound so good, worth a trip to NZ on their own 😉

  56. Awww…this is such a sweet, heart-warming positive post, Linday, I LOVE it! :-) I hope you have a wonderful time with your main man this week, spending that time together, in Kiwi land. :-) So wonderful! <3 xyx

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