Sherpa Skills Part II: Trial Run

This morning we (I mean, the hubs) set off for a long ride… 5+hours. So what was so important about this ride? Well, it was the “trial nutrition” run. We found out all the brands/nutrition on the race course and set out to get a few samples ourselves.

In Ironman training, it’s CRUCIAL to test out your nutrition. When you are racing for that long of a time, the gut goes through hell and back, no joke. Making sure you can handle the foods/sports drinks that are given on the race course is probably just as important as sleeping the night before. haha.

When the hubs’ raced Ironman New Zealand back in 2009, some of the sports drinks did not settle well in his stomach and needless to say, it was not a good race. This year, he’s been training with the same nutrition that is given on race day, plus a few of his own nutrition favorites.

Here’s a look at what I do on race day. I know, it’s a lot of work. I am almost have to refuel half way through (that’s sarcasm). But really, I love being part of TEAM COTTER, and that’s no sarcasm.

And the results are in………Worked like a charm he says.


That’s one Well-Fueled & HOT lookin’ athlete…. wouldn’t you agree?


Sherpa Skills– Race day Nutrition Complete!



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  1. Nice job!!! I think he’s in for a good race day!!!

  2. You’re so cute! So glad the trial run went well. You guys are an awesome team

    • Team cotter, woo woo! Lets hope it pays off come March 3rd. EEEK!!

      Look into PRP therapy or Prolo for your heal. I’ve had 2 friends get that done and it worked for them. plus james got it on his knee.

  3. Now that’s some sherpa skills — we should all be taking notes :) James is one lucky guy!

  4. Can you please be MY Sherpa?! Haha I think I need one since I’m so bad at remembering all the important things!! You are an AMAZING Sherpa and I loved seeing what James has to fuel himself! I am sure this will be a GREAT season for Team Cotter :)

  5. Way to go, sherpa :)

  6. Glad it went so well!

  7. Glad he had great results. You are one awesome wife!

  8. you know how sometimes single moms are referred to as “mom and dad” all rolled into one? well, you’re a whole team rolled into one plus a training section! the hubs is so lucky to have you (and i know you feel lucky to have him). cheers to supporting each other and always having his back (and gut!) :)

    • you are too kind. I know you feel the same way about J. THey are our mental sherpa’s, yes? and that team is awesome! We gotta support each others back, gut, mind, and all!

  9. You two make a great team! Glad the trial run went well.

  10. YAY for good, HEALTHY training!!! I can’t wait for the race – he’s going to rock!! All thanks to his sherpa 😛

  11. You have the coolest job ever.. I find it all so interesting! I think it’s amazing that your husband is a triathlete..that is HARD work!

  12. He looks happy and accomplished and handsome :). Glad the food worked for him!

  13. You are the best sherpa I know!

  14. Woop woop! Go team! 😉 xyx

  15. Loving your videos as always. It’s great to see how much effort and planning goes into fuelling a top-class athlete!


  16. Very interesting to hear about the nutritional aspects of hard training. Looks like the two of you are a perfect team in this regard as well. :)

  17. Hmmm I need to find me a food sherpa! :) Love love love it! :) I like the base salt sprinkling on the oatmeal- I have to go check out their stuff, maybe give it test in South Carolina!

  18. Wicked! That’s cool everything is working out… the hubs totally looks in fine form 😉

  19. Youve got some mad Sherpa skills :)
    Glad he had a great ride!

  20. what a great gal you are!!! Hubs looks in fine form too. any exciting plans for the weekend?

  21. Its really amazing to see how much you guys love and care for each other. I need to find a girl who can understand the importance of nutrition and things like practicing a race. And of course I would care for her in the same way- but I think what you two have is rare. And tell James that Felipe Bastos says hello!

  22. I’m so glad everything went well with figuring out nutrition !!

  23. Wow I didn’t realize how crucial nutrition testing was, but it totally makes sense!! You want to have race day be as close to perfect as it can be. It would be awful if the thing that cost you some crucial time was food, but it easily could be! Glad it all worked out well. You are the best sherpa!!

  24. Good job Lindsay! You are so organized with James’ nutrition!

    I’m praying all goes well for the big day!!


  25. You are SO sweet! I love seeing how much you guys just love each other- very inspiring. :)

  26. You two make an incredible team! Loved the video. Great information! Question for me…do you have any suggestions on good flavored protein powders here in the states for me? I need to order some, but I really don’t know where to begin. I need dairy free, but I don’t want a boat load of chemicals in them. Loved this post! I hope you two are enjoying some rest and relaxation today!

    • have you tried life basics vanilla? It’s the best!!! It has chia and omegas in and there is also a unsweetened version. I use it in baking, puddings, shakes, etc. If you are looking for a whey, go for 100% whey by biochem. Lactose free and gluten free. Want me to send links?

  27. Ahhhhh, the sweetness of success! Way to go sherpa haha

  28. Nicely done Ms. Sherpa! He looks SO well-fueled post-trial run. Like ridiculously good! That is awesome!

  29. Hopefully a good trial run means an even better race day! I hope his stomach holds up well. Glad you’re honing your shepa skills. Can’t wait to see how things go.

  30. Oh I love this!!! You are SUCH a fantastic training sherpa and I am so glad the fueling worked well and he had a great outing! Hot stuff, right there, the two of you :) XOXO

  31. Glad your sherpa skills are paying off!

  32. The sherpa does a lot of hard work! It’s a tough job but one that only someone who really loves the athlete can do! :) Kudos!

  33. Whoop! Love a good success story 😉 I can’t even imagine what “the gut” is thinking on a race day – hah, as long as it’s happy and doesn’t speak up, all other systems go!

  34. Im ready for you to come HOOOOOME :)

  35. YESSS so glad this was such a success! I cannot even imagine doing anything like that for FIVE hours! Yeeshe, but so impressive too

  36. loved this!!!! you’re the best wife

  37. Love this and your timing as always!

    This past weekend we went to Pittsburgh to train with Anne-Marie (female winner of the 2011 Dirty Dozen) … err… for Scott to train and for me to visit where I grew up (double win!!).

    The drive was perfect for prepping our in-synch-ness for the long drives across the country we have coming up: more trips to Pitt to train, driving to BSL 70.3, and then that move to Ogden. :-)

    We’re planning on crock-potting our food (and thanks to the Jeep we can cook and drive!)… any thoughts on crock-pot meals before a 70.3 are greatly appreciated (so far we have pasta, baked potatoes, quinoa and vegs, and mac & cheese).

    :-) Thanks! :-)

  38. I love seeing how the pros fuel, thanks for sharing and for videoing yourself when you first wake up! :)

  39. Haha – not at all. I thought you looked darn good just waking up. Better than me! 😉


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