Sharing is Caring

Okay I just had to with that title. It’s so corny, but true. Right Haha.

Well, I just wanted to give you a bit of valuable information today. As a Nutrition Manager, I get tons of health updates, articles, recipes, etc. in my inbox each day. They are usually pretty legit! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites along with a fun (yet long) video on some new Gluten Free Finds.

Here’s is the dish I made from the falafel I mentioned in the video. Super easy and delicious!


A close up of the Healthy Bites I showed in the vlog. Yummy Peach Pecan Ginger!

peach pecan ginger

Oh and I forgot to mention my new go-to snack. The Vega Almond Vanilla! It’s tasty! By far my favorite of this brand. I like it with almond milk, banana, coffee, and ice.


Nutrition Articles that might perk your interest:

And last but not least, my 30 minute Thursday. Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts.

5 more and Core


Happy Thursday or Friday or whenever you are reading this.

Feel free to share… I know you care. Winking smile




Please pray Dorry. She was hit by a cyclist in NYC and is trying to recover. Bless her heart! Dorry friend, we are praying for you and for a quick recovery!! Hugs from TX!

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  1. There are these things at Whole Foods called Chickpea Nuggets that are incredible! I THINK they are gluten-free but don’t hold me to it. And now that I think about it I haven’t seen them up here so I don’t think they are at all the Whole Foods.

  2. ok well now you’re just taunting me. the pictures of those bites are everywhere!!

  3. I tried to read the sugar one, my eyes are now crossed and my head hurts I made it about 3/4ths down though :-/

  4. I love the peach ginger flavor combo. you really can;t go wrong with that.

  5. Oh that’s horrible about Dorry! Poor love, all my love+light is going her way for sure :)

    I like the sounds of your Vega smoothie (anything with coffee involved!)

    Oh and HEY – I joined the gym (!) Mainly for a yoga class (AND a creche for my monster Misty) but I’m going to try to get in a bit of strength training… I feel weak these days, particularly in yoga, so I want to get some guns happening :)

    Happy weekend beautiful gal… oh and your PACKAGE is on it’s way to YOU xxx

    • hooooray for yoga! and hooray for misty care. hehe. Wish i could join you! keep me posted on how it goes. Oh and i just sent your package today!

  6. as an only child, i’m only just learning how to share. :) i shared my coconut oil +tahini topped protein cake with j. nope, that’s a lie – i ate it all myself! :) i thought about it, though!

  7. I just love your vlogs because I get to see your happy face! I’m glad that you share these nutritional articles because when it comes to nutrition I really have no idea! I mean, I grew up eating healthy, my mom knows a lot about nutrition and I know to eat whole foods. I guess I mean I don’t know much about the science of nutrition. Does that make sense?

    Ouch for Dorry. I will definitely keep her in my prayers. My brother got his by a kid on a bike when he was younger and broke his femur. Not a fun time for him!

    • so scary that we can actually be hit by CYCLIST! OUCH! And now i need to be more careful! enjoy the articles, i always love reading up on them too.

  8. I am HAPPY :) you shared- these links all sound interesting to my nutrition obsessed brain, cannot wait to give them a read!

    LOVE when you share workouts- they are always SOoo my style. I’m going to do this at the gym tomorrow, some new moves for me, yay.

    Hope you are having a lovely day Lindsay :)!

  9. Sharing really IS caring…cheeziness and all! <3 I can't even begin to express what wonders your tips and tricks have done for my life (It all started last year when you turned me on to kombucha!). I just checked out the Peristat food-combining article, and think I may try a few of their suggestions. I'd never thought of eating the easiest digested foods first, but it definitely makes sense!

    LOVE the vlog–it's such a treat to hear your voice! And I'm pretty excited about the GF falafel; I'm hoping I'll be able to find it in DC!

    HUGS and happy Friday! xoxo

    • yes, i actually have been using the food combining techniques as well. Mainly because my digestion is so weak and i have to be careful. I knew you’d like it too! Nutrition GURU!

  10. Are you okay?? Your allergies looked really bad, and you just seemed annoyed maybe? So, my triathlon coach passed away about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. That is what I was referring to in my tweet. Check out my blog for more info. You guys might have seen him competing in races. I’m not sure.

    Please feel better!! Eat a bunch of local honey. Supposedly that helps with allergies. 😉

    Thanks for the sharing the GF stuff. I’ll have to look for those protein bites!

    • annoyed with allergies… oh yes! I can’t breathe and i am too cheap to buy the expensive meds. ha! And Nicole, i am so so sorry about Scott. I don’t know how i missed that post because i have you in my reader. My heart goes out to his family. Prayers as well. I liked his motto and i need to remember that each day as I am thankful to be here, living!
      I hope I get to see you and meet you sometime. You’ve been such a blessing to “know.”

  11. Awwwww…. I love the title and love your vlogs. You are so real on the camera. :) will keep Dorry in my prayers. Poor thing. Oh.. And those new healthy bites. Just stop it with those. He he.

  12. Happy Friday, Lindsay!! I know I keep saying it, but I really need to order some of your food =) =)
    I will keep Dorry in my prayers – so sad to hear stories like that =(
    Have a beautiful weekend, friend!

    • happy friday friend! yes, prayers for sweet dorry. I want to come to NYC and take care of her. And i’ll be here anytime you want some healthy bites. No rush, i know your a bit occupied be pregnant and all. hehe


    Im so sorry.

  14. I’ll take any health advice from you I can get!

    I’m definitely going to reach out to Dorry, but I’m glad she’s surrounded by such amazing friends. Prayers all around.

  15. So many great things to read! I think we are similar in that we receive so much info to filter through, and it’s hard not to just keep pushing it out there to everyone—but it’s so exciting to learn useful things that help people feel good!

  16. Thanks for sharing. I need to pass this along to my sis for sure. I’m not sure I’ve seen that particular tempeh flavor. I get that brand, but haven’t seen that particular one. And the workout looks like a good one!

  17. That new bite flavor sounds delish! I’ll be praying for Dorry, too, how scary!
    Hope your Friday is amazing my friend :)

  18. Looks like I’ll be trying out some of the new Vega products soon too. Excited!

  19. YUM those healthy bites and falafel dish sound tasty :). And that workout looks great! Happy Friday friend <3

  20. got my positive thoughts and prayers out for dorry!

    did you redden your hair? it looks fantastic!

    those healthy bites look/sound delicious! i definitely have to give them a whirl!

  21. Corny is good! You’re so cute in your video. Great list of recipes. And I’m all over that workout–I need some variety to the routine!

  22. I love you!

    I saw that Dorry was in an accident, so glad she is ok! I love how positive she was about it all too!

    You my dear are so cute!

    Happy weekend!!

  23. I love your videos :-) You are so cute. And LOVE that custom flavor for Lindsay! AND I am SO praying for Dorry for a quick recovery, physically and mentally.

  24. I love your videos too! OK, I’m going to order some healthy bites now. They look so cute and delicious! Sending lots of healing vibes to Dorry too! So scary but so glad that she’s OK.

  25. Love your product roundup – I need to start doing more vlogs again (not that I ever did a ton), they’re so fun to watch!

  26. says:

    I love it when you post videos! Pressure posts….I hear ya, not fun at all ha! Seriously, when are you going to start cooking for me everyday?
    Poor Dorry, I was so worried about her!

  27. Collin Isaac says:

    I like Gluten free foods. So, i think falafel is perfect. Also the video is awesome and helpful to learn about it.

  28. It’s amazing how many people get hit by cyclists here. They’re nearly always bike messengers or jerks riding on the sidewalk. Makes me livid.

  29. Awesome finds!! I love your vlogs, you are adorable. I get information overload alllll zee time and have to focus my mind, which is hard. Somehow I always manage to get a post out of the information. I need to vlog more, it’s easier.

  30. I really want to try that Vega energizing smoothie! Did you just pick it up at a WF?

  31. How very sweet of you to share your new finds. I love it and this post is making my stomach growl! Yum it all looks scrumptious. Thanks for the article links they all look very interesting.

    Poor Dorry! I am definitely praying. Wow you just never know what life is going to throw at you.

  32. Great vlog! I like hearing your voice and pretending we can hang out! I hope one day soon!

    Your food is always so nutritionally dense and delicious looking!!!

  33. Your Healthy Bites always look so delicious! (And those falafels, Mmmm!)

    I wish your friend Dorry a quick recovery!

  34. I haven’t tried going GF yet, but it doesn’t appear that most of what I eat has gluten. that’s a benefit of trying to stay unprocessed i suppose!

    there are these awesome healthy falafels i found in KC, but no luck in miami yet

  35. of course you included me in your post because you are so kind and thoughtful, my friend! talking to you today on the phone made my day, and I appreciate your perceptive and insight more than you know. love you!

    • you are always in my prayers. Thats what friends are for, praying for each other. I am so thankful for YOU! Phone talks are the best!

  36. Oh no, I hope your friend is okay, thoughts and prayers are with her. I love divebombers, that workout looks great! I actually really tried to like the vega almondilla powder, but realized I can’t stand it because I hate almond extract, it smells like artificial cherries to me! Haha, I do like their vanilla chai protein powder though. Your healthy bites always look so tasty! Love that peach and ginger combo, sounds delicious. I’m going to check all those articles, because your advice ROCKS! Love your vlogs, you are natural on the camera! Have a great weekend!

  37. I am praying for a quick recovery for your friend!
    Mmm what an interesting combo of ingredients for the new bites, yum to say the least :)
    Also, great workout as usual deary, I have a whole lot of yours saved

  38. I’m wondering what your opinion is on natural sweeteners. I drink diet coke and would love to eliminate it… I’ve seen a “natural” cola called Zevia – sweetened with stevia. What do you think? A better choice? Or not worth it and should just get away from colas all together? Would love some expert thoughts!

    • i don’t think a little diet coke here or there will do much damage. It’s the 3+ more a day that is not good. I like the Zevia’s. they are better than diet coke for sure. But I would not go crazy drinking them. haha.

  39. Loving the new healthy bite flavours! I don’t tend to eat too much soy either, but that tempeh sounds pretty darn good. One of my new favourite finds is organic activated walnuts. So crunchy and delicious!

  40. Happy Friday! Can you come and be my personal chef? A girl can dream, right? Praying for Dorry. Hope she has a full and speedy recovery. xo

  41. I haven’t seen that Vega yet! Love their vanilla chai though.

    This food combining article is really interesting – thanks for sharing!

  42. Sharing is indeed caring :). I’m saving this post for the reads and the workout.
    Love “seeing” you!

    Happy wknd…we made it!

  43. oooo, that vega mix is a new to me one! always looking for good ones, so ill have to check it out. happy weekend love!

  44. So much fun to hear your voice! You’re so cute. I think we need more video posts in the future. :)

  45. I see PEAS in that salad…I had PEAS in my salad tonight and it was FABULOUS! So don’t want this weekend to end. The weather was spectacular here. Lots of healthy Vitamin D and hot yoga. xoxo

  46. Add anything(pretty much) to coffee and ice and you have a winner drink in my book. I wonder how champagne would taste with it?

  47. Love the vlog and all the tips in it.
    That workout, and the peach pecan ginger healthy bites look awesome.
    I’ll have to give the workout a whirl!

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