Run to Become

I’m popping in today. I hadn’t planned on it, in fact I still have a few more guest posts lined up while we finish moving. But I just had to chime in this Friday with a little “ah ha” moment. Gotta love those!

So week has been tiring, mainly because I haven’t been sleeping. My mind has been going a million miles a minute and for no good reason. I think has something to do with that X chromosome. LOL! Winking smile But as I laced up my shoes to go for a run this morning, I realized my mind suddenly just stops OVERworking. I don’t pressure myself to go further, to become faster, to “squeeze in” every ounce of training I need for the Zooma race. Nope, I run to become more “me.” Grounded yet flexible, focused yet free spirited, passionate yet realistic. These are the characteristics I yearn to be as woman, wife, sister, friend, and daughter.


Sure I get UBER excited when I get new shoes, new gear, and new toys. I mean, who doesn’t?

garminvirrata pose

(Saucony Virrata shoe review coming soon!)

virrate collage

But these things don’t help me run to become “me.” They are used as training tools.

Running, to me, is a life tool.

A tool that helps….

Clear the mind “debris.”


Refresh me.

Shows me how to be more trusting and thankful


Let’s me pray, in solitude, in quietness.

I become more mindful of my surroundings and more self aware of my needs, not wants.


Running these days is never forced, but it’s there to embrace when the moment is right.

I think you could apply this to any passion in life, sport or non sport. It’s the thing that gives you an outlet to be YOU. A “free card” you might say. And although it doesn’t define you, it helps you to EVOLVE, or rather… TO BECOME.

So here’s to evolving/becoming. One step at a time!


What helps you to become more YOU?



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  1. Becky Przy says:

    Running and baking make me become ‘me’!

    What devotional do you use? Every time you post a clip of yours, I feel it speaks to me! I would love to pick up a copy. Happy Friday!

  2. My workouts, especially my running really allow me to become more ME. They allow me to reduce the stress in my life; reduce the negativity and focus on the positive; they allow me to be passionate about something and share that with others.

  3. I do miss running. :( But right now itz not for me. I have been loving my strength training workouts and low impact cardio!!

  4. Weight Training. It has opened my eyes to a whole new area of me :)

    Also, being open to try anything. Do what makes me feel good both inside and out.


  5. YES! I love this…that is what running is at its core. If I never did another race in my life, I’d be ok, as long as I had running for all its simplicity and “giving back” properties.

  6. I totally agree, running centers me especially in times when my life is stressful and/or chaotic.

  7. Yes, yes!! It’s definitely running for me as well. Love this post. Have a great weekend, Lindsay- hope the packing gets does as painlessly as possible!

  8. To be my best, I surround myself with the right people. I have family in town and I see how certain members of my family drag me down. I have so much anxiety around them that I am simply not myself, I don’t sleep, my eczema flares up, I get heart palpitations, I don’t want to blog or run or do any of the things that make me proud of myself. It’s hard to believe that one or two people could have that much control over me, but they do, or they did. Yesterday, I said enough is enough, I have made so much effort to please and go out of my way for them, I’m done. Just because someone is aging and their health is failing doesn’t mean I need to take verbal and mental abuse. I instantly felt myself again once I gave myself permission to let go. I still struggle, because I have an image of what a Grandfather or Father should be like, but this is not ever going to him, so again, I let it go, give it over to God, who is my true Father and the only one who ever given me comfort and strength. Gee, I’m chatty this morning! LOL Have a wonderful weekend Linds!

  9. Yes! This! Running brings out the best in me. Not the gear or the races, but the simple process of putting one foot in front of the other.

  10. i love an ah ha moment, I have a lot of those while I run. I often come home and have to start writing immediately because i just need to let the ideas flow. Very blessed to have found that.

  11. I run to clear my head — it helps me re-focus. I’d love to be faster and go farther some days, but I am so thankful for the time of just me and my body — running to go father and be healthier :)

  12. Oh I love this post – running had changed me in So many ways. It doesn’t define me, but it’s helped shape me. I say that because it’s been a way for me to discover myself more than I ever knew possible.

  13. Since being on my little journey over here I found any kind of physical activity(running, strength training, Zumba, etc) allow me to be more ME! I didn’t even know she existed but am so glad to have found her. Love your posts as always friend! 😀 <3 And I feel your packing pain… I'm there with ya girl haha

  14. I love your words so much. Numbers can take the joy from running and especially now, it’s about feeling good and recharging! :)

  15. LOVE this!! I tell myself this all the time. HUGS!!!

  16. I tell people all the time that the best workout to do is one that you love. When it’s not a chore, when it is effortless, that is when you stick with it at your health becomes a hobby. For me, it’s weights. And the occasional sneaky run.

  17. This I love and needed to hear….you have a knack/gift for that you know 😉
    Staying true to my foundation helps me become more ME. When life gets crazy, unbalanced, and overwhelming I think that is when you need to strip away the layers and bring it back to the basics. Be still, be quiet. Listen and you will often hear.
    Thanks for this read Lady!

  18. Love this! Beautifully put. Running is where it’s at for me too. I know I could live without it if I had to, but I sure don’t ever want to have to!

  19. i completely know what you mean. i often feel to be my truest self when i am out putting one foot in front of the other. run on! :)

  20. Completely agree! (surprise, surprise!) I have no desire to run in order to race, or even in order to train. I don’t care how fast, how far, how long. I just like to run until I can breathe again, my mind is clear, and I feel grounded again.

  21. WOW do I agree with this in every way! I had one of these very runs this morning. Not a very long run, but it didn’t matter. What did was how I felt when I stepped off. More centered and not stressed about something that was worrying me last night (you know what this is about, secretly!) and hoping that it will all come together, but knowing that it WILL come together. I just felt so much better after thinking – and running – it out. You have the best run mantra, I swear! XO!

  22. that is an easy answer…I’m most “me” when I’m racing & training swim/bike/run. for me each of the three gives me something different; swimming comforts me, riding frees me, and running rejuvenates me and racing all three just plain excites me!

  23. Being in the kitchen and running! They both work in totally different ways for me though. Baking/cooking comes easy to me. I have a rhythm and I just go. I don’t really have to think about it, so my brain can wonder. Running, that is completely different. Running makes me focus on me (which I rarely do). It forces me to be in the moment and to really be mindful of what I’m doing at that time.

    Incredible post Lindsay! I’m so glad you found your running legs again! Good luck packing more this weekend! xoxo

  24. Running = nurturing.

  25. I am most ME when I am in the kitchen.. I had a horrible day at work on Thursday, but when I got home, I baked blueberry muffins and all was right with the world. :)

    Glad you popped in today. Happy Friday xoxo

  26. Oh friend, this is such a beautiful way to be, not just as a runner but in life. I adore where your mind is going more and more these days!

  27. Love the sentiment here, Lindsay- you know I have the crazy over-active mind thing too 😉 YOGA is it for me!

  28. Those aha moments are such blessings and show such perspective! Love when that happens.
    This is such a beautiful post and a lovely way to simply live! Running isn’t my things, but let me replace run with spin 😉
    Love this friend!

  29. Love this post Lindsay. I was thinking about something similar this morning when I was out on my run. I feel so.much.better when I run. And even though I was struggling this morning, it didn’t make me feel badly but I kind of just accepted it for what it was. Maybe it’s the whole post-surgery thing, but I feel grateful to run (and swim and practice yoga). Those are the things that ground me right now.

  30. LOVE this! Running longer distances over the past few months has been therapeutic – I run X number of miles because I want to, not because I have to – and my mind goes blank [much needed]. My training schedule has become more of a guideline than a must… Enjoy it!

  31. Sometimes being selfish and taking care of ME helps me become more me! Listening to my body, being alone, or treating myself to something special is always wonderful thing to do. I listen and take care of others so much, that a lot of times I neglect myself. Oh and sleep helps too! 😉

  32. So funny… I just wrote a post along these lines! Running is so many things to/for me, but my favorite is often the moving meditation runs :) Those help me become more ME!

  33. Great photos… have a wonderful weekend full of “becoming.”

  34. Really love this Lindsay since my mind has been on overdrive too! I love the weights as you know & even though I have an iPod shuffle, many many times I never hear the music when I am lifting – I am one with the weights & I think that getting away just helps me – that clearing of my mind from everything but that moment. :) Thank you for sharing!

  35. I become me when I stop worrying about what those around me may be thinking! :)
    Nice post, Lindsay! : ) Hang in there!

  36. a good weight training session is where I can keep my mind from overworking. sometimes shorter runs… the longer runs prove challenging for me… I guess I can’t un-focus for that long doing one thing? :) hope the move is going well!

  37. I am most myself when I’m DANCING. Moving to a beat makes me feel uninhibited, joyful and free!

    I’m so happy you popped in to share your ‘aha’ moment today, and I’m even more happy that you’re doing that thing you LOVE –running!– once again. 😀

    Thinking of you, and sending lots of strength and patience your way during your move. xoxo <3

  38. This couldn’t have been said any better! I love it! I miss running right now, but taking some time after the marathon to let my body heal is important! Yoga, weights and low impact cardio have been my go to exercise the last few weeks and you know, it’s very refreshing….no pressure! :)

  39. Ugh, I know those up in the middle of the night thoughts that won’t stop! My workouts are also a great time for my mind to just stop spinning. Because I do a lot of aerobics/kickboxing/tabata, my mind gets lost in the 8-count :-) I need to get an “I live for the 8-count” shirt, hee, hee.

    We may have a move in our future and since you’re so good at it I may just ask you for help :-)


  40. Running def did that for me! Now that I’m not running, lifting weights or doing circuits is def my go to for a good clear mind. Of course, nothing beats a good devotional time! xoxo

  41. Loving those shoes! Bright and sassy :)
    The gym has helped me become ME lately. It’s my me time and I never used to believe that running was cheaper than therapy…but it seriously is! This morning after I sweated things out for about an hour, I felt so much more at peace, less anxious and just better prepared for whatever the day had to offer.

  42. My running buddy and I just discussed this on our run today. I mentioned that it was amazing to be running after so many weeks off because running is my decompression time, my Zen, my therapy.

  43. this is so perfect because i always get asked whenever people see me run or hear i’m a runner, “when’s ur race?” they don’t get it when i say i’m not racing. i’m running because i swear it keeps me sane. :)

  44. This is beautiful. I think I got a bit too caught up in pushing farther and faster (OK maybe not faster) that I lost sight a bit of the truly great feelings that come from running. I love the reminder that it can be even more beneficial to your mental well-being at times than your physical state!

  45. running for me is 1, maybe 2x a week and i never go over like 4 mi ha. what changes me is a more relaxed approach to life in general. everything i do, i try to do well but i refuse to beat myself up if it isn’t perfection. that just isn’t a possibility in our human experience! i don’t want life to pass me by because i’m focused on something that doesn’t even exist!

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