Recovery Carnival: A Cotter Concoction

This week, I think it’s moving as slow as molasses. Normally I like molasses, just not the pace of it.  Let’s just say I’ve been needing extra recovery this week, more mentally than anything. Winking smile You know how those weeks are, yes? And speaking of recovery, a few weeks ago our fellow triathlete/blog friend Jason of Cook Train Eat Race  emailed me about participating in a recovery meal blog carnival. Totally loved the idea and jumped on board!

Well today is my day to post my recovery meal. Except I haven’t felt like making a creative meal all week. Hot Oats, eggs, squash and sausage, eggs, quinoa and salad, repeat. Yep, not bad just same old Cotter concoctions.


But even though our meals have been plain and simple, our snacks and drinks have been strangely delicious and flavorful. That makes up for it, right?

Homebrew Kiwi Honey Lime Kombucha and my RECOVERY Creamy Coconut Basil Ginger Smoothie.

home brewLindsay Cotter- Creamy Coconut and basil smoothie

So I emailed Jason to see if I could post a recovery snack instead. Of course he said yes and now my brain is happy.Winking smile

Lindsay Cotter- Creamy Coconut and basil smoothie



  • 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk (or other milk of choice)
  • Ice
  • 3-4 leaves of fresh Basil
  • 6oz Coconut yogurt
  • 1 serving Vanilla Protein
  • ½ tsp Coconut extract
  • Vanilla stevia (optional)
  • 1 tsp ginger root
  • optional add in for extra carbs and natural sugars: 1 frozen banana and 1/2 tbsp honey or maple syrup


Blend until smooth. Pour and enjoy! With lots of ice it serves 2 people quite well or one thirsty athlete/triathlete. 

***Basil and Ginger are both great anti-inflammatories, but I love Basil for the anti-bacterial benefits too. You can read more here about this magically herb.

For more recovery meal ideas, visit these bloggers!:

So whatcha think? What’s your favorite recovery meal? What about recovery for your brain, been there?  

Of course you have!




2 more days to enter the BLEND and ATTUNE FOODS giveaway. WOOHOO!

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  1. Ummmm….when did the design change happen? I was just here!!! Or maybe was reading on my phone so missed it? Anyway, looks FABULOUS!!!

    And hope you get some recharge soon.

    • haha, i do that all the time. I don’t realize they changed their site till later. I blame google reader. But thank you! I changed it a week ago so you didn’t miss out on much.

      hope you are feeling recharged too friend. hugs!

  2. I was looking at detox recipes this weekend, how did you know:)

    A good smoothie always cheers me up:)

    There is nothing run with the same healthy dish, mm!

  3. Basil? Is that for recovery, flavor, both? I’m intrigued…

  4. I want to try that kiwi honey lime kombucha!!

  5. This sounds perfect! I love recovery snacks. I have been doing a ton of turmeric and cinnamon lately to keep inflammation down. I always love your eats! They always look like perfect fuel to me!

  6. that sounds fabulous! I’ll have to try it :)

  7. There is nothing better than a recovery smoothie (well only if it is accompanied by any of the three other meals so far I guess.) and I just love basil. I have a post about mint coming out on Monday and basil is in that family so I bet if you tossed some basil leaves in there as well it would bring even more flavor to the party.

    Thank you for participating in the blog carnival and I hope you’ll be able to join us next month when the secret topic is _______________ Well it is still a secret because I haven’t come up with one yet……haha!

  8. I swear… when I get home tomorrow I’m not going to eat anything except runny eggs. YUM!

    One of my fav recovery protein smoothies is my cherry-ginger. Both are really good for the muscles and inflammation!

  9. BASIL!? basil in a smoothie? I don’t even really know what basil tastes like to be honest! hmmm…I’ll have to buy basil for the first time ever. 😉 I need to start using herbs and spices more, so maybe this will be my starting point. I’ll report back on how this one goes…

  10. Basil in a shake. Amazing. I love basil. The smell, the taste, everything!

  11. I hope my kombucha turns out!

  12. I love including ginger in my diet . . . for recovery, but also because it’s delicious! Love the basil idea in a smoothie. I’ve never tried that, but do enjoy basil, so I’ll have to give it a try. :)

  13. that reminds me, who did your web design for WordPress?
    I have WordPress and I am wanting to do updates, but I am design dumb and I know WordPress is more limiting than Blogger, but I just paid for another year of my domain and photo space upgrade/

    • Mine is self hosted through blue host. I just use for the theme. You should contact Jenny and She is the best! click my logo on the side bar where is says PB jenny designs

  14. when I try to use actual ginger root I swear I always overdo and whhheewww talk about clearing out the sinuses!

  15. Yum! I will have to make that. I actually have almost all of the ingredients :)

  16. I tend to stick with the basic pb, chocolate recovery shake, because it’s simple, refreshing, and easy! :)

  17. I did not realize basil and ginger were good for inflammation! good to know, friend! you are so wise :-) I always feel the need to be more creative with my eats when I see your posts! Lunch today, is going to be different, I will share via instagram 😉 hehe

  18. mmmmm, that butternut squash is looking mighty tasty and so is that smoothie! :) ginger is my favorite, cinnamon and turmeric too… and chia!

  19. Seeing as I’m a huge snacker, I definitely support strangely delicious recovery snacks. Although I have to admit that mine usually involve chocolate 😯 And while I’m ‘fessing up, I should probably admit that recovery for my brain usually involves a couple hours of mindless video games. Whatever works, right? 😉

  20. Love the recovery meal idea. As I become more serious about my training and increase duration/intensity I am constantly looking for quick recovery meal ideas. Thanks for sharing and for the links. I will definitely be checking them out.

  21. Definitely need recovery for the brain sometimes. And my week is moving crazy slow too. Something in the air perhaps?

  22. I’ve never had basil in “sweet” and I really want to try it now.
    And YES I have needed desperately recovery for my brain and though we both know EXACTLY where and to WHO(M?) to go for that…

    well…. I found I needed glitter.

  23. okay so glad i am not the only one barely getting through the week. my body is tired and my mind is tired. taking it way easy……like your recovery foods !

  24. Brain recovery is a weekend away! Guess where? The BEACH gosh darn it I could use that right now. Recovery meal tonight is some homemade pasta dish my client made for me with some fresh bread. Comforting and nourishing. Perfect recovery!

  25. I’m a big snacker, so definitely prefer a recovery snack. And that snack would preferably involve some Healthy Bites and a big cup of coffee ;). Or a slice of Udi’s with sunflower seed butter and Trader Joe’s fig butter. Okay, I want that now.
    My brain could use some recovery! My daily dose of brain recovery is my workout as well as my quiet time in bed at night. And any time I get a date night with my husband (which doesn’t happen as much as it should!). I think I’m in need of a girls’ weekend though 😉

    • i love that you love healthy bites. cause they love you! and quiet time is key. I know it helps with balance. Yes?

      I need a girls weekend so so bad.

  26. Yum! Ginger and basil in a smoothie! I kind of like that.
    I love my snacks, and fully support strange but delicious snacks! Mine are usually quite odd, but I love ’em. Haha, my recovery meals are always intended for my brain, if I forget a snack you better believe I remain forgetful in all other areas of life. Seriously, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with my brain;)

  27. fresh herbs really just take everything to a whole other level

  28. Cotter Concoction has a really nice ring to it. :) Hope you’re mind and body are getting the recovery you need this week. And I would really like to come over for your recovery meals. YOU take such darn good care of your hubby.

  29. Sounds really yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I am a huge fan of the recovery smoothie. Yours looks devine, love how gutsy you are to combine those three things together and it sounds so smooth, creamy and obviously good for recovery. Generally, I put tart cherry juice, beats or beat tops, something green and leafy, with protein, flax meal and chias… boring but I love it.

  31. YUM I love the look of your eats…. I’m brewing a bit of strawberry apple kombucha right now, woohoooo! I’m the opposite, my week is going WAY too fast and I don’t have enough time to get everything done!!!

  32. I hope you get some good rest and recover this week girl! All your meals look amazing to me. You can cook me some of your Cotter Staples anytime!

  33. recovery? i would drink this on a daily basis.

  34. Kept forgetting to compliment you on the new design!!! Very cool!

    Hope everything is OK.. you seem to have things on the mind.. I can relate! 😉

    HUGS & linking to you tomorrow – Thursday for my NuttZo post! :)

    • oh yes, lots on the mind this week. I think it’s just all catching up with me. But we have those weeks. And sometimes it’s good to just get it out, yes? I know everything will work out soon. And if not, I’ve got a jar of dark chocolate nuttzo to demolish. LOL! jk. Hugs!

  35. oooh I love coconut! my brain needs a recovery now. I could use this

  36. I think I could drink this – recovery or not – just looks delicious all on its own!

  37. Love the new look! 😀 On a side note, must.try.kombucha. Seriously… not sure why I haven’t.

  38. I put WAY too much ginger in my anti-inflammatory smoothie yesterday. Tweaked my calf and am trying to get it to heal fast. I drank the thing but had to hold my nose! Yeuch! I love coconut so will definitely be trying your smoothie next time…and easing up on the ginger!

  39. love basil and banana smoothies! simple and gentle
    your meals look perfect!

  40. Coconut…basil….vanilla….ginger?

    Man on man. I want it now!!!!

    Mind. (Tastebuds?) Blown.

  41. Oh! I’m so intrigued by basil-ginger-coconut combination! Will have to try this.


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