One Thing Wednesday

Wow, thank you for the support from that last post. It’s still kind of surreal to us, even though we received this email yesterday.


Looks like I might have to get a bigger suitcase come November so that all of you can squeeze in. Ya ya, corny I know.

Anyway, August has whizzed on by. I’m kinda glad too. Means maybe in September we’ll see some relief from the heat, or at least below 100F. We’re talking 70 days straight here people. That’s just wrong. But then again, what can ya do? I know, maybe you can remember those “one things” that made August good. Seems like a lot went on so why not stop today and think about those “one things.”

And in honor of crazy Peas and Crayons Jen, I’m going to include some food for WIAW.


What’s the “one thing” that left you speechless this past month?

Probably the amazing hearts of others. Especially from THIS GIRL who helped me with more than just my blog. <3

What’s the “one thing” that you want to repeat again next month?

Definitely a night out with good food and good company! My family spent a good 2-3 hours eating, drinking, talking.

perlas 2perlas

What’s the “one thing” that you never wanted to see go this past month?

My beloved kombucha batch. We downed that batch in less than 2 days. Sheesh!


What’s the “one NEW thing” that found and LOVED this past month?

Well duh, it had to be the new CHIA CHERRY GT Kombucha.

chia GT

What’s the “one thing” that kicked your butt (in a good way) this past month?

I’d say getting back in the water and lap swimming. Man, I have lost all swim form but I will get it back. And at least I can dry off by doing this after.


What’s the “one thing” you made this past month that turned out better than expected?

haha, totally thought this bison and edamame “hash” would be a flop but the hubs and I both loved it!  Want the recipe?


And lastly, What’s the “one thing” that made your WIAW even better?

Getting to giveaway these! Oh and the Izze/GF Rudi’s Coupons too! See Winner below.


YEA JULIE!! You were the randomly selected winner winner chicken dinner from my Precious Gem post. Email me your address—> cottercrunch (at) hotmail (dot) com.


Alright, now have at it. What were some of your “one things” this past month?



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  1. Who wouldn’t want to repeat a 2-3 hour dinner of drinking, eating, and family (or friends)??? 😉 I would love to repeat many of my pool with friends Saturdays and our Branson trip.

  2. hahaha SHUTUUUUUP i haven’t won anything in forever! i was just diddlying along enjoying this post and thinking how i never eat red meat but i just got a strange craving for bison haha and then i see my name! weeee :) emailing you!

  3. You are so sweet, I am SO excited for you guys and NZ. MUCH much needed I’m sure! Scott is reading over my shoulder and said – if you guys stay until April, we’ll use his April vaca from school to come visit NZ and you guys. We’re already planning to see Heather (Where’s the Beach!) in February so that’s out. But April works. Don’t you want to spend an extra month there anyway?? hehe 😉

  4. Edamame hash huh? Wherever did you come up with that idea? C:

  5. One thing that kicked my butt in August was getting back into running more often – and I’m loving it! Lots of sprints and hills, please. :) So excited for y’all. I’ll probably say it everyday until you go to New Zealand! One thing I’m excited for is the chance to see YOU in October! xo

  6. One thing in Aug that I didn’t want to end: our short vacation. It was so nice to have time away from everything and just reconnect. I so wish we could do that again this weekend.

    I am so excited for you!!!

  7. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to read about your adventures in another country!

  8. The one thing i made this past month that turned out better than expected was baked potato soup. It was a request by the bf and I looked at him kinda crazy thinking “doesn’t he realize it is 95 degrees out!?!” But it turned out delicious and was the perfect “comfort” meal during a stressful week!

  9. oh i totally bet that edamame and bison hash would be even more delicious than it already looks! i think for sure my fig cookies would qualify as something that turned out better than i thought :)

    xoxo <3

  10. Chia Kombucha – say what?!? YUM.

  11. Seems to me you will have plenty of time to work on that swim form for a few months 😉 Enjoy!!

    I need to read the Kombucha post. Is that a “how to make your own”??

  12. I haven’t been swimming forever! Maybe that is something I could start..

    As for something I’d repeat…I loved doing a road trip with my parents n sister!

  13. Cute post. One thing…hmmm, well that I’ve learned to let go of people that don’t really “fit” in my life. Happy Thursday dear!

    Oh- I like this blog set-up because I can comment from my phone now
    : )

  14. What a wonderful way to spend an evening! and that bison hash looks so delicious! :)

    I am hoping to have at least one more day at the beach this weekend with sunshine and cool breeze :)

  15. Canada is always so far behind at getting all the newest flavours, that Chia Cherry sounds fantastic! The “one thing” I didn’t want to see go, is my little sister moving away to university!

  16. Ahh! I haven’t seen that new Kombucha flavor yet! It sounds REALLY good though. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for it.
    November is going to come so quickly- I can’t believe it’s already September. So excited for you guys- hard to believe that it will be summer there..I’ve always thought that was so funny how it is different seasons on opposite sides of the world.

  17. aw man – post that bison recipe PLEASE and THANK YOU! :)

    1 thing = i did not expect to have the kiwi come and stay with me in boston!

    1 thing = i did not expect to start dating someone who lives directly above me

    1 thing = i am so looking forward to my fun plans in september – cape cod, san fran and napa!!!!

  18. Some of my “one things”…make my own almond butter; start eating during long distance training sessions; be happy; enjoy everyday! I think these will carry into September. I have a lot of “one things” I want to tackle this month too. 😉

  19. our trip to reno was my one ting! what a great week to eat, drink, run and be with friends……so excited for your new adventure Lindsay! have a great day!

  20. I am so ridiculously happy for you guys! And terribly jealous. I think I should come too. Don’t you agree? At least to visit?????

  21. test

  22. testing testing….123 :)

  23. oooooh I am so behind on blog reading! Oh my – what awesome exciting news about your move to NZ!!!!! We will be country neighbours!!!!

  24. Haha I’m kinda JEALOUS of your 100F heat you know!! That kind of crazy thinking is what happens when you are stuck in rainy London too long! 😛

    One thing I LOVE is blog redesigns!! I’m doing a bit of one now, and I LOVE your makeover soooo much!! And I can comment so much easier too! 😀

  25. WHoo Im so seriously jealous you’re going out of the country. I have never been. I really wanna go to Kenya this coming summer on a missions trip!!

    Uhhh lets just say that TOMORROW is September 2nd and its suppose to be 100 where I live..UGH!!!

    The one thing I was surprised in August was that I PASSED my Praxis, got to apply for my teaching job, AND I got hired to be a substitute in one school district, possibly 3 more depending how interviews go!!

    Another one thing I learned in August was that if I keep trusting the Lord, he will fill me up. He will hear my cries. He will answer my prayers. His will will happen in my life.

    Also, I am on day 2(forgot to take my little pills today and I am still not home so boo) and they leave my cute little hand green, but so far I havent had any weird side effects and Im still alive and kicking so that is also a plus!!!

  26. oh my goodness….HOW do we not have chia kombucha here in tucson?!?! dying here, dying…

  27. I would love to try bison one day…can’t find it and the one time i did – the price was crazy! 😉

    • what? where do you live? I’m going to research this for you! I found bison at a really good cost at Natural Grocers and even Costco!

      • lol – too cute! – I live in Canada :) The only places that would carry that are organic health food stores with a meat section or possibly a meat shop downtown…but I’m wary of those. Never seen bison in just the mainstream grocery stores here!

  28. Hi Lindsey fab post, I love it when bloggers do a WIAW…with a twist. I know what you mean about the swimming haha, hello unused muscles, owww! One thing I’ll miss – cheap salad in the shops! Apparently no one likes salad when the weather drops so shops decide to double the price – so annoying! Have a great start to September!!

  29. A good night out is definitely of those things you need to repeat every so often :)

  30. Looks lovely!!! I want a website like you when I grow up:).

  31. One thing I’m happy to see go: Packing!!! Yes, we still have a 2+ day road trip ahead (the fun part, in my opinion :) !!), and the UNpacking – but all of that is much more exciting.

    Still impressed by your Kombucha creation – heh. And jealous of your pool-time – I did not get enough of that this summer!

  32. Love your posts girl……

    Ok, you have so much exciting news and YES I will hop into your suitcase with you :) WOOO HOOO!!

    So I wanna get into running or cycling after watching ironman over the last week…so inspiring, but I am so bad at it right now 😐 Dang lungs don’t like me too much!


  33. Cor, when it’s 70 days at that temperature, I can see why you’re looking forward to the end of summer!
    I’m glad I can comment on your blog again because I can say wooooowwww about the trip, sounds absolutely amazing :-)
    And I think this might be weird but I dreamt about kombucha last night – and I’ve never had it…!

  34. You know, Texas has been on our short list of places to move to. I started charting the weather and am not sure if this SoCal girl could hack it. Maybe the benefits of a conservative state outweigt the hotsy totsy weather though!

    I found that Cherry Chia Kombucha when I was in Kansas, yum! I was going to do your workout but my back decided to stop working. It must not have received the memo about my need to workout 6 days a week. The nerve!! :o)


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