Ocean Potion

Not gonna lie. This has been one crazy ride. Past few week here have flown by! These crazy folks have anywhere between 2 to 4 workouts a day. I’m trying to do my best to keep the fridge stocked and fuel ready. It ain’t cheap either. Gluten free bread is about $12! Wowza! Let’s just say rice cakes have been my best friend instead. That, and corn tortillas.

Our training camp staples. The cheap and the not so cheap.

  • Cheap: Plantains the size of your arm, local pineapple (to die for), papaya, coconut water (the cheap local kind), corn flakes, corn tortillas, eggs, peanut butter.


  • The not so cheap: larabars, cliff bars, any kind of organic meat or vegetable, almond milk, almond butter, bottled water, and greek yogurts (with the exception of Chobani, which I found on sale. HALLELUJAH!!

I guess paradise does come with a cost. Haha! Winking smile

Anyway, here’s a little swim video and pictures from today’s ocean swim. A time trial ironman swim. It’s always good to practice open water swimming. Such a huge difference when it comes to endurance versus in the pool. Ya know?


As much as I adore my Sherpa job, I also find myself very eager. Eager to train again, eager to keep up with the “crew,” eager to be fit. It’s hard not to when you are constantly surrounded by endurance junkies. But I am lucky, wait.. scratch that. I am blessed. Blessed to have married a man, a professional athlete, who had been through all those feelings before and can relate. He has felt the high of winning and being fit as can be and he has felt the lowest of lows, being injured and working paycheck to paycheck. Yes, the hubs. One piece of advice for anyone coming back from an injury, illness, etc. … start slow and appreciate the process. It will only make you stronger than before, more mentally than anything.

So here I am, starting off slow, building back my fitness, stronger than before. I maybe not be out there training like I did before, but that’s okay. I don’t need to be. Fitness is a passion that can last a lifetime. Not an all or nothing regime. Well, maybe just in my opinion. Smile

How do you view YOUR fitness these days? Is it still a passion?

I hope so!

Embrace it with arms wide open.

wild kiwi



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  1. Gorgeous views. Please enjoy the beach for me 😉 And as hard as it might be, re-building slowly (and smarter) is really the only way to go.

    • i know you know this, so thank you! thank for encouragement as always. Sorry i have been so MIA. I do read your blogs, its just hard to comment when time is limited her. Know i appreciate you so much.

  2. What a glorious trip! I certainly value a change of routine with scenes like that! And, I makes me appreciate getting back into my groove. I bet clients are anxious to work with you and you to do some training of your own!

    I take it your health is on the up and up?!!

  3. Being in the position to get back into fitness can be a blessing. You can make sure the habits you form are healthy ones and like you said, come back even stronger. Your perspective and knowledge about anything always grows the second time around.
    Glad you’re having a lovely time in Paradise 😉

  4. wowee, who ever knew bread could be so expensive?!?! haha!
    and i couldn’t agree more with you about our passion for fitness not needing to be an all or nothing thing… i’ve definitely been learning that in my own life the last few months. even though i can’t give it my ALL right now, i still have a passion for being fit and exercising that i know will last a lifetime. i can’t wait until the day that i can get out there and get my heart rate soaring again! :)

  5. I bet the pineapples are amazing! The water is insane…so pretty! Just take each day as it comes is all I can say :)

    <3 <3

  6. now i’m craving plantains and pineapple!!

  7. Comparing is always a tough thing to stay away from when you’re feeling left behind. Focus on you, how far you’ve come, the progress you’ve most likely already made, and how your journey is different from anyone else’s. And enjoy that beautiful island! Hope you’re having a great time amidst the craziness.

  8. Such incredible advice! I find it hard not to get frustrated with my body some days. I feel like it should do more and I should be more. Then I realize that I’m the best me I can possibly be. That does seem to help. I won’t ever be the strongest or the fastest person out there, but I do all that I can and I’m pretty happy with that…all things considered.

  9. I love your outlook! Injuries are definitely hard to get through, but you will get through it and be back in no time! Gorgeous pictures. Enjoy yourself 😀

  10. I bet you are itching like crazy, but slow and steady is definitely the right approach, you are a smart sherpa and trainee, aren’t you :-) And you ARE fit and passionate ABOUT fitness and that is the best combo. natural passion is the only kind as far as I’m concerned. And wow, what a view of everything. beautiful. As for expensive eats, yikes, but it sounds like you are balancing the expensive items with the cheaper, perfect! :)

  11. Embrace it with arms wide open. I absolutely adore it. :)
    Fitness is definitely a passion still…might be going through a bit of withdrawl after my last 10 days of training in Kona! 😉

  12. Fitness is my passion on so many levels…It keeps me sane these days! Love the ocean. It’s also another passion. But then again, I am a Pisces. PS: My beach hair is so rocking, but it really needs a wash tomorrow. LOL

  13. You have such a great outlook :)

    Enjoy paradise and some pineapple for me!

    p.s. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award :)

  14. LOVE all of those pictures! Sooo pretty :D. You have such an amazing outlook on fitness….it’s very inspirational Linds!

  15. i love this – and it’s so great that james can help support you in your process and healing!
    my fitness is definitely my passion now – much more than before because now it’s not my punishment! i’ve also realized that my fitness isn’t my life, though, and i think that has made all the difference! it’s allowed me to stretch my mind with yoga, strengthen my fortitude with weights, and breathe life into my dreams with running!

  16. you married a WISE man. it’s a positive thing to be feeling eager, and you two both have the knowledge and the experience to know what and how much is best… start slow, and enjoy every minute! XXO

  17. LOVE what you said about fitness being a lifetime journey! I couldn’t agree more – I’m training some older ladies right now and I’m just so very proud that they aren’t giving up and laying down!

  18. I never thought I could picture myself doing an ocean triathlon swim. NOW I can…just has to be the “right” ocean!! WOW!

  19. Man. Keep enjoying that beach for me, eh? lol LOVE the music you set for the video. Haha. And I’m LOVING the neon pick bathing suit! (I’m diggin’ the color these days.)

  20. I’m trying to remind myself of this every day. Fitness is a passion of mine, yes, but it isn’t my life. I have other passions, and right now I need to let fitness ebb a little bit…I’ll be back soon enough!

  21. I feel like I’m in a good place with my fitness right now. I am teaching my Jazzercise classes and also training for races, so my schedule is full, but not to point where I feel overwhelmed. :)

  22. That water is insanely beautiful! I’m sure it’s tough to do more watching than participating. But, you’re probably the best Sherpa around!
    Hang in there! I know how frustrating it can be.

  23. I love your lifeinspiration and I, too, am grateful for your amazing husband.
    you support him
    he supports you, too.

  24. Lately I have really been struggling with my workouts Feeling like I need to work out for HOURS bc I dont feel like I am seeing any results what so ever. I am just feeling really discouraged. Plus it doesnt help that I am also battling my stupid self image as well :/ Sorry for being a whiny head as a comment

    • don’t fear yourself, or lack there of. You know God made you and created you in His imagine. You know that friend. Cling to his goodness!

  25. You’re doing a GREAT job! Holy grocery store pricing – but that’s what happens when you ship goods to a tiny island.

    Ocean swimming is beyond hard, don’t envy those racers. I get super nervous for them

    Bonus, the weather looks great!

  26. Ah, paradise!
    This is a good reminder for me…to be patient! I’m so NOT patient, but it really is the only way to be!
    I’m in the middle of a fun (hard) fitness plan that I designed for myself…just to see what I can achieve by August….4 weeks in, and I’m still impatient, but I can see results too–so that’s super satisfying!

  27. I just love your perspetive. On sherpa-ing (and doing a damn fine job in uncharted territory there on the island!) but also on coming back from injury or illness and appreciating and even EMBRACING the process of making your comeback. It’s so refreshing. I love that the hubs has been there to support you as you yearn for that “fit” feeling you’ve been missing (you are STILL very fit my friend, but I know what you mean). You two are so good for eachother!!

  28. you and the hubs are really blessed to have each other and help each other heal and become stronger. i love that about you two.

    i also am jealous about that clear blue water you kids are swimming in!

    lastly – some of your links – to larabars and chiobani, dont work :(

    • thank you friend, and we are blessed to know you. You keep us laughing. hehe. And thanks for the links, i’ll fix them oh and i plan to email you back!

  29. My love affair with fitness and being active is still going strong- going on 8 years now living HEALTHY!
    What are you doing with the plantains? (As in, how do you prepare/eat them? I love em roasted with a little salt)

    • i love baking them with cinnamon and making plantain chips. then you dip them in CHOBANI!! SO GOOD! And i love your love for fitness, it’s on fire lauren and it shows!

  30. I love me some Plantains! Mmmm… caramelized. Yum! $12 for GF bread. ouch! Those pics are gorgeous Lindsay.

    I’ve been slacking a bit in the fitness routine. Its hard to stay motivated when life hands you obstacles. But am happy to have all my friends and my workout partner not letting me slip too badly. 😉

  31. Running has been rough for me the last couple weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that small progress is still progress!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous views you had there! I love your perspective on fitness being a journey! Spot on, and I have to agree with you on that one! I need to embrace where I am in fitness right now, and I need to acknowledge that I need to back up on the workouts for a while. My body is still trying to heal and I need to give it that time. You rock!!

  33. I think your attitude is amazing. You are right–you have your whole life to become fit, no rush!! Take it slow!

  34. i am so excited you are getting your fitness back! and i love the hubs quote…..so true!

  35. janae@hungryrunnergirl.com says:

    I will send you some bars and you can send me some pineapple:) 2 to 4 workouts a day..that is out of control, wow. The scenery is to die for, I am so happy for you guys! Definitely still a passion even though it is getting harder I still love it!

    • oh my gosh you would love this pineapple Janane. It’s unreal! Especially with ICE CREAM!!! Your little pregnant belly needs this! love you sweet friend. how are you? miss you.

  36. I think I would say we’re in hard-core flirting stage right now, it’s not as much of a passion in my life as normal, but it’s coming back!! =) I can completely relate to those feelings of eagerness, when we aren’t able to do something, it makes us want to do it even more. Take it slow and you’ll be back before you know it!!

    • yes, i knew you could relate. Wanting to jump right back into training, racing, etc. But God always has a different plan, a better plan!

  37. so jealous, you are at the beach, Lori is at the beach…I want to be at the beach.

    Beautiful photos, and loved video 😉

  38. I’ve never tried a plantain but they look yummy! I love your outlook towards fitness. I too have had my highs and lows. But I realise I want to be active for life…so taking it easy from time to time is essential. I am blessed that my body can move, and I can walk, run or jump when i want. I’d like to keep it that way too so I’m taking good care not to overdo things. Loving all the pictures and updates xox

  39. Fitness will ALWAYS be a passion of mine! However, over the past year, my definition has evolved tremendously. I used to believe that I had to sweat buckets in order to be considered active; now I know that is so far from reality. I thank God every day that my eyes have been opened–that I can now enjoy fitness in all forms and celebrate what it does for my body, both physically and emotionally. :) Sounds so cheesy, but I really mean it! :-p

    The process really does make us stronger, doesn’t it? I’m so glad you’re embracing it and growing! And guuurl, you’re in the BAHAMAS!! Savor every minute!! I’m living vicariously through all of your Instagram pics. :)

    Huge hugs!! xoxo <3

    • i think we went through that same workout transition together. everytime i read you posts i nodded my head. yes yes. It does make us stronger, amen!

  40. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    I love you because you are so wise! It’s so tempting to jump right back into intense workouts and it takes a smart person to hold back =)

  41. Is that spirit of dealing with what life gives us and making it work that makes us greater and stronger. And of course, views like that make it a lot easier. Enjoy!

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