Nutmeg is the Spice of Life & Pay it forward Giveaway.

Okay, I’m doing things a little differently today. I don’t think Heather will mind, but I guess I’ll find out.


Instead of doing a recipe for this weeks MMAZ, I’m going to talk about the benefits of the ingredient (Nutmeg) and ways to use it! So Martha of me, right? But read all the way to the end, cause you’re gonna want to enter the giveaway. And if you care less about the benefits of nutmeg, then skip to the end. Cliffnote Blog reading is allowed today. Winking smile

Let’s talk Nutmeg. It’s a spice. Yes, obviously. And did you know that it has some pretty amazing benefits? All spices do in fact. But I bet you didn’t know that Nutmeg is the new oyster. What do I mean by that? Supposedly is the new aphrodisiac, ha! And it’s used as a sleep aid. So I am not sure how those two go together, but somehow they do. Ponder hat!

Jokes aside, here are some other benefits of nutmeg.

  • Combined with other spices it can help calm or reduce stress.
  • Used as a digestive tonic
  • Can help reduce asthma
  • Fights depression and anxiety
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect which can help clear up skin.

Not too shabby, eh?

Oh Nutmeg.. love the smell but for the longest time I wasn’t a fan of the taste alone. It wasn’t until I started combining it with certain foods that I began to like this spice. Yes, we use it all the time in baking and in beverages, but that’s usually when you combine it with cinnamon, clove, etc. I’m talking about ways to use it ALONE!

Here are my favorite ways to use Nutmeg:

  • Use it as a rub on lamb, chicken, steak, or pork. Mix it with black pepper, sea salt, oil, chili pepper, and a little honey or maple syrup. Rub on meat then roast in oven. It’s delicious. If you’re really adventurous add it to a coffee rub. And if you’re meatless, try it on roasted Eggplant, squash, or even Roasted Tofu!


Cornmeal Crusted Tofu with Chili pepper and Nutmeg. Original Recipe here.


  • Roast cashews with it. Cashews have a buttery flavor, so they are perfect for this spice. Combine oil, sea salt, and nutmeg to raw cashews. Roasted evenly at 450-10 minutes or so. Shake or turn once.
  • Make hummus or tahini. I like to use nutmeg and dried apple with chickpea and tahini. Blend into a sweet hummus!


  • Sprinkle of top of Fruit. My favorite combos are nutmeg and grilled peaches with a little ricotta and honey. Or I sprinkle nutmeg on top of grapefruit in the morning. Really helps with the bitterness sometimes.
  • And last but not least, use it as a yogurt or ice cream topping. Duh, you know that was coming, right? In fact, I ate it for breakfast the other day. Oikos frozen peach mango yogurt, a little love grown granola, and plenty of nutmeg on top. Amazing! I am in love with this frozen yogurt. Same stats as regular greek yogurt but it tastes like peaches and cream ice cream. Best of both worlds if you ask me.

20121101_065332love grown ice cream

Speaking of Oikos Frozen yogurt….

Let’s talk giveaway! As I mentioned in this last post, Oikos has graciously offered free frozen yogurt coupons and $25 Whole Foods Market giftcard to a Cotter Crunch Reader. I would love for one of you to not only win this giveaway, but also do something with it. Like pay it forward. Again, these are just my thoughts, but had to put it out there.

To win Free Oikos Frozen Greek Yogurt Coupons and a $25 giftcard to Wholefoods, do one or more of the following”:

  • Tell me how you would pay it forward if you did win. Would you? Maybe use part of the giftcard to buy someone a meal, a canned good, etc..
  • Check out the other flavors of Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt. What sounds good to you?
  • Tweet about it and make sure to include @stonyfield and @LCCotter in your tweet.
  • Tell me one way you use Nutmeg, if you like Nutmeg.
  • Go check out all the amazing MMAZ Nutmeg recipes at

Open to US and CANADA residents. I’ll pick a winner by Friday the 16th.

Do you have a pay it forward story? Hope so!



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  1. I’d take a friend to Whole Foods for lunch.

  2. I’d like to try the chocolate yogurt.

  3. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  4. I dont really use nutmeg, but I bet it’d be good in my pumpkin and cinnamon oats.

  5. I love nutmeg in my pumpkin protein smoothies!

  6. The peach mango Oikos Greek frozen yogurt sounds amazing!

  7. I’d pay it forward by surprising someone in line and paying for their groceries!

  8. I’d use half the gift card and give the remainder to a friend or a stranger behind me in line!

  9. My favorite use of nutmeg is in creamy sauces (alfredo, mac & cheese, etc!)

  10. i’m a vanilla kind of girl (and can attest that vanilla oikos greek froyo is amazing!) but the superfruits regular yogurt is delish, i can’t imagine it frozen!

  11. already pinned the peach cranberry sauce today.. love the nutmeg recipe collaboration!

  12. I would give it to my best friend, who is really into eating clean but is struggling to make ends meet because of the growing cost of health care for her 6 year old son who has Cancer. She seldom shops at Whole Foods anymore because it is simply too expensive.
    LOVE nutmeg, I use it on top of my Silk nog martini. :)

  13. I tweeted

  14. nutmeg to help anxiety…. I’m all over that now. Just added that to my grocery list. Lord knows I need it this week!

  15. I’d pay it forward by using the card to buy ingredients to make dinner for a family I know that is having a rough time

  16. I use cinnamon and nutmeg in my oatmeal every day!!! I love spices

  17. I’d love to try strawberry Oikos!

  18. I LOVE nutmeg! I didn’t realize how much I loved it until this year and now it feels like if I CAN use it and think it’ll sound good in something, I DO use it! :)

  19. I would definitely help buy someone thanksgiving dinner!

  20. i would love to try any of their greek yogurts!

  21. i tweeted.

  22. I would share or Maybe I would give the wholefoods gc to a charity or raffle… :)

  23. I’d pay it forward by using the giftcard to purchase foods for a Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family I know. Great giveaway!

  24. Honey sounds like an amazing flavor, yum!

  25. I use nutmeg in all of my pumpkin recipes. I just used it in a pumkin gingerbread loaf recipe this weekend, which came out awesome.

  26. I put nutmeg in my root vegetable soups and it adds just the right kind of ‘oomph’! 😉

  27. Then you’ll be happy to know that I put plenty of nutmeg in my pumpkin pie last night.

  28. I have a friend who is trying to eat healthier. I would take her to Whole Foods to show her some clean and healthy items that are new to her. Then I would buy her something to try.

  29. Love all the nutmeg ideas! I use it everyday in my protein smoothie…soooo good! I think I’d use the gift card to buy ingredients for a huge meal, then make and deliver it to a person or family who could use a surprise home cooked meal.

  30. Well, I totally need to buy a bottle of nutmeg now! I fell like I’ve been missing out and who knows, maybe it’ll spice things up between me and the hubby haha 😉

  31. If I won the giveaway I’d use the gift card to buy some Thanksgiving fixings or a local food shelter and would be absolutely honored because that’s on my list of to-do’s while 23 and I always like giving back during the holiday season!!!

  32. I can’t enter but just wanted to say thank you for your nutmeg post. I had never thought to use it on meat or savory, but it sounds really good! And I can use all the help out there to clear my skin!

  33. YUM nutmeg on lamb! That sounds amazing! I always think of nutmeg as being in desserts but I really enjoyed this post with some tips on making it savory :)

  34. I love adding nutmeg to my oatmeal during the fall and winter – mmm! It’s great in molasses cookies :)

  35. i’m allll about the frozen chocolate. :)

  36. i believe in paying it forward…i’d spread the love and prolly buy some goodies for my new roommate, or surprise the person behind me in line and buy some of their groceries. :)

  37. i haven’t experimented much with nutmeg but i’d certainly try it on some yogurt!

  38. Wow, I had no clue nutmeg had so many health benefits! Very awesome :)

  39. So, after reading this, I was making my morning oatmeal, and decided to add nutmeg. I always add cinnamon, but never think to throw nutmeg in there too. I went for it . . . and it was SOOO good. Such a little thing to change, but it added a whole new flavor dimension to my breakfast! Thanks!

  40. My cousin is is volunteering at this program in the area where they try and get people to donate one can of food a day and with it they make boxes for the needy in the community. I would use my Whole Foods giftcard to buy some healthy non-perishables to donate that that program so people in our local community who are without could have a Happy Thanksgiving too :-D!! Oh & I love Whole Foods… obsessed LOL! And the flavor of the Oikos Frozen Greek Yogurt that I’d wanna try is the Superfruits one… pomegranate, raspberries, & acai… Yum!

  41. I rarely think about the benefits of most spices! Love this post, Linds. Definitely trying the crusted tofu, as we’re pretty boring as usually just saute it 😉

  42. So I totally never thought of using nutmeg on anything other than french toast! I need to branch out more!


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