NO FAIL Adventure

I’m kinda on roll here this month, adventure wise that is. Still participating in Adventurous April and this week I got pair it along with Lindsay’s Tuesday Trainer.




 Bonus points.. RIGHT Lindsay and Janetha?

Anyway, Tuesday Trainer got adventurous. Trainers filmed themselves in places that were “adventurous” for them. Go check it out HERE.

I’ll give you a sneak peak of mine.


Continuing on with adventure, I decided to go for it in YOGA today. What do I mean by “go for it?” I mean, headstand with eyes closed. Yes, our yoga teacher made us do everything with eyes closed. So I did, and I plopped right back down on my shoulder then butt. HA!

There will be a bruise there tomorrow for sure.



I took that risk for adventure. hehe. Plus it was humbling, which is always good for the soul. Right? Winking smile

Healthy Bites also continued down the ADVENTURE route. Another fun flavor made.


cocoa crispy

And babysitting adventures will be happening tonight, when I go take care of the nieces. I might be adventured out after that. I am already tired just thinking about it.

What’s been your adventure this week? Big or small!



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  1. My adventure today was running without ANY entertainment – and it turned out to be quite entertaining! Pretty sure I won’t do it for the marathon, but I might do it again on shorter runs!

  2. Yay babysitting!!!!

    You are so hardcore girl. Handstands. Holy awesome…. Handstands with eyes closed—amazing!!

  3. My big adventure this week so far was driving on Sunday…we didn’t know where we were gonna end up, just kept exploring.

    This week.. Yosemite!

  4. babysitting: the beauty of this is that at the end you return the children to their parents!!! ha ha!!

    my adventure today was Bill’s closet
    yep it is a danger zone…I have decided to clean it while he is gone for the week. I now think I married a teenager!

  5. Love the new look, my friend!

  6. Living on the edge over there aren’t you, my friend? hehe. Seriously though, way to try new things — even if it involved falling on your shoulder! At least you TRIED it, right?? I would’ve fallen a lot worse than that I do believe. Haha. Good luck babysitting!!

  7. Wow, I would have fallen just trying to get into that headstand! I hope your shoulder isn’t too bruised! And seriously, those healthy bites look awesome and the flavor sounds delicious :). No adventures for me lately…I need to work on that!

  8. Mine is coming at the end of the week when I’m at Nourished. I wish you were coming! Hope that bruise doesn’t stick around too long. Sounds like quite the challenging yoga class! I hope you have a great night lady!

  9. My adventure today was starting my third teaching block…followed by a swim, bike, run. Now I’m planning for my adventures in the classroom tomorrow. 😉
    P.S. Tell Miss Sadie I’m glad she is back where I can see videos of her sniffing out the new adventures.

  10. oh my goodness, that bruise looks tough! it’s like combat yoga!
    and a double ohmygoodness, those healthy bites look awesome! i can barely keep up! :)

  11. whoa! headstand and eyes closed?! bad ass!! Hope it’s not a big bruise 😉 Let’s see. I tried a new barre studio tonight. While I didn’t love it, I was glad I tried a different approach. Expanding horizons, yes? Ahh want that HB! yum

  12. Just thought I’d test the commenting again

  13. Your new healthy bites looks amazing! Oh no, I hope your shoulder is not too bruised and that it feels okay! Headstands in yoga freak me out haha. Maybe one day! You are on an adventure roll! So impressed! Have a great night!!

  14. Lindsay! I hope you guys had a great weekend. I love your pictures.. they all bring a sense of peace and i love that!
    those healthy bites look GOOD!

  15. i could never close my eyes! brave girl you are 😉

  16. Those look so YUMMY! Tomorrow my adventure is going to be to get on that spin bike and do a kick butt workout. It’s been months since I’ve done it, but I need to do something different and step outside the comfort zone…plus it’s humbling too. :)

  17. oooo practise for Mini-Cotters! :) It’s the best work out ever chasing little ones!

  18. My adventure has just been making it through the days. they have gone by SO FAST both yesterday and today. I’m exhausted at the end of the day and can’t even remember what happened!

    I’m sure it was fun though.

  19. um hello new blog look?! freakin’ love your header!

  20. A headstand!!!! I haven’t done one of those in 20 years 😉 That’s awesome! I really need to get into yoga. All I do is run run run. I also need more than 24hrs in my day *sigh*

  21. Holy moly, a headstand w/ eyes closed!? Way to go! The woods look so peaceful. Hope your week is going well, Linds!

    Hugs to you <3

  22. Love the new header on your blog! So creative and classy. I’m always shocked at how hard yoga is to do with your eyes closed. Though I’ve never attempted a headstand blind…hm, wonder how long it’ll be before I try that today. I suppose I better move the coffee table out of the way first.

  23. That yoga bit back – ouchies, hope you’re OK.

    Beautiful trail pics, so lovely.

    I participated in my husband’s mountain biking race adventure – I’m counting that for me too – great to watch:)

  24. Falling in yoga can be so scary but it is most definitely an adventure! Good for you!

  25. great adventurous trail! jealous!

    glad healthy bites is coming along nicely, too.

    ps – how did you like living in HI. you lived there once, right? think i’m hitting a midlife crisis or something. LOL.

    • loved living in Hawaii. my father in law used to live there but recently moved back to NZ, no family left there. Now, i did get island fever and i didn’t make much money because it was $$ but ohhhh the life!

  26. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Check out your muscular back!! =) Love it!

  27. i really need some healthy bites in my life.

    oh, and EYES CLOSED, head stands??? uhhh, scary! definitely counts as an adventure. hope your arm is okay!

    • i know, i was feeling all brave then PLOP! LOL! it’s good to laugh at ourselves though, right? and yes, you NEED healthy bite friend, and they need YOU!

  28. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    ohhh! love the outdoor adventure pics! beautiful! hope that shoulder is okay though 😉 you are a brave lady! i can barely do yoga with my eyes open 😉

    my adventure this month has been starting a group for female inmates with Eating Disorders at the prison. I thought I would be teaching them…but I am learning a lot as well about how to help them and how their experiences differ from those I am used to seeing at community clinics. Has been interesting to say the least!

  29. Love love love the pictures from your outdoor adventure. How fun!! And headstands with your eyes closed! You are talented me friend. :)

    I went for a little hike up the canyon yesterday instead of running and that was a splendid little adventure indeed.

  30. I would like to take an adventure with you. And our dogs.

  31. Those trails look beautiful… love the sound of morning doves in the background on the video, that sound reminds me of walking to school when I was a little girl. Hope the babysitting adventure goes well tonight. hugs

  32. love this post too! and i love your youtube videos! well i would ay my adventures lately have been getting back on the bike and one yoga class. i still want to try cross fit though :)

    • i forgot that i uploaded those. You like them? glad somone watches. hehe. And yea for more yoga/bike riding. You are quite the triathlete these days… YOGA/Running/Biking.

  33. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop, but I love the new blog look!

  34. Great adventures! Yoga in itself is an adventure for me! Love seeing yours. And have I even commented recently? I always read, but perhaps haven’t said – love the new blog look! Also, thanks for being my friend. :)

  35. Cheers to new adventures, especially those that involve standing on your head with your eyes closed! I’ve always wanted to try doing a headstand, but I’m just not quite gutsy enough! Maybe closing the eyes makes it easier? I admire you for “going for it!”

    And I LOVE the new blog layout! The wino touch is so fun! <3

  36. my live is one big OUTTA THE COMFY ZONE these days.
    and I love it.

  37. Nothing risked, nothing gained!

    I am adventuring with a friend in SC …so that has been fun!

  38. Adventure: Not losing my mind during tax week, and while waiting for my Achilles tendonitis to go away so I can start training hard again!


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