News You can Use: Blend & Attune Foods Giveaway

I am a little giddy today, okay maybe a lot. I’ve been waiting to share this news for a week! That’s a long time in blog land. Yes, it’s good news, but it’s even GREATER news for those who are reading.

So what is it?

It has to do Blend. This retreat means SO MUCH to me and I wasn’t going to miss it this year! Walk, run, drive, hitch hike, fly, whatever! I’m there!

blend 2013

Well this year I have the opportunity to not only attend, but to represent one of my FAVORITE companies.

Attune Foods!


It’s a true honor and privilege to be able to represent this company. I’ve worked with Attune Foods over the past year(s) and they never cease to amaze me with their quality of products, passion, love, and care for others (consumers and employees). So yes, I am honored and excited!


And there’s Blend. What an amazing group of women/bloggers/friends! Gathering together for a fabulous fun filled weekend. No pressure to be anything but YOURSELF! AMAZING and worth every dollar spent!


So here’s the deal, since I already bought a ticket, and Attune Foods is a sponsor. That means there is an “extra” ticket up for grabs. WHOA! Yes, FOR REAL! A ticket to BLEND! FREE! That is what I am GIVING AWAY HERE, TODAY!

Plus Attune Foods has decided throw in a Goodie Bag full of MY FAVORITE Attune Foods Gluten Free Products. MAJOR brownie points here! Again, I am continually amazed at this company.


Okay, so you ready to win?

Here’s how:

Leave a comment per entry please.

**Just a few notes: Blend is May 17th-19th of this year. The giveaway is for one free ticket to the retreat only (airfare, lodging, and other travel is not included). The goodie bag included is open to US residents only but the ticket to retreat is of course open to anyone. Hope that makes sense!

I’ll pick a random winner on Friday February 15th and Midnight.

Thanks again to both Blend and Attune Foods for hosting such a generous giveaway!

Happy Marvelous Monday!




Healthy Bites will still be party of Blend. YAY! Let’s just say there is a “Blend Bite in the works for some swag.  You better believe I’ll be using Attune Foods cereal in that bite too. Winking smile

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  1. I would love to go to this Blend retreat! I have tried the Erewhon crackers, but would certainly love to try more of their foods. I didn’t realize they were non GMO since 1908…that is amazing. Sending positive thoughts that I’m the one random reader! AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  2. Oh how fun! I don’t think I’d be able to make it, but I can’t wait to read about it from you!

  3. Ooh sounds like fun! RunWiki asked me to go and I said I didn’t think the hubs would approve another trip…but of course I really want to go so maybe a free ticket would help me score some brownie points!

  4. Following Blend retreat on twitter and liked on facebook!

  5. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  6. Followed, liked, and pinterested Attune foods! Yummy!

  7. My friend Calee has been blogging about Blend for a year and I would really love to go! It looks like so much fun! I also checked out the Atune and downloaded the vegetarian menu. I’m looking forward to trying to stick to it! What a great giveaway! Happy day!

  8. I followed attune foods on Twitter, too.

  9. I won some Erewhon cereal through another giveaway and loved it. But what I’d love more is a ticket to the Blend retreat. I read so many rave reviews about last year’s event, and this year it’s in Park City, Utah, which is just a hop, skip and jump from my brother & his family in SLC. I’m planning to turn the trip into a weeklong vacation — visit the fam and make new blends.

  10. Oh my goodness gracious I am a wee bit, okay, a lot bit excited about this! I was really hoping to attend a retreat this year and after reading about Blend last year, this retreat specifically has been high on my list… As my momma, I’ve been gabbing her ear off 😛 But financially not realistic. This would be an absolutely awesome opportunity to meet the faces behind the blogs!

  11. I’m already following Attune Foods on Twitter!

  12. And I’m now following Blend on Twitter!

  13. Anddd I’m following Attune on Pinterest… Phew, I think that’s all 😉

  14. I am so excited about this! I’ve read so many wonderful reviews of Blend last year, and I was really hoping to go this year. Fingers crossed!!

  15. I’m following Blend on Twitter!

  16. I’m following Attune on Twitter and Pinterest!

  17. And I tweeted!

  18. I’m following Blend on Twitter!

  19. I tweeted!

  20. I read a lot of the post last year and everyone just seemed to have a FABULOUS time. Clearly, I need to go and have a weekend of awesomeness.

  21. I already have a ticket…and am also super excited to be representing a brand I love! BLEND is the most amazing thing that happened to me last year. I don’t even think I’m exaggerating. It was so life and blog affirming…and so lovely and confidence boosting…

    Anyways, I would love the goodie bag, but I’m just excited to be seeing YOU at Blend :)

  22. what an awesome giveaway LC!! i miss you friend, been in atlanta for work for the week and am just catching up on you posts.

  23. I follow Blend on Twitter!

  24. I follow Attune on Twitter and Pinterest!

  25. I love the idea behind Attune foods. Eating whole foods is a huge step toward becoming healthier! Also, I recently started blogging even though I’ve been reading a ton of blogs for a while. Blend would be an awesome way to meet some new people!

  26. I follow Annelies on Pinterest

  27. I follow Attune on twitter

  28. I follow blend retreat on twitter


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