My “mon” day.

After working half the weekend, I fully intend to embrace this quote.


That means no alarm.

That means running “weekend” errands today, when everyone else is at work.

That means enjoying leftovers for dinners.


and maybe a little “wine” Monday??


That also means reading some good material and passing it along.

How are you making your “mon” day YOUR day?!




Be sure to check out all the great recipes from Tianna’s Iron Chef challenge. They are also linked at the bottom of my last post. All the dishes sound fabulous!

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  1. I’m right there with you! I worked all weekend long, and today is my day off (last one til my birthday in 2 weeks – that will really be my MON day. :) I went on a glorious outdoor run, catch-up on a million computer things, laundry, grocery shopping, and going to yoga in a bit to stretch it all out…

  2. Weekend fly by…and I wish I could have taken today but given I have one more day of work until wine country, I suppose I can actually work 😉 Your day sounds perfect, quite honestly!!

  3. oh “mon”days. i am hitting up TRX class tonight and then doing super easy dinner – homemade sauce that someone gave to me + already cooked gnocchi and chicken sausage. one and done! maybe even a little vino as well.

    hope you had a wonderful “mon”day friend!

  4. Thanks for sharing that, it gives monday a whole new light. Today I am curling up at a friends home by the fire to study and sipping on apple cinnamon tea. I’m treating myself to a total rest day and hopefully going to be prepared for my exam! (If I can get out of the blog world soon!)

  5. Today is Mon Day for me because I’m doing something maybe a little crazy, but it is for the good of our family: I’m interviewing for a part time job. Yes that means I will be working 65+ hours per week, but the money will help us out and I know I can do it. I won’t lie, I am super nervous that I will burn myself out, but I know I’m doing it for the right reasons and I need to just remind myself of that!

  6. I totally need to embrace the “mon” more on Mondays. I have such a hard time facing Mondays lately. But taking your approach, I think I’ll face next Monday with more gusto…at least I hope so! It did start off well today – 5 miles on the treadmill that literally FLEW by, but then I faced 2 hrs in the car and a rather blah day at work and I’m back into the Monday blues which I HATE! I do have barre n9ne to look forward to as part of “mon” time, but still…I need to do something about these midday blues!

  7. This is lovely! I hope you had a wonderful Monday. Those precious “me” moments are sooo important…and I love the idea of doing them on a Monday! For my “Mon” day I got my hair cut and styled for the first time in 5 months…it feels sooo nice and I keep running my fingers through it and swishing it around, lol! I’m usually queen of ponytails, but not today! 😀 xyx

  8. what a great perspective! enjoy your monday!

  9. This is a MUCH better approach to Monday than I’ve ever seen. I made it “mine” by starting with a buddy-run, and proceeding to make MY(/our) favorite meal – homemade pizza :)


  10. Aww, wonderful, Lindsay! I love this positive reframing of Monday as “mon” day! 😀 And thank you for tagging me! :)

  11. great idea! i am making it mine by not getting all stressed out at work and allowing the day to unfold without too much drama…….glad you enjoyed yours today Lindsay!

  12. That quote is awesome! I’ll definitely be embracing that by enjoying a nice glass of pinot noir tonight and watching the season premiere of Castle :)

  13. I love it- I live in a french city and never even thought about the “mon”day.

    Today, I went for a nice walk in the afternoon sun. All by myself and really enjoyed some me time. I’ve also done some foam rolling- not all that pleasant, but something I definitely need to do for myself this week- my left side is wicked tight and I have a half marathon to run on Sunday!

    I’m also planning on putting myself to bed early. Again- race week. Trying to be very kind to myself this week :)

  14. LOVE this!

    I also LOVE running grocery errands or any errands on a Monday , or a weekday of any in the day, because its not crazy! I went to the store today to get a little food, not much since we leave friday to move, but we needed some stuff, poor Anthony and I could not survive on cereal! lol

    I may have some wine in my monday too, it is much needed! lol!

    Love ya!

  15. That quote is great, gives me a chance to look at Mondays differently :) I am making Monday a “mon” day by getting all of the homework done I need to, it makes me feel better when stuff is not hanging over my head!

  16. Thanks for the link :)

  17. Oh me, Oh my. I love it.
    Let’s start a revolution. We’re taking Monday back.

  18. Love this – I needed this post this morning a 5 am! Crazy day and I already need the weekend!

  19. After a weekend of running, baking(not eating it though), friends, football I enjoyed my Mon by running an errand to turn in forms, call school districts, reload the same page a million times(it felt like that) doing a 10 minute workout, and reading a book while listening to worship music for hours.

  20. I am liking the sound of “Mon”day as I have been go-go-go ever since we got back to Nashville. Unfortunately, today was kind of crazy as well, but I have high hopes for next Monday. On a brighter note, my day did involve Marmite. :)

    • well as long as maramite is involved, you’ve done it right! Playing catch up after vacation can take days! I hope next monday is full of ME time, and maybe a little summer snugglin.

  21. I’m made it “mine” by taking an hour and going to Advanced Step. One sweaty mommy is now refreshed and ready to tackle baths and bedtime for two toddlers.

  22. I treated myself to a hot yoga class this evening! I knew it was going to be hard and challenging after yesterdays ride, but I listened to my body, did what I could do, and know the benefits will make me feel better for the rest of the week. :) Can’t wait for my gift to arrive! HA!

  23. I think my “mon” day is going to be Thursday this week. I have two papers and two tests (that I should be studying for NOW), but by Thursday I will be in the clear.

    That will mean meditation, getting a chance to read my book, and music. But most of all it means not making plans and seeing where the day takes me!

  24. My monday turned out to be really productive :) Thanks for sharing the links :)

  25. I wish I had a little more time for me today. This week has started off with a bang and I’m already exhausted. Hopefully we will get to bed soon so I can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the week! I’m glad you enjoyed some time today!

  26. I love that! I’ve always kept Monday nights open, but never on purpose. Maybe now I know why.

  27. Fabulous Monday! Love your leftovers. I’m enjoying some too since the Caveman is away until Thursday. Mine was spinach and mushroom lasagna. Yum!

  28. This is a crazy busy week, but I’m going to remember to make next Monday my Mon Day. :-)

  29. I wish I had time for “Mon” days

  30. Totally missed this post and I have no idea how :-( I am all for Wine Monday myself.

  31. Yesterday I stayed in my pyjamas reading blogs and drinking tea until 11 o’clock in the morning. Does that count?

  32. I hope you enjoyed your Monday!! You absolutely deserve a day to yourself and what better day for that than a Monday when the rest of the world is caught up in the hussle and bussle. Have a fabulous week!!

  33. That leftover pasta looks amazing!! Did you post a recipe for it?

  34. I love that quote! I enjoy Mondays now that I’m not in the workforce – the roads, stores and life just seem calmer (during the day that is). While working, though, Mondays were tough. One benefit to SAHM-hood.

    Are you guys having cooler (relatively speaking) weather? We are and I love it!

  35. This is so wonderful Lindsey! I plan to make today “mine” even if it still involves work. I have been thinking about making midday workouts part of my schedule–I think it will bring some joy and energy to my day. I’ll start today in honor of this post!

  36. Oooh, good call! I think I will treat Mondays the same way : )


  37. That’s a great way to think of it. I suppose I kind of did make it “my” day…. well… mine and the couch. :)

  38. haha that’s a GENIUS quote! i love the meaning of that. also i took french for like a bagillion years and never in the world of mine would i have been able to put that together. hope you enjoyed YOUR day!

  39. Amen! I took some time for me and finally cooked a real meal in my new apartment :)

  40. awww! hehehe that is just soo delightful Lindsay! What a cute post 😀 I agree, changing our perspectives helps us to stay grounded. Looks like you’re doing great with that~~! 😉

  41. Love this Lindsay!!! I want to claim Mondays as mine too! They don’t own me, right?! I need to approach the work week with this mentality more!

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE this and I want to remember it every single week! yesterday I made MOnday mine by enjoying traveling with my dad and cherishing every moment of the conversation, laughs, miles traveled, etc :)

  43. That note was FABULOUS!!! This Monday was not necessarily “mine” but I will keep that in mind from now on! :) Thanks for sharing!

  44. i love having my weekend be everyone else’s weekday! i go to work on sat & sun when i can just to have my weekdays free – all the stores are open & there are no lines! plus you get to drink wine in the afternoon & feel like you’re playing hookey!

  45. love the quote and idea of my day for monday!! and wine monday! we are right there are right with you on that!! xoxo

  46. I like that description of Monday. But then I always like Mondays. It’s a fresh start to a new week! Love your new site! I’m just about to go check out what I’ve missed out on!

  47. LOVE THE DEFINITION OF MON!!! Um, those leftovers look incredible..I am jealous! Hope you got your wine on:) PS I have a trillion questions about tri’s for you…..I need to email you!

  48. I know I have been super absent around your blog – but I am still here, reading every single one of your posts!! Thank you so much for the shout out :) you are so kind! I hope you try that work out – it burns so gooodd!


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