My Cuppa Tea

Today we took advantage of local flavor. I wasn’t sure we were going to get to go, but after we looked at our weekly budget, this local event fit right in. And luckily, it was totally my cuppa tea.

The Christchurch Food and Wine Festival was extremely laid back, filled with good food, good wine (of all different NZ regions), good music, and lots of warm sun.

I was (as my mother in law would say)……”one happy camper.”


One of the boys in the Geisen Family actually went to school with the hubs. Small world!


Lots of great food samples ranging from oysters, pate, BBQ, and more.


After our sampling delight, we lounged in the sun and listened to music.

Okay we might have people watched a wee bit too. It was quite entertaining.


Right before we left the park, we spotted one last food stop that the hubs just had to try, Kiwi Churros. You see, this man is quite bias when it comes to churros. Costco has won his heart with those sugary sticks, but these just might have won him over.


It’s now Saturday evening here and our eyes are getting heavy. We’ve had a full week of new adjustments, random experiences, and lots of new starts. As tired as I am, I thankful for them all!

Thankful board days 13 and 14…embracing where you are

What has been your cuppa tea this weekend?



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  1. What a lovely afternoon! So glad you were able to experience the NZ food and wine festival. What better way to acquaint yourself with a new culture than by sampling its food? ;)Oh, and I agree with the Hubbs–churros are pretty amazing.

    Cheers to week one in New Zealand! I’m raising my glass to you tonight! <3 xoxo

  2. Jealous!! That looks super fun, I love those mega foodie events, especially when wine and sunshine are involved. Hubs likes his sugar then huh? L&P, Hokey Pokey, churros… sounds a lot like Viper :)

  3. What a fun time! Keep enjoying it. Happy one week!

  4. Sounds like just a lovely afternoon! I LOVE churros. They are sooooo delicious!!! So glad to see that you and the hubs are just relaxing and enjoying life! Sometimes you need that!!

  5. Dang looks like a total blast! And such gorgeous weather, I’m missing summer already up here haha Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😀

  6. A wine festival, what a great way to kick off the weekend! I bet you were a happy camper, I would of been too, and a buzzed one, lol : )

    I hope you both have a great day! Love ya! xoxo

  7. I wish I could be sharing that cuppa tea with you! I love food festival like events. Especially when there are free samples. I haven’t had a churro in ages, but I love them! My sister and I used to always get them and share them whenever we went to the amusement park.

  8. It makes my heart happy that you two are getting SO much time together. This is a great thing!

  9. You two are so cute! That wine festival looks like so much fun!! We would have loved to join in on the fun 😉 and have a glass or a few haha


  10. How fun??!!! Wish I could have been there. Looks warm too 😉

  11. You two look unbelievably happy and PRESENT. Where you are meant to be. I can tell this was exactly the right move for you guys! And that festival looks awesome!!

  12. Wow!! That looks like it was really fun! Glad ya’ll are doing well! 😀

  13. Hhahahha the Costco churros are so good!!! There is a little panederia by the church I went to as a kid though – I went to spanish mass and grew up in a very Latino community – and I don’t think anything could top them. Miiight just have to make a special trip over there this winter break. :)

  14. ahhh what a gorgeous afternoon lounging in the grass sipping wine, I would gladly have joined in on the fun. I miss those days of summer!

  15. did that ever look like fun!
    that would totally been my cup of tea.

  16. i have a friend in town from (guess where?) texas! so my cuppa tea has been shared with laughs, good memories, and great company!

  17. This looks so fun! Glad you ended up getting to go 😀

  18. Sounds like a perfect and very fun day!! I’m glad you are a happy camper too :) We say that around here too haha.
    What’s the difference between kiwi churros and regular churros?
    PS: Check out the giveaway on my site.. I think you may like it :)

  19. So fun, you guys! Looked like a blast and it finally hit me that you are experiencing summer as we move into winter…lucky! I like winter but would take 2 summers in a row if I had the choice. 😉 Enjoy! Looks like you and James are enjoying one another and I hope the transition to living there continues to go well. Thankful for new experiences!

    • i keep telling you to come on down. hehe. Maybe you and the hubs can go bungee jump together. Thats on his list to do again. I have a feeling you’d do it too!

  20. O goodness you are beautiful and that looks like an amazing event. Definitely a little jealous :-) Studying for finals with 3-5 inches of snow coming down is not my cup of tea right now!

  21. Hi there, friend. The food and wine festival sounds so fun, and the food looks great.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

  22. YAY!!! What a fun afternoon!!! This is my cuppa tea too!! I love wine…Ryan never really drinks so I’m on my own :( Booooo!!! Sometimes I had a partner in crime who loved a good wine like I did!

  23. don’t let the hubs see this comment…he will never speak to me again, but what is a churro- kiwi or regular costco kind!
    I’m so happy reading your’s and the hubs posts…you two look so genuinely happy and relaxed and after the past year you two deserved and needed this. I’m so happy you are doing this :)

    • its kind of like those badger things in canada. Sugary bread with cinnamon and fried. haha.

    • haha, i mean beaver tails or something? I know i am way off here. We can both laugh at each other.

      • yes…beaver tails 😉 haha love it! in your defence though, my university mascot is the Badger and anytime I show up to a Rev3 race wearing the Badger mascot they call it the “angry beaver”–easily confused apparently! (however I did have to tell announcer Sean he could no longer yell over the loudspeaker “heyyyy it’s angry beaver from Canadia!” when I walked into the racesite! hahaha)

  24. the closest i’ve ever come to a “food tasting” is the free samples at costco. Remind me to expand my foodie horizons, would ya? Regardless, I really love the concept of “sampling” different foods (even if it is just frozen fish and chips with hummus at wholesale stores). It’s so fun to expose your palate to different flavors and discover new tastes. Gingie and I went to this awesome tapas restaurant for dinner a few weeks ago and it was one of the most memorable nights out that we’ve had together! There’s just something so special about bonding over food and discussing what you like/don’t like.

    Wishing you a joyous day, pretty!

    • oh its sooo fun! you just get to see the cooking process and pairing too! i am such dork like that when it comes to wine and food. Tapas are great date night! James and I do that too! We either go for spanish tapas and stay for hours. You and Gingie will always have that memory now! I love it. <3

  25. love this! i would have been a happy camper too. how fun :)

  26. Churros and wine. You guys are a couple I could hang out with forever.

  27. This looks like such a fun event! I wish Billy and I had been there with y’all. 😉 Hope you are sleeping well and feel refreshed for your Sunday. xo

  28. Oh my gosh New Zealand!!! I hope you are LOVING your new location…by the looks of this post it certainly seems like it!! I wanna come visit! (and I know another Triathlete who would love to too! 😉 I hope your Mr. is healing well!!!, he will be back in the game kicking *you-know-what* in no time!! :) I believe that injuries are often blessings in disguise…slight setbacks to show you that you really do love what your doing! and new obstacles to overcome that make success that much sweeter! Good Luck to both of you Cotter’s!!!

    • oh thank you for such encouragement! its been a good change for us so far. feel free to come visit! would love it! good luck with the marathon tomorrow too.

  29. You two look so happy and so glad to see you both enjoying yourselves, the people, food, and culture! Exciting! This has been a week of ups and downs both personally and professionally. My cup of tea has honestly been my yoga. It’s the one place I was/am able to find pure bliss. It’s my comfort zone and it’s just what I need. :) Cheers!

  30. This looks like SUCH FUN! Anywhere there’s free food, I am there ASAP haha! A few days ago there was a Christmas Foodie Fair at Whole Foods, and you can bet I stood by the taster tables the entire time 😉

    And I am so so jealous of your beautiful NZ weather! And I’m happy because you guys look really happy :)

  31. That sounds like the perfect way to get into some New Zealand culture! You two look so happy and I love that! We decorated the Christmas tree last night and today Tony and I are going to go out to look for more decorations for the house. We need MORE! I’m glad you are having a great weekend!

  32. I am so jealous of the SUN in those pictures!!!! Maybe I should convince my husband that we should move to NZ when we’re done with school…

  33. You look fantastic, my friend! So alive and vibrant!! :)

  34. So much fun! Look how warm and sunshiney it is over there! <3 I am so happy for you and the hubs to be living and loving Christchurch together! 😀 There are so many food and wine festival sin New Zealand, aren't there? I love how laidback the culture is! :-) It makes me happy! I'm glad it is making you happy too!
    We went to an agricultural show when we were in Christchurch and it was so funny! They had sheep shearing and wood chopping competitions…what a taste of the Kiwi culture, lol! 😛 So awesome. Hope you have a wonderful week! <3 xyx

  35. This food & wine festival looks awesome! You know how much I love the wine 😉

  36. Pansy Trevino says:

    is healing well!!!, he will be back in the game kicking *you-know-what* in no time!! That wine festival looks like so much fun!! that is awesome!!

  37. Denise Rogers says:

    A wine festival, what a great way to kick off the weekend! That looks super fun, I love those mega foodie events, especially when wine and sunshine are involved.


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