Multiple Choice Monday

Well crap, I did it again. Wrote a whole post and then it didn’t save. You’d think I’d learn by now. haha.

Anyway, just a quick hello this Monday. We are on the road back to Austin. NOLA 70.3 was this past weekend and I hate to say it, but it was not good. The Cotter’s are not having any luck with races that start with the word “NEW” in them. haha.

Bad weather blew in and they cancelled part of the race yet again. The hubs ended up having knee pain and walked to the finish… BUT HE DID FINISH!

So we are left now with the remaining options.

A) Get angry, bitter, and throw in the towel.

B) Make every excuse in the book and move on.

C) Reflect, Recoup, and do not make any rash decisions for at least 48hrs.

To be honest, I think the hubs is feeling a little bit of ALL OF THE ABOVE. I respect that, I really do. I think it’s healthy to get all those feelings out.

So for now, I will let the race talk go aside and allow some reflection, some confusion, and some recouping to take place.

pre race

But let’s take a good look at the other side of the weekend. The travel side. The history and character of New Orleans.

We had a great time in this city and the people just couldn’t be nicer. Thank New Orleans for the warm welcome.

From Bourbon Street to Canal Street to Café du Monde… we saw it all.

IMG_20120420_180811 - CopyIMG_20120420_184151 - CopyIMG_20120420_181539 - CopyIMG_20120420_182238 - CopyIMG_20120420_203806 - Copynola 4IMG_20120421_105430IMG_20120421_105420IMG_20120421_132908IMG_20120421_151225

And let’s not forget the frequent visits to the Warehouse Style Whole Foods for hotel snacks.


Best combo snack ever right here. Winking smile


I’ve got lots more race photos and video to post, but I think I  will save that for another day. Time to recoup.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend…

racing, reflecting, and recouping!


Cheers from the road,


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  1. Hi, can’t find your email address (if you have one). I’m looking for a nturitionist (free :)…or reasonable, I’m in debt)…but am in a stuck rut with life and everything. I noticed a comment you left on another blog when she was looking for someone that would help her meet her needs in life…I’m kind of unique. But if you don’t have thoughts, maybe you’ll know someone who will?
    I’m underweight kinda (I can share stats with you if you email me , thanks) , I walk daily, have no gym access, am depressed and sluggish and unmotivated, and am continuously “binging” at night (eating a lot at night…hard to talk about :(
    My digestion is terrible terrible also. I’m not an intuitive eater and one day want to be, but right now I need structure and sanity.
    I eat a lOT of fats for sure, so not fats fears :)
    If you are open to chat, please email…i’m reaching out i guess, something…
    merci beaucoup

  2. FINISHING is half the battle. a good habit. an important one. proud of the hubs! and you! :)


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