Moves, Meals, and Musts Monday

Today I am letting you in for a peak. A peak glimpse of our days and what’s going on at the Cotter house. Now, I’m not a dear diary type of person, but I do have an infatuation with bullet points, so let’s go with that. They’re clear and to the point, right? 😉


  • Moving (within Austin). The next 10 to 14 days we’ll be packing, cleaning, moving, and hopefully doing a little spring cleaning while we’re at it. Why so long on the move? Well, we have to do it little by little since we have stuff in so many places. Yes, still have our storage unit packed from when we were in New Zealand. Oh how I am scared to look in there! haha.
  • We’re also moving in the forms of training. I got in my first long run (over 7 miles) this past week. I had not done that in probably almost 2 years! Right now I run maybe 3x a day, so this was huge progress. And no I am NOT TRACKING pace. The ZOOMA race is just for fun. Training should be too! No pressure.


  • The hubs is still training too! In fact, his first race is the day after my race. So far so good with his training, but I think time will only tell. We’re leaving it up to GOD to control the rest of the plans. Although I so desperately want this Gods plans match up with OUR plans.  I want to see my husband race again. It’s his PASSION!
  • But I have to say, my favorite moves come lately have been our walks at the trails or dog park. These are like “mini” dates to us. Lots of time to relax, talk, just be.



  • We’ve been trying to clean out the pantry and fridge in order to simplify the move. This means using up all our produce and juicing with the Nutritpro Juicer. Did I tell you how easy this juicer is to clean? BIG BONUS!!



Then I throw a bunch of hodge podge ingredients into a big batch Cotter Style Chili.


chili recipe

Musts: Okay these are the most important, to me at least.

  • Must make time for us.
  • Must not stress over the little things
  • Must continue to “nurture” this year. Nurture my relationships with one other, with God, with myself.
  • Must say no to busyness and yes to simplifying.
  • Must continue to TRUST God’s plan
  • Must remember to stop and COUNT those blessings.

And one more must, Healthy Bites. It’s definitely MUST SHARE in my life. I promise I will get back up and running soon, but as you can see, there’ are a lot of other Musts and Moving that are needing focus as of now. But come March, we’ll be ready to rock!!

Still perfecting this recipe, but here’s a sneak peak of the Key Lime Pie Flavor


Will keep you posted when we’re all settled and the kitchen is up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Well, there’s your peak. I’d say it’s Marvelous, but I’m thinking once we finish moving it will be even more MARVELOUS!


What moves, meals, and musts are on your bullet point list this week?




I also love guests posts if anyone is up for it! Just email me. Cottercrunch at hotmail. And don’t be suprised if the next two weeks are UBER sporadic. Mwah! xxoo

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  1. Key lime pie flavor? Yes yes yes!
    And I think you should move to Colorado instead.
    Actually- no – stay in Austin because I want to come visit. Then move after that. :)

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