Motivation Monday: Keep the Care

This weekend was a quick one. Lot’s of driving and traveling to and from meetings, appointments, etc. But it was also a weekend where I was reminded of how much people care. I was reminded that I know GOOD people and man am I lucky.

So why is this a Motivation Monday? Well because I said so. Haha, no really, it’s motivation to keep caring for one another. To keep in touch, to send a quick email or letter, or to just tweet and say hello.

It’s motivation “KEEP THE CARE”. And this weekend I got be a part of that.

This weekend I got to be loved and spoiled by my parents while I taking a quick trip up to Dallas.

This weekend I got to hug and say bon voyage to one of my most CARING friends Dorry. She may be moving to NYC, but I know we will keep in touch. That’s just her style… KEEPING the CARE! <3

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Okay and I might have been keeping the care for myself with new lulu pants. Right Dorry?

This weekend I left my RACE Sherpa Skills in the hands of our good friend Jason. The hubs is lucky to have such a CARING friend.

Jason cared so much that he sent me text messages and pictures from the weekend’s pre-race festivities. Winking smile


This weekend I felt real care from THIS blogging COMMUNITY.

They tweeted the heck out of RACE UPDATES for the hubs and other athletes we knew competing. They even took pictures and tagged me so that I could see. I mean THAT IS JUST PLAIN COOL!




A SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to Beer, Michele, Holly, and Kelly for making me feel like I was right there.


Motivation Monday— GO!

How will you Keep the care today?

Smile with tongue out



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  1. Yay, good attracts good…. that’s why you have lovely caring people around you, because YOU are :) Hooray for the hubs!

  2. This is awesome!! SO glad you had a great time. And you know it warms my heart to see you and Dorry!

  3. Oh Lindsey – what a great post, as always. No wonder people care about you – you’re so lovely!

  4. we arent even married and I LOVED SEEING all the tweets etc abouty our hubby.
    I love our tribe.

  5. Sounds great—especially the lulu pants!

    Today, I started out aggressively with my work so later when I can relax…I’m going in the sauna, and hopefully enjoying a really awesome cup of coffee (not at the same time—that would be nauseating!).

  6. That’s so sweet people gave you race updates! And woohoo for lulu!
    Hope your week is fabulous my friend!! :)

  7. You should have let me know you were in Dallas!

  8. That is so great they did that for you! Looks like you and James both had a great productive weekend! I hope you have an incredible week Lindsay!

  9. I LOVE how cared for the FFA family made you feel this weekend, all the pics of the hubs racing must’ve made your DAY! That and seeing super-fab, super-beautiful, super-awesome Dorry off on her way to NYC. I love that. Even though it was a jam-packed weekend, you enjoyed the heck out of it with loving and caring friends. Beautiful.

  10. What AWESOME people you guys have in your lives!

  11. What a great way to start a Monday! I am going to take time to call the people I love including my Mom because I think she wished I would call more often 😉

    Sounds like a great weekend and there is always time for treating yourself to a little lulu!

  12. Oh I love that they were there tweeting pics for you. That’s awesome!!

  13. YAY! I hope James did well! :) I kept seeng the twitter updates!

    • It was first real race of the season so not a bad start. Cramped up on the run, but we were happy with the where things are going. oh and NO KNEE PAIN!! YEA!!

      How’s your knee?

  14. Oh Mondays! I’m about to fuel up on some oats and then get my booty out the door for a long run. Really wish it would warm up out there…Sheesh! I’m “Keeping the Care” by reaching out to Girls on the Run to see about becoming a Coach in my area. We’ll see what happens. xoxo

  15. LOVED reading all the updates other bloggers were sending you over the weekend. such an amazing community!

  16. I loved reading all the tweets about the ironman!! That was so great. Congrats to him on a great race! Made top 12 right?? And I love that you and Dorry got to spend a little time together before she is off to NYC. Very fitting. You two are the cutest, and are kindred spirits all the way. I love that.

  17. that’s so kind of your friends to do- looks like he had a fun race weekend!

  18. :) best part of twitter is the race updates! :) I’m glad everyone was able to keep you in the loop even though you couldn’t be there in person! glad you got to see Dorry…she is moving closer to me…and Abby….and that just means that you are gonna have to come up here to visit. 😀 😀

  19. You seriously have the best inspiring posts that make me happy! How awesome is it that you have friends that would do that for you! Have a great monday friend!

  20. Yay!! We checked up on James yesterday and I was so excited to see him do so well just a month after NZ!! =) Must be all that yummy food you make for him, right?! And very cool that you had a support crew to keep you informed through the race — awesome friends!

  21. Nice Post. Awesome that you have such amazing, caring people in your life. The tweeting is great and must have made you feel so good! Looks like the hubs had a good race. I’m keeping the care today by getting my work done so I can focus on kids when they get home from school. And your post will help me be mindful of it this afternoon! Take care!

  22. That is so awesome all of the updates you got!! :) I saw them on your Twitter this weekend & thought that was pretty cool!
    You know I’m thinking of you with all of the tests! & praying! Xo

  23. What a fantastic weekend and congrats to the hubs. :) Yay for the new lulu pants. How fun and you totally deserved it.

  24. How awesome?! I LOVE how everyone sends the lovin’ to you!! How cool!!


  25. So glad you got some extra loving from the parents :)
    Thinking of you <3


  26. I tracked hubs yest and was so stinking proud of him. Things are coming together!

  27. That’s so awesome and congrats to your hubs! The race pics are great!

  28. I’m feeling motivated today too – (although a little onery too) – but for more then running! I know I’ve got less then three weeks to go and instead of trying to survive it, I’m going to try to savor it, since I don’t know when I’ll be back in school again!

  29. That’s SO COOL, Lindsay!! You really do have some caring friends!! I’m keeping the care by connecting with old friends :)

  30. awww love it! one thing i have been loving is that my dad will text me pics from the Louisville softball games. i used to love going to watch them play once the weather got nice and its something i miss a lot. i am always so jealous to see the pics knowing he is there enjoying it…but love feeling like i can take part in some way :)

  31. Aw! Friends do care!
    Nice that Jason could be the sherpa stand-in! Those are great pics of the hubby. The last outfit? Don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought triathletes shaved all their hair off to be faster? Yet he is still fast. ha.

    Nice to reward yourself with some Lulu pants too …haha. We all need rewards :)

  32. What a great weekend! I love all the love that was sent your way… so I’m sending more :) love ya!

  33. I kept seeing updates blowing up all over twitter on Saturday. So awesome to make you feel like you were right there!

    I’m fairly new to the FFA family but I can already feel the love and caring that comes from genuinely good people!

  34. Yet another inspirational post reminding me to stay connected to the community. :)

  35. that is so awesome that people kept you updated! bill and i were thinking of james all weekend! hope he had a good race :)

  36. I love that you always manage to snap a photo when we see each other…even if it’s inside at lululemon! so thankful for you, my friend, and appreciate that you came to see me. hope you love your new wunder unders! 😉

    • ohh i am loving the wunder unders and so is the hubs. hehe. I cannot wait to come visit you and to share in more adventures! I am blessed to have such a caring friend. 😛

  37. congrats to the hubs – he looked strong! and by the way, so do you! :) this weekend i kept the care by caring for the g’parents. it’s hard, but so rewarding to help my mom out and provide for my grandparents like they provided for me!

  38. Reading your posts never fails to make me smile. You’re such a caring person! Its nice to have cheerful people like you. :)

  39. So great that they tagged you in all the updates so you could keep up with what he was doing!!

  40. I had no clue the hubs was in TX. Awesome! I saw all the updates of that event on Monica’s blog (runeatrepeat). That’s awesome sauce! Gotta love the FF community. I’ve such awesome peeps, like you… that I can’t wait to meet in person, one day.

  41. It’s because of YOU that so many of us are able to “keep the care.” Every time I hop on over here, I’m reminded of what a beautiful friend I have–someone who inspires me to slow down and savor the good things in life. I’m so grateful for your friendship, and look forward to the day I’ll meet you in person! (By the way, any updates on attending the Blend Retreat?).

    I love the Tweet updates from the race! You really did find yourself a hottie! 😉 xoxo

    • oh no no, it’s because of caring people like you that i care back. It all begins with a word, and yours are amazing!

      I love my hottie too.

  42. Oh, so cool that they kept you up to date with the race. I should try out some of James’s pre race festivities next race I have. Ha. Lululemon pants? Want. :)

  43. Ohh, I love this! Keeping care of your loved ones, that’s so important for a happy life! Great you’re taking some time for this, Lindsay!

    Hope you had a good and motivated start into the week!

  44. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Oh my gosh – how totally sweet and wonderful =)

  45. Oh, Lindsay, thank you for this =) I’m beyond glad that I got to watch him race – he is truly amazing ! Taking pics and updating you was the highlight of the race for me – I know if my hubby were racing and I couldn’t be there, I would want as much info and pics as possible. It made me so happy when he smiled at us while he was on the bike !! I felt like I was there in your spirit and he his smile was meant for you =) It also didn’t hurt that he’s such a cutie so taking pics of him all day was fun! HAHA xoxo

  46. I’ll ditto Michele- it was so much fun to cheer for James. Especially because he seemed so surprised to have someone actually cheering specifically for him (I really do think I startled him at the first water station on the run- he turned around to look when I yelled). He looked awesome out there. When he came through the water station at the beginning of the 3rd loop my heart was breaking for him. He didn’t say anything but he started walking and just kept grabbing water and cola from us and I just kept yelling at him to finish strong and he was almost there. Not sure it was helping, but I really just wanted to run with him for a while. Was so glad to see his strong finish despite the extreme heat! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings! Pictures coming your way in a minute.
    Happy Tuesday friend!!

    • i know, poor guy left his race day nutrition at home, so the his stomach got the best of him on that heat. But he was happy despite the troubles. thanks for the support friend!

  47. That is just so awesome and nice that people kept you updated! That is so great you were able to engage in this, he is just so amazing :)

  48. good attracts good – Lou said it – that is exactly what I was just thinking <3

    so good to see you and Dorry – your bright smiles just gave me one! XO

  49. Aww, I didn’t know that about Dorry! You are lucky to be around so many people who care :)

  50. love you and your BIG HEART almond joy!!!!! Def keeping the care over in my neck of the woods too — keep up the fabulousness and let’s plan a trip to NY to visit Dorry when she moves!!!! <3 mwah!

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