Mother Nature cancels Ironman

In 12 hours the hubs was suppose to be racing a FULL IRONMAN, but around 4 pm today, Mother Nature had other plans in mind.


After 4 months of hard work, training, etc. the poor guy doesn’t get to race the full event. There was frustration, there was heartbreak, and there was upset.


Clouds starting to roll in.


We know that the safety of the athletes comes first. We know that racing Sunday is still do-able for us (phew!). We know that the weather should be cleared and all the conditions safe.


We know that this could be a blessing in disguise. God has his ways, so we’re trusting that. Yes! Stay positive.

So if we can’t change the forecast, then we won’t change our prep time here either.

There will still be a good taper and rest time.


There will still be a good Fueling.

Gluten Free Pasta with Lamb and peas please.



There will still be good compression socks worn….

Yes, I am wearing them even though I am not racing.

Hey, when in Rome, right? Winking smile



And last but not least….

There will still be a good Half Ironman RACE come Sunday……

rain or shine!


Thank you to all who have followed us on this journey.

Here’s to blessings in disguise!


Cotter Crew

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  1. Oh hugs to your hubby! That’s a lot of hard work training and getting into the Ironman in the first place – he looks to be taking it well though. I’ll be eagerly waiting for an update – I hope the weather improves so he can race!

  2. Well that’s just eats. I’m so sorry to hear that =/ NZ sucks sometimes!

    • i know. How’s the weather in auckland? Heard its been bad there too! At least we’ve got plenty of hokey pokey to keep us entertained. haha.

      • Yeah, it’s not the best. We’re hunkering down for the supposed “weather bomb” by facebooking as much as possible incase the power goes out 😉

  3. It’s like they say…. “a half race may be the best race” – yeah I just made that up…. no one says it. Bummer guys, but at least it wasn’t cancelled completely…. glass half full? Race half run? Love to you both xxx

  4. So sorry to hear about this! I hope the hubs has a good race nonetheless. I’ll pray to the sunshine gods for you!

  5. Lisa@RunWiki says:

    I am so sorry for your husband. You put your heart and soul into training which often times is the hardest part, only to have it snatched away by one day of bad weather. Prayers to your crew.

  6. Im sending thoughts of LOTTSA AUSTIN SUN your way.


  7. So very frustrating. But, alas, you must take it as it comes, right? Tell James no matter what, he’s got this. Rock on brother!

  8. Oh mother nature, why must you be such a parry pooper sometimes? Ahh well, and extra rest day or two is probably awesome for all the competitors! Best of pick to the hubs!!! :)

  9. Better safe than sorry, but still, that stinks! I hope the athletes aren’t too frustrated by this, though I’m sure it could throw off the mental game a little. Nothing wrong with a little extra rest. :)

  10. Sending some FL sunshine over your way!!!
    Hugs to you & your hubby

  11. Glad you guys are staying positive. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for all the IM athletes…A friend had the Korea IM cancelled (well they made it a duathalon) last year b/c they didn’t get the proper approval to have the swim portion in the lake they had planned it in. It was her first IM and she had trained for over 6 months for it. Such a letdown! Hope the half goes off as planned tomorrow – xoxo

    • oh yes, i heard that too! so many things can go wrong on race day. Gotta keep a positive perspective indeed. thank you for that reminder Michele.

  12. I just read these last posts & thanks for keepung us updated! But safety must come before the ironman! It must be frustating though! Good luck with it all! 😉

  13. misszippy says:

    Such a bummer! I love the good spin you put on it. I hope Sunday he knocks it out of the park!

  14. oh wow…I can’t imagine what the race organizers and wtc are dealing with right now! that’s a fine mess they have in NZ…:S I feel for you guys right now (and all the athletes…). But c’est la vie- James is going to rock it regardless of what they have changed because he is prepared and ready to race! p.s those are super cute compression socks!

    • i would hate to be an RD for this event, poor guys. I might try to volunteer just in case. Its crazy bre!

      • I can’t even imagine the chaos that is going on there right now. Volunteering would be probably very appreciated given the circumstances over there…:( oh man.

  15. Oh man! I know he was SO ready and pumped up but it is good to be safe rather than sorry! So tomorrow is the BIG day now! I am thinking of you guys and please tell him all of us over here in the healthy diva household said GOOD LUCK!!!

    Love you!

  16. I literally just said “What?” out loud when I saw your tweet, which made my coworker a little curious. What a bummer! But at least all the athletes are in the same boat, so to speak, so it’s not as if anyone has an advantage. Still, that can mentally toy with you a bit.

    But stay positive, stay prepared and kick some butt on Sunday!

  17. omg i can’t even imagine. poor guy. poor you! hope the 1/2 goes well at least!

  18. Oh no!!! Good luck to your hubs on Sunday! Sending sunshine your way :)

  19. How disappointing after all that buildup! I hope the weather does’t get word and all goes well for the 70.3.
    Good luck!

  20. Oh no! How frustrating. But, like you said, it really could be a blessing. You just never know.

  21. Your BIGGEST cheerleader says, “God is in control. James Rocks. Sherpa deserves hugs and free beer.”

  22. I can’t imagine the disappointment you’re dealing with right now but I’m glad that he will be SAFE and still get to race. Good luck to both of you!

  23. Oh wow. That’s got to be disappointing!! But to your point, it can and will be a blessing in disguise! Onward to Sunday!

  24. my heart just sank and got that sick feeling in my gut when i read your post. we all know safety first but…..crap!!!! allow yourselves a small pitty-party and then pick up your socks and you will see all the good that came of your time in NZ and hubs will be ready for a kick ass 2012 race season!!! go-kiwi-man-go!!!!

  25. Ohhh what a shame. It’s disappointing, but props to you and your husband for your positive attitude about the whole thing! All the best luck to him in the race – can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  26. Oh no! Hate to hear that. I can imagine the discouragement to have worked so hard and not able to do the full thing. As always, you show such grace and perspective. You both are so inspirational.

  27. Awww man I can only imagine how frustrated you both feel, wow. Happy for you that you can try and keep it all in perspective though. Here’s to a strong race!

  28. MOTHER $UCKER!!!!! i just emailed you guys after i heard the news. DRATS! JC is gonna kill it in the HIM though.

  29. Aw man, I am sure that is a BIG disappointment. But good for you guys for sticking with your pre-race plan so he is mentally and physically ready to go for his half…still a BIG race that he will rock!

  30. Oh bugger, I’m so sorry! That’s such a terrible turn of luck – it just doesn’t seem fair!

    Good luck to the hubby for the half-Ironman, and kudos to you both for making the best of things.


  31. Man, WHAT a bummer :(. I’m so sorry! Hope the half goes super well for him!

  32. That is SUCH a letdown, I am so sorry to hear this! But you are right, everything happens for a reason, and there is definitely a reason this didn ‘t happen, as frustrating as it probably really is. Safety first, and next up? Greatness! :)

  33. so so crazy but we just can’t control the weather can we. All we can control is what is within our control and it looks like you are doing a wonderful job at that. Best of luck to James in the half Iron Man!

  34. Way to look at the bright side of things!
    A small hiccup….but still able to race, sounds good!

  35. Your attitude is so right on…relaxing, keeping the taper going, being thankful to still get to race, and looking for the hidden blessings…Who knows what God has planned and in store for you and James through this unexpected plot twist! Conflict moves us toward momentum…maybe there will be some type of interesting movement from this event. Know that you are loved and we’re praying for you guys! Thanks for bringing us along for the journey. :)

  36. Sorry there was a postponement, but at least James is getting in some quality prep time! I’ll continue to think about you guys and I hope you have perfect conditions for Sunday! xoxo

  37. I know so much of an athletes stamina is mental and I’m praying this little bump doesn’t even show up on James’ radar. One more day to prepare, what a blessing : )


  38. UGH!!!!! That stinks. :(

    Glad he’s able to race though. Good luck James!

  39. oh my gosh, no!! lindsay, i am so sorry for yall! I KNOW that feeling of training SO HARD for a race, only to have the course completely changed, or the date changed, or the length cut. It is so disconcerting and disappointing because you feel that you put in so much effort for naught.
    BUT – You are right. There is a reason that this happened. Instead of letting yourself or hubby feel those feelings I mentioned above, just be THANKFUL and know that this was meant to be. He can rock it even harder now!!

  40. You keep such a positive outlook Lindsay and I’m sure James appreciates that now more than ever. But, the weather would’ve put lives in danger…I’m sorry all that training is now directed at a HIM, but still an AMAZING accomplishment!!

  41. oh my! what a crazy situation! but you ar right…….there is a reason for everything :) can i tell you how darn cute James looks with his wine and socks on? hee hee…..

  42. Hope he has a great race and y’all stay safe in that weather!!

  43. yes! blessing disguise; works mysterious; all things woven together for good.


  44. Wow, what a bummer! But it’s so much better that everyone is safe. And good luck to the hubs this weekend for the half ironman! That is still an amazing feat :)

  45. I’m sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you have the right attitude – and that can be the second hardest obstacle to overcome (after the original obstacle). I don’t say this often (or ever, actually), but my prayers are with you and I can’t wait to hear how the race on Sunday goes!

  46. Jackie Lai says:

    As disappointing as it may have seemed at first, I’m sure this will all turn out for the best. I actually think it is a blessing to have the race changed a day ahead rather than the morning of. By the way, love those cute socks you have!

  47. Love the perspective and patience! I know it isn’t always easy, but maybe it’s the right thing afterall. :-)

    Funny note- Hub asked me this morning, “have you read your Cotter Crunch?” and when I said I hadn’t, he proceded to read me this post as I lay snug in bed (a return to it, as I had been up early for a few hours).

    Last note- our new blog is up and running… … It’s really a celebration of who we are… words and art… there’ll be a few tri posts soon. :-)

    Good Luck to all this weekend!

  48. Wow, after all of the hard work and preparing your hubby has done, that would be heartbreaking news. It sounds like you two are taking it well and embracing the journey though :)
    This may be a silly question but what’s the difference between an Ironman 70.3 and an Ironman? it’s half the distance? I’ll be thinking of you both!

    • yep, half the distance. its 70.3 miles total versus 140.6.

      Ironman 140.6 = 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a full 26.2 marathon.
      half ironman or 70.3 = 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 half marathon.

      Thanks for your support sabrina!

  49. oh boy…that is a bummer….poor James…this does suck…but safety is most important for sure.
    wishing him all the best on Sunday!

  50. Oh gosh, bummer news! Hope the race goes well on Sunday, though!

  51. That would be a total bummer, good luck to him on Sunday!!!!!

  52. such a bummer! love that you immediately think about it being a blessing in disguise. I know there’s a reason, and although I’m sure James is feeling a lot of frustration, I know he will kick ass in the half distance!

  53. Yeah for PEAS! Good Luck on Sunday…I’ll be thinking of both of you! xoxo

  54. I’d take the crap weather off your hands if I could. What a bummer. You know what though? That second half of the race is when most people get hurt or sick, so there’s that.

    Also, you still get to celebrate afterwards, since it wasn’t cancelled completely. And let’s be honest – that’s the best part. 😉

  55. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry to hear that after all of your struggles and preparation that this has been postponed! I’m praying for a great (although shorter) race. I’m glad the Lord has give you comfort and faith in this struggle. Happy fueling/resting, racing, and recovering!

  56. i am sending the two of you sunshine rays of hope, warm wishes, and gentle breezes of luck. all the way from california … you have fans, friends, and cheering squads!

  57. Sending you prayers and wishing you and James good luck!

  58. good luck to James!!!

  59. You and James have such a beautiful ability to find the bright side in ANY situation! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…Maybe this means that the extra rest today will give James the extra oomph that he needs tomorrow to finish the best half Ironman of his life. :) You’re both in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo

  60. Unbelievable! What a roller coaster of emotions!!

    Still keeping my fingers crossed and prayers for you both!


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