Marvelous Attitude Check & Recipe

Oh thank you Marvelous Monday. I needed you today. It was quite the weekend and let’s just say Mrs. Cotter needed an attitude check. Yes, I call myself Mrs. Cotter when I am in trouble. Sometimes I let my so called ‘”pettiness” get the best of me. And the Mr. Cotter (aka the hubs) gets the brunt of it. Whoa, not pretty!

So I’m starting over today. I’ve put on my smile and made amends with myself and the hubs (yes, now he’s the hubs. I use the name Mr. Cotter when either of us are in trouble).

Anyway, here we go. Marvelous Monday. It’s Marvelous.


Marvelous because my husband is training, like really training. He said to me, “look babe, I’m an athlete again.” Oh sweet guy, he was always an athlete in my mind, injury or not. Winking smile


Marvelous because I made myself sore from lifting. I know, that shouldn’t be marvelous, but it is in. Makin’ some strength! Thank you Kelly for posting this awesome workout on instagram. I did everything but used the rowing machine instead of running.


Marvelous because I satisfied two very specific cravings today. Spicy Sausage Sriracha Veggie bowl and Nutella on Udi’s GF toast. Yes please.


Marvelous because I finally had time to get a hair cut. Yes, it’s the little things. Sometimes all it takes is someone else styling your hair to make you feel better. Here are my before and after pics. Looks like my evil twin is on the left.

hairhair cut

Marvelous because I brought back the Cotter Chia Recovery cakes. How have I gone so long without these? So easy to use for snacks. This time around I used a vanilla protein and added in lemon stevia drops and vanilla extract. Oh and that would be a a greek yogurt Kefir and honey/fruit  mixed on top.


Here’s the recipe from my previous post. I adjusted the ingredients a bit.


  • 30 grams recovery protein/drink powder- We use BASE AMINO Recovery with Vanilla Protein Powder. I’m sure Fitmixer would work well too here!
  • 2 tbsp chia seed (black or white seed)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut butter
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • lemon stevia or extract. Could also use a holiday blend, like hazelnut, cocoa, pumpkin.
  • Toppings:
    • ◦dried fruit, fresh fruit, cinnamon, etc.
    • ◦Greek yogurt mixed with honey and/or rice pudding for topping


  1. mix everything in a large soup mug. Microwave for 30 seconds. Let it stand for a few seconds, then microwave again for 15 seconds, let it stand, then microwave one more time for 10 seconds. Flip it over on a plate and add topping. This time around I used Greek yogurt kefir, raw honey mixed with coconut flakes, and dates . Melts in your mouth.

And lastly, it’s Marvelous Monday because I am needed. I’m needed as a wife, daughter, friend, sister, and woman of faith. I need to remember this. In fact, it’s my goal for November. My one and only goal. To not only remember my roles, but to embrace them, and be thankful for them.

Okay, attitude check complete.

Did you need a Marvelous Monday attitude check as well? I’ll consider that a rhetorical question. Winking smile



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  1. I need an attitude check big time after the past few work days that I’ve had. Not good at all. I did have a marvelous (very necessary) run after work to clear my head. And it makes me so happy for James to be training again.

  2. Your hair looks beautiful, and that’s AWESOME news about James’ training.
    Ha- I told my husband today that he can’t be grumpy because I am, and there can’t be two grumps in a house! (And I’m Abigail when I’m in trouble!)

  3. I needed an appetite check. I don’t even want to think about what I ate yesterday. LOL!

    I’m sure you weren’t that bad. Especially not after that cake – it would certainly put a smile on my face!

  4. love your hair!! I need that cake

  5. You are too pretty!!! Those recovery muffins look delicious as does everything else you make 😀

  6. Sara Grambusch says:

    Yay for some healthy soreness!

  7. We all need an attitude check from time to time! 😉 I hope today was better for you! That protein muffin sounds SO delicious! Can’t wait to try it out!

  8. YOU are my MIMM. <3

    You are needed…even when you don't know it.
    PS- Pretty Hair Mrs. Cotter and kudos on being a sherpa to yourself today. #skillz

  9. I love the Mr. and Mrs. versus hubs. Too funny. And for the record, I think the tangled hair is kinda cute, too. Both hair styles have their time and place. :)

  10. I love what you said at the end! Embrace those roles, I agree SO much and I do try to embrace them every day! There are some days when I feel like I am evil mom over here when Anthony acts up, lol! I guess I embrace evil mom 😉

    Happy Monday ! <3

  11. Ohhh, your hair looks so nice, reminds me I need to make an appt!

  12. I had to give myself an attitude check today and yesterday – I’ve needed it a lot lately, which is sad because I don’t have much to complain about! Time for a major about face for me!

  13. yum!! i kind of want to go make this right now…

  14. I feel ya. I needed a check today, too! Lovin’ the hair, and the recipe.

  15. hehehe I love that you call yourself “Mrs Cotter” when you’re in ‘trouble.’ Scott looks at me and says “Sutera! I got my eye on you!” And gives me his better ‘hairy eyeball’ ever. hehe whatever works, right??

  16. You are so marvelous…I can’t even begin to describe!

  17. The before and after hair pictures are my favorite set of pictures ever :-)
    I think that there was something in the air this weekend that caused the pettiness to come out because that happened to me too. Opps.

  18. Recovery cakes in the microwave? Brilliant! I’m so glad your husband is training again– that must be so exciting for you both!

  19. Don’t forget to add sherpa to your list of roles – can’t live without my doses of Corny Cotter wisdom! And both you and your evil twin are looking pretty gorgeous 😉

  20. Sometimes we all need those attitude adjustments! I definitely needed one on the weekend. I was being a little too cranky at some moments just because I gained weight, which is kind of the point right now. And I let that anxiety come out and got a little frustrated with my Mom. Oops. I made sure to apologize and get myself in check right after I realized what was really going on. I’m glad you’re back to your marvelous self now :) You look fab with the new hair’do and the ‘do before!

  21. 1. Your husband is adorable. I’m so happy that he’s finally back to training again. Bless his heart.
    2. LOVE and at the same time envy your hair.
    3. I hope you have the most wonderful week xo

  22. Sounds like someone got some good rest:)

    And you can go from curly to straight hair – I completely sympathize, lol.

    MMM those recovery cakes look amazing!

  23. When I need an attitude check, I always take it out on my hubby too. Why do we do that??? I always feel so terrible. I hope things are going better for you now. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  24. Awesome Monday marvelous moments! We all are due for an attitude check every now and then, some of us postpone it later than others, but I think it’s awesome that you realized it! Most of the time my hubby notices when I’m getting frustrated before I do and then I feel the worst knowing I took out my troubles on someone who didn’t deserve it [aka him]…

    P.S. I laughed out loud at your “evil twin” comment- I love the waves, I wish I could get that much va-va-voom in my hair!!!

  25. Yay James!
    I love your hair curly (smooth and sleek too!) and I like the bangs :)
    I need to get mine cute its SO long.

    Happy Tuesday <3

  26. you hair looks so cute! it’s not time for nutella…said no one ever! haha <3

  27. You ARE absolutely needed, in so many ways! Sometimes we all have these days of negativity and downness, it’s turning it around that makes the difference. And even if you felt negative or petty, I am pretty certain even your pettiness is not NEARLY as bad or as negative as you think, I can’t fathom it honestly 😉 Yay that James is training again the ATHLETE he is! And the ATHLETE you are, rock those weights my friend! You look gorgeous with both hairstyles hehe 😉 (those cakes look awesome!)

  28. hah this was me last night – i was snotty and took it out on everyone! this morning i vowed to not be a witchbitch to anyone – it’s 3 to 12 and i’m doing good so far – we’ll see how the rest of the day goes hahah

  29. Your hubby is so darn cute – of course he’s an athlete! Although I know the feeling, I’m already starting to feel like the last time I ran was AGES ago. :)

    Happy Tuesday (sorry I’m late to the party!).

  30. Yummo, those little cakes sound fab – love the kefir topping idea.

    Hehe, I like the wild-woman-curly haired (evil twin) look too 😉

  31. ha ha i know about feeling yucky and taking it out on the wrong people-mostly the hubs. glad you got yourself together and had some marvelousness. love the hair-gonna get mine chopped a bit too this weekend. so glad the hubs is an athlete again too! even though he always was one.

    • oh post a pic of your hair! i am sure it will look great! and yes, my athlete hubs is training! that should knock this funk right out me. happy sherpa wife here!

  32. I love getting my daily LC fix and this is exactly why. You are MARVELOUS and beautiful in every day! Never forget it. :-) LOVE YOU.

  33. hair looks fab—that’s what I am doing this afternoon–always helps to have someone else help me with my bangs!

    Don’t the ones closest to us always get the brunt of it?! 😛

  34. Okay, I love the haircut–but I have to admit I love the messy curly hair too! You can rock the wave. Glad you found some marvelous to turn your weekend around. We all have bad days and there’s nothing wrong with that–as long as you know how to recover from them!

  35. I love your evil twin! She is naughty! LOL It sounds like things are good! love that workout, must try. xoxo

  36. I think what’s so great about your attitude check, is that you were aware enough, and in tune enough with yourself to know you needed it! Your post was a great reminder for me to check in with my own attitude. Maybe it will be my new Monday must do! :)

  37. Totally just wrote this workout on a notecard to do tomorrow afternoon after yoga! It’s supposed to be stormy here again, so this will be perfect to do in my TV room. :) THANKS for sharing! PS: I need to get my beach hair rocking again, cause I’m slacking compared to that look. Love ya!

  38. Your hair is super cute! I like the straight look, but I have to say – the wavy/curly is super cute too!

  39. LOLing at the evil twin comment :) You look gorge in both pics, girl!

  40. Sometimes we allll need that check! Um nutella- amazing. I love your hair both curly and straight- so fun

  41. Why, yes, yes I do need an attitude check. :) I also want that cake. So happy James is training again. I really can’t imagine you with a bad attitude ever.

  42. wanted to let you know how profound your words were to me…Ive focused on EMBRACING MY ROLES since I read them.

  43. Thank you for the wonderful words! I have definitely been in need of an attitude adjustment lately. Sometimes the amount of roles I have is OVERWHELMING! But God puts us in each one for a reason, agree? I need to work on letting HIM use those roles and not trying to take them all on by myself 😉

  44. Kanoelani says:

    I know that feeling of needing attitude check. I’ve had a pretty good week but definitely feeling tired and overwhelmed at times can get me to have a not so attitude sometimes too so I try to keep that in mind as well. So happy that James is an athlete again… even though like you said he never wasn’t, yes? :-D. Beautiful post as always & that recovery cake is as well!

  45. I kind of dig the evil twin look. :)

    I also might have to think about veganizing this recovery cake…especially now that I feel like I can also say–like Mr. Cotter–I’m an athlete.

  46. Oooo! I’m gonna use this workout this week. Thanks for sharing Lindsay. =) I like changing things up a bit.

    And thanks for reminding me that sometimes I need an attitude check too. 😉

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