Making the Most out of my To Do list: Giveaway

Home. I made it. I made it back late last night to a porch full of goodies. Thankfully no one had taken them. I opened them up like a kid at Christmas, forgetting what time it was. In fact, I got so distracted I forgot about dinner. It wasn’t until 10pm that I realized I hadn’t had any. WHAT? Who does that? And it was then that I realized I was STARVING! New toys sure know how to keep my focus. haha.

Anyway, thank you Katie at SHE ROCKS FITNESS for the awesome shirt. I have worn it all day and I don’t think I will take it off.

Thank you Sprigsville for the Banjees wrist wallet. I have worn it once today and can’t wait to write the review and maybe a giveaway later (stay tuned for that one.)


And thank you LOU for making the Cotter’s feel loved. We received our Kiwi/Aussie goodies in the mail. The hubs will be ecstatic when I bring him a crunchie to the airport tonight. weeeeee!!!!!!


Now…. about that to do list. It’s long. And I am still getting way side tracked. So I thought I’d make the most of it. I thought I’d post something that might help me stay ON TRACK. See that first line. The HEALTHY BITES ORDERS… well… I will be making a ton to ship out this week. That’s a good problem, right?


Right, and since I will already be in the kitchen, I might as well make a little extra. Yes, I think I will. And I will give them away… here… NOW!


cherry crisppeach pecan gingervegan cookie dough

Making the most out of my Healthy Bites orders here, go with it.

Healthy Bites giveaway:

Just do one of the following

Sorry, US residents only. Bugger!

I’ll will do a random drawing for a winner once I finish all that’s on my to do list.

I’m thinking by next Monday…Maybe.



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  1. Welcome Back, Cotter! <—heehee. get it?

    Anyways — been drooling over your travel posts but not commenting so you would not waste precious eyeball moments on my comment whilst surrounded by beauty.

    But now that you're home all bets are off. Let the eyeball abuse begin! JK.

  2. Oh I would so love to try your famous healthy bites. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! On my “to do” list are all the things I don’t want to do. hehe like deep cleaning, not running (marathon tapering…ouch!), icing, and resting. :)

  3. Waaaaa hoooo!!

    On my to-do list…. Finally, finally get my old treadmill out of my house!

  4. I liked healthy bites waaaaay long ago on FB!

  5. And the tweet….done!

  6. would love to win some bites :) my to-do list always seems never ending. one of the things today would be a couple loads of laundry :)

  7. already like you on FB too by the way :)

  8. I have always wanted to try these. One thing on my list of things to do is CLEAN OUT MY CAR which I am soooo doing tonight :)

  9. On my to do list…take my little ones for hair cuts. They are shaggy dogs.

    If I don’t win your yummy bites. How do I order some? Would love to try two or three. :)

  10. I have been dying to try healthy bites! I hope I win :)

  11. To do list = pay my parking ticket. wah wah -__-

  12. carolyn scherler says:

    On my to do list, pack for a girls weekend! Whooo!

  13. my to-do list is full of writing I have to do for research. tomorrow will be a fuuuun day… :)

  14. tweeted :)

  15. Kimberly says:

    I want that cookies. It looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing this post.

  16. BUGGER is right! Glad you felt the LOVE xxx

  17. Sky-diving is on my to do list! Okay maybe not necessarily my to do list, but my bucket list. I got it for my birthday when I was 18 and I still haven’t gone. This summer should be the summer!

  18. Look at all those comments – everyone wants some awesome Healthy Bites!!! One thing on my to-do list is to make a to-do list at work tomorrow (is that type-A or what?!). I have a lot of notes from the first 3 days and I need to start pulling together action items to get myself organized. :)

  19. Pick up dog treats.

  20. my to do list include making meat balls as i’ve already made homemade granola and homemade protein bars!!!

  21. You came home to a bunch of awesomeness! Wow – great shirt too.

    Oh, the Crunchie bar. Tell the hubs they’ve put it in a McFlurry. As if you needed more sugar:)

  22. Christine says:

    To do: unpack . I got it started but just cant finish it off

  23. I think I unintentioanlly pimped you out on Instagram this morning. I have just ONE Healthy Bite left!!! They are OH SO GOOD.
    My to-do list: to pack up all of the stuff that I’ve acquired at my job of 7 years since Monday is my LAST DAY. I’m so excited about it!! (not packing- leaving!)

  24. I must pack for our roadtrip (leaving tomorrow AM at 6:30!), including baby gear… oh, the stuff a 5-month-old needs!

  25. Katelyn says:

    My to-do list is super long but the biggest one is to go through my clothes and figure out which ones I want to keep and which ones to give away.
    Best of luck with your list!

  26. To do:
    Take an Airobics class (trampolining aerobics!)
    Eat vegan ice cream tomorrow! (VegFest, hooray!)

    • now that sounds FUN!

      • It was great volunteering with VegFest! Got to meet a lot of people, hear Moran on The Main Street Vegan, and help save animals.
        And that coconut ice cream was delish! Mmm… Gonna get me some at Whole Foods.
        Will be doing aerobics next Saturday probably. Definitely will tell you how it goes. Maybe it’s available where you are as well?

  27. On my to-do list… fold the 5 foot high pile of laundry currently residing in the hallway outside my bedroom. Ha! Wish me luck :)

  28. hi. 😉
    henry and clara NEEEEEEd some Healthy Bites! Need, Lindsay!

  29. Welcome back girl!!! I LOVE when things come in the mail!! My husband gets a package for work almost and I’m always asking, “Is it for me? Is it for me?” Haha.

    I of course have already liked Healthy Bites on Facebook. 😉

    My to-do list includes the following: financial aid app (the hubby is the only one working), catch up on blogs, 8-mile run, clean out kitchen drawers, coupon, & meal plan. Fortunately…laundry is always caught up now. Otherwise, I’d have that on there. lol

  30. Kristen says:

    Organizing my junk closet. I have shoved so much stuff in there, I know avoid it as much as necessary.

  31. Ugh. To clean the house. Always on my to do list!

  32. Aready added ya on facebook!

  33. Tweeted!

  34. Grocery shopping had to be done

  35. roselyn page says:

    Tweeted, I would love to win these Healthy Bites they look sooo good!!

  36. What an awesome giveaway!
    My to do list includes getting a haircut, buying a shower curtain and meeting mr wonderful!

  37. lindsey says:

    i need to buy a sprinkler so i can stop standing and watering my garden for an hour a day!!!


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