Love the Limbo

limbo in limbo in a state of uncertainty, up in the air, in abeyance, not knowing whether one is coming or going.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that a lot of us are feeling this way….in limbo.

We may have just completed a race and don’t know what to do next (rest, train, race again, etc.), we may be waiting for the Holiday season to REALLY begin, we may be waiting for change yet don’t know how to make the first step, we may be waiting to heal and all we can do at the moment is let time takes it course.

As for me, I am a little bit of everything (minus the racing). I’m counting down the days to New Zealand, I am anticipating a lot of change and I am trying to mentally pump myself up in order to embrace it, I am longing for this body to fully heal and get back in the swing of things (it’s getting there).

But the one thing I have been neglecting is learning to LOVE the LIMBO. Yes, truly LOVE the moment. We say all the time that we must LIVE in the moment, but do we really LOVE the moment? Of course not, sometimes it’s just not fun. But LOVING the LIMBO means we are loving the STATE/STAGE we are in because ultimately it will bring good, it is purposeful, it will makes us stronger, wiser, etc.

That’s if we let it……….


This weekend I was in the kitchen, working, loving the limbo. When it came time to prepare a REAL meal on Sunday night I was at a loss. I had not been to the store in days, nor did I want to go. So I took what I had and decided to make it great (or at least try).

Sage Sausage Cakes


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Sage Sausage Cakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 cup chopped sausage (I used chicken sausage, but you can also use tempeh, pork, turkey, etc)
  • 2 tbsp GF flour (can also use corn starch)
  • 2 tbsp chopped sage (if dried us 1 tbsp)
  • 1 egg
  • paprika (optional)
  • black pepper (to taste)
  • sea salt (to taste)
  • oil or (for pan)
  • BBQ sauce
  • Choice of Cheese Topping (shredded)
  1. combine sausage, egg, and flour in bowl. Mix well and add in herbs, seasoning, etc. Mix again. Form into patties (makes about 2 small or 1 large), set aside. Heat skillet on medium heat and add your oil or butter. Place your patties on the skillet and let them cook thoroughly on each side. Should be about 3-5 minutes on each side. The patties will come out golded brown. Top the patties with BBQ sauce and Mozzarella cheese then serve.
  2. Repeat this recipe to make multiple cakes.


Are you in limbo? If so, how will you LOVE it?

Ponder that thought my dears. Winking smile




I apologize if you now have the LIMBO song stuck in your head. I can’t get it out of mine. haha.

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  1. I think being a student can feel like being in limbo, especially as it’s my senior year in college. Part of me want to stay at this point forever, and part of me is so ready to get into the real world. I guess I need to just focus on the now (while preparing for the future) and enjoy the ride :)

  2. Seriously. You are SO wise and insightful. I am totally feeling that “limbo” state right now too (not just running-wise but work-wise too) and wondering what’s next, feeling a little antsy and unsure. But you’re absolutely right – to embrace the limbo by recognizing that it’s for a greater good, bigger goal, is the exact right way to look at things. Just like your husband so wisely tells you – switch your focus, right??

    • i know, i know. I was thinking of you too. Its a hard state but a good one! yes, the hubs is so wise. I need to listen to him more often, haha.
      love you!

  3. This is such an insightful post, loved it! I am in limbo right now with the eating issues…which is pretty obvious I know. I am at a point where I want to get better and continue making the tough choices and decisions to do so, and then disordered part is nice and comfy with my old routine. I am somewhat “scared” to take the next step, whatever that may be, and I am rather sick of it.
    I am going to embrace this week as a fresh start and branch out a few times :) Small changes!

    • i get that. Its a tough limbo Tessa. It’s one where you have decide whether or not you are going to get out of it and step into change. Fear of the unknown. You can do it, i have faith!

  4. That’s a great quote and a great reminder as well. Right now I’m feeling in a state of limbo with the ability to run. I need to find the positive points and see the bigger picture.

  5. Another great post from the amazing LC. I think that life will always be in limbo in one way or another. As for me…I am getting MUCH better at enjoying the limbo. Life goes by way too fast to rush that limbo. 😉

  6. LIMBO. Absolutely agree and in the same boat. Sort of between ‘goals’ so to speak and it makes me feel unorganized or unfocused. but I should embrace that and harness that in order to GET more focused, right?

  7. Hey, your limbo meal was like my version of a “fridge-scrape” – I really enjoy creating something amazing out of nothing (not just talking about food here!)
    I think sometimes I am in a constant state of limbo, if you think about it, we are always at some sort of fork in the road – however big or small, decisions to be made are always there. One path takes you one way, the other – a totally different result…. making the move is usually the hardest part, or knowing WHEN to make the move.
    Very confusing, no?
    Life= Limbo, ya just gotta roll with it, and have fun when you can :)

    • ahh i love the fridge-scrape. Those are some of the best meals, no? And you are right, we are always in a state of limbo, but just gotta roll with it. We’re going somewhere, we just might not know it quite yet.

  8. Yum, the sage sausage cake looks delicious! Love to try it out soon.

  9. well, GEEZ the song wasn’t in my head until you said that!! 😉

    yeah, I am in a bit of limbo. and it’s making me a bimbo! I sometimes feel overwhelmed and come to a complete halt, not able to make any move at all! since we are taking a big vacation in December, I am also in limbo because I am telling myself “I can’t start this and then leave” and “This will happen after the new year!”. good or bad, it’s what I’m doing 😉

    and that means I’m relaxing a bit, I think. new perspectives.

    • this is a good limbo. Time to gather your thoughts slowly and process. I am excited for you Kris. You must email me with all that is going on. I definitely want to stay connected with my portand pal.
      I know I ask you this a lot, but hows the pops doing?

  10. For sure in limbo in every area but waiting for the holidays to truly begin. In my opinion, we can just completely skip the holidays. But, for now I’m going to do my best to enjoy the downtime.

  11. I totally feel like I’m in limbo right now too – with school, applying to schools, my thesis, waiting to run again… I could go on and on, but what I’m realizing is that I should enjoy any downtime I get. Instead of feverously trying to be productive, maybe I should take a day off on the weekend when nothing is urgently “due” to chill – to enjoy the limbo because it means fewer responsibilities!

  12. haha yes limbo i have been living in lately, but like you learning to embrace it

    here is to loving the limbo :) we are always on the same page girl

  13. I love your creativity in the kitchen!

  14. I was just telling my husband yesterday that we are about to enter a little bit of limbo/calm before the storm as we gear up for some serious traveling (with two munchkins) three times between now and Christmas. Plus, we are really close to adding a dog to our family and I know that will bring a whole other element of happy craziness to our home. So, yes, I get the limbo state. Granted I’m not, oh, LEAVING THE COUNTRY!! You, my friend, have every right to feel in limbo.

  15. I love the limbo because its called the holidays! :) I can’t wait for my limbo to begin- filling my days with what I feel like and what comes my way rather than what *has* to be done.
    I hope you love your new adventure, NZ is so beautiful- I’m just hoping I find enough money in the couch cushions to come over and say hi- you never know right?
    Nice work with your epic kitchen run the other day btw, it was impressive! Hope you’re both feeling stronger in your recovery xxx

  16. I am so bad about just living in limbo, enjoying the moment! I’m ALWAYS planning the next thing! I need to slow down and enjoy each stage of life :)

  17. It is hard for me to love limbo I hate it, I want to always be full tilt and that is why I end up hurt or burt out. Love the approach you are taking, being present in the moment is so important because really that is all you have.

  18. I started reading this and thought to myself, gosh darn that’s how I’ve been feeling…Trying to get in a fall/winter routine, what kind of training should I embrace for colder temperatures, should I rent a studio….so much limbo, but also exciting, because all of these are good things that I am embracing and loving. Happy Monday Darling!

  19. You are so incredibly wise! Oh and I MUST MUST make these!!!! Wow! Just write the cookbook already I want it!

  20. That’s ok, I kinda dig the limbo song!
    Yes limbo, but I’m digging it: the pressure isn’t there because I’m not in hard training and the holidays aren’t here tomorrow…..but I feel like I’m flowing….moving toward things in a gradual, positive, optimistic way.
    I love your ‘do what you can’ graphic SO MUCH!!!

  21. As always….holy. Yum.
    When you off to NZ?

  22. I don’t really know if I’m in limbo or not haha. But I do agree with you that you need to live in the moment, and work on loving it! That is so important and can help with that little thing called happiness 😀

  23. I know exactly what you mean about learning to LOVE the limbo. I can think back on many times in my life where I have been miserable, but if I only knew what was so come I would have loved the limbo. Awesome post + insight!

  24. I have been having that feeling-okay, I raced, what now-but I had so much anxiety built up towards the race (it was my first) that it feels great to not have it on me anymore. I am enjoying just running distances I want to run without training for anything.

  25. I feel like I’m in CONSTANT limbo…part of me wants to be a full-time stay at home mom, while the other part wants to blog and train clients and teach classes. I’m trying to find that perfect balance!

  26. I have discovered that life is a constant state of limbo. It’s all about how you adapt to it. Really, these are lessons that I wish we all just knew, but since it is a constant, it is then that we are learning how to deal with these changes. I can’t say I love limbo, but through it, I have felt pain, anger, excitement, loss, overwhelmed, love, encouragement and success. I know you two are going through so much. You know I’m always here for a good vent should you need it!

    Have you ever lived in New Zealand or is this the first time for you? Either way, it’s an adventure!

    • well said sarena. We are contstant adapting and learning to literally limbo through it, the good and the bad. I know it can be exhausting, but worth it. I have been ton NZ twice but only weeks at a time, not months. So i am ready! yea!

  27. I’ve had to learn to love being in limbo! I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe limbo IS life. Like the definition said, it’s a state of uncertainty. sounds a lot like life to me. But I think that’s half the fun of living- not knowing what is around the corner and embracing the NOW because the present is what is really important. Limbo isn’t so bad if you embrace the uncertainity, roll with the punches and breathe deep in the moment. Then you take limbo and turn all it’s unknowns into a place of possibility :)

  28. i love my limbo by realizing that the moment of success is just that, a moment! if i spend my whole life impatiently waiting for those moments, i will let the whole journey pass me by! it is in the journey that we become stronger and it’s in the journey that our days weave into a life!

  29. I’m not in limbo now, but I was for the first month of the summer. Literally homeless, driving across the country solo, about to start a new job in a new state, basically a whole new life. Its been GREAT!

  30. I am here for you! Your feelings are 100% normal and you are continuing to stay positive. Brace for the unexpected, hope for the best. It’s going to be y’all so much closer together:)


  31. I REALLY need to work on being happy right now and living in the moment. I just get so excited about what the future holds that I forget about the present haha
    Ps–I’m kinda strangely happy to have the limbo song in my head now 😀

  32. Limbo always makes me anxious! Mostly because I’m totally a “lets get this show on the road” kind of girl. I am SO excited for you guys and this new adventure.

  33. you know me – limbo is my middle name right now. Fortunately I have a really really amazing friend who’s helping me tremendously in getting out of my funk! (for the record, that’s you ;)!) for now though, I’m going to try to enjoy being in “limbo”…being hopeful, being optimistic, being determined. We both know that from here, things are only going to move forward and get better.. so let’s enjoy the anticipation while we can!

    now on to those sausage cakes… meal plan worthy?! Me hopes so!

    I love you Linds!

    • oh yes, limbo is in your cards right. ANd you know what I will limbo with you. We will strengthen our minds and our bodies during this limbo time. I have a good feeling that in a few weeks we will see some progress. Love you! and yes, sausage cakes are totally meal plan worthy. Just don’t put peanut flour in them, k? haha.

  34. This post really resonated with me. I’m just finishing up college, in a serious relationship, and honestly unsure of where I want to go next. Sometimes I wish I could just skip the limbo and end up exactly where I need to be. I know I need to learn to truly embrace everything at this point in my life.

  35. I think maybe I’m always in limbo…it used to bother me, and I’d obsess about it, and now I just see it as a part of life. Something in life is always in limbo (it’s just that sometimes it’s the bigger more important stuff!).

  36. Heck yes you culinary goddess! I love experimenting like this!! I would say I have my toes in limbo. Most of me is in a state where I know what I am doing, but there is a small part of me that wants more..something I haven’t discovered yet. I want to travel and just GO! I need the push though. I will love the thoughts until I decide on what and where to go!! And yes..after this post I am convinced we would be foodie friends!

  37. hmm, yes, limbo would describe it quite well… definitely a good thing to remember :) love that quote! and those sausage patties… good thing it’s lunch time!

  38. OH LIMBO….I am feeling like we are stuck here as we are trying to figure out where we will be for law school next year…but I am going to LOVE this limbo stage by spending time with my loved ones that are here. BEAUTIFUL POST as usual…love ya!

    • such a hard state to be in but also one with such growth! Look at you two, an amazing couple. Great things are coming your way and you have each other to get through the limbo. A great team effort by the Jacobs!

  39. Well stated as always. I feel in limbo too though not traveling across the world limbo—how long will you be there?

    I’m wanting to embrace a new profession, but scared to walk away from a steady salary–one that doesn’t fulfill me. I think the only thing we can do is stay in the present.

    • oh trust me, i understand the salary. But sometimes fear drives us. I think you have tremendous passion and can be successful with it! I am backing you Jess!
      we will be there for almost 4 months! EEK!

  40. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    i love how creative you are in the moment with your meals :) i am always inspired to try new food ideas after reading your posts! i can totally relate to the limbo waiting for the holidays. i feel like sometimes i catch myself putting things on hold because i just want it to be family time already. haha! i think yesterday it finally hit me that I was missing out on valuable time NOW trying to already be in the future rather than right here right now :) thanks for a great post LC!

    • i found you! you went to spam. Weird! Anyway, i love that you saw that time in valuable now. Soak it up, cause we know we will need it for those holidays. Right friend?

  41. Way to go on embracing the limbo! Exciting times ahead for you…I wish I could sneak along in your luggage : ) I’m continuing to think positive/healing thoughts for your bod! I’m definitely in limbo…just hanging on.

    Love to you!

  42. you always know what to say at the right times my friend!!! it must be that all triathletes and tri-spouses are in limbo-mode at this time of year!! i know i have a ton to do yet can’t quite figure out what to do next! indeed embracing this state might help….thanks as always! xo

    • yes, i think you are right. Its that time of year for triathletes, waiting. But do good, rest, and enjoy it! cause you know its gonna get crazy! hehe.

  43. I wish I could better embrace the limbo, but it’s so hard for me. I’m a big planner, list-maker, etc., so uncertainty or change creates a bit of stress in my life. I’m totally starting to stress about the holidays for the first time ever, and I don’t like it. The holidays are too fun to be stressed about!

    • i think thats what i am learning. That i don’t need to stress if i don’t have a plan. I know, so hard! especially around the holidays. Hope you get to fully enjoy the holidays tiff.

  44. I have been in limbo for the past month at work…it was being decided what was going to happen to my position at work. Turns out, I found out right before heading home today…unfortunately it was no bueno :-/

  45. I am definitely in limbo about 75% of the time! :) I am learning, though, to enjoy and live in *this moment* and not wait for the day of the powerlifting meet, or the day I make more than $24,000 a year, or the day I graduate, or the day I’m finally happy with how I look, to feel alive, you know?

    • ohhh I KNOW I KNOW! if we keep waiting for those little perfections, we might just miss the best moments. We are happy, healthy, and successful in our own lives.

  46. Hahaha, oh hunny bunny….I’m in limbo, I’m in Crap and I’m OWNING IT! LOL, I actually love my crap right now because I’m learning so much about myself :)


  47. I feel like about 90% of my life is or has been spent in limbo. I realized this this year and made a SUBconscious effort to just go with the flow of things…funny I can’t remember the exact moment where I “saw the light” but I can definitely tell a difference in the way that I handle things now compared to the way I reacted a year ago. I have most assuredly become stronger thanks to limbo so I can’t help but show it some love. Now, if I can just get my limbo to make me a fabulous dinner out of fridge scrapings like this, I’ll be set for life! 😉

    • yes, the “ahh ha” moment in limbo. Where we just say “lets just roll with it.” I feel ya, and you know what? I am stronger for it too. Well said Heather!

  48. Yesyesyes!! I am in limbo waiting for treatment to finish and the cancer to be gone. There are moments where I feel REALLY impatient. I start thinking of all the things I want to do and how soon I’ll be able to do them (running, travelling, etc). But really, even though feeling sick sucks, there is something to love about being able to take months of my life and really, truly REST. I mean, not getting dressed until noon most days certainly has its perks 😉 If you think about it, our whole lives can be classified as a limbo, because most of us are always anticipating the next big thing, instead of focusing on the CURRENT thing.

    • yes, this time of rest for you is building up so much strength. I know the limbo is hard (at times) but you are doing whats needed for YOU and that is just amazing. Our lives are in limbo, we must chose to see it one day at a time instead. WEll said Susan! you are so wise. One more round of chemo!!!!

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