Life Snapshot(s)

Pictures can be powerful. Am I right? I mean they can easily show an emotion, a thought, a feeling, a reaction, a memory in the making, etc. As I browsed through the past few pictures on my camera and phone, I saw just that. One big BALL of LIFE wrapped around a Snap Shot.

Let me explain, or rather, let the pictures explain.


And the words, feelings, and emotions of life that go along with it? See Below.

Stormy, but calm

fed, but hungry

hopeful, but eager

still, but moving….

and ready for what else is in store. Winking smile


What’s your life snapshot look like today?



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  1. beautiful post linds! your posts always make me think, reflect, and appreciate. thank you for that! :) xoxo

  2. Relaxed, but excited. :)

  3. resting and nourishing!

  4. I love pictures that are of nothing and everything all at once! The cloud shot is awesome.

  5. Beautiful snapshots, Lindsay! My day didn’t provide anything like this, as I’ve worked on my presentation all day. (Boo. :P)

  6. tired but refreshed! love seeing these photos here and on instagram :)

  7. This post is fabulous :) Hmm my life snapshot today…lazy but productive haha

  8. Mine looks like sunshine and the kitchen…and packing to go home tomorrow!

  9. Weekend snapshot: Free and Fulfilling

  10. Stunning photos lady :) I am also enjoying the one with the bag of chips lol, I do that all of the time!
    Today my day looks like…. hmm a bit scrambled/confused but getting better!

  11. Today was a day full or relaxing and reflecting! Love your posts lately!!

  12. ohhh I love this post of snapshots! I need a snapshot in my life today of the coffee from starbucks. 😉 ahh one day we shall have coffee from starbucks together!

  13. you always find the underlying theme, love it :) looks like a really relaxing weekend you had. A snapshot for my day- sun burnt shoulders, bike ride with my brother, and a little splurge for myself :)

  14. my snapshot for today would have to be calm but excited.

    excited by a few things coming up, but calm and relaxed after a big (exhausting but GOOD) day yesterday.

    …and now we are in Tornado Watch in Missouri, so I am cautious but hopeful?

  15. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but so much fun! Snapshots would include lots of smiling, laughter, love, and opening the heart. Lots of fun, but as always it went by way too quickly. Here’s to a new week…Glad you get to do some yoga when you get back into town.

  16. He. My snapshot of my life today would be my couch. It’s been a rainy, windy, miserable day and I’ve been loving laying on my couch reading and doing crosswords. With a little bit of baking and some light working thrown in for good measure.

    (I lied. I spent 3 hours at my office working this morning. That feels like yesterday!)

    • you are a workaholic, but thats okay, cause youre kinda good at your job. I laid around today too. Rainy day and lets just say i couldn’t stray to far. haha

  17. Isn’t it fun looking through all the pictures on our phones/computers?

    I’ve been thinking about your trip to Dallas, how did things go? :)

    • i’m still here, about to go into the lab for the testing, colononscopy, etc. oh fun! but i didn’t want to take a picture of that part of life. haha!! all over soon though. phew!

  18. Hmm, we had a wonderfully fun Saturday wine tasting in Fredericksburg and then today was back to reality with the kids and planning for the upcoming week. So, maybe recharged and ready to go? That is, after I get a good night’s sleep tonight, of course. :)

  19. Plentils look goooooooood 😉

  20. Love it…my snapshot would have to be ‘tired, but wired’. You know those days when you feel pooped but just can’t wind down cuz there is so much shiz that needs to get done!

  21. My snapshot looks like I need to take more pictures. Great perspective Lindsay!

  22. Beautiful post! I love the ending words. Very powerful.

  23. NO CLUE.

  24. A group of flowers in different stages of new openings in a field of decomposing flowers. The sunlight streams down and illuminates certain points of both sets of flowers, and changes directions/angles every so often.

    So much is being completed now. It births new life. So much clarity and moments of insight are had on the past, the future, and yet… so much stillness is right here, right now. All life is focused on the present.

  25. LOVE this post!! it is beautiful!! i love the hopeful and eager! right now I’m totally with you on the fed but hungry…I blame that snapshot of the pizza 😉

  26. Love all the photos! Thinking about you today.

  27. Love all of the pics Linds :D. My life snapshot today is going to look like the Boston marathon! My friends and I are going to cheer on our classmates that are running!

  28. Love the pictures!! The clouds look so cool in that first one. Today my snapshot looks relaxed. I decided to take an extra day for spring break and I am glad I did!

  29. Oh love this!! Little snippets into your life. I have been loving your posts lately because they are so intrinsic and simple but so powerful at the same time. LOVE the mindset you are in right now!! Snapshot of life for me today includes watching the Boston Marathon (Wish I was there!), windows open, enjoying the randomly warm weather and teaching at the new studio later toda!!

  30. Beautiful, Lindsay.. loved this post. I know it’s corny but pictures really do say a thousand words. one of the reasons why I love photography!

  31. The picture would be of a middle aged women who feels like the same young girl inside, struggling to keep her household of five together, happy and connected.. she catches herself fretting over small things and reminds herself that everything will OK. She is no longer the the picture, but rather the frame….however, no masterpiece has ever had a flimsy, run down frame.. they have to be equally as beautiful and this thought gives her peace and a sense of calm. – thank you for delivering posts that makes us ponder and resolve.. Happy Monday love! xo

    • wow oh wow! now thats the answer i was looking for from you. So bold, and true! You are a snapshot of faith, determination, compassion, and STRENGTH!

  32. You can see so much emotion in these photos! You’re right about how photos convey so much depth of meaning. :) My snapshot for today… content. :)

  33. I think I’m at hopefull, but reluctant!

    So much coming AND ending! It’s bittersweet and wonderful all at the same time!

  34. So simple yet so thought provoking…life is all about balance!! :) Happy Monday!

  35. pictures can be powerful! love those shots too :)
    snapshot for today was probably a train wreck or something haha JK, just things are all over the place right now, things are everyone, hopefully soon we can get back to normalcy! that is our goal by the end of the week!

  36. I love pictures! Words are not needed, they just get in the way.

    My life snapshot from today would have been inspired and ready! Inspired by all the runners in Boston today and ready to tackle my own marathon!

  37. I loved this visual “peek” into your day. Pictures really do say 1000 words, and sometimes they capture emotion that words simply can’t describe. :-)

    My “snapshot” today was a number of images spent outside in the beautiful sunshine with my brother, who just returned to DC from Germany. It was so wonderful to catch up with him!

  38. Hi friend,

    Love the photos, and the new design of your blog. Great job!

  39. Adore Instagram and other photos updates – sometimes you don’t have to say a thing:)

    You’re family is adorable!

  40. Love!

  41. God I love posts like this – so simple but so impactful! You have such a way with words and images, I love that!

  42. this is profound; thanks for sharing

  43. Caroline says:

    This week has been quite eventful and busy!! We had our gala premiere on Monday –the “pink carpet” event had many Swedish celebrities in attendance. David and I walked the “pink carpet” as well (although it was freezing out!).

    On Tuesday was our official premiere, with press in the house. The reviews have been very good and positive — whew! The opening was also Valentine’s Day, and we had a wonderful party with the cast after the show.

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