Life and Such…

I meant to post the 2 part of the Genuine Post Last night, but I didn’t. Life and such kinda happened. I figure it would leave you in anticipating more good to come anyway, am I right? He he. I’ll be sure to post it this week, that I promise.

I also thought about posting a recipe yesterday, and I thought about contributing to Tuesday Trainer, but Life and such happened.

Oh Life and such… I am still amazed at the two different paces of “life and such” that I have been living over the past 6 months. New Zealand was a slow (er) pace, let’s say a nice 30-35mph. Here, not so much, more like 90mph. But that’s life and such, and like my husband says, we make it what we want it. So before I get pulled over for speeding through life at this pace, I’m going to stop and slow down just a wee bit, or at least I am going to try.


Life and Such…. It’s happening, and maybe we need to share how.

The hubs… racing Life and Such

Mrs. Cotter (says the hubs)……what’s going on in Life and Such

And let’s not forget Food and Such…

It’s definitely still happening, and in a good good way.


Best way to pair leftover GF meatloaf.. on a salad of course.


Best way to triple the amount of good fats on your snack, add layers to your GF toast. Kerrigold Butter, sunflower seed butter, apricot jam, and cashew larabar to top.


Best way to get more healthy enzymes for your gut..

Mochi, bake it with fresh herbs and fill with eggs!

Easy to digest and nourishing.

Well, that’s Life and Such and the Cotter House.

What’s your Life and Such update? I always like to hear.





If you still want to participate in the Genuine pics post, you still can. No worries. Email your pic to cottercrunch (at) hotmail (dot) com

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  1. I’m just busy talking to all these companies that my wonderful friend introduced me too! 😉

  2. I love that “We make it what we want it.” I think it’s easy to forget that when you just get caught up in the way everything around you operates – the 9-5, the daily grind, the go-go-to mentality all around us. It’s like you have to go go go to just keep up and you miss so much along the way.

    I’ll be thinking about you Friday. I sure wish I could be there!

  3. Just focusing on the LOVE and such :-)

  4. Misszippy says:

    Sounds to me like good life and such. And we all need that slow down reminder now and again!

  5. “Kerrigold Butter, sunflower seed butter, apricot jam, and cashew larabar to top.”…Drooling over here. Haha! Just catching up on your last few posts since “life and such” is happening over here, too. :)

  6. Sorry to hear about the gut issues :/ I hope that the tests go well for you- thinking & praying for you!! Hopefully soon we will hear some good news :)

  7. I love your little videos. you two are so cute. I can sense the warmth and love between you both just in watching. it’s truly amazing. As for your health update, I am sorry you have been feeling cruddy again, and I hope the appt on Friday sheds some light. I’ll be thinking and praying for you! XOXO

  8. love the layered toast idea!

  9. ohh that snack with the fat X2, LOVE the sound of it :)
    trying to slow down, but sometimes its hard to NOT fit it all in, if that makes sense. I have a feeling life will be much slower in a few months.

  10. My life and such update is that I celebrated my 33rd birthday yesterday and had a fun birthday dinner!

  11. You two are so cute! Sorry to here about the health issues and I will be praying they get resolved asap for you!

  12. says:

    Meatloaf on salad sounds amazing…this might help me get my meat fill and also get some nutrients in:) LOVE the racing poster and that is EXACTLY what I needed to read today, I am constantly thinking about what is next. Time to live now! THANKS LINDSAY!

    • yes, and then take ketchup and spread it all over the salad!! haha. YUM! enjoy your time now little mama to be. So good to hear from you! P.s.
      Your posts are not showing up a lot in my reader. hmmm, anything change?

  13. Hahaha I love your random funny face in your video! 😀 Best of luck at the gut specialist my friend, hope all gets sorted out! Keep us posted!

  14. I love that you’re really focusing on trying to keep it low and slow now that you’re back in “reality” again in Austin. It can’t be easy to do with all the regular parts of your life back and moving again but you two are so good at staying grounded, which I SO DIG! I also love that the hubs calls you “Mrs. Cotter” 😉

  15. Life has been busy and our walk through for the house is tonight, closing tomorrow! So moving and such going on here 😉

    Happy day to you! I can’t wait for the part 2 of the genuine post!


  16. Just focusing on the love in my life right now! I’m sorry for the troubles in your health :( I can relate, we need to take time and put ourselves first sometimes!

  17. “the knee has been fantastic” <– YAY! that is such great news for James. I hope Galveston is just as fantastic!

    I'm sending you positive healing energy, Linds. I hope Friday finds some answers for you – I hate to hear you are not feeling good.

    so many things going on here, I am just trying to be present to them all, and breathe. more updates from me soon <3

    • yes, the knee is good. Now we just both of us good to go! haha. And i wish that everything was good with you too. Wish we lived in the same town so we could have coffee and be present together. <3

  18. Awww Life and such!!! I think as long as we have faith and we are living the life we love life and such will always work itself out. Keep your head up my friend and keep eating yummy foot of course. :)

  19. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    i love that quote about racing to the next but then what happens to the present moment!?! i think of that lots when i find myself thinking “i just cant wait to get to this thing” because then i get there…its over…and i find something else to “just not wait to get to” and i miss so many cool amazing things inbetween. i need lots of reminders to slow down obviously 😉 i guess the best part about having 2 dogs now is that they demand A LOT of attention so they kinda FORCE me to be right there with them in the moment. i appreciate them for that :)

  20. Love your attitude. I’ve been trying not to “obsess” over always having a post lately. Usually, when I chill out, I end up randomly coming up with something better anyway. Love the videos and the Genuine series. Hope to ahve something to contribute!

  21. I’m so glad you are sticking to your NZ way of life. So important to slow it down and put those IRL first. Your first quote really got me thinking.

  22. I’m sorry about the tummy, no fun :(. Hope you are able to get some answers! Agree w/ James…we make it what we want. But that still doesnt make it any easier 😉 Good luck to the hubs!


    PS – I loved all the genuine pics sent in!

  23. I haven’t tried the mochi yet. I bet Tony and I would love that. Life is definitely 90mph right now. I’m trying to just go with the flow. It’s easy to let it get to you, but really that does no one any good. We have just stepped back and are letting life lead us down this road for a little while. I would complain, but it’s all good. Tony and I keep talking to each other about it in a joking manner because we know we are on a high right now, but there will be a low and I think we have finally realized that we can make it through the good and the bad as long as we just enjoy the ride…

  24. Life and such definitely happens doesn’t it?!!
    Never know where it’s going — it’s just important to enjoy the ride!!

  25. ahhh Lindsay…I am worried about you now….I know too much about gut problems…it is frustrating. I am always in a state of maintenance or fixing things. maintenance is easier for sure. I hope all goes well Friday. My Dr is driving me nuts trying to fix me but not really having a plan and now I am in a place where I have no more trust in her. I feel like I am an experimentation project or something and I dont like it!
    all the best to you…

  26. Aw, Lindsay…so sorry to hear about the stomach troubles. Hope all goes well Friday. It must be so difficult to readjust to the fast pace here, as compared to New Zealand, but you two seem to stay really grounded throughout everything. Take care of yourself and good luck to James in Galveston!!

  27. LOVE mochi… haven’t had it in years… must go to my local Japanese market and grab some… I reckon Misty would dig them too. Life and such? Hmmmm sometimes I feel like I’m living a ‘Groundhog Day,’ but have started doing some strength training which I’m LOVING :) Also found a yoga class with a creche for Misty, so I can finally do yoga outside of my lounge room…. hooray :)

    • you did!!!?!!? Oh Lou, i am so PUMPED for you!!! I want to come strength train with you. Lets lift misty up and down, hehe. and yoga, perfect!!!!

  28. Dear Lindsay.
    You call me if you need me to kick some Dr’s @#S and make stuff happen. I’m pretty darn good at it now.
    Also, I hate digestive systems…we should start a club. The “my digestive system hates me and I did nothing to tick it off club.” 😉
    But seriously…get better girl and you know where I am if you need to vent!

  29. Great post, Lindsay!!! I hope all goes well this weekend for you…and fingers crossed I run into your hubs =)
    I’ve been focusing more on my son…for a month or so I started spending too much time worrying about blogging and tweeting (while he was awake) and felt like I was missing out on so much one on one time that so many women wish they had. So not as much daytime chatter with friends…but in the end, I think that’s more important =)

    • and i admire you so much for for that! Your son will cherish those moments too friend. Okay, i will find out the hubs # and email it to you. I hope he can meet YOU! what a treat!

  30. My bf and I love mochi! And I just saw this cut and bake at the store yesterday and was not sure what I would do with it besides bake the whole thing and eat it in front of the TV. The herbs/egg is awesome idea.

  31. Oh, life always takes such interesting and unexpected ways! I hope your health checks will help that you can feel well again! :) Food looks great as always. 😀

  32. I am praying you that you are in the hands of the right doctor and that this individual find the answers for you digestive issues. My husband has Crohn’s..I hate seeing him so uncomfortable and in pain. I can’t imagine what that must be very handle it with such strength, and grace …xo

  33. oh mochi! i love nuking the plain mochi with tamari and a little stevia. the japanese version of savory, sweet, salty, and chewy!
    i hope you’re living your life and loving the “such”! :)

  34. I absolutely love your Enjoy the Ride picture! I am so guilty of rushing through life at warp speed and not enjoying myself. I actually just wrote about this in my post for tomorro! Great minds think alike!

  35. I love putting different things on my toast/bagels each time…
    Peanut Butter and Raisins & Cream Cheese and Jelly are my favorites right now :)

  36. I think I missed something. What exactly are your health problems? Whatever they are, I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. No fun :(

    • well… it all started with a parasite and gluten intolerance back in 2009. Basically my stomach is not digesting and absorbing. Lovely, eh? We’ll get it stronger soon! and then i can get back to what i love doing, yea!

  37. Got permission from my coach to do Austin 70.3 tonight so I’ll be sure to see you all there!

    On another note, what is mochi? I’ve been seeing it a lot lately

    • awesome!! We will for sure see you this year. and Mochi is a baked puffed brown rice. Get the Eden brand and you’ll get the sprouted version, great for enzymes! You must try.

  38. No rumblies in the tumblies! Oh dear. I hope you get that sorted.

    Mochi is one of my fave!

    You know, I love these videos!

  39. So everything caught my eye here, but the layering on the toast made my mouth water!!
    This week life has been really busy for me….I’m eagerly anticipating tomorrow when I can do yoga and relax!

  40. Awwww, I love you two so much, so cute!! You’re videos always make me smile! “who’s going to be there?” “James!” LOL!!!!!

    Keep smiling to the both of you!

    Food = YUM!

  41. test

  42. well big news is that Gary and I just bought our first house together!! crazy! but exciting.
    then Michelle and I are leaving tomorrow to head to the beach for a girls weekend for my pre-wedding party :)
    so that is what life is like right now. so many fun and exciting things happening. and we are just trying to enjoy each moment of it!!!!

  43. Life’s too fast! (Well… except the time spent at work M-F, that can always kick it up a gear!) I never thought of throwing meatloaf on a salad. Sounds good to me!

  44. I loved the videos! I hope everything goes well with the tests. I liked the saying you posted about time and enjoying the moments now. It is true, sometimes I feel like I am always running to get to the next point but I need to slow it down and enjoy the ride :)

  45. I SO want meatloaf – I’ve been craving it forever, but didn’t know of a way to make it GF! Sounds amazing!

  46. hope the appointment went well yesterday!!


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