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Ahh Happy Monday. I am posting this at exactly 8pm on Monday night here in New Zealand, which means it’s 1am Monday morning in Texas. Therefore, we can finally share in a Monday together, yes?

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Don’t worry, it only took me 2 months to get the whole time change right. Just kidding…sorta.

Okay so I might not be the best at adjusting to time change but I am learning how talk and eat like a Kiwi. Below are a list of words that I am finally picking up here in the land of the big white cloud (that’s New Zealand). Finally, I am not having to ask people to repeat things slowly. haha.

More words: here

  • pikelet: small pancake often served with jam and whipped cream
  • naff off: get lost!
  • petrol: gasoline
  • lolly: candy
  • loo: bathroom
  • sunnies: sunglasses
  • torch: flashlight
  • two sammies short of a picnic: used to describe a person who is a “bit thick”.
  • up the duff: pregnant
  • piss: beer, as in “get on the piss”*
  • pissed: drunk, inebriated (or pissed as a fart as my mother in law would say. Winking smile
  • going bush: become reclusive. And expanded by Jonathan:- To take off for the bush and live for an extended period to “get away from it all”.
  • good on ya, mate!:  congratulations, well done
  • banger: sausage (banger and mash= sausage and potatoes)
  • biscuit: cookie
  • buggered: exhausted
  • bugger off: piss off, shove off, get out

Are you laughing yet? I hope so, it’s Monday!

Another learning experience I’ve had lately has been in the kitchen. The kiwi Kitchen. You see, kiwi’s like their white bait. It’s a so-called delicacy here (You can learn all about White Bait here). But this stuff ain’t cheap. I asked the hubs to go buy some at the market so I could attempt to make the infamous White Bait Fritters and he came back with about 5oz of it. 5oz for $20! Whoa!

Now usually White Bait Fritters are made a certain way, kinda like an omelet. Lou cooked it 2 ways here. But I decided to put my “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” thinking cap on and “volumize” these bad boys. I even gave them a little Texas flare.

*Note: You can make this recipe using crab, salmon, sardines, etc.


White Bait Fritters with a Texas Flare

Texas White Bait Fritters
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: appetizer or entree
Serves: 2
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoon cornflour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • ½ tsp garlic
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ½ chili pepper (optional)
  • 200g drained whitebait (around 5 oz)
  • dash of milk if needed.
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 lemon
  • diced pepper or jalapeno (optional)
  • Tobasco to top.
  1. Drain the white bait (or other seafood of choice) and set aside. In a separate bowl, crack eggs and separate egg whites. Place egg whites aside. Add the flour, spices, pepper, and baking soda to your eggs. Whip egg whites until nice and fluffy.Fold in your white bait and egg whites into the main batter. Mix well.
  2. Butter you pan and add a touch of oil and lemon. Make sure it's on medium to medium high heat. Scoop your batter on the pan and lightly fry on each side.
  3. Place fritters on top of rice with sliced avocado and tabasco. Eat up!!

Not too shabby, eh? I actually ended up getting 4 fritters out it. Served on top of rice with avocado and you’ve got yourself a meal.

So tell me, what new lingo have you learned lately?

Anything new in the kitchen?

Cheers to Monday,


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  1. So what did ya think of the whitebait?!

    In Aussie the saying goes ‘2 stubbies short of a 6 pack (of beer)’ funny little sayings.

    The whole ‘loo’ thing is annoying when your name is lou – being louise – my childhood was full of a lot of loo-wees jokes. Ha.

    • LOL! i bet the lou thing is annoying. i won’t ever refer to you as that. haha. and I like the white bait, but not sure I’d pay that much again. whoa!

  2. You food always looks so darn delicious! And one of these days I am going to find time to cook it up! Ok… Kiwi word in the US that may be taken wrong, “going bush”. LOL. Loving “up the duff”. too funny. Never heard of that phrase. Many of the others I have. Thank you for sharing your newly learned kiwi language. gonna sound funny coming back to TX. 😉

  3. haha we say a lot of the same things here in England! I had bangers and mash yesterday! 😛

    Your food always looks amazing Linds!! The Hubs is going to be well so well fuelled with you around :)

    I hope you had an amazing weekend! <3

  4. LOVE the learn the lingo.
    Im a secret linguistics nerd :)

  5. my cookie craving got the best of me yesterday and I came up with some chocolate sunbutter protein poppers…just a little tweaking and they should be alright :)

    happy TUESDAY now to you!

  6. I’m buggered from this work trip and look forward to going bush this next weekend. Whew! I think I know what I just said :) Anyway, that’s fun! I love different lingo from different places. What I find funny is that I’m from Michigan and at least five people down here in Texas this weekend have told me (in their very thick Texas accents, y’all) that I have a huge Midwestern accent myself. Language is odd, eh?

    • ahh i love it abby, nice lingo. I hope i get to hear your midwestern accent someday. Actually, wait, i did. YOur TV gig. And come to think of it, it wasn’t that heavy. Well to me at least.

  7. haha loved this post! a great way to start my day. loved learning how they talk over there.

    when I travel I am not the best with time difference, either.

    and this recipe looks great! never had white bait, sounds wonderful. I love fresh fish, but hate how it is expensive.

  8. Love all the different sayings!!!
    That recipe sounds pretty tasty, too!

  9. omg my friends in australia said good on ya mate about every 5 seconds! loved all the lingo. memories :)

  10. Some of those kiwi words sound a bit British too—I think we say a few of them in Canada! My personal favourite is the two sammies short of a sandwhich and I want to try a pikelet pancake thingy. Who knew little fish could be so expensive!? Bet there hasn’t been a Texas Whitebait before 😉 love it!

  11. Haha “up the duff” made me laugh! When we went to Australia, some old man spilled his coffee at the airport and sure let out a lot of “ah buggers!” 😀 Now I use it if I spill something or stub my toe haha
    Awesome recipe my texan pal!

  12. Happy Monday!

    I love the word “biscuit” the best!

    Hope you are well girl! Hope that man of yours is too! <3

  13. Oh I love this post!I bet it’s hard getting adjusted to different terminology like that. I love it though. It sounds more fun than how we speak! I need a pikelet right about now!

  14. loving the recipe girl. And you’ll get the lingo eventually…it all takes time!!! i still struggle with a few things. Aussies pronounce tuna like chuna….it’s a bit strange, but now I say it that way….converted! But the NZ still have the best fush and chups! hehe

  15. LOL – I say “I’m pissed” all the time. Guess over there I’d be declaring myself a total sot 😉

  16. I am totally using “two sammies short of a picnic” sometime soon. That’s funny! I love learning the lingo of different places. A lot of people make fun of me for saying hoagie instead of sub. Well, good fun I guess, because I can understand how hoagie is a weird word!

  17. Happy Monday! I wanna go to NZ! :)

  18. I love to hear the “lingo” of other countries or even other parts of the US. Always cracks me up. Happy Monday, er now Tuesday for you!!

  19. HA! I love the “two sammies short of a picnic” phrase the best, that is a RIOT!!

  20. omgoodness I hope that fish tastes like gold for that price!

  21. Wow and wow! Love the lingo and the kitchen experimenting… I’ve got no new lingo or kitchen stuff (based on the fact that I’m hibernating and I am on an elimination diet!). lol.
    I’ll live vicariously through you for now :-)

  22. “fanny” (referring to the front portion of a woman, not the back portion)- is that an australian/new zealand thing or is that a british thing, i cant remember?!!!!

    mmm crab!

  23. Aside from ‘going bush,’ we have exactly the same slang/linguistic quirks in the UK :)

    At least now I know if I ever do get to NZ then I’ll know what everyone is talking about 😉


  24. Hmm… I’ve been mostly learning the inappropriate words in Afrikaans along with all of the animals. The easiest way for me to remember the word for baboon is that the first syllable sounds like a female body part.

    Thankfully google translator is pretty good with English-Afrikaans translations for single words. Now onto finding a grammar book so I can get the mechanics down and prep for life in South Africa one day. :-)

  25. Love learning new regional terms – I especially like “naff off” & “up the duff” – I would have had no idea what people were talking about. Good thing you have a personal translator with you. :)

  26. LOL “up the duff” LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    I’m adopting that one.

  27. Pretty sure Up the Duff is my new favorite term!!!!

  28. Hahah! Isn’t it funny the little sayings that we take for granted? I especially liked up the duff… don’t know why I thought that one was so amusing.

    When I lived in Canada a big one was “giver” which meant do it, go for it, try it out… etc.

  29. I had to laugh out loud when I read the “banger” because all I could think of was Arrested Development.

    “Would you like a banger in the mouth? Or as you call it here in America, a ‘sausage in the mouth.”’
    “Actually we just call is a ‘sausage.'”

    Hahahahahah I die.

  30. janae@hungryrunnergirl.com says:

    I want some lolly ha! Love the pregnant one, hilarious! hope you are having a beautiful day today!

  31. ha ha laughing so hard at the lingo. Thank you for the entertainment this Monday morning. :)

  32. That looks yummy! Pinning!!

  33. Haha those are some great words- I think the “up the duff” term works well for Hillary Duff who is currently preggers :). And those fritters sound amazing! And not to challenging to make which is a good thing for me!

  34. Oh gosh! Those are awesome…naff off, up the duff! Dying!
    Thanks for the laugh Linds!


  35. Ha, love the kiwi lingo. Would love to visit NZ someday. How are you doing in terms of switching from USD to NZ monies/ converting to metric? Do they use Celsius down there?

    :) It’s fun learning new things, right?

  36. I am pretty buggered right now haha – this was a great Monday afternoon read :)

  37. Happy Monday (or Tuesday?!) to you!!
    I find the different lingo so interesting.. still the same language but the words are so different eh. I hope you are doing well!!

  38. hehe many of those phrases are rather “Aussie” too!!!

    Have you come across chilly bins and jandles yet???

  39. Safe to say, you’re speaking my language! This is amazing!

  40. haha up the duff made me laugh =)
    Going bush… that sounds good!!

  41. haha, happy Monday to ya! Although, now it’s actually Tuesday there…darn.

    I loved reading that list! My favorite is torch. What a badass way to say flashlight :)

  42. “Two sammies short of a picnic” – haha, I love that! Keep these coming, they’re so fun to read!

  43. I sure wish I were “up the duff” :)

  44. hahaha. omg. it always amazes me the different sayings that people have. i felt like i learned a new language just moving to utah 😉 i made salmon for the first time EVER for dinner last night. then made my own hummus today. things are getting serious over here in my kitchen. ha!

  45. i’m so tired of people saying, “totes,” “obvi,” and “that is the bombdotcom.” kids these days!
    when i traveled in peru and egypt i met a ton of aussies and they used those phrases, too! don’t forget “taking a piss” for making fun of someone/something!

  46. Haha! The ‘piss’ lingo is hysterical! Seriously? And ‘bush’ – um wow 😉

  47. hehe I love the pikelet word!! I just looooove learning new languages and new local or regional lingo! Oh and, this is really really random…BUT! IF you ever run into Brooke Fraser who happens to be a Kiwi, please take a picture and say hi for me! teeehee.

  48. I love two sammies short of a picnic and up the duff! I love other countries that speak english but its so different still!

  49. Hey it was 1 am here too! Wisconsin is on the same time as Texas, which I have always foudn really strange.

    Loving “on the piss”. I’m so using that!

  50. I love learning the new words! I used to live in England and there’s a girl at work from Britain so we always go back and forth speaking English verbiage to one another lol.

    My cohost on my podcast just went to NZ for a month so I’ll be trying some of these words out on him!

  51. Aww, bangers and mash reminded me of living in southern Africa. Never thought I’d miss that phrase! :)

  52. I’m enjoying bugger off, will definitly be using that term for now on…. it sounds nicer than it’s counterparts :)) Thanks for posting these they are great

  53. Buggered! HAHA I love this language!

  54. Aaah, the Kiwi would love you for making whitebait! 😀 So awesome! hehehe…the lingo confused me too…Tom was talking about the dairy down the road in Auckland, and I was having a very hard time figuring out how there coudl be a dairy FARM (which is what we Brits interpret a dairy to be) in an inner city. Eh?! Confused doesn’t even cover it, lol! 😛 Until he explained that a dairy is a corner store. OOOOH! :-) xyx

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