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  1. ahhhh you too~! Kelly from whatkellysaid is in the same situation, for sure praying for y'all!!! Love you Lindsay, and stay strong! Psalms 91 comes to mind.... <3
  2. May peace and love guide you. May knowledge and gut-feelings keep you safe and help others to stay safe. May hope fill each breath. May love shine outward like a beacon of inspiration for all. May you know that you are always surrounded by God's love, hope, peace, and warmth. Shout if you need anything! Prayers with all. :-)
  3. Lindsay, my heart breaks for you and James. I'm sending up fervent prayers to the Lord as I write this. Big hugs for you girl! Nicole
  4. oh, MY I am so sorry - from my phone I briefly saw you say something about the fire, I had no idea it was that close to YOU. so very glad you are safe, I hope all is contained as soon as possible! sending many prayers for you and everyone affected.
  5. Oh my goodness. I am SO glad that you guys are okay, and I hope other people in the area are as well...that's the most important part. Still, to lose your home and everything in it is so terrible. I will definitely keep everyone in my prayers!
  6. so scary and sad friend- keeping everyone in my thoughts right now. I'm glad that you, the hubs, and sadie are okay. stay safe friend, and let me know if you need anything. lots of love and hugs being sent to you in austin.
  7. thinking of you and everyone in Austin, I had no idea this was going on till this morning. I am so sorry, please let me know if you need anything. And yes you are in my thoughts and prayers, always! xoxo Michelle
  8. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I JUST GOT YOUR EMAIL! i have to write back but i'm SO glad you're safe!!! don't even worry about the giveaway just be safe! let me know if you need ANYTHING if you need me to mail you anything or anything!! <3 you girl stay safe!!!
  9. I'm praying for you and all that are affected by the fires. I hope everything works out. It may be a struggle to get things back together but what's most important is that everyone is safe!
  10. Oh gosh, now I feel bad from your tweet earlier - I had no idea it was THIS bad and THAT close to you. I'm keeping you and your community in my thoughts - and hoping mother nature will step in and help as well!
  11. oh my goodness lindsay! i am so sorry and scared for you. please be safe and remember your safety is more important than your possessions. how is sadie?
  12. Sending positive thoughts to the state of Texas - I heard about the fires on NPR this morning. Sounds positively frightening. Hope everyone stays safe!

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