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Goodness I love that quote. It struck a chord with me. But the bottom website needs to be changed. Well, at least in my opinion.

You see, I think it should be www.livelifejoyously.com instead of happy. Happiness is a feeling that is so fragile. It comes and goes like a wave of womanly hormones. Up one minute and down the next. Haha.

But JOY… Joy is an appreciation of life. It’s a feeling of blessed awareness. It’s seeing the day moment by moment and embracing it.

I will admit, for the past few years we have been chasing happiness. Grabbing on to a moment of it here or there and then feeling empty when it is gone. A glimpse of hope, a touch of healing, a moment of success. Yes, that happiness is fragile. We can feel happy about what is to come, but then that moment passes and we’re almost at a loss.

Like that euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line. Happiness. A feeling of accomplishment, strength, and determination all played out. Wow, pretty amazing. But that happiness fades like the sun and we’re left with that “what now?” feeling.


I’ve been there, I’ve done that (I still do that at times). But then I realized I wanted more. And I think God made it very aware that HE wanted me (us) to have more as well.


I heard HIM whispering… “Lindsay, stop worrying about the future, seek ME NOW. I will give you JOY!.”

Chase JOY….NOW

Be thankful…. NOW

Don’t fear the future…

Don’t regret the past…

Chase JOY…Not Happiness


Don’t waste another moment… enJOY NOW! Winking smile


No rhyme or reason to my post today. Just some Cotter Corniness Oozing out of me. Must be hormones. haha! Winking smile

Oh and don’t forget to check out Tuesday trainer this week. There’s a special hostess of the mostess!


What are you chasing NOW?




Hoping to throw in a life/training update soon. Still waiting on test results and some other things to pan out. BUT… We’re focusing on the NOW! Right? Smile with tongue out

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  1. I think this is about the best post I’ve EVER read. you are so right and that quote is going to be front and center for me these next few weeks since I’m in the last month of my 20’s. thanks for this :) :) :) glad chloe introduced me on twitter, love your blog!

    • yes! enjoy those last weeks in your 20’s, then EMBRACE your 30’s full force Libby! Love it! Glad we found each other too. xxoo

  2. omg love that quote so much!!!

  3. This post gave me chills. You are amazing. Resilient. Focused. JOYFUL. You are so right, there is a huge difference between happiness and joy. So well put. I am inspired. As always. XOXO (and looking forward to your updates!)

  4. Love the quotes, and the sentiment! I think we all need reminders not to get caught up in the small stuff.

  5. I think this makes perfect sense – I totally see the rhyme/reason for it. And it’s such a great reminder to enJOY each and every moment even if we aren’t happy per se, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy or find some joy in some aspect. Even something like a smile from a stranger or watching your pups play in the yard.

  6. You are SUCH a beautiful soul, my friend. I love everything about the words you shared here — that emotion, “joy” is so beautiful and uplifting and nourishing for the soul. Thank you for reminding me to ultimately seek joy over happiness. In all things. xoxo

  7. Great post! Definitely gets the brain going!

    And I should FINALLY be getting my Chobani this weekend!

  8. janae@hungryrunnergirl.com says:

    Your posts always bring me UP. Tuesdays are my least favorite days at work and I am so glad that I started my day with this…I feel completely different now! I get that ‘what now’ feeling a lot and you are right, now is the time to stop worrying about the future and enJOY life right now:) Beautiful post.

    • oh friend, i hope you are almost done with you day and FULL OF JOY! You have a lot going on, i know it’s hard not to worry. But God has everything planned out for you and your sweet family. It’s beautiful… so enJOY! <3

  9. So true! I love that you write about some deeper things in your blog, I have still to get the courage to do so and open up more on a personal level. I am reading this book that I think you might really enjoy, is called “One Tousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. About “daring to fully live right were we are” in communion with God and the importance of gratitude and thanksgiving. Can’t even begin to tell you the impact is making on me. I would gladly lend it to you when I am done, feel free to email me.

  10. I love your definition of joy! So true. :) Life is all about being in the present moment and enjoying here and now!

  11. Great post Linds! Chasing happiness, I.feel.you. To live in the now seems like such a foreign concept but i need to embrace it…thank you for the reminder :)
    Miss you!

  12. I hope you are finding answers with your training/life! I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts on that front. I think when we stop focusing on chasing that happiness feeling is when we settle in and really just live it. If that makes sense? I’m most ‘happy’ when I’m not even thinking about trying to be happy.

  13. This gave me chills, you are so right. Happiness is fleeting, Joy is satisfying and fulfilling. Keep chasing God and He will fill you with more joy than you can imagine. Thank you for reminding us all of this today! :)

  14. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    LOVE! i need constant reminders to focus on the NOW…it is something I try to strive for daily but i always love a reminder that just slaps me right in the face and says “dont forget! work on slowing down today!” loved this post…this post was the reminder for me today…to not “just get through it” but to enJoy it :) thinking of you and hoping for good news from the test results!

  15. I live in the NOW every day 😉

    Love that quote! Would be a great print to have in the home!

    Love you!

  16. AWESOME post linds. :) i love that first quote. so true. thanks for this today!

  17. I Love you!!! I always come here for reminders on how to be the best me possible and remind me to tune into my guide, my passion and my love.

    I know you’re getting the perfect direction for you and you just need to listen every second…how amazing, huh??


  18. I love reading your inspirational words regardless of wether they are hormone based or not!

  19. This is *usually* when I’d say something like, “stupid hormones” – but not today! The inspiration for this post, hormones or whatever else, created something lovely, and I appreciated it.

    Have a joyous day!

  20. Wonderful post Lindsey. With your husbands profession it is so so difficult to find balance. There seems to constantly be the “highs” and the “lows”. I experience them with every training cycle I do. So exciting to reach goals but so depressing to move on after crossing that finish line.

    I wish you all the joy in the world because you totally deserve it!

  21. This is so beautiful, Lindsey! I loooove that quotes. You’re so right – it is HIM who gives us joy. The second we forget it, we lose ourselves. Love that reminder.:-) xoxo

  22. Oooo… I love both quotes.
    Riding the highs and lows as they come. And when you are older, it will be these moments you most remember. Nice. I needed this post pep talk.

  23. I’m chasing the half of my blog that I deleted. Boo. Technology and me are not on good terms. Sometimes I really think my Mother dropped me on my head as a small baby… she denies this, but I know it is true. At least your lovely post made me smile :) Email me about your care pack too!

    • what? No! i hate it when that happends. BUGGER! I think we were both dropped on our heads, but thats okay, it makes us special. hehe. LOVE U LOU!

  24. Oh, I love checking in with you! Your writing always gives me a little reminder to do a life check. Joy is where it’s at. Maybe I should change my blog name to Joy Fit Mama? :)

  25. Agreed! It is good to have a plan for the future but to enjoy the moment you are in now. That has always been a struggle of mine. Always excited about the next step. Moving forward and then I realized how much good was in my past. How much fun I had. I sometimes wished I would have taken the time to enjoy it more and not worry so much about getting further. So now I really try hard to enjoy my life today.

    Great post :)

  26. Goodness that quote is brilliant! I love it. Another great and inspirational post from you! I have to stop “living in the future” and just live my best life NOW!

  27. what a fabulous quote Lindsay! thank you for sharing. so true. this is it :) find the joy in our everyday life and enjoy. i love it. thank you my friend!

  28. I need to remind myself of this DAILY. Love this quote, too :)

  29. mmmm I do love good reflective and inspiring post. thanks for making me smile good friend. xoxo

  30. Wow…needed this today. Check out what SeeMomRunFar posted today, too! Must be in the air. :)

    JOY to you, lovely lady.

  31. This post (and that quote) was exactly what I needed to hear – I find it so easy to worry, and so hard to just be happy and live in the moment. I’m realizing that we get our good times to help us to be strong and build faith for the hard times – but if I don’t take advantage of these times because I’m worrying about what might go wrong, I’m rejecting his blessings. I definitely don’t want to do that OR live like that!

    My thoughts are always with you – your attitude is amazing and a total inspiration!

  32. love this post!

  33. That quote is pretty amazing. AND I love that you changed it from happy to joy. You are absolutely right that happiness is much more fleeting and fragile and joy…that’s a completely different story. That pure and utter elation and life loving. I love reading your posts.

  34. I love that quote. It resonates with me. Definitely right for my mood today!

  35. Your Bible devotions always strike me at the best time, way better than a horoscope. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words friend. And I think I should read this before bed, would help me sleep!

  36. You have no idea how much I love this post!!! My middle name is Joy and most of my life I thought my parents made a huge mistake with the name because I thought Joy =happiness= extrovert. But I read a different description of Joy in “Parables and Peanuts” (a book) and realized that in fact I fit into my middle name more than I thought! Thank you so much for this reminder :)

    • oh Sarah, good to hear from you! and I love that your middle name is JOY. I totally see that in you. Your heart is full of it. And that’s what counts.

  37. Hi LC! I do wish you lived closer, or more correctly, I wish we lived closer to you (it’s cold here. and windy.)
    I am so glad you are embracing joy! Do you like C.S.Lewis? He wrote this beautiful book called “surprised by joy” that is about his religion, and basically his argument for faith is that it is fundamentally about joy! (I can’t do a good job to summarize, guess you’ll have to read it 😀 ).
    PS. Corniness is always welcome and I think often enJOYed. Chicken Soup for the Soul series would have never made it had it not been for everyone’s need for a little bit of corn!

  38. what a great post! I love it.

  39. Reading Bible is one of the way cleaning your soul. It is very helpful because all the story in Bible is from our God.

  40. I love that bible quote. It’s so true. I know I worry way too much about little things and strive for future happiness but what’s the point I should be happy now! 😀 Thanks for the inspirational post

  41. I often need this reminder – I have a serious problem with planning, over planning, thinking, over thinking, and not living in the moment.

    I’ve been trying really hard lately to catch the moment and live with it. You never ever know what tomorrow will bring, so why worry and rely so heavily on what MAY happen, when you’re not working on enjoying what IS happening?

    You inspire me every single day Lindsay, I love reading your posts! :)

  42. I LOVE YOU LINDSAY!! I just really needed this reminder today. thank you so much friend <3

  43. Beautiful and inspiring, Lindsay! I love the thought of “blessed awareness” being that of joy. So good!

  44. I have so much to say with this post! Yes, trust in HIM…but oh, it is so so hard to stay in the present when the future is undetermined.

    Your words are so very poignant–I always step back and ponder after reading your thoughts.

    LIVE LIFE NOW! I need to put that on a tee!

  45. That’s an amazing quote! And yes yes yes for living in the moment!!!! 😀

    Hope you’re *happy* and fine! 😀

  46. LOVE that quote. Your posts always make me want to just BREATHE and PRAY. Yes, focus on NOW. :) You’re so wise friend. I wish you were closer. Praying for you and your tests you’re watinig on, etc. And I’m still drooling over those healthy bites you posted on FB. :)

  47. i’m chasing the peace that comes when the chase ends. i’m trying to stop chasing joy and realize that i am living joy. i have all the joy i need, right inside me. i’m chasing that empowerment that comes from knowing that i have all the strength i need to stop, take a breath, and just live in my own skin.

  48. LOVE IT. Thanks for the reminder!

  49. That quote puts an interesting perspective on age! We’re old and young – whatever our brain decides to act on, in the moment.

    I think you’re onto something with the {fleeting} happiness vs. {lasting} joy. One of my favorite quotes – “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson

  50. jennyv says:

    Late to the party on this one — but so glad I read this post! Joy comes from the soul of our being. I am working on letting joy spill out instead of chasing moments of happiness. Thank you for your words!

  51. this is really beautiful, Linds and exactly what i needed TODAY and NOW…so maybe my reader being backed up is a good thing!)


  1. […] 3.  We have no idea what the rest of the year is going to look like with racing/training for the hubs. Am I okay with that? Well, sure. I have come to realize that all things happen for a reason, good and bad. And if I (we) keep trying to make plans in the midst of chaos, then all hell will break loose. Trust me, I’ve tried. My new motto is “just pray and give it time.”  Goes along perfectly with this month’s theme “Blessed Awareness.” […]

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