Healthy Bites


Our Story

Healthy Bites is a company dedicated to providing healthy snack and fuel options for all people. It was started by myself (Lindsay Cotter) and my husband (James Cotter).  I am a certified Nutrition Manager and Fitness Consultant and my husband James is a professional triathlete. In the past, I struggled with a lot of health issues which resulted in a drastic change in my diet and my husband’s diet, but for the better. Since 2009 we have been gluten free. And in an effort to help James (and myself) have a healthy gluten free pre and post recovery snacks I started making him healthy bites.  Realizing, that I was onto something I enlisted my friends and colleagues to help me expand my idea into a small business.  All of us worked hard to create different flavors and break down nutrition for each Healthy Bite. James and I are grateful for the hard work and direction we received from our friends and family. They are our best supporters!Now about our Healthy Bites……..

We’ve created 4 standard flavors: Fruit and Cinnamon (fuel), Muddy Buddy Mocha, Whey Good (Vegan Protein available), and Cookie Dough/Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. Each flavor is unique in its taste and function. All are made with mostly all-natural, gluten-free and organic ingredients. The mission is to offer the most minimally processed bites proving to people that eating healthy can taste really good while still being really good for you. Each box comes packaged with the ingredients and nutritional information so that every customer knows exactly what is going into their bodies.

Functions of the Bites

 Fruit and Cinnamon is also known as the “fuel bite.” It is perfect for a pre-workout energy boost to start the metabolism running and give you those extra carbohydrates you need. It is made with dried fruit, almonds/seeds, organic peanut butter, GF cereal/granola, honey, and cinnamon.

Regular or Crunchy Coffee/Mocha Bite is the ultimate caffeine kick!. Peanut butter, GF/dairy free chocolate chips, espresso beans, cocoa,  coconut/pb flour, and protein. Perfect post workout too!

Whey Good is also known as our “recovery bite.” This is the perfect post-workout snack because it offers a nice ratio of carbohydrates to protein to aid in the repair of muscle and tissue breakdown from exercise. It is also a healthy alternative for people looking to increase the amount of protein in their diets. It is made with all-natural protein powder (with Stevia), almond butter, almonds, dried banana, and honey. (can also substitute a plant protein or egg white protein for an extra $2 per dozen)

Cookie Dough/Mint Choc. Chip is also known as our “goodie bite.” This is a perfect sweet bite that won’t ruin your hard work. Everyone needs a little treat and these bites fit the bill. But surprise…they are healthy! They are made with Organic natural peanut butter, gluten-free chocolate chips, vanilla protein, honey, and almonds. MINT chocolate chip is also available

Flavor of the Month: Each month there is a special which ranges from 50-80 calories

Nutrition of the bites:

Fuel Bites (Dried Fruit, Granola, Cinnamon)

Ingredients: dried fruit, organic almonds, organic peanut butter, GF granola or cereal (optional) natural honey, cinnamon. Nutrition : 50;  2.1g FAT 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 13.4mg SODIUM; 6.5g CARB; 1.g FIBER; 3.2g SUGAR; 1.4g PROTEIN

Recovery Bites (Whey Good)

Ingredients: All Natural Chocolate/Vanilla /Strawberry Whey protein powder ( w/ Stevia), natural almond butter, raw almonds, dried banana, and natural honey.  Nutrition (per bite): :51 CALORIES; 2.7 FAT, 0.0mg CHOLESTEROL; 3.9mg SODIUM; 77.6mg POTASSIUM; 4g CARB; 1.0g FIBER; 3.1g SUGAR;  3 g PROTEIN

Regular or Crunchy Mocha

Ingredients: Natural Peanut butter, GF/dairy free chocolate chips, almond meal or coconut flour, whey protein, 100% cocoa, coffee/espresso, honey, and peanut flour Nutrition (per bite): 52 CALORIES; 2g FAT ; 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 22 mg SODIUM; 115.0mg POTASSIUM; 6.4g CARB; 0.5g FIBER;  2.8g PROTEIN

Goodie Bites (Cookie Dough)

Ingredients: Organic natural peanut butter, gluten-free chocolate chips, vanilla protein, natural honey. Optional Chocolate or Mint Flavors too! Nutrition (per bite): 45.32 CALORIES; 2g FAT (0.7g sat); .2mg CHOLESTEROL; 15.36mg SODIUM; 41.0mg POTASSIUM; 5.5 CARB; 0.3g FIBER;  3.6 SUGAR; 2g PROTEIN

VARIETY BITES: Pick any combination of flavors, up to 12 per box
PRICE: $6.99 per box (12 to a box)

 CUSTOM BITES: Pick any flavors and/or nutritional stats and we’ll create a personal bite for you.
PRICE: $8.99 per box (12 to a box) 


Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip

Raspberry Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Lemon Cream Whey Bites

Coconut PB Banana Protein