About the Sherpa Wife

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Welcome Ya’ll! I’m Lindsay Cotter. The “sherpa wife” to the professional triathlete (aka the Kiwi Cotter).

I bet you’re wondering what a “sherpa wife” is. Well, in the triathlon world, Sherpa is the wife/spouse/friend who is always there to guide and support the other to the finish. As a wife and a nutrition specialist, I like to think I support my husband (and others) with tasty gluten free fuel and recipes!


We’ve spent the last 8 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t work in regards to performance, health, nutrition, etc.  And personally, I spent years trying to figure out my own health issues. This is why we eat gluten free. It helped us heal then THRIVE!

I want to be able to share with you just that; the part that makes us thrive, the nourishing recipes, the best FUEL for athletes and all. Whatever it takes to help you FEEL your BEST.

That’s what sherpa’s are for… to be there, physically and emotionally.

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So Cheers to You for finding your way to my little spot on the web. I hope my Cotter Creations can FUEL you for your next adventure, event, big dream, and more!

LC (the Sherpa Wife)


Don’t worry, not all recipes are going to be UBER healthy. Part of life means ENJOYING it, including sweets!