I’ve been trying to get this post up all day, but you know, sometimes life just happens. But as soon as I sat down to go through all the GENUINE pictures, life just slowed down. It was peaceful, it was quiet, it was soothing.

Words cannot express how much JOY I had going through these pictures. It truly was a blessing in my week. And now, I must share these blessings. So sit back, cause this is going to be a TWO PART series. Each one will be filled with YOU… GENUINE YOU!

I guarantee this will MAKE YOUR MONDAY, heck it might even MAKE YOUR WEEK!


Part I

Lindsay and her Hubby with such genuine SMILES
The Lean Green Bean


A MizFit Family embracing some genuine love and snuggle time

2010-09-01 15.15.50_Austin_Texas_US-1

Lauren and her GENUINE lifelong friends share a fun memory!


Susan (left) sharing genuine tears of JOY and RELIEF after completing her daughter after completing first marathon.

And Ashley, living in the moment of genuine happiness and love!

finish eetgenuine (2)

Michelle and her sweet daughter- leaning in to give an eskimo kiss.

A genuine moment “candid camera.”


Sophia being her genuine self with her genuine loves.


Lauren and her hubs soaking up some genuine time together in the mountains.


Julia sharing a genuine cuddle with her pup and a sharing a hug with her genuine support post Ironman!

photo (2)photo

Amazing MOMMA Elizabeth, now here’s a genuine REAL LIFE MOMENT—>

 “un-showered, in mom attire, icing knee, checking to-do list, photo taken by four year old child, who was not supposed to be playing with her iPhone. I sent this one because this is real… not posed, no make-up, just going about my business in a completely candid moment.”


Kelly–  from her wedding day, looking at her husband with genuine love.

She also wrote—- > “I was so (and still am) genuinely in love with Keith.”

Wedding Day 2

Jenny- sharing a genuine “caught in the act” moment baking with her niece and capturing some genuine family fun (husband and niece).


My sweet friend Jess, smiling her most genuine smile because her hubs is behind the camera making her giggle. Winking smile


Here’s to a great start to the week friends!

Part II coming up tomorrow. <3



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  1. Sweet pictures… very nice.

  2. These are SO great. Love them all!!

  3. LOVE this, LC!! Can I still send you a pic?

  4. Aw :) Talk about a post that makes you smile.

  5. Love seeing everyone’s photos. It’s moments like these that remind me what life is all about — not necessarily the perfect set-up and posed productions… but the instances captured that speak to our hearts…

    I needed to see these all tonight… (fun seeing my fam too!)

  6. I love all these pictures. Its nice to see genuine moments like these.

    My mom and I just recently sat down an ventured through a bunch of genuine moments of my kids growing up. It was nice.

  7. LOVE this :)

  8. Oh I LOVE seeing these pictures, a smile on my dial for sure :)

  9. this is lovely! thank you for putting this together!!

  10. This is awesome. Just got chills. how did I miss this the first time?

  11. Oh yay. Love it. Best way to end my night. :)

  12. ah, this seriously brought a smile to my face. such a great way to share authentic happiness! pictures tell a 1000 words and you just posted a novel on the meaning of life.

    thank you for including me.
    and the girl.
    and the toes.
    and the legs
    and the tatttttoos.

  14. Great pics! :) :)

  15. I thought the “mushy” was because of a workout – that’s the word me and my bf use after exercising “I’m mushy” or sometimes “mush-a-push” I don’t really know whey hahaha

  16. OMG love this so much. I adore that picture of Jessica too. So many genuine moments!

  17. This made me smile so much!!! LOVE the whole idea of this!!! <3

  18. LC!!! These pictures just gave me such a big smile! :) perfect way to start the morning!

  19. These are really great! Thank you for making me smile today :)

  20. Mushy but cute! Love all the Love

  21. So sweet. Lovely way to start the day.

  22. ahhh LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is the most beautiful post ever — such genuine love and happiness and JOY screams out at the page. You should totally make this a regular post, it’s awesome. xoxo

  23. LOVE this post!! it made me smile so big!!! This is SUCH an awesome project!!! I may borrow this at some point, it is so SO good!!

  24. This post put the biggest smile on my face :)

    I spent this weekend running alongside the love of my life as he pushed through the end of a tough race and sprinting to the finish to catch him as he crossed, then spent the afternoon mothering friends and strangers who crossed the line after him. When what God put in you flows naturally out – that is genuine!

    Thank you so much for sharing these!!

  25. I love the genuine nature of this post. love it.

  26. sweet post LC. super cute and genuine 😉

  27. YES! I love them all- what a great post!! Everyone’s photos are so great! Love the positivity (and definitely need it when I’m dragging at work!)

  28. Aw this post is adorable! I love this idea! This made me so happy to see first thing this morning!! :)

  29. I love this. so cute! one of my favorite qualities in a person is genuineness. for real.. it can be a rarity nowadays.

  30. beautiful post, Linds! from a beautiful person like you. :)

  31. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    eeeeekkkkkk!!!! these really did make my day if not my entire week :) so fun to look at everyone’s pictures!!!

  32. color me warm and fuzzy.

  33. GREAT POST LINDSAY! Fun to see so many of your readers sharing their genuine moments with us! Sigh!

  34. LC, You are a heart with arms and legs… <3… this post is creative, real and from your heart.

  35. What a great post Lindsay! It’s fun to see so many people genuinely happy : ) Thanks for sharing them!


  36. This post certainly made my day – it was completely wonderful!

  37. This is like the best post ever — totally made me smile!!! :)

  38. love this post! I can’t believe that I forgot to send you a picture.

  39. love it! Totally made me smile

  40. yes this totally made me smile!
    and reminded me that we forgot to send you our pictures!!!

  41. Makes me smile to see all the pics!

  42. Aw these are great! Brought a smile to my face this morning :)

  43. Oh how beautiful!

  44. I love these <3 Always nice to remember those geniune moments in life! Sometimes they pass too quick, and it's nice to look back on them!

  45. :)

  46. This could be my favorite post of all time! It warmed my heart and made me smile from ear to ear! Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

  47. I love this post and this idea. It definitely put a huge smile on my face as I looked through all the pictures people sent in. Amazing and seriously made my heart swell. Is it too late to send one in?


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