FYI Friday

Let’s make this short and sweet today. I’ve had a lot of things to share but not a lot of time. How does that happen? Ha!

FYI Friday…. Kinda like Fun Facts Friday or Food for thought Friday, right?

Just go with it.. Winking smile

FYI– My email got hacked! So if you received an email from me with a random link, DON’T CLICK ON IT. EEK! Sorry.


FYI- GF Tortillas make a much better tostada. Just bake at 400F for 3-5 minutes. Then put whatever you’d like on top!


FYI- So delicious has protein packed almond milk! Made from pea and rice protein. I like it! Good to pump up that protein in cereal and smoothies. The plain almond breeze vanilla is a little creamier. Good for coffee, oatmeal, soups, etc.


Oh and definitely a good combo with some LOVEGROWN GRANOLA too!


FYI- Did you know Dogs need at least an hour walk/hike a day? Yes, they need to expend energy just like us. Crunched for time? 30 minute light jog or some sprints. Seriously, we do that with Sadie. A quick walk then go do sprints with her later or throw the ball. You dog will thank you, and so will your body. MOVEMENT! Smile with tongue out


FYI- PINOT NOIR is the King of Spring! Yes, this makes me very happy. Oh let’s just lift our glasses now and cheers to that.


Well folks, that’s all my FYI today.

For those of you racing, at BLEND retreat, training, etc. this weekend….

Make it great!

Do you have an FYI this Friday?



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  1. I got it! Thankfully I ignored :) Have a great weekend

  2. Love FYI Fridays! And I LOVE pinot noir. YUM 😉 Happy Happy Friday my friend.

  3. I love your FYI Friday post! It made me hungry too, for the record. 😉
    Thank you for the shout-out about my big race on Sunday!! You’re the best. xoxo

  4. Love this! That almond milk sounds really good, I’ll have to be on the lookout!
    Haha and I got that spam email this morning and chuckled a bit 😉
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love this FYI post! Pinot Noir is probably my fav wine although New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs run a close second.

  6. All I’ve got is….Happy Wine Friday! I likely had my Friday wine on Thursday (unless I get my act together with my work soon and pack for my trip….), but I still can appreciate the sentiment of happy hour!

  7. FYI – I had 2+ delicious glasses of Pinot Noir last night and I’m thrilled to know it rules the springtime vino scene! Excellent!

  8. mmmm pinot is my favorite. i had zin last night, and syrah the night before. tonight a workout, and then maybe some pinot 😉

    i have your dairy-free recommendations written down and am looking forward to getting all the goodies this weekend!

  9. almond milk is my fav!

    I guess I didn’t know for sure dogs needed at least an hour of walking a day, but I sure could have guessed it. My pup is always full of energy…but it always gets me some good cardio after my day at work!

  10. Interesting to read about dogs needing an hour but it’s not really that surprising. Time to get the pups out more!

  11. Love Pino!!!!

  12. FYI – pinot noir is the only type of wine I simply don’t like. Cheap PNs, nice PNs, whatever – I’m not sure what it is about them that doesn’t jive with me.

    Another FYI – there are plenty of other types to keep me happy. 😉 Happy Friday!

  13. I LOVE pinot noir! I think it’s my favorite type of wine :)…although who am I kidding, I like a lot of types haha. Happy weekend friend!! Hope it’s amazing and that your stomach feels good!

  14. LOVE almond milk!! I am partial to Almond Breeze, but that one looks really tasty! And now I want it to be wine-thirty. dammit 😉 Cheers friend!

  15. Hmm I’ve never seen those gluten free tortillas…
    FYI- I’m in love with grass fed beef. I’m going to marry it.

  16. oh yum! I hope we get the So Delicious plus asap—-we have finally gotten their coconut yogurt and milk and ice cream. I’m currently addicted to the coconut yogurt and love grown granola. p.s. you need to email an update on your tummy!!

  17. Justttt bought some pinot noir myself in fact! mmmm can’t wait to break into it. Finally someone thought to add protein to almond milk! You know all the brands are gonna catch on now.

  18. My FYI Friday included a delicious Cab Sav from the Barossa Valley…. so so good, seriously the Aussies can do a mean red.

    Makes it better that I was drinking at work – paid to sample great wines? Oh yes :)

  19. I am going to try that almond milk. It looks way good and I love so delicious stuff. Right now I drink the Silk Almond milk which is good too but not much protein.

    Yes even my little Frenchie just needs to get out and see the world. He loves being home but just like me gets a little crazy if cooped up for too long.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Phew! Glad you ignored me. Just this time though. Haha

  21. FYI: I so enjoy your posts and the smiles they bring to my face! Also, FYI, ripping apart store-bought rotisserie chicken w/ your hands & your man makes a GREAT Friday afternoon! :)

  22. I love my Almond Breeze but my sister was just talking to me about the SO almond milk with upped protein – nice! I’ll have to give it a try if I see it, lack of protein is one of the only things I dislike about almond milk!

  23. Happy Friday!!! That milk sounds very interesting. Is it better than the unsweetened almond milk? Yay for pinot noir! Yummmm

  24. FYI – you left the nicest words on my blog post today <3. And also another FYI…carrots are amazing for your eyes…I'm in on the orange monster movement :)

  25. Love that your pup gets so much exercise. Drives me crazy when people complain about their dogs and they are locked inside all day with no attention/exercise…DUH.

  26. I’m a sucker for wine labels and that one says it all! High-Fives to the “Simple Life”. I’m going to have to remember that one. Also may need to try that So Delicious…I want a change up from my normal unsweetened almond milk. Thanks darling! xoxo

  27. Ignored! :)

    Okay, I’m currentlyu noshing on your HB and LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH!

    So glad Sadie has active parents! Retrievers need to expend energy like you said–I feel so bad when I see owners that NEVER walk their dog. Why did you get one?! It’s just not fair!

    happy weekend Lindsay!!

  28. Sadie is such a cute dog. I seriously want her! I definitely want to try that new almond milk too, especially in combination with sweet cranberry pecan granola.

  29. I’m with you on the Pinot Noir. I wasn’t a big fan of that almond milk plus protein though. I had such high hopes. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

  30. FYI I love that you take your pup on hikes! Seems like such a fun way to get outside and enjoy some company :)

    Also, FYI…someone is testing a GF diet around here (clue: not me, ha) and it’s been helpful to scan through some of your posts for athlete-diet ideas!

  31. ooh, where do you get those GF El Lago?

  32. I found the GF tortillas at my Natural Grocers in Cedar Park. Have you used them for anything other than tostadas?

    I found them to be very fragile and I am not sure I LOVED them. I am going to experiment some more. I really wanted to use them for fish tacos. Instead it was more like a fish taco scooped up with tortilla pieces, lol!

    I saw RUDIs came out with 3 new GF tortillas this week, but I doubt there are around here yet. Maybe WF or HEB plus.

    • they are really fragile. i agree. I like toasted them so they hold together better. They are also good for pizza crust! oh and am excited about rudi’s!!

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