Free Friday

G’day. Or G’day Friday for most of you. Hope you are unplugging by now and reading this only if you are bored. Just kidding. But really, this weekend take the time to UNPLUG! GET AWAY and GET OUTSIDE!


That’s what we call our Free Friday. You see, Friday’s are the hubs’ recovery days. This means rest or a light workout. Perfect before a weekend of LONG HOURS of training, yes? Yes!

And perfect because I persuade the hubs’ to go explore with me. Doesn’t matter where, just getting out and seeing the country.

This means NO CELL PHONES, NO RADIO, NO INTERUPTIONS. Just us, the road, time to catch up, and beautiful scenery.

So cheers to Free Friday and cheers to a FREE WEEKEND! I hope you take one day/hour/minute to do the same.



Now turn off the computer and GO EXPLORE!



Winking smile


excuse any grammar mistakes. No time to edit properly. Oh well.

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  1. I’m so glad you guys went out on a little adventure! I’m going to try to convince my guys to do the same here some time this weekend! Enjoy the rest of yours!

  2. sounds lovely! right now I am (sort of) the opposite, I have so little time online these days, I’m missin’ all my friends! <3 <3

    so part of my downtime and fun includes getting online for a bit, to catch up and say hello! but yes… I plan to get out and enjoy this weekend too!

    much love to you!

  3. That looks awesome! We just got hit with a big snow/ice storm, so driving is minimal, meaning I’m plugged in more than i would like, but I’ve turned my brain off. Does that count? 😉

  4. You look so happy! What a great way to spend Friday :)

  5. But it’s really, really cold outside! (not even supposed to hit 30 tomorrow). Can I just come visit you? Seeing all your pictures make me want to visit NZ a thousand times more than before!

  6. How pleasant and fun for you! I spent the evening alone watching DC Cupcakes and Pinning things. What a nice night to just be with myself (and the dogs, of course.)

  7. Love Taylor’s…. my Dad knocked out his front teeth surfing there, hehe. Bummer about the trails being shut… there’s some wicked ones round there. Love the FREE FRIDAY… such a good idea – me and Misty just enjoyed a 1st birthday party at the beach, complete with bright yellow cupcakes…. yip Sid is bouncing off the walls on SUGAR :) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. Next year I’ll be able to spend weekends outside. I hope. :(

  9. You’ll be proud of me…stayed off the computer for hours today…because I had a multi-course dinner that spanned for 5 hours!

  10. Enjoy your weekend, my beautiful friend!

  11. I love the idea free friday but i would prob do it over the weekend! need to do this with no cell phones, twitter, etc.

  12. Reading this a day late but I hope to incorporate this same philosophy today!!

  13. Went to the gym first thing this morning and once my family is up, the computer will be off for the day, too much to do today! I generally un plug on the weekends and it’s so nice :)

  14. Free Fridays are brilliant! :) I love the exploring you do becuase it means the most fabulous photos for me to live vicariously through you two! 😉 thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos with us. looks like a perfect day!

  15. Perfect! I will be mostly unplugged today, but not for any fun reasons. Lots of housework happening around here this weekend.

  16. It seems like most cyclists take Friday really easy and then hammer away for hours on the weekend (sometimes Saturday AND Sunday). Going two days in a row hard was a big adjustment for me because I NEVER did that when running. Yesterday I crossed paths with one of my favorite teammates just as I was starting my recovery ride and we had such a nice time just cruising along together. I love that you guys get out and really take a break from the routine.

  17. Aww, I love this. I also love long walks in the nature. Buuuuuut … it’s soooo cold outside over here. It almost *hurts* to be outside. :( I can’t wait for spring to come, and then walking walking walking will be back in my life! 😀

    I’m going to the sauna with a friend later, so that’s my going out for today. 😉

  18. Happy Weekend, friend :-)
    I’m not unplugging for the whole day…and it’s way too cold to go outside…but I’m definitely going to relax and do nothing for a while!

  19. Okay, but only because you told me to : )


  20. It’s so important to remember to unplug! It can feel so liberating! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  21. I’ve been taking a bit of time off of blogging and technology and it’s quite nice!! I mean, I love blogging but I love the real world too. I hope the weekend is refreshing for you guys!

  22. I would LOVE to! But, this strep isn’t going away as fast as I would like it too. I do plan on getting in some reading from an actual book this weekend though! :)

    LOVE the message. I tell my friends that all the time. Life is WAY too short for you to sit in front of a computer all the time. Maybe that is why my posting frequency has gone down quite a bit as well. 😉

  23. Haha – “stop reading my blog and go have fun”!! :) I’m done with my workouts for the day and just taking a break before heading out to do just that. Have a great weekend!!

  24. Beautiful! Have a great weekend! :)

  25. Gorgeous, as always! Love that we’re seeing little bits n’ pictures of the country, thanks to your explorations :)

  26. High-Fives to disconnecting and getting outside! :) I’d love to join you, so enjoy the fresh, warm, and sunny air, cause it’s cold and dreary here in Jersey. Enjoy your weekend and talk soon via e-mail! xoxo

  27. Lindsay I really needed this!!! it’s a beautiful day and I need to get myself out the door and go explore…hope you guys have a great weekend

  28. Your FRIDAY sounds perfect and a wonderful to commit to each other. I really like this! I feel like I am busy checking my phone EVEN when Spencer and I are watching a show….ridiculous. Thank you for the reminder and example!

  29. I love that you’ve been exploring, that’s what I need to do more of around here, but I’ve been so busy and outdoors has not been my thing lately…booo!!!!


  30. so gorgeous, so jealous. unplugging is good and necessary in order to not become one of those freaks that can’t go 1 minute without their phone

  31. i love spending a few “free sunday” minutes with your blog! i hope the exploration was fantastic!

  32. sounds like perfection! Hope you enjoyed every minute, as I suspect you did :)

  33. hope you’ve had a great weekend, Linds!

  34. Love the pics as usual! I definitely unplugged a bit more this wknd and enjoyed :)


  35. Mmm… I need a Friday like that! Just unplug and go. What a wonderful idea!

  36. Oh, Lindsay, it sounds like you had a delightful Friday! I hope the rest of the weekend was just as fantastic! There’s nothing like getting away for a few hours; escaping our technology-driven world, and appreciating everything that is NATURAL and beautiful does wonders for the soul. xoxo <3

  37. I think I did a pretty good job of doing this over the weekend. I’m trying more and more often to stay off bloggy land, off twitter (for the most part) and away from things that distract me from my IRL life. It’s hard to break that habit – it’s definitely a work in progress for me – but it just makes the weekends much more richer and fulfilling and whole. I love it. I hope you enjoyed yours to the fullest!


  1. […] LCCotter on February 13, 2012 Oh boy oh boy. I sure hope you stayed away from Technology this weekend and just vegged. Trust me, it’s worth it and our minds need it more than anything. […]

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