Today is a day I cannot forget. I mean, I forget a lot and I mean A LOT, but not today. I remembered the important things today.

Like TUESDAY TRAINER! You see, it’s actually Wednesday here, so remembering Tuesday Trainer is a BIG DEAL, right Linz? Anyway, this one is too FUN to miss out on, so go check it out now…. before you forget!




I didn’t forget to cross off my last task on my New Zealand TO-DO list. Yep, the yo-yo’s were made and half are already demolished. Winking smile


And I certainly didn’t forget to lick the bowl. Who could forget that?

Recipe to follow……


And last but not least…..

I most DEFINITELY cannot forget the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for the Christchurch earthquake.


Yes, it’s been one year and 10,000 after shocks later. I think I have felt about 15 of those aftershocks. Nothing too big, but still a bit scary.

The past few days we have watched TV special after TV special about the earthquake. My mother in law remembers it like yesterday, a day that she will NEVER FORGET. She was lucky enough to be off work that day and didn’t have to go into town, where the most damage and destruction was done. We thank GOD for that. We thank GOD for keeping other family safe as well. And we thank GOD for not letting us forget the courageous people and community that brought this town back up and out of the rubble.


So here’s to Christchurch and the people who make this town so amazing and beautiful! Here’s to another year of healing, rebuilding, and growing stronger.



Let’s Not Forget the Goodness today.





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  1. well said.

    Can’t believe it’s been a year…. Chch has been through so much. Too much for one city to have to deal with really. ‘Tis a strong community for sure.

    Did hubs approve of the Yo-yos? Did you?!? :)

    • I know, poor little city. What a year. I am just praying this it is all over. The yo-yo’s were a huge success. Only 3 left out of 10. haha. But i think they are WAY sweet! they are not GF so i only tried the filling. I was going to use corn flour but it was so messy just to make the original. haha.

  2. I couldnt sleep so I seized the meditation and gratitude and GOODNESS focusing time for ME.
    now Im ok to focus on others.

    have a great day!

  3. Wow, a year already? I hope the rebuilding efforts are going well.

  4. Oh my goodness a whole year! Time flies doesn’t it? All those aftershocks must have been terrifying. I hope the rebuilding is going well! I’m sure it’s made the city a stronger community as a result!

    • i just can’t believe how many after shocks there were/are! still going. But yes, they are growing stronger each day here! very cool. Hey how was montreal?

  5. Got it. Remember the goodness. Have a great day! :-)

  6. Wow I cannot believe it has already been a year! How fast time is going by is rather alarming…. I hope the rebuilding is continuing to go well of course :)

  7. Never ever forget the goodness of life <3

    Time really goes by fast, crazy how it can sneak up on you!

    Happy day to you love! <3

  8. I’m very curious about those Yo-yos….similar to whoopie pies?? I will definitely not forget to come back and check for that recipe 😉

  9. Dang I can’t believe it’s been a year since the quake! It’s amazing how resilient those new Zealanders are, the town looks like it’s on the mend and becoming even better than before :)
    Hope you have a great day love!

  10. This is beautifully said. I love how you put thongs into perspective. I have learned a lot about pain over the years and I think it’s important to never forget these moments. Hopefully they help to build us and teach us respect for others. I’m glad your mother-in-law was safe. I will think of all the others that suffered a year ago. Thank you for the reminder.

  11. Amen to remembering the goodness today! That’s something I *try* to remember everyday! I can’t wait for that recipe, looks good :)

  12. can’t believe it’s been a year since then!!! mother nature is so powerful!

  13. I love it, never forget the goodness…makes me realize that is surrounds all of us.

  14. oh man the yo yos look good I bet your husband absolutely loved them, what a lucky guy! And its amazing how such disasters can bring communities together out of necessity to rebuild.

    • yes, he ate 4 in one sitting. good thing he’s training. haha. But he had a major sugar crash later. I warned him. I am going to make these with almond meal/coconut milk next. much better!

  15. You made the yo-yos! Good for you!
    We had our own “earthquake” in DC late last summer- but definitely nothing compared to what happened where you are. It’s so inspiring how people just get right back up and re-build. The human character is an amazing thing! (and thanks for the reminder of that!)

    • i remember that. Isn’t it crazy. The biggest one we’ve had here was a 5 and that was scary! I can’t imagine the bigger ones. Human character really does shine in those situations, thank goodness too.

  16. I can definitely be forgetful about some things. But there are definitely things that we should never forget. Hard to believe it’s been a year.

  17. i certainly could NEVER forget to lick the bowl. 😉 it’s one of my favorite parts of baking!

  18. The goodness of today. So well put, yet again, my friend. It’s easy to lose sight of the little things that make up a day. I vow to do more of this very thing too! And those yo’yo’s look SO good!

  19. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year either. Woohoo for licking the bowl! 😉

  20. Wow. Already a year. That’s crazy. Hugs to you and yours. <3

  21. Cheers to remembering and cherishing all we have.

  22. Never heard of a yoyo but it looks delicious! Is it anything like a whoopee pie?

  23. Oh my goodness, I find that so emotional and heartbreaking.. to have so much taken away from a community that they have worked so hard towards.

    But on a lighter note.. those yo-yo’s sure do look good my friend!

  24. thank you for spotlighting a disaster/recovery story that i’m not familiar with. it’s sad how some events get the spotlight while others are pushed aside quietly in the US. it’s also important to pay respect and feel grief for all lives lost and to gather strength from all stories of renewal and courage!
    your blog inspires, as usual!

    • oh gosh, thank you T. It was hard not to share this when you are surrounded by the memories. I can’t even imagine what it was like but i feel their heartache. I also feel their healing.

  25. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    a great topic for a post! i dont think i could ever forget to lick the bowl 😉 now i just need to work on not forgetting other more important things!

  26. That poor city has been through some stuff, huh!!! Praying for rebirth!
    (thanks for the TT love! I can always count on you! And that means more than you know!)

  27. OK, you’ve convinced me! I NEED YO-YO’S!!

  28. So thankful we have s God who restores & renews both spiritually and physically. I just wish many more people would recognize this gift is available to them!

  29. Wow-one whole year and the community is responding and thriving. Prayers to all. Where do you find your inspirations for your posts? So poignant all THE TIME!! :)

    • oh you are too kind jess. I think i try to focus on qaulity over quantity when it comes to posting. Just something close to my heart has to be felt, ya know? Or FUNNY! haha.

  30. Wow, thanks for the reminder to remember all the goodness. I forget way too often.

  31. love your homemade delicious goodness! and thank you for reminding us of the one year anniversary. i took a bit of time for some yoga goodness this morning and that has made all the difference :)

  32. You made the yo-yos! Save some for meeee!

    p.s. I can’t believe there are still aftershocks a year later! Happy to hear that things are rebuilding.

  33. I’m glad to hear Christchurch is rebuilding after the earthquakes!

  34. The yo-yo’s look awesome. Will definitely be looking for that recipe. “Let’s not forget the goodness today.” Great line, as in, “made me tear up” line.

  35. Let’s definitely nog forget the goodness today (and everyday). You are always so wise in your posts. :) Sooooo fortunate that your mother-in-law was off work that day. God sure plans things out. I’m off to bed to celebrate the good in today. Hopefully tomorrow will grace me with enough time to email you. :)

  36. I meant “not”. It’s late. :)

  37. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Seems like just a month or two ago. Really??

    The yo-yos look yummy, but I am hungry for protein and I thought they were eggs on bagels . haha!

  38. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to Christchurch today!

  39. Yo-Yo’s are going on my to-do list of recipes! My kids would love them (and us adults too)! As much as it is so disheartening to see such distruction, the strength that people have to carry on is such a beautiful thing.

  40. God is good! Looking at Christchurch is evidence of His ability to renew strength! xoxo

  41. Wow amazing! I am so incredibly inspired by how everyone has pulled together to cope, move forward, and rebuild. What a simply amazing community. Lets never forget the love and relationships that were formed because of this terrible tragety. Events like this help us to realize just how strong we are.

  42. really it has been one year, crazy!!! amazing how time really flies by so quickly! it is so great though to see the town rebuilding and starting new :)

  43. Such a harrowing time for the NZ people indeed :( BUt it shows just how resilient they are. Thinking of you all xx

  44. Thank you for reminding of this day, Lindsay! I can remember it very well myself, although I wasn’t there, but someone I love a lot was.

  45. The yo-yos, don’t get me started on how amazing those look!

    How amazing and touching that you’ve lived in the area do close after the disaster. It is so important to count our blessings and keep the town in mind as it heals.

  46. I bet it would be easy to confuse your days there.
    I loved this weeks TT theme! So fun :)

  47. Beautiful post, Lindsay, really lovely to read. So poignant, and so well said. <3 xyx

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