Food & Fitness Friday: Bahamas

I think we might need to move her. Today is another Holiday. It’s Bahamian Labor day. Last Monday was a Holiday too. A three day work week sounds good, doesn’t it? Winking smile

Anyway, today I wanted to share a little Food and Fitness. I love how Jess does her Foodie Fridays and Lindsay does her Fitness Fridays, and because I love both, I will share a wee bit of both. Thanks for letting me hop on the bandwagon ladies.

Let’s talk Food.. and maybe some wine.

Wednesday we were invited to a 2 hour wine tasting at the Mahogany House. We sampled about 4 different red wines and learned a ton about each one. This only made me love wine more. I love learning about the regions, the grape, the vineyard, the texture, clarity, etc. of wines. I think a certain someone was also intrigued. Just look at that concentration.


I’ve also been cooking up a lot of one pot wonders. It’s cheaper, its easy, and it can feed the masses.

Here’s a good one. Gluten Free Cajun chicken sausage with zucchini, garlic, chickpeas, smoked barbeque sauce, tomato, and a little paprika/cayenne to top. I served this with gluten free herbed couscous and a papaya salad. Yes, local goodness on that papaya.



The best thing about these are the leftovers. Perfect for post ride lunch today. Just throw in a corn tortilla. Delish!

Now about that Fitness…. mine has been a work in progress as I mentioned before. But yesterday I took the plunge. The plunge into the pool that is. I did not do the group workout but I did swim, at my own speed, and with a little help from the hubs. Winking smile


For those of you who like a solid swim workout. Here was their Main Set.

SWIM Warm up 1000 straight with every 4th non-free

6×200 (1-3 band only at 75% on 30 sec rest, then progress 4-6 as 75%, 80%, 85% effort with 20 sec rest.

3 x (12×25 fast followed by 50 easy with 1.5 min rest)

Set 1 band only on 30

Haha, swim lingo at it’s finest!

Now we are off for a land workout.. hitting up the gym at Albany for a little strength. Love how empty is! I know, spoiled.


TRX Strength and Core:

20 rows

20 curls

20 single leg squats (on each leg)

10-20 push up and tucks

1 minute plank

Repeat for 15-20 minutes straight

K, that’s it. I’m pooped. Let’s go enjoy this Bahamian Labor day and not labor anymore.

Cheers to Friday Friends!


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  1. Yay for foodie and fitness fridays! (and wine friday, I daresay!?) I looooove that pic of the hubs at the wine tasting, what a riot — he is ALL business at that tasting huh? cheers to a fabulous weekend, girl!

  2. TRX is my new favorite workout ever. I seriously want to get one for home. But I have no clue where I’d hang it (and I rent … lol).

    Happy Friday! So jealous of you, bahama mama! PS Hope your no longer a Sherpa!

  3. I have a fear of pools! I had a friend who contracted a fungus once so every since I’ve been nervous to go in pools. I’m an ocean girl : )

  4. Ahh I NEED to start swimming! My dad does it all the time and its so good for you. I am a terrible swimmer, which has always held me back, but ya gota learn sometime right?! LOVE YOU SISTA!

  5. Maybe I’ll move there too—it’s beautiful and they have lots of holidays? Seriously…what’s better?!

    Glad you got some satisfying working out in :-)

  6. Yay for getting in the pool to swim!! The wine tasting sounds awesome, I would love to learn all about that! Enjoy your holiday ;D

  7. I seriously have not been swimming in forever. Mike and I going away for two days here soon to a little resort and they have a pretty amazing pool and I plan on swimming there! I might just lay out though 😉

    I could not believe how bruised your eye got when I saw on instagram!

    Happy weekend! <3

  8. Love that you got back into the pool and that it was outside…swoon! Enjoy another holiday and the weekend! I’m looking forward to sipping on some wine this weekend. I can already taste it. 😉

  9. I love an empty gym too! :) Great circuit–how I love them! Book marking this!

    Have a fabulous weekend! Maybe you can give me a swim lesson one day!

  10. yup – no clue how to read that swim one. :)
    and don’t move there – move to ASHEVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It’s a long weekend here too – I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Enjoy (and have some more wine!). :)

  12. Love an empty gym like that! I might be a bit jealous of the wine tour 😉

  13. I can definitely get behind multiple short work weeks! They know how to do life… 😉

  14. Mmm, papaya! I’m envious – please enjoy some tropical fruit for me!

  15. I understand the swim lingo! I was a competitive swimmer for years so I can relate!

    Man I want to come to the Bahamas! Looks so dreamy, plus holidays aplenty AND wine? YES!!!

  16. That swim lingo went straight over my head girl! Much respect. I find swimming so exhausting. Isn’t it supposed to be extra gentle on the joints? Great choice.
    xo Erin

  17. I love swimming! It’s been a while for me though, my new gym doesn’t have a pool :(

    So glad you are having such a great time in the Bahamas!

  18. i love one pot wonders!! the best! that looks so good! I am glad you got some swimming in! Now teach me how? 😉 the wine tasting…sounds…awesome!! Cheers friend!

  19. Love that strength and core workout. And the Gluten Free Cajun chicken. Recipe? Yum! Sounds delish.

  20. I miss living in Canada partially for the reason that they have a few more holidays than in the states! I love that you are getting in all this relaxation time in!

    Despite having taken swimming lessons as a kid, I am the worst swimmer ever. I mean I can stay a float and move around but as my husband so kindly put it “I swim like a bear” I don’t think he meant a polar bear either! I can’t ever let him live that one down.

  21. Now I really want to move there! We did take a little time off today for a couple of rounds of bowling, which was nice. I can’t complain about our life when we can do that in the middle of the work week. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time there!

  22. O.K., you convinced me to move to the Bahamas. Can we stay with you till we find a place?? Maybe that empty gym will take us in? I love that (and TRX)!

  23. So glad you are enjoying yourself!! I love my TRX! Thanks for the workout! I’m saving that for when I start working out again! And I like that swim workout, I’m a former competitive swimmer, I miss it now that I don’t compete!

  24. I’ve been learning SO much about wines too, been thinking about how much you would love my new little gig. Someday when I’m more knowledgeable we’ll have to talk (and drink!) wine.

  25. Beaches, sunshine, fresh fruit, and lots of holidays? It sounds ideal to me.
    Hope you enjoyed your swim! And thanks for the recipes.

  26. It’s been so hot here in the East Coast and I remember remarking several times how I’d just love to jump into a pool!

    Have a great weekend, Lindsay!

    • i heard its been hot, and its not an LA dry hot, its sticky hot. Right? I have been reading your updates and am so happy for you. Looks like a great time! Meant to email you as well. Wanted to see how things were. xxoo

  27. Loving the TRX circuit! Simple but effective

  28. Your pace is all that matters :)
    I don’t think I’ve swam to actually swim in like 20 yrs ha!
    TRX is my fave strength training.

    Happy wknd <3

    PS – ill move w/ y'all :)

  29. wow! there is so much beauty there and i’m so glad that you’re able to enjoy it! fitness is coming back and there’s only one way to go – up and up! :)

  30. One pot wonders are the best! So comforting and good :)

    I love how I totally understood all of the swimming lingo. I think I might have to incorporate some of those sets in my next swim! I hope you Cotters are enjoying yourselves! <3333

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten chick peas in a casserole/stir fry type dish… I need to cook with them more!

  32. oh man do I wish I had a TRX to do that workout!!

  33. i miss swimming SO much!!

  34. the food looks divine!

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