Flavorful “Foto” Friday

Happy Friday. We made it. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of work to get caught up on this weekend, but it’s the weekend, so I can half ass it, right? Winking smile

I did manage to get caught up on my TO DO list, so i will announce the healthy bite winner Monday. Sound good? Don’t forget to check out the giveaway. A MUST DO on that TO DO! haha.

Anyway, it’s Fitness Friday, Foodie Friday, and Foto Friday all rolled up into one big Flavor Ball. This Friday is all about Mojo. Not really sure what Mojo really means, but to me it means spice. It means sass. It means magic! So here’s a little bit of my MOJO flavor to end the week.

Sweet and Spicy Mojo Salmon with brown rice and papaya salad.


This is quite easy to make. Take a spicy marinade, like a Jamaican jerk or Southwestern flavor, add it to a pan with a little white wine, garlic, lemon, water, and basil. Place the salmon fillets in pan and coat with sauces. Then cover and steam on medium high for 10-15 minutes. I add the basil last 5 minutes. For the papaya salad, use romaine lettuce, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese,  chopped zucchini, and pine nuts (optional).

This dish goes great with a light red. I used a classic table wine from this vineyard. Definitely a good buy!


Oh and don’t forget the great view! It completes the MOJO dinner. Winking smile


Next up are my MOJO Healthy Bites flavor. Yes, these were MAGICAL!! Can you guess the flavor?

muddy buddy

It’s Muddy Buddy Mocha and it just so happens to be Vegan and Gluten Free. Magic in the making people!

And last but not least, my MOJO playlist. It had been way too long since I made a playlist for teaching classes. Here’s the one I used for my cycle/yoga class. It’s sassy, yes?


Alright, that’s enough flavor talk. Enjoy your weekend! I’m off to celebrate Wine Friday.

What’s your Mojo like this week?



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  1. I’m not sure I’ve had any wines from that vineyard actually. It’s always good to hear reviews or likes/dislikes from friends. My mojo was a 9 mile run before work. I think that’s all I got left. May have to lounge in the pool the rest of the weekend 😉

  2. I’z makin’ me some Indian spiced salmon with Quinoa and veggies tonight. great minds think alike. Don’t you love getting caught up on a to do list. It just frustrates me that it fills back up so quickly! Have a great weekend, Lindsay!

  3. LOVE that mojo playlist– anything that combines Gotye and Lil Wayne is a winner in my book 😉
    Enjoy your weekend hot mama!

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Where do you teach spin? Please say Gold’s or 24 hour! I’d love to take one of your classes!

  5. love you mojo! our mojo was Lori and gary moving into their new home…and I get my bed back 😉


  6. I want Muddy Buddies now!!! Thanks, although I did eat two smores tonight and they had Reese Cups in it!! My Mojo this week was a ROUGH one, and I feel like I need some wine, but its 1038 and Im WHOOPED so maybe tomorrow haha?!

  7. I do miss salmon, that dish sounds awesome… as do your healthy bites – YUMMO.

    Check out Lisa Mitchell – “Spiritus” for a lovely upbeat, uplifting tune to add to your mix!

    Happy weekend lovely friend :)

  8. I really like your playlist – some good stuff on there! And the Muddy Buddy Bites look very, very tasty :)

  9. ohhh that salmon looks yummy! and you make it sound so easy 😉
    I like the mojo this week- those healthy bites have my name all over them! So does the wine…except I was so tired last night I had to choose between the grocery store and the LCBO. And food trumped wine. haha I’m currently gathering mojo with coffee for this 5hr ride (probably all in the rain…)!

  10. Love the salmon meal – I am loving it right now and want it every day! I need to find some wild on sale and stock up so I have it whenever! It’s too expensive if I buy it wild AND fresh every day!

  11. My mojo weekend is in DC having fun with Sara! Oh and I had a mojo bar, does that count?! :)

    Love you!

  12. Oooh, I think I’ll try out that salmon as well as the papaya salad!! Ever since my naturopathic doctor told me I really needed to eat fish, I’ve been on the lookout for yummy fish dishes. This on will be enjoyed for sure : )

    We are off for vacation on Monday so my mojo is relaxing!!

    Have a great weekend Lindsay!


  13. those healthy bites look amazing! j and my mojo were the healthy bite inspired caramel apple pecan pie bites! so good! and powered us through a track circuit workout!

  14. Lovely eats as always!! Cycle/Yoga–this is a first for me, but I can see what a winning combo that would be–loosen up tight legs after being in a hunch position.

    Mmmmm. Muddy buddies!!

  15. My mojo has been refocusing on some things around here lately. I’m feeling a little on the lost side, but I’m getting there. Sounds like you’ve had some delicious adventures lately! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  16. YUM! It’s a tie-breaker between the salmon and those mojo bites, they both look SO YUMMY!! Can you make me both please? 😉

  17. the muddy buddy mocha healthy bites sounds great! you are on a roll with those. :) I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I hear it’s really hot down there in Texas.

    • it’s 98F today! Save me!!! But i hoping we get to travel more soon. Oh i got the travel bug for sure. Will you be free to chat this week? Need an update desperately!

  18. Ooh, I’d love to pump up the flavor in my life with a little mojo marinade! Love the sound of that recipe; thanks for sharing! And Muddy Buddy Mocha Healthy Bites? Yes please and thank you. Do they provide a little caffeine kick along with that mojo? 😉

    Hope you’ve had a fab weekend! Hugs. <3

  19. muddy buddy mocha looks deeeelicious

  20. Hoping my “mojo” this week is a lot better then last week! HA! It’s a busy week ahead and I’m looking forward to it. So much going on, but it’s good stuff! Woman how do you come up with all these recipes for Healthy Bites!!! So awesome…xoxo

  21. glad you tackeled the to-do list! The spin list looks great.
    Hope you got some rest this wknd!

    Hugs <3

    longstoryshort wanna meet up at the B&N at the arboretum friday sat or sun?

    • we are moving and house sitting this weekend. Yes, i decided i could do both. Ha ha. BUT… FOR SURE! I will need a coffee break. That i know. Maybe Friday?

  23. I am TOTALLY borrowing from your playlist for b9!! love the tunes!! Your dinner recipe looks awesome, I must try it. Cheers, belatedly to wine Friday!

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