Filler UP Friday

Just a quick hello this GOOD FRIDAY. I hope everyone gets their FILL weekend.

FILL yourself so that you can overflow. I know, easier said than done at times. But to me, FILLING ourselves starts with being kind to ourselves, loving ourselves, and being thankful… yes… for OURselves.

Do I sound like a hallmark card yet?194569646370728732_DS2keskp_c

So go head, get your FILL.

Your FILL of










Winking smile


Caramel Egg Healthy Bites
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: snack
Serves: 30
  • ¾ cup GF Rice Crispies (I use brown rice crispies)
  • ⅔ cup raw cashews
  • ½ cup mini caramel bites (in baking section)
  • 1 tbsp chocolate pudding powder (can also use cocoa)
  • 45 grams of Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2-3 tbsp Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
  • ¼ cup honey
  1. Blend your dry ingredients (minus the powders) in food processor. Transfer to bowl. Add in your powders, cocoa, almond butter. Stiry and mix well. Add in your honey, stir again. Roll into bites and place on wax paper. Store in freezer or fridge.


What will you FILL YOURSELF with today?

“Let me FILL you with MY Love, Joy, and PEACE. These are Glory-gifts, flowing from MY presence.”- God



Cotter Crew


For my Gluten Free Friends, here’s a list of APPROVED Gluten Free Easter Candy. ENJOY!

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  1. I get to spend the day with my guys!!! I’m looking forward to some family time! Have great weekend my friend. I hope you two get a chance to enjoy some relaxation and family time! Xoxo

  2. ooohh LOVE this version. yummmmmmm

  3. Fill yourself up! Yes yes :)
    Those healthy bites sound delish!
    Happy Friday Linds!

  4. Oooooh. Those bites look wonderful. (Well, okay, they actually don’t LOOK wonderful, but they sound it!) I just made some lemon bites with my new lemon stevia….LOVE. Very springy.

  5. Happy Good Friday and Easter, my friend. I am so excited to spend the day on Sunday hosting my grandparents and my mom and sister Jen and niece! Love that cadbury egg healthy bite! WANT!

  6. Beautiful message my friend — you always write with such heart, YOUR heart which I just happen to love dearly. :)

    Happy Easter weekend my dear, I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday while giving praise to Him on this glorious day. I’ll also be filling myself up with love and praise and joy this weekend, surrounded by family and friends, just how I like it.

  7. Hope you have a glorious and blessed Easter weekend too girl! He is risen! :)

  8. Loving this post, perfect for Friday love :) I am going to enjoy my time with friends tonight!! Have a glorious weekend!

  9. i just adore you!!! you have the best attitude and I love it.

    the energy balls look pretty rock star too!!!

  10. I think you can purchase some of your various “balls” oh goodness, can’t think of what you call them :) i like you on FB too but can’t see how to order them or how much they cost. Thanks! they all look so yummy! Can you email me please?

  11. Oh Yum those look absolutely delicious and perfect for Easter. Have an amazing weekend and hopefully the Easter bunny doesn’t forget to visit the Cotter home. 😉

  12. Spent my day running with friends! We had a great time! Filling myself up with family this weekend! Can’t wait :) Have a great Easter! p.s. those balls looks delish!

  13. Oooh – I wonder if they have a vegan version of those caramel bites, because that recipe sounds fantastic!!

  14. Happy Easter Lindsay. I hope you the hubs have a wonderful weekend.

    Can’t wait to meet you. :)

  15. Thanks for the list – I was wondering what I’d be able to *borrow* from the easter egg hunt at church on Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. i LOVE how the writing above the treat photo looks like a cross. YOU! have a wonder-filled and awe-filled weekend.
    Happy Easter.

    • *random* suddenly the word awful will never be the same to me– it sounds like it could be “awe-full” which in my head is now translating to “full of awe” after writing the above comment.

      weird, haw? i don’t think i like the word awful as a word anymore.
      no worries. i’ll be over it tomorrow.

    • LOL! You know i love you more and more each day with these comments. I’m AWFULLY thankful for you.

  17. Oh my gosh those sound sinfully delicious…except they aren’t sinful at all ;). I plan to spend the evening out to dinner catching up with some friends and just enjoying each others company!

  18. mmmm tasty tasty health bites :)

    I’m so looking forward to just hanging with my boys… so nice Viper gets a break from work and we all get to play :)

    Happy Easter to you and the Hubs :) xx

  19. You know that I am so thankful for, how did I get so lucky to cross paths with such a ray of light? Some people just make you smile from the inside out..that’s you my angel girl.
    PS. Those are some fine lookin’ carmel bites.. pin those babies pronto xo

  20. I fill myself with love and positivity every day!

    Things I wish I would fill myself with this weekend….

    martinis, cadbury creme eggs, and non stop ice cream! Hehehe!

    I will have the cadbury eggs at least but in moderation, next weekend martinis, big 30th birthday!

    Love ya girl!

  21. I hope you are disconnecting and enjoying your weekend…I’ll be disconnecting tomorrow after yoga! This week I’m hoping to let my guard down and fill up with love, laughter, new experiences, and FUN. xoxo

  22. oh man, i’m filling my pinterest with your recipes! :) and i’ll be filling j’s belly with healthy bites!
    i’m also filling myself with deep breaths for relaxation, long sighs of contentment, and joyful bursts of excitement!

  23. Happy Easter, beautiful friend! This was a beautiful post, and it didn’t require a lot of words to be an uplifting reminder of how to live life. How to live life everyday, really.

    I plan to fill myself up with God and family this weekend.

  24. Um yum! Those bites look fantastic. I am filling myself up with lots of Heath Man Love tonight. Going to just enjoy the fact that we are so blessed to have such a sweet little guy.

  25. This post fills me with JOY!! And so do you, Miss Cotter! Always! <3

    Aaaand, I have no doubt your healthy mini caramel Cadbury eggs will as well. I hope you plan on sharing some with the Easter Bunny!

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend! xoxo

  26. We filled our home on Friday with wee one clothes/shoes/blankets/bibs, etc. since through prayer we know the gender of said wee one.

    Angels blessed us with a free gift from an Earth Angel, and we are beyond grateful.

    We also filled our home with the laughter and wackiness of a 13 year old young man all week who could not be more thrilled about his future sibling. :-)

  27. I think I’ll fill myself with more healthy bites! And lots of smiles because I get a week off to relax and catch up on all my studying. Hope you have a lovely easter weekend :)

  28. I plan to fill my family up with love and quality time.

    What a blessing you are, friend. Beautiful message.

    Tasty little bits!

  29. Oh Lindsay- I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I love the new look of the site and that recipe for healthy bites. That’s just not nice because now I want to make thme right now instead of do my taxes. :) LOVE YA!!!!!

  30. I filled myself with making homemade donuts and coloring easter eggs with the kids. Good morning. And thanks for the recipe…I can’t wait to try these healthy bites!

  31. beautiful as always 😉 hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!

  32. Happy Easter!! These sounds awesome. Caramel is the best! Too bad the easter bunny didn’t bring me these!


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