Fake it Friday

Ahh yes. Friday has come. Although it’s just another day in the Cotter house, it still feels good to say it’s Friday.

I think my brain and body are finally on the Friday wavelength too.

So what is the best way to overcome jet lag? I say “fake it.” Fake like you never left the time zone that you are currently in. This means you get up, eat, sleep, etc. all at your normal hours. It means going to be when you are not tired and waking up when you are still SUPER tired. We’ve been on the “fake” routine the past 3 days and last night it finally worked, slept the WHOLE night. No sleeping pills needed either. Although I was “this close” to taking them. haha.

While we’re on the topic of “faking it,” and no I don’t mean that kind. Winking smile  I mean the attitude kind, a few people have recently asked me how I (we) stay so positive and “happy”. You know what I say?


I’m a firm believer of FAKING IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Well, for most things.

If you put yourself in a situation where you must persevere in order to reach your “potential” or reach your “dreams” per se, then the only way you can survive is through positivity. This is just my opinion. It’s what works best for my our brains.

We are striving towards a dream. We are taking risk. It’s bloody hard. It’s disappointing at times. It’s draining. It’s A LOT to handle.


If we focus on the good that comes from each trial. If we look past the current situation. If we see each setback as a chance to then LEAP forward, then we just might….




And if we don’t, then at least we grew stronger trying.

That’s real strength, no faking it there.


Let’s see, what else do we tend to “fake?”

I think it’s safe to say we “faked” liking our sweet get up car we drove in New Zealand.


But like I said, some things you just can’t fake.

Some things are better off seen as they are.

You can’t fake racing a half ironman when training 4 months for a FULL Ironman. Yep, that about explains it all.

I think the hubs said it best here.

IMNZ Race Day Photos


I promise that’s James. It’s the headless cotter shot I took. Whoops!

2nd out of the water, and 3rd onto the bike!


And the run, where look on his face explains it all.

No fake smile there and that’s TOTALLY OK!


Oh and there was no faking me hiding out in the car for 20 minutes after the swim portion.



Guilty as charged.


This post is just a little explanation of our thought process. Some might think the same way, while others don’t. I totally get that. You gotta THINK the way that’s BEST for you, right?

So what’s your motto? Are you a Fake it till you Make it person?





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  1. HUGE believer in faking it till ya make it – especially when it involves chasing those dreams! That’s precisely what I’ll be doing at 5:30pm tonight while teaching my first barre n9ne class. Faking it like a PRO!!!

    PS. I secretly hope to win this giveaway next week, ohhh how I’ve missed your healthy bites!! Must make an order!!!

  2. oh absolutely fake it till you make it – had my second round interview yesterday and if i dont know what they are talking about, i fake it like i do and just nod my head and smile 😉 i think it worked out well.

    i love you guys – it was so nice to hear JCs voice today! welcome back to the states – now get some sleep!

    • Sweeeet!! i hope you get it girl! and i know the hubs was happy to catch up with you too. i love that he calls his “ladies” on the side. haha.

  3. aww! I totally believe in this and it is so hard to do sometimes…to dig deep and fake it till ya make it. But almost always – well, ALWAYS ALWAYS – it’s worth it. (and I LOLed on the ‘not that kind’ comment hehe). I have called the last year or so a fake it till ya make it at work and with every challenge I’ve faced. It truly helps and is always worth it!! PS YAY for a giveaway…and um Healthy Bites!! Reminder! I wanna put in an order when you are up and running!)

  4. Sometimes I do think you gotta fake it ’til you make it. If you smile enough, it starts to stick right 😉

  5. I couldn’t agree more, I do it all the time. I’m always voicing things in the positive even when my mind doesn’t totally agree. It helps me convince myself and you come off as positive to others which is always a good thing.

  6. I’m trying to work on the fake it til you make it… but I’m awful at it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And, seriously, you can’t hide red eyes from crying =\

  7. I’m definitely all about faking it till I make it…. it works! Or, at least it helps…and if it’s still not great, I have a glass of wine (which I’m counting down to right now….60 minutes till happy hour!)

  8. Yes! Sometimes you have to fake it at first and then it becomes real later too. Like when you’re not feeling “up” or sociable and you force yourself to be pleasant for a while, until it’s contagious even to yourself and your day gets a little brighter. :)

    • it really does become REAL later. Joy can be found through that same situation too. True joy comes when you practice it enough, right? oh and the social thing, done that before!!

  9. Yes yes yes! Sometimes you just gotta fake it, espexially when it comes to giving a crud in chemistry lectures haha 😉
    Oh and I totally agree about faking it for jet lag’s sake! Faking it and loading up on caffeine mwahaha!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. totally agree! FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!!!! Sometimes, when I’m in a really bad mood, smiling does actually help lift my spirits! oh, and a good COMEDY 😉

  11. I think it’s definitely important to both “fake it” but also to recognize and validate when you’re not feeling great! I struggled a lot over the last year to fake positivity, and it just meant that I help a lot of negativity inside instead of letting it out. Being to cry and move on has been SO important – but so is smiling on the way to work in the morning when I don’t feel like it to make the most of my day!

    My thoughts are with you, and keep it up – you will make it!

  12. I think faking it till you make it is the perfect way to put most of what I do! I hope it helps me achieve something great, but if not, at least I took the journey!

    Keep your chin up my friend! Positive thoughts always make things brighter! xoxo

  13. I totally fake it until I make it. Sometimes I fake myself into a better mood! Funny how that happens!

  14. Girl I know all about the fake it Friday haha none of my pants fit anymore so faking it is my middle name hahahaha xoxo!!

  15. I totally believe in faking it till you make it! I recently have had some issues at work with another coworker. Let’s just say I have been a really good actress for the past few months for the sake of keeping my job. Today was her last day working with me!! Yay!

  16. Considering my blog post from earlier this week, you already know my answer. Happy Friday friend. Enjoy!

  17. you know I love ya both! and girl, I’m the queen of fake it till I make it. heck, i’m banking on that motto working for me for keeping up in May! hehe
    oh yah, this post reminded me of the quote that Kelly (williamson) has on her blog, the stone cutter one? you have to go read it, you will understand once you read it! :)

    • oh i am off th read that! i meet up with kelly this week so i’ll ask her as well. I know you agree on this. thank goodness! and you will MAKE IT!

      • if you can’t find it on her blog, definitely ask her. I’ve got that quote written out at home, it’s rather brilliant. :) she has a few blogs where she references/writes about it, also good too. :)

  18. I’m not good at faking it. Sometimes that is a detriment, othertimes a blessing. I take the good with the bad, though, mostly because I can’t change it. It’s just me.

    I love that his head is a glowing orb. And I’d have been in the car right next to you, tea in hand!

    • haha, i think we are so alike in so many way Katie. I love your response here and can relate.

      Too bad you weren’t with me to hang out during race day. Could have used that tea!

  19. This is so true and it’s been proved too that pretending to be happy actually makes you feel happier… but yeah, I don’t think you can fake ironman training…!

  20. All good thank you, loving the (almost) spring! Thank you, hope life is good with you too :-)
    I’ve literally just got back from a workshop on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it was all about this; positive visualisation, unconscious thinking, etc… it was fascinating and all so true!

  21. I found this on Wiki last week…”Fake it. Along the same lines of smiling to make yourself feel happy, acting confident might actually make you believe it. Pretend you’re a completely confident version of you; go through the motions and see how you feel!” Because I’m a firm believer in that concept. Love that quote by Richard Scott! Hopefully you become un-jetlagged shortly. That song JetLag by somebody and Natasha Beddinglfield is on one of my running playlists.

  22. yes I think we all need to fake it till we make it :)
    and love that quote how true it is! we always tell ourselves things even if it may not be 100% true to help give us motivation to keep going! most of the time it works haha

  23. I certainly try tO be! Fake it until you make it is a great motto and I need to keep it in mind. You are always so wise lindsay :) hope you and James are enjoying time with Sadie and adjusting to being back in Austin

    • trying is half the battle, ya know? but as long we try, we’re getting somewhere. Ya know?
      I am settling, but it’s an odd feeling. Not sure if i like it. Oh well.

  24. i remind myself that nothing has broken me yet. i have survived everything as evidenced by the fact that i’m still here. i will continue surviving because i come from a family of strong, determined women who have done what was necessary to keep me safe and happy. i’ll survive and i’ll thrive because i owe them that. there’s no faking that. history is stronger than any fear of failing!

  25. you know I believe it…I believe it works…I just have a hard time doing it BUT I am getting better at it.

    my motto…I often tell my friends mine is “if you are not pretty be funny” I say that when they tell me I am funny…because well I am hilarious…no really.

    you may not come to LA without telling me. deal?

    • doing it is the hardest part! we can say it, but doing it is TOUGH. But you are tough! and yes, i promise to never leave LA again without notifying you.

  26. YES! Sometimes you just have to fake it. Lately I’ve been drinking decaf coffee trying to fake out my body and not feel as tired! ha ha

  27. I believe in fake it till you make it! I like it because sometimes- what you’re faking becomes reality.

  28. yes! i agree wholeheartedly with this…especially the part where you mentioned getting through because it will at least make you stronger if nothing else! i could honestly relate to so much of this post…i often find that life is a lot about our perception of things. we can either look at things negatively or positively…doesnt mean it was a “positive experience” but at least what we took away from it was positive and can positively shape our future!

    • YES, perception is EVERYTHING> and to be honest, i am a firm believer in the placebo affect. You can make it happen if you believe enough, yes?

  29. I couldn’t agree more about faking it til you make it. Whether it’s jetlag, your professional life, public speaking…etc, going in with confidence is half the battle.

    Actually, I had never thought of applying this mantra to jetlag, but I love that idea. And your post is so timely for me, as I’m hopping on a very long flight in a few days. So thanks for that! :)

  30. Ashley Knox says:

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. And I most ASSUREDLY FAKE IT til I Make it some days! It is what it is, but some days it IS too much so I FAKE it! 😉

    Glad you and the hubs made it back to Austin safely!

  31. I love this post makes me wanna laugh so hard. thanks for posting this one.


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