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This was our last weekend in the Bahamas. Another round of long runs, bike rides, and swimming. But before we hopped into training mode, we got to enjoy some boating in “recovery day” mode. Yes Friday was recovery, from the week of training, then Saturday and Sunday were longer training hours. I hopped in a few swim here and there and tackled a slow slow slow 5k. It felt good to be out there and it felt good to be the first one done, hehe.

Anyway, here’s a quick video and a few views from the boat.

boat ridepingboat ride 2boat

Love the large homes with the yachts out front. The hubs and I fully intended to win lottery and then buy one, or both!  Anyone wanna pitch in for a vacation spot? Winking smile haha.


Well, that’s it folks. I head back to good old ATX today and the hubs comes back a day or two after. It will be good to be home but I will miss my time here. We always meet such amazing people when we travel. We get to act like locals and make a little home away from home. We create new friendships that last a lifetime. Yes, it is corny, but true. They don’t call me Corny Cotter for nothin.’


Life at home awaits. Several orders of healthy bites to be filled, hooray! And a new game plan for the hubs. Stay tuned for another stand by by Cotter report.

Cheers to new friends, new experiences, a successful journey, and a great view!


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  1. Have a safe flight back to good ol TX :)

  2. I love the last photo.

  3. Love the pics my friend :) Have a safe trip back home!!

  4. I adore the last photo, you two look so happy :) Have a safe trip back home !!

  5. Love the cute video with the music, makes me want to be there even more than I already did. And those dogs are awesome!! Safe travels back home!

  6. can’t wait for the next adventure!!

  7. Love the photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and soaked it all in. Guess it’s time to start playing the lotter huh 😉

  8. Love those houses with the yacht! I’m coming to stay with YOU if you win the litto and move here!!

  9. Um, I’d totally go in on a vacation house with you guys, it looks SO GORGEOUS there! And um, we’d have a blast together too, am I right??

    Safe travels home friend!
    PS need to order more healthy bites soon too!! yum!

  10. Safe travels friend!! The scenery in the bahamas looks amazing :). I’m glad you had a good trip!! Can’t wait to hear the updates. Love u <3

  11. I have loved following your journey as you’ve been out there! You have fully embraced it, the both of you, and made as much of it as possible. That is just the best. I am so happy for you and I’d love to pitch in for a vaca spot there 😉 Let’s dooo it!

  12. Cheers to you! Love the video and pics!

  13. Sounds like an amazing experience! I hope you have a great week!

  14. How is your Kiwi accent coming along? I hope you don’t miss your hubs too much for the few days alone. http://funandfit.org/2012/06/working-obliques-right-and-wrong-way/

  15. Wow! To be able to experience the Bahamas must be amazing. Good luck returning to “life.”

  16. Lovin’ that last photo of you two! :) Have a safe flight back!! And it sounds like your trip was incredible!

  17. pups on the boat!! (you know that is my favorite part!) 😀

    that and your smiling faces! XXO save travels Cotters!

  18. Awww those pictures are absolutely breath taking. Thanks so much for sharing and travel home safe. :)

  19. heck yea! a yacht would be on my lottery list too!

  20. Aw, see you soon then 😉

  21. the view looks incredible LC! so glad you all enjoyed some perfect time away in such an amazingly peaceful looking place:)

  22. Well at least I can feel like I’m there. Come here sea breeze:)

    I’ll totally go in on a timeshare with you….

  23. Love that picture of you two…so freaking cute! 😉 Cannot WAIT to get my Healthy Bites! Safe travels back home and we’re still going to rock the beach hair look. Picture later this week…xoxo

  24. THAT PUP!

  25. I love your little videos…I like getting a glimpse into your life, no matter where ya are! Of course, the views are beautiful on the islands.

    And hi, I’d ABSOLUTELY pitch in for a vacation home….

  26. LOVE your photos and video! Felt like I was on vacation with ya!

  27. I enjoyed reading all about your trip over the past little bit :) Safe travels!

  28. I got to meet one of your ATX friends (and rockstar triathlete…) this weekend 😉 I’ll let you guess who…
    I wanna go to training camp in the Bahamas!! jealous…it looks beautiful and amazing. And I’m so happy that you and James got a chance to do this- definitely much needed training vacay me thinks!
    stand by Cotter…ohhhh I can’t wait to hear what he is up to next!

  29. That pup is so cute :)

    OK, so you’ll win the lottery and I’ll come and stay, yes?

  30. new game plan for the hubs? i’m so glad that you guys are finding your path and, most importantly, walking this road together. you’re such an amazing team!

  31. LOVE the video!! Makes me wish I was out on the water. Looks and sounds like you all had a good getaway. I’d like one of those homes/yachts too please! Looking forward to the Standby Cotter report :-)

  32. hope you made it home safely! those photos are beautiful. I love being near water – I’m heading out for a run by the water right now! wish you were here to join me. :) looking forward to catching up. phone date this week? xoxo

  33. I need beach!!! 😀 Great pics. I enjoy mingling with locals when I travel – that’s half the fun!

  34. Those waters are beautiful! same w/ the house and boat. i could easily get used to vacationing there. 😉

  35. I can’t see the video at work, but LOVE the photos (especially the doggie of course!).
    I’ll pitch in for a yacht… I’m sure we can get a few others to go in too, right? 😉

  36. lovely! Have a safe trip home :-)

  37. Have a safe trip home!

    The Bahamas are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to go back sometime soon, and buy a house with my lotto winnings 😉

  38. Beautiful view. :) Glad you are hope (or will be soon)! :)

  39. love boat rides! love all the pics and glad you guys make it make safely 😉

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