Gluten Free Chocolate PB Pastry Pie

Last week was tough on the Kiwi. The 100+F heat made it hard for him to train like he wanted to and other “life” things occupied his mind. He felt as if his Pro career was “up in the air.” I guess you could say his HAPPY got bumped.


As a wife and a woman, I feel as if we are the ones that can control the tone of the house. Control, you know we like that. Ha Ha! But what I mean is that if WE smile more,are  positive, loving, and JOYFUL (even if when we don’t feel like it), it can soothe a bumpy week. It can bring peace in the midst of frustration.


Last week I gave that bump a  little TLC and you know what? It worked. Well besides my one melt down. Hey I’m a woman not super woman, right? Winking smile This weekend that bump was healed and the house is now happy (for the most part).

We fueled well.. meaning HAPPY and Healthy Bodies!

New Healthy Bites recipe to share.. soon.

New Love Grown Foods SUPER OATS. AMAZING! And yes, I’ll get to share these soon too. Promise.

Super Oats

The weather was cooler.. meaning HAPPY Training and more Family time outdoors!


We enjoyed… meaning Happy Chocolate filled Bellies and some wine time (obviously).


nuttzo pudding cups

nuttzo pie

[print_this] Ingredients:

  • gluten free pastry dough (i used my pillsbury)
  • 1 cup organic yogurt (I used lactose free plain)
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup PB Flour or Coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp Chocolate Peanut Butter ( I used Nuttzo’s Dark Chocolate PB)
  • Coconut Chips
  • Vanilla Extract (1 tsp)
  • 1 banana – sliced
  • Optional: Chocolate Whey protein


  • Baked your pastry cups in a muffin pan. I used my extra muffin cups from this recipe. Pretty simple. Then combine your pb flour, yogurt, vanilla, and Chocolate in a bowl. Whip until fluffy. If the batter is too dry, add a little more yogurt or milk. If it’s too thin, add more PB flour. Then spoon into baked pastry cups. Top with Banana slices and coconut chips. The Batter fills anywhere between 4-6 pies depending on the size of your muffin cups. But don’t worry, the batter can easily be consumed without a pie crust.
  • Other options: Use chocolate whey instead of PB flour and feel free to add in crushed peanuts, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Chill in fridge for 30 minutes before serving. [/print_this]

I added in little bit of this whey protein. It was delicious!


Makes for a pretty Marvelous Monday, ya know?


How do you react when you Happy get’s bumped?

Mini pies and Nuttzo are the cure, right?





For a 15% off discount on Nuttzo, use COTTER15 at checkout. Anytime! Go NUTZ!


If you have any GF treats that you make for loved ones (especially if they are having a bad week), come share with us in the UDIS GF community forum.

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  1. I could not agree with you more about how we set the tone for the house. That’s one of the reasons why I go to bed early – I like to be awake, rested, and happy for when the little ones get up each morning. I try to set the tone for the day.
    I’m sorry J had a rough week. Thinking of you both and praying that things continue the way you want them to. xo

  2. ain’t nobody got time to let their happy get bumped!! (ok yes we all have our moments but i just like saying ain’t nobody got time lol) and those mini pies?! HELLO GOODNESS!

  3. ooh girl.
    you know me.


  4. So glad you got things back on track…a tough week on one member of the family means a tough week for everyone. And I think those little treats would do the trick for just about anyone!

  5. Welcome back HAPPY!! I was in a funk this weekend and yes, it happens. BUT there is too much to be happy about. Spending time outdoors, connecting with loved ones, curl up on the couch and watching some trash tv, yes, sometimes I need this to make me happy :-)

  6. Oh wow, that sounds delicious!!

  7. That recipe looks amazing!!! Love your view on setting the tone of the house! Keep it happy girl :)

  8. You know, it’s funny.. I definitely think about setting the tone for my daughter, but not so much for my husband… if I’m having a rough day, I want him to know it! But I’m realizing he can know it without having to deal with my complaining or grumpiness… I need to be more aware of setting a good tone for him, too!
    That nuttzo pie has me drooling!!

  9. Glad you were able to restore the peace, happiness and beauty of your home. Sometimes I think we just need a little more TLC. :)

  10. Last week was an awful week for me. My happy was definitely bumped. Sadly, when that happens, I walk away from everything. I didn’t post on instagram or fb and I didn’t really communicate with my friends. That leads me down a bad road. I really spent the time focusing on the bad and should have really turned things around by surrounding myself with more happy things. Despite Tony and the boys’ efforts, I withdrew. This week, I’m not going to do that. This week, I need to bring myself out of it and focus on the good…the positive. I hope you have a great week Lindsay (and James too)!

  11. My happy got bumped Saturday when I hurt my foot on a long run :/ But I know resting and regrouping will get me through the marathon!

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more about women setting the tone. One of the reasons I think David married me is because I’m generally a pretty happy person. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed, and if I stay positive, we both end up happier :)

  13. Mmmm…those mini pies sound fabulous! I have got to try out that Nutzo PB because it really does sound amazing!

  14. My mom always told me that if you keep smiling, you can make yourself happy :) I think she was on to something. Glad to hear you got through a rough week.

  15. I love all the good things you brought to the home ESPECIALLY the bites & that recipe! Been waiting for that since I saw on IG!!!! YES to cooler too! :)

  16. I love the fact that happiness and positivity are contagious, even if it means that I sometimes end up being the annoyingly cheerful one that other people just wanna smack 😉

  17. Way to stay positive! You’re such an inspiration.

    Oh, and enjoy an extra glass of wine for me. 😉 #winecotter

  18. I wish I could share some of our very strange cooler weather with you and James. Or maybe you should come here for a visit to train 😉 And bring some of those pies will ya?

  19. I’m so glad that you were able to restore the happy to the home! There are days when I know that I’m bringing down the entire household because I let something shadow my happy – you are so right that as the female, we do set the tone!! Here’s to a happy week all around and maybe a bit of cooler weather, too!!!

  20. No matter what you do in life, it all boils down to your attitude and how you react towards a situation. Change your attitude and you’ll change your world!

  21. I definitely agree that women control the tone of the house. Last week I was fighting a nasty cold and in a grumpy mood. Everyone was off including my 2 year old which led to a frustrating weekend of him pushing his limits and a few minor breakdowns by me. This week we’re starting the week off in a much better place and going to have a much better tone in our house :-)
    How is that protein powder? I’m trying to find a good, grassfed Whey protein powder. So far I’ve tried the Jay Robb brand and Terra’s Whey. My hubby didn’t really like either but I thought they were okay. Pleasing him is key though since he uses it more often than I do.

  22. My husband definitely has the roll of keeping the happy in check at our house. He has a knack for always seeing the positive and helps me be that way too. I can get overwhelmed at times but he’s always there to reel me back in. But it’s still a give-take relationship and I help him when he truly needs it and we both know we have each others backs. And we both work to keep the happy in our kids lives :)

  23. I pause, breathe and look around at all the good that surrounds me. I then take a step forward and do what needs to be done to get over ‘that’ speed bump. No matter how long it takes to get over, I keep moving until I’m over it. xo

  24. I think you are right, it really is up to us to set the tone of the house… I really need to work on that. Have to be grateful for all I do have and not focus on things out of my control. Start changing things I CAN and working on things I know will help us and our home. Our relationship happy has been bumped for a while and we are still working on it, it’s going to take time but I refuse to give up…

  25. I always just need some “me” time when my happy gets bumped… Long car rides and music are the keys to my heart. <3 Anything with peanut butter is a cure, too, I definitely agree with you!

  26. Yum yum yum! I keep meaning to ask you… do you ship Healthy Bites to Canada?!

  27. boo my first comment didnt publish :( those pies look amazing LC! thankfully the weather here in new england looks to be a bit cooler than TX, so hopefully the kiwi will find racing in it easier than in his home state!

  28. I definitely think that both people in the house have a huge impact on each other and it’s important to put in a little extra love when one is hitting a rough patch

  29. I’ve realized that this is VERY true. When I get really sad or depressed, I really just want my fiance to be happy to help me be happy, but he tells me he just can’t be happy when I’m so sad. So, when I’m smiling and chipper (even if I’m seething inside), he’s that happy sweet man I love so much. It makes a huge difference!

  30. so jealous you got to go for hikes…the weather here has been rainy. We miss the sun, haha

  31. Oh my that looks so good!!! :) I totally agree — each person’s mood in the house effects everyone! It makes a world of difference just to smile and think before I snap at someone before having my morning caffeine fix. ;P

  32. Being happy bumped is not allowed in my life 😉
    I totally agree with you that it’s us that sets the tone for the way the house effects us. It definitely has a lot of impact on one another, so it’s just super important to me to make sure I bring along happiness, positivity, compassion, and love through those rough patches.
    Oh man, those mini pies look incredible!

  33. Gorgeous weather this weekend! I spent a lot of it by the pool trying to “relax”…HA! And yes NuttZo and pies can cure just about anything. It’s an instant smile. XO

  34. Mmmm nut butters are my heaven, especially when combined with chocolate :) Nuttzo is not one I’ve ever heard of so it was fun finding something new! And did I order some? You better believe I did, thanks for the discount!

  35. what book is that smile quote from? I’m currently reading “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” – ever read it?

    • It’s actually from the HELP MEET. I love that book, although most women probably will be in shock. It’s very traditional. I Love the proper care and feeding of husbands too!

  36. I loved that pic you posted on IG with the dinner spread and the view. So gorgeous!!!

    Happy Bumps are the best. :)

  37. I’ve been trying to get better (and I think I’m succeeding) as soothing the bumpiness when it comes, because it always does!

  38. Nuttzo definitely helps. I’ve gone through quite a bit of it over the past week, hehe! As do prayer and worship walk/runs (my new favorite exercise!) and days spent at home, unplugged (except for some good music), doing nothing but playing and cuddling. :)

  39. I suppose all of our “happy gets bumped” sometimes. Luckily Mr. Cotter has a supportive wife like you to build him back up!

  40. Hoooooly yum. Anything with peanut butter and I’m in. Anything with chocolate and I’m in. Needless to say, I’m totally in!

    PS I adore your positivity :)

  41. Oh I totally agree that we women control the tone of our home! So true. Luvy’s happy was bumped last week too, but with some extra TLC things are back to normal.

    I am intrigued by those oats!! I need some. I love how they are GF! Heaven…

  42. I used to always turn to comfort food or tons of sweets, but now I am working hard on making smarter decisions… calling friends, reading a book, etc.

  43. That looks delish!! And you are so right, we are the ones who set the tone. Good luck to him!

  44. I was just reading about attitude and the importance of choosing how you will respond to life each day – very much what you are talking about here. I am trying to remember that myself & respond with a smile – but there are times I’m better at it than others. :)

  45. Oh man, bumpy weeks are tough. I never thought of us as setting the tone of the house. You are so wise. :) I really need to be better about that. I hope this week is much better for you friend. Hugs and prayers!

  46. I think it all depends what type of mood I’m in when my “happy gets bumped”. Truthfully, I can either overreact & throw a fit, or just move on with my day.

  47. Those mini pies look amazing!! I still have yet to try nuttzo…I think I need to change that…soon!

  48. haha my post today is about laughing at myself 😀 perfect tie in to yours 😀 i love that pic of you outside on the trail!

  49. Thanks for the reminder about controlling the happy vibe at home. You are so right, we can do much to set the tone. Thanks for sharing the recipe too!

  50. oh goodness- so excited for the super oats! glad to hear that you got the happy back- hope this week is full of happy.

  51. 100+° weather? ewww. Poor guy. Good thing he’s got you to take care of him and make sure he’s properly hydrated and nourished.

    I don’t react well when my happy gets bumped, but I’m trying to learn to just roll with it and to settle the heck down.

    PS I still need to get to the post office! d’oh.

  52. Thanks, I needed that little reminder that I can help my house to be more positive, by being more positive :-) I’m glad you pass on these little hints after they have affected your life in a positive way! I’ll try it tonight!! Ooh, and thanks for the coupon code. I’m a fan of those!


  53. Honestly? I’ve been noticing this same type of thing in myself…My mood really sets a tone for my little family. When I first realized the impact it has, it seemed like a curse. But I quickly realized that, no, it’s a BLESSING! I GET to set the tone. And as much as I can (though I have plenty of room to improve!!) I’m choosing happiness!


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