Destination Fitness

I’ve started to write this post several times and then stopped half way through to edit it. You see, a few months ago I was asked to become a Fitfluential Ambassador. What is Fitfluential? Glad you asked (okay I asked).

FitFluential is a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round. Fitfluential is Fitness Found.


To say that I am excited about this opportunity is an understatement. I’d say I’m more ECSTATIC, HONORED, and BLESSED to be part of such an amazing family. A family that is encouraging, supportive, selfless, and just plain cool.

Sidenote: I highly recommend you become a member or apply to be ambassador. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

Anyway, back to point here.

One of our December topics in FitFluential is about the fitness journey. Specifically our fitness journey; how we got there, why, when, etc. Then we are to share our 7 tips for anyone just starting on their fitness journey.

I have to tell you, the more I thought about this topic, the more I started to change my mind about how I viewed it. My Fitness journey has become more than just a journey. It’s become a quest, or rather a destination.

A Destination to take LIFE by the hands and LIVE it!

(training in new zealand)DSC02371.JPG

A Destination to appreciate our bodies abilities and God given strengths.

A Destination to recognize that working out, running, etc. is a PRIVELEGE that we must not abuse or neglect!

A Destination to practice patience and accept where we in our fitness.

(bad races, injury, etc.)


A Destination that keeps changing, & therefore allows us to keep GROWING.

hills and james

A Destination that knows when to lend a helping hand, and when to stand and support.


My Fitness journey may have started years ago, but it is far from over. I’d say I’m right in the middle of this long trek, the terrain is a little rocky, but I’m growing stronger from it each day!

My 7 fitness Tips for those just starting their Journey.

Alright, I think that’s how I meant to word it. Now tell me….

Where are you on your journey?




Check out these ladies for more fitness inspiration this December!


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  1. Thanks for sharing about the website. P.S. Love the photo from New Zealand.

  2. Amazing. I like seeing you on camera! Just start, seems so easy but some people need a little push.

    Great, great tips. Your pics of NZ are already so lovely. The hus said that we could visit, but he warned me he doesn’t think we’d come back!

  3. Eeee! First of all, love the new blog look. Second of all, so glad we are sister Ambassadors. Can’t wait to see what it brings!

  4. Awww…… love your “journey” talk. I think everyone hits a rocky terrain of sorts at some point (some definitely have rockier ones than others). :) I totally wish we could take each other’s spin classes! Someday….
    Is that your hubby asking you all the questions? :)
    Love that we’re FitFluential friends too!!!! So excited to be a part of the family!

  5. Oh this is so exciting for you, you will be an awesome ambassador – love all your advice too. Having bodies that let us do such amazing physical things is just the coolest blessing.

  6. So many congratulations to you, Lindsay, what a wonderful opportunity to be an ambassador and a fitfluential representative – you certainly are fit and influential so the role fits you perfectly! I am so happy for you and the hubs to be finding NZ so healing on every level, it’s wonderful!
    My fit journey is so much about having a healthy mindset towards my body, and being happy of heart about myself, both of which was tough during my eating disorder, but now that I am recovered, are so wonderful and rewarding! <3 I feel I have learned so much, but I love continuing to learn and grow – it is an ongoing education, and one I relish and embrace!
    Have a gorgeous day, lovely! <3 xyx

  7. I loved reading this, Lindsay! I am an ambassador too, and need to get better about keeping in touch with everyone…in the beginning on facebook I felt like everyone was way more “blog famous” than me, but now I just want to be a part of it all. Must.Make.More.Time.

    • Lauren, blog famous than you? My dear, your blog famous to me because of your wonderful content and heart of gold! no such thing as blog famous. I’d say quality famous! and that is YOU!

  8. Love it!! I’m not sure I have enough readers or followers to be an ambassador, but I think this is such a great program so I’ll definitely join! I love when you said: “to recognize that working out, running, etc. is a PRIVELEGE that we must not abuse or neglect!” That rang so true with me. I have abused it, I have neglected, but sometimes I forget to just stop and be thankful for it. There are people who actually can’t do it, and I would be so devastated if it was taken away from me. Love this list!!

    • you don’t need followers or readers, its about your content and TRUST me, that YOU HAVE!! You are so wise for your age and that is why i follow you Tara. Youre an amazing athlete and such a great INFLUENCE!

  9. Hi love!

    Congrats on being an ambassador! You fit that bill for sure!

    Im excited to become one too, I just have to fill the paper work out, I have been slacking!

    Happy day to you! xoxo <3

  10. I feel like I’m just beginning this new journey, even though I’ve been on a fitness journey since I was little. The journey, scenery, goals, attitude, and style are always changing, so it’s always a “new journey”. My ambassador profile just went up yesterday! HIGH-FIVES! I’m so excited to be a part of this team! xoxo

  11. Congrats I think you’re a perfect ambassador for spreading the fitness love. I don’t think there’s ever an end to our fitness journey’s, just different ebbs and flows of life. Right now I’m definitely learning to rest and relax more, treat my body well, and have been more into efficient intense workouts which leave me feeling really strong and confident.

    • thats the phrase i was looking for, ebbs and flows. Katie, sometimes i just think you read my mind and put it in a comment. haha, love it. Enjoy your rest time!

  12. You’re gonna make SUCH a great ambassador. Congrats! Like others have said, you totally fit the bill. Being able to exercise and have fun at the same time is so important and you know how to mesh both! :)

    • i sure hope so. Learning to appreciate it is the most rewarding, right?!
      I still don’t get your email updates from your posts. Weird. Am i doing something wrong?

      • Sadly, I’m the least tech savvy human on the planet, so I have no clue. I wonder why it isn’t working…have you tried it with Google reader? I know that works :)

  13. Fantastic post my friend. You are most certainly an ideal Ambassador! And it is so true that we should not take our ability to be active for granted.

  14. Love this post! I think our fitness journeys are something that can never really end- because if they do then we’ll stop trying. Love the New Zealand pics! I still can’t believe you are all the way over there!! So cool :)

  15. “A Destination that keeps changing, & therefore allows us to keep GROWING.” – love that!!! so true!
    and love this post, you are always inspiring :)

  16. Yay for FitFluential! I’m a brand new ambassador myself! So excited to be a part of this!
    Great tips–I’d say this has been a rocky stage for me fitness-wise. I’ve focused on being patient with my body and am grateful for what I can do. So challenging but still fulfilling all the same. Definitely a journey!

  17. Oh I just love everything about this post! You’re absolutely right – fitness isn’t a journey with a start and end point, it’s a destination that we’re always reaching for and journeying towards but it doesn’t ever quite “end.” There’s always new paths and angles to explore to keep us guessing, to keep us challenged, to keep us honest. SUCH a great reminder, my dear. And PS. After reading this, I really think it’s time I become a fitfluential too!

  18. I love this! And I am intrigued by it, but just can’t get past the fact that my blog isn’t primarily a ‘fit’ blog, so I feel like I don’t quite belong. But maybe that’s just my own hangup. I love your video and I love what you say about the fitness journey, no end point. So true!

  19. Lovely post :) and video! Congrats on becoming an ambassador, and glad to see you get back in the kitchen, too!

  20. You are a perfect ambassador! Love your tips and you are so motivational! You know health and fitness are my life. Without it, you can be so miserable. It’s definitely a lifestyle and I love that it’s one of those things that you do for you! We all deserve health!

  21. for me it has become far more than a journey….it is now a way of life.
    and i am always looking for ways to challenge myself both physically and mentally.

  22. ahh I love this thanks for sharing… for me fitness has definitely been a journey but I find myself loving it more every day

  23. Great outlook on fitness. That’s also a great pic of the two of you in your shades! Cute. :)

  24. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    this is an incredibly powerful post and i can definitely relate! i think you said it perfectly in your description of fitness as a journey, quest and destination. this weekend i was talking to rachelle and i told her that i was proud because i think she helped push me to my current potential. but that does not mean i don’t think i have more potential…there is always room to grow and learn…new potentials to be reached!
    p.s. i wrote your quote “start where you are today” on my hand and looked at it often during my marathon this weekend! it was a mantra that helped remind me to stay in the moment and give everything i had right then! thank you so much for sharing!

    • yes!! I love how we can push each other to grow more everyday! Oh you and Rachelle are just plain AWESOME!! and I am so glad that mantra worked. I was praying for you.

  25. great post little miss LC…. where am i on my journey? im embarking on destination “get my back better”!

  26. They chose the right gal for this job! Those tips will not fail anyone – simple: just go, and have fun.

    On the spin-note, the first class I went to was a combo Spin-Yoga – so I had nothing to complain about 😉 Love that stuff!

  27. You SO deserve to be a fit ambassador… you inspire me all the time to be more active and have fun in it!! Congrats, dear Linds! xo

  28. love this!! great video :)

    wonderful tips and beautiful words on your destination!

  29. You are one of the most inspiring blends I have! Seriously, I do not know how you go, go, go. You are supportive, caring, active, healthy, happy–the whole package. I love you! Oh and thanks for the DD shout 😉

    • ha, you are way to kind to me JG. I think its others that keep me going. I really don’t know what i’d do without blends like you. Corny yes, but oh mama is it true!!!

  30. I love the idea of fitness being a journey and not a final destination. I have always been active, but for several years I was just going through the motions. I would do the same boring gym routine every day with very little emphasis on anything except cardio. Now I love to mix things up and try as many different workouts as possible. I love to challenge my body. My goals now are to finish the last month of insanity and then to become certified to teach Body Pump.

    • YES!! it is so much more than going through the motions. I Love that you are going to teach body pump. If i come to houston, i will have to take your class!

  31. oh man! loved your video!
    And i REALLY like seeing mine and J’s buttons together!

  32. congrats on fitfluential- you are a perfect ambassador for it- inspiring both in fitness and in life. I think I will always be in the middle of my fitness journey, because fitness is a way of life I think. Some parts of the journey are just starting, some have been around for years, or even decades, and some paths have been left behind for a new path. Sometimes its about moving, sometimes its about speed, and sometimes it’s even about slowing down. I like this post of the 7 things a lot!!

    • Bre, you are so right. You always are. I love the way you think about fitness. I think its because we think alike there. I couldn’t agree moer witht he slowing down part too. Well said friend.

  33. thanks for sharing! your pictures are beautiful :) and awesome tips :))

    I think dedicated december was a great idea!

  34. those pics are awesome!
    i love that you say that fitness is a quest because it really highlights the need to go after it with all your might. we have to take control over our lives at the same time as we actively listen to what our bodies are saying. sometimes we have to wrestle fitness to the ground, sometimes we have to allow quiet rest in order for fitness to return back to us.
    love it!

  35. congrats on being fitfluential!! I think you are perfect for it :)
    I must say, I adore how you and your hubby stay fit together. I am just no getting mine into working out. He hates it, but he does it for me :)
    Right now I am in a bit of a discovery process with fitness. After years of soccer, my body is pretty banged up. I still play once a week, but I find it takes me longer to recuperate now. I am just really focusing on taking CARE of myself. I never used to ice or stretch, and now I do it all the time! Im hoping it keeps me fresh for years to come!

  36. too cute!! Loved the video, loved how you made it your own with the “destination” piece! You definitely earn the fitfluential title :)

  37. i absolutely love this post lindsay! what an inspiration. i believe i am samck dab in the middle of my fitness journey….learning new things as i go but working on the tired and true.

  38. I keep seeing the fitfluential hashtag on twitter, and now I actually know what it is :)

    Congrats on being an ambassador.
    I am constantly evolving in my fitness approach…it’s definitely a journey that will never end!

    • and i find a lot of inspiration and knowledge from you. Thank you for being so “evolving” because it sure does keep me motivated! Jump in on the fitfluential hashtag when you can!

  39. I’m definitely in the “figuring things out” stage of my journey. I started out thinking that I had to be like everyone else and join a gym. But the more I listen to myself, the more I realize that that isn’t my fitness destination! Congrats on your new role.

  40. hehe… you’re so cute lady!! i can’t say where i’m at in my journey – it is never ending, and always changing (at least that’s what i hope). i do it for myself, but also to create a good impression on the kiddos, and to keep up with the husband!

    you’re the perfect person for this ambassador…ship? ambassadorness? ambassadorette?? 😉

    • hehe, i’ll take ambassadorness, sounds powerful! You are a wonderful inspiration to your whole family because of this. And I admire your reasons for fitness, especially to serve and honor others. Like those soldiers!

  41. Great post, Lindsay! I had been thinking about applying to be an ambassador and you just reminded me that I need to just do it!

  42. And THAT is how you get a message across…bold font, purple print, and inspiration dripping from every punctuation mark! Great post Linds! I was just asked to be an ambassador too and I feel so flattered to be considered part of this community. I can’t wait to get more involved!

    Right now, I think I’m in the middle of my journey…as I’ve been for years and will be for many more to come (Lord willing)! :)

    • oh yes! so glad Heather. You are a great story of fitness, inspiration, it all! I am so glad i get to be part of your journey, no matter where you are.

  43. Oooo girl, I’m on my journey and ROCKING it! You inspire us all, and I’m thinking of doing the Ambassador program thingy too!

    I love your love for your hubby and your support you pour into everyone… make me smile!


  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS, oh LC :-)

    so glad we’re fitfluential together as i have much to learn from you…

  45. I feel like I’m towards the beginning of my journey. My first half marathon is coming up in 1 month! (and I always thought running sucked, hehe).

  46. I love how you wrote that exercise is a privilege that should not be abused or neglected! So thought-provoking and true!
    And I’ve never heard of sweet potato pumpkin pasta… wow that sounds good! Def on my “to try” list now =)

  47. You’re so awesome Linds. I’m somewhere in the midlle of my fitness journey also. I switch up my gym routines every 8 weeks, so I’m embarking on a new routine next week! Gotta love new material.

  48. I can’t think of a better ambassador…you are perfect for this!

    And I want to visit NZ! I’m catching up on your old posts and it sounds like an amazing place. :)

  49. I absolutely love this lady! You are such a great ambassador (what a professional sounding title too!) you certainly deserve this.
    Thank you for sharing the journey!

  50. Congratulations! You are amazing and I love hearing about your journey!

    I think I definitely haven’t reached my “destination” yet, and I hope I never do! I want to be constantly testing and improving my body to become the best “healthy” I can be!

  51. This post is perfect and I so appreciate that you were willing to share your journey. I absolutely love learning from others and you are one of the best teachers.

  52. love all your pictures, Lindsay.. and your 7 tips too, especially the first one.. to just start!
    I was invited to be a fitfluential blogger too… very neat!

  53. It is *so* hard to accept where you are in your fitness level, especially with an injury because you want to be where you were. Great tips…so jealous of your surroundings! (My 7th tip was the same 😛 )

  54. Can I just say that I LOVE reading all of your comments that you write back to your readers?! Every SINGLE ONE is so supportive and loving and empowering! Just wanted to give you some mad props LC :)

  55. Love seeing you on video! Now I feel like I’ve “met” you, hehe!

    Great tips, I love the one about giving it a few weeks to form a habit. That’s solid advice!

  56. oh my goodness…i have run hours in those hills! love it! i´m going to live vicariously through you! keep the pics coming!

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