Cotter Kicks

I rarely post on the weekends anymore and this post isn’t one to “star” in you reader, but I had the urge… so go with me.

You see, we all have our little “kicks.” We find something we like, whether it be a food, a workout, a craft, etc. and we RAVE about it. We totally get into it and make it a daily “thang.”

It makes us happy.

It feeds our cravings.

It is SATIFYING…. well, at least for the time being.

Here are some Cotter Kicks as of lately… not to be confused with “pumped up kicks.” tee hee.

Kick # 1- One Pot/Skillet Wonders.


Quick Quinoa Mish Mash:

  • In a deep skillet, thrown in frozen vegetables, frozen chicken sausage (or vegetarian sausage, etc.), 1/2 cup rinsed quinoa, and fresh garlic.
  • Add 1/2 cup water. A little bit of dry wine.
  • Turn to medium heat and cover for 15 minutes. Turn to low if quinoa still not fluffy after 15 minutes.
  • Make sure all your ingredients are frozen, that is key.
  • The last few minutes I might add chopped goats milk feta or even an egg to stir in and cook.
  • Then pile it on a tostada, a tortilla, a salad, etc. Top with Avocado to finish.



Kick # 2- This wine. Yes, Spy Valley. The Sauvignon Blanc is just as tasty!


Kick # 3- All things YOGI. Yogi Tea, feeling like a yogi with my Yoga and juicing, etc. Now I just to watch some Yogi bear.. wow, that was corny. Winking smile



Kick # 4- The Photo a Day May. Totally a kick! Totally hooked. I blame instagram. Here a phew of my past few days pics … just for kicks.


Day 2, day 3, day 11, day 12


okay spill it.

 What are your recent “kicks?”

Cheers to the weekend!


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  1. I cannot wait to try your quinoa creation! It is so happening this week! My recent kick definitley has to be green smoothies. I have had one every day for breakfast for the past month and I’m still loving it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Those are awesome kicks! I would be into the photo a day if I had instagram…or a smart phone…
    My kicks lately have been purple onions, my Arrested Development DVDs (my go-to source for laughter-never fails) and dark chocolate smoothies.

  3. New kicks…kefir! And coconut/almond milk…thanks to you!

    Have a safe trip to dallas friend!

  4. Recent kicks…. haha. starbuck’s iced coffee. fro-yo. um… does it sound like I am going down the wrong food path? LOL. Oh ya… parmesan kale chips. ultimate obsession kick. 😉

  5. Indeed, we definitely do have little kicks that keep us satisfied :) Right now mine include playing freecell, drawing, and fast snacks! :)

  6. That Quinoa looks good! Love instagram as well.. I take way too many pictures of crazy random things. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. I love this post! And a rare Saturday one 😉 My kick of late? Dates! I love them! in oatmeal, plain, whatever. YUM. Love that self portrait of you, so cute :)

  8. Hmm my kick lately? Pineapple and strawberries at lunchtime with a wrap (usually turkey with laughing cow cheese and mixed greens) — absolutely OBESSSED. Like whoa-ly. 😉

  9. may have to see if I can find that wine tonight :)

    I am totally addicted to instagram as well….as for my new kick? it might be running! :)

  10. Recent kick is anything and everything asparagus. I’ve been grilling, roasting, steaming it and eating it with these crab cakes I just made. I didn’t even know I liked crab!

  11. Recent kicks…getting back into yoga and pilates….warm tea on a cold day and homemade chicken soup! I love one-pot wonder meals too! your quinoa looks delish!

  12. I love a good one pot wonder (do you know that that is what we call someone that gets drunk after one beer here? A pot is a small beer… anyway).

    I love everything yogi-like too. I would drink wine, do yoga and watch yogi bear with you (perhaps not in that order, but it would be entertaining, wouldn’t it?) ANY day :) xxx

  13. instagram kick, I’m probably obnoxious with the amount of photos I post but it’s too fun picking filters and sharing. Also doing photo of the day, been going strong since day 4 and hope to keep it up.

  14. I’m on a gluten free kick. Not really by choice, but I thought you’d approve. :-)

  15. Love one-pot wonders too. Makes life so much easier doesn’t it? I need to check out that wine now. I guess I’ve been on a grilling kick – especially with grilled kale. MMMMMMM

  16. Love this post!!! And love your kicks. Would love to get into juicing too. So good for you. And love that you have been getting into yoga. I think my kicks lately are skinny girl margaritas,kale, instagram , overnight oats and cycling :) have a good Sunday lindsay! Is James still gonna race? Are you guys ever gonna come this way?

  17. i am so beyond on instagram photoday photos. love that you are on there now 😉

    wish i was enjoying a glass of wine with you!

  18. oh, this is a fun one! Billy and I are getting our kicks by exploring our new neighborhood – popping into random places for a glass of wine, and meeting friends for brunch! we’re also getting our kicks by riding our bicycles everywhere since we’ve had such great weather. today we’re going to IKEA – it’s yet to be determined if that will be getting our kicks or just sort of miserable. 😉

  19. Hehe you are too cute. I LOVE yogi tea! I love the little messages they put on their individual tea bags, makes my day brighter :) I also love one pot meals, that way only one dish needs to be cleaned! Win win! I wish we could have some wine together!

  20. i am on a serious coconut oil and tahini kick. not together … but hey, that might be nice! :)
    i’m also on a healthy bite kick! :) loving the whey good bites!

  21. mish mash and wine….sounds great to me!!

  22. loving the quinoa mish mash situation. will try this asap! thanks linds!

  23. I’m on a yoga/yogi kick lately too! Whenever I get back into it I always question why I strayed.

  24. Your photos of the day are going to be great! I’ve been on a serious biking kick lately, go figure. Not exciting, but we love it!

  25. Man, if you and James lived closer to me and Greg, we would be that BFF couple and cook together and ride bikes every weekend.
    My KICK is my iPhone. If you haven’t noticed, I have a little addiction to Instagram. I check it at least every hour and post WAY TOO MUCH – especially on the weekend. I need an intervention.

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