Cotter Confessions

My title pretty much explains this post. Yep, it’s time to confess. And since I like alliterations (or semi alliterations), I’m going to roll with it. Short, sweet, and to the point.

1. I consider myself a “half-ass” (pardon my French) food blogger/healthy living blogger. I mean, I strive to be healthy 80% but I have feel like life’s too short not to have a glass of wine each night. And l get tired of thinking or overanalyzing food. I deal with it everyday as a nutrition manager. Sometimes I think we all just need to go back to when we were 5 years old and our biggest worry was what cartoon to watch, not what, when to eat, etc.  Also, I have yet to update any recipes, besides healthy bites of course. We’ve been living off of eggs, frozen peas, potatoes, and GF chicken sausage lately. We are in major budget mode. But hey, all of these foods go great with wine, right? Winking smile


2. I miss running but I don’t miss running. You see, I’m not doing a whole lot of working out till this whole stomach thing is healed. I cut out running about 3 months ago. What I realized is that I just like being outside. Walking, hiking, etc. I like the sounds of the trails. Oh I will for sure be back to running, some day, but without the “pressure miles or “rules.”


3.  We have no idea what the rest of the year is going to look like with racing/training for the hubs. Am I okay with that? Well, sure. I have come to realize that all things happen for a reason, good and bad. And if I (we) keep trying to make plans in the midst of chaos, then all hell will break loose. Trust me, I’ve tried. My new motto is “just pray and give it time.”  Goes along perfectly with this month’s theme “Blessed Awareness.”

James at timberman

4. I am somewhat superstitious. Yes, I do 12 chaturangas every morning when I wake up because it’s 2012. I feel like it’s good luck, yes? Or I am just crazy. This past weekend, I went back to my blondish roots. Why? Because when I was blonde, the hubs was racing well. When I dyed it brown, his knee pain came back. See, I told you I was crazy. haha.


5. I will never be able to post everyday. I tried. I wrote crap. I actually got anxious. Who does that? haha. I’m more of a reader than a writer. Plus I really can’t multitask that well. I get side tracked way to too easily. Feel free to laugh with me here.

6. And last but not least, we’re going somewhere. Remember the whole “stand by” Cotter?” You know, how we make plans but they change every hour? Well, that happened this past week. Our bags/bikes are packed. We’re gone for two weeks. I’ll be practicing  A LOT of my SHERPA SKILLS!


So if you are reading this Monday, I am probably on a plane. See you when we get there! Smile

Your turn.

Confess something, anything.


“Stand by” Cotters

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  1. travel safe my dear! :)

  2. I feel like taking an exercise hiatus, or at least a break from your dominant exercise routine, can be so revealing. I had to stop exercising for a couple months and it was the most enlightening experience of my life. I think everyone should do it even if you don’t have a specific reason to.

  3. Amen to number 1! That’s like me and cheese :)

  4. JPAGIT.
    Just pray and give it time.
    I looooove that.

  5. Oh girl, I hear ya. Frozen peas and eggs?? Have you been looking in my windows? 😉

  6. LOVE the hair- seriously, girl you.are.stun-ning!

    I like the ‘running without rules’. Rules sure suck the fun outa that sport! I’m sending healing vibes to your poor tum, and for your husbands wellness- whatever happens( even if it’s not what’s expected)everything WILL all workout.

    Have a fun fortnight and keep enjoying the wine:)!

  7. God I just love your honesty. You are SO REAL and I love that about you so so so much. I was nodding my head the ENTIRE TIME reading this post. I’m right there with ya sista. 80/20 rule totally applies. I don’t blog daily because then it would feel forced. I blog when I have something to say. I don’t blog when I don’t. I also think we ought to go back to age 5 — when we ate when we were hungry, didn’t eat when we weren’t, and our biggest decision of the day was where to build our fort in the woods!

    Save travels my dear and happy sherpa-ing!! xoxo

  8. Do you know how many blogs I’ve unfollowed bc they post everyday but it’s stupid stuff that I can tell they are just posting to let…just sayin

  9. Where are you crazy cotters heading to?! Confession…today i didnt run. I was super productive….cleaned, laundry, laid out, grocery shopping, made homemade paleo granola bars….and then i had a banana daquiri 😉

  10. From the motto to the balance with food and running, I just loved this post. Have fun sherpa-ing it up! Love you, friend! Thinking of you and James over these next 2 weeks. :)

  11. Every day posting = unnecessary. No one has that exciting of a life :)

    I’m addicted to string cheese. It’s becoming a problem!!

  12. And now I really want to go wherever it is that you’re going?? Is it to NC? PLEEEEASE!

  13. In other words, you’re human and you’re living life. 😉
    While I don’t know what your stomach issues are, I do know that your body will let you know what it can handle. It’s up to us to either listen to the whisper or push it until it screams at us and leaves us with no choice. Rest, restore and revitalize, my friend!

    • ya, i am human, and stil a little crazy. But that’s normal. Right? And i totally agree, rest and revitalize… it’s way more fun anyway.

  14. oh, i’m so excited for your new adventure! i have a planned exercise break coming up in june – going camping and i plan on doing nothing but relaxing with a few hikes and outdoors yoga thrown in. i’m wishing you all the luck and best wishes, friend!

  15. I’m more of a blog reader too, I have NO idea how people can post something every day, let alone find the time for it haha!
    My confession– I can’t go a day without having nut butter– it’s definitely an addiction 😉 Wishing you a safe flight m’dear!!

  16. I am kind of in love with your first confession, amen-freakin-men to that!! Blogging everyday? never ever.. i used to try when I started a blog way back when and it really caused me a whole lot more anxiety! now it’s more when I want to which is 3-4 days per week :)

  17. Who can post everyday? Sheesh. Until someone decides to pay me to write my blog (so…never!) I’ll post whenever I feel like it! Hope you’re off somewhere exciting!

    • yes, i agree! i’d post more for money, but i can’t promise anything good. Thats for sure! haha. I am off somewhere exciting! it’s going to be paradise!

  18. After my half marathon I basically stopped running too and I am the same way. I kind of don’t really miss it! And life is too short to not have wine ;D Have a safe trip!

  19. I love your confessions, Lindsay! Sometimes I wish we all could go back to being 5-year-olds too! Enjoy your wine tonight 😉

  20. Ha, frozen peas, potatoes and eggs are staples in our house too! Peas are the only thing Misty NEVER rejects 😉

    I do weird superstitious stuff too… and the blonde looks fab, let’s hope it helps the hubs kneed too!

    Man I wish I could do 12 chaturangas… My arms are too weak to get that many out…. BUT I am strength training at the gym… PLUS I actually stepped on a treadmill… who am I?!

  21. Nice confessions…I love them all! I’d have to agree that I’m more of a reader than a blogger. But I’ll read whenever you post :) Yay for the blonde hair…you are a beauty either way. Hmmm I dont know if I have a confession…I’ll think and get back to you :)

  22. we get side tracked way too easy as well!!! see we are triplets! bring on the wine 😉

  23. If you are a half-ass blogger that makes me like an eighth-ass blogger. I have ZERO desire to write anything lately about food. I still make stuff – cookies, crafts, tasty but ugly and easy food – but I can’t be bothered to photograph it and I just really can’t get excited to write about it. I find it boring. I’m a much better blog reader too. 😉

    I have been telling myself to take a week off of exercising for months. I think this is the week though. I’m starting the move-in process tomorrow, so I’ll be schlepping boxes back and forth every afternoon. Tomorrow is a clean/scour the new house day. I suppose that doesn’t really count as “time off”, huh? 😉

    • well you have two blogs, so you get extra credit. Maybe we should team up, eh?

      and yes, i think this is the week. I think the mental break for exercise is just as important, so clean away!

  24. I haven’t been able to run in over a year now, and I don’t miss it as much as I used to! I hope you have fun on your trip!! Can’t wait to see where you end up!

  25. You seem like you’ve got a lot to juggle! Sometimes I read your blog and get the sense that you feel like you need to explain or justify your blogging. Don’t over think it! You’re opinions and thoughts are always an awesome addition to my day, no stress Lindsay. No stress.

  26. “how we make plans but they change every hour?” sounds like me except I don’t get to take off and travel on a whims notice. its just changes stuck in my head. LOL.

    its all about you finding your balance and doing what works for you & the hubs. don’t worry, I’ll still be around (even if you are a half-assed blogger). 😉

  27. Girl, I think part of being a healthy living blogger is living. Being honest. Enjoying life. And that might just mean wine. Life’s way too short.

  28. Haha I totally have little superstitious things like that too! And there as so many amazing forms of “exercise” besides running… I think injuries are a just a way of discovering what’s out there :)

  29. My confession…I confessed my time goal for my upcoming 70.3 to my hubby. I hate making time goals because I’m too afraid of not reaching them. I would totally dye the hair blonde again. I am superstitious like that. For me, my hubby was unemployed for 6 months and I would second guess everything I did or didn’t do in terms of him getting a job…or even an interview. I think you are beyond amazing right now dealing with the unknowns of your stomach issues and the unknowns of your hubs’ career. Have fun “sherpa-ing”!

  30. Amen that life is too short. I wish that I could just not think about every meal and just eat what comes my way.

    And “Alteration” or “alliteration”?

    Awesome post and I am keeping both you and James. I definitely feel you on the “Just pray and give it time”

    • oh my gosh my blonde roots have already sunk in. I meant alliteration. hahaha! And thank you for being an amazing support to us. Prayer is key!

  31. Have a safe trip!

    I, too, am an 80% healthy food person. You like your wine, I like my chocolate… and cookies. I like those too. :) I agree, life’s too short to fret too much! I find writing a healthy living blog is helping me eat a bit better, though, so I’m going to try to stick with it. I prefer reading to writing too, but having the blog is introducing me to lots of new ones to read (like yours!) so it’s worthwhile for that reason alone!

    and email me later :)
    I want err would love a guest post from you!

  33. I love your confessions, and can especially relate to the one about running and posting every day. I do love running but I secretly also love my off days from running for other activities, or rest day. And I can’t blog every day either. I used to be able to, when I was first going through divorce and had plenty of fodder 😉 Now? Not as much fodder and that’s ok, I’d rather the posts be meaningful and I love to read as well! Safe travels, I am about to fly away as well! XO

  34. I love confessions, especially when I can relate to them! I am a little superstitious too. I hate taking a break while reading the 13th chapter of a book. I have to read the whole way through it. If I am on a plane, I will avoid the 13th chapter all together. Really weird, I know, but I have been doing it since I was a kid and it is hard to break! That is great you are enjoying spending time outside without running. :)

  35. Ohh! Have a safe, fun trip wherever you two are headed =)

    I don’t blog every day either. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time or desire. I’d rather spend a little more time with my son than blogging about something that I’m forcing myself to write about. I shoot for every other day…but I also have started skipping the weekends. Was spending too much time attached to computer when I should have been with my family =)

  36. I like your comment about not posting everyday. I just stopped doing that and I really enjoy blogging a lot more. It felt like a job before and that wasn’t always fun! I’m also superstitious as well…I would have died my hair back to blonde too!

  37. More than confess, I have to agree with you:
    1. I do not stress over food or wine, I certainly give it some thought but I try to fit it all in, and at the end of the day being happy is part of a wellness plan :)
    2. I will never be a daily poster either, nor the one that documents my every single step, it brings me anxiety just thinking about it too.
    3. I am not too good at giving things time, I get really anxious there too, but payer does help a lot.
    Have a great trip!!

  38. I’ve seen you reference your belly a bunch lately but can’t figure out what’s going on with you. What’s up?

  39. I think I nodded “yes” to every confession. I can’t write daily either. I’d bore everyone to tears.

    And you’re doing just fine not running, you have plenty more healthy bites on your plate. Life is too darn short to not have wine or worry about next week. Have faith like you do, LC. That gets us through everything!

  40. I’m a little on the crazy side with the superstitions too! I don’t need bad voodoo! Confession, I have a hard time just letting things go. I get things all worked up in my head and then I get stressed. Not having a computer for a week and a half almost sent me into crazy town, but then I realized that the world was not ending because I was not blogging or constantly checking email. Crazy, I know. I am getting to the point where I understand that everyday has it’s special moments and living in that moment with patients and understanding will put me in a much better mood!

    Travel safely!

  41. I think healthy 80% of the time of just about right, I follow that too. My cheats are either wine, or something sweet. I can’t go a day without just a little!

  42. I would love to get back to how I ate as a child! Would that not be super great to eat with no stress. You are right that life is too short to worry about those small things. I’ve been enjoying my wine nights with the girls once a week now, which is much more than I was before :) And I’m happier then ever. Who would’ve thunk. I prefer walking to running too, but I’ve never like running haha. I’m also a little superstitious as well, I don’t like risking what works! Safe travels Lindsay!!

  43. If you’re a half healthy living blogger, than so am I. I stand by my definition that 80/20 is healthy and good – although I could probably stand to watch that percentage a bit more recently in my own life. :) Love you girl and I hope you’re week is off to a great start!!

  44. What you just wrote to me is that you are real person. Thank Goodness you are only 80% if not you would not be real, and how would any of us be able to connect with you? You are so genuine, I could sense it the first time I read your blog.
    confession: I have been struggling lately, trying to just keep my head above water and it was wearing on me. For a week or so I went to a very dark place because it felt like I could not get a break. Fortunately, I got a little break and it was enough for me to have hope again and feel more powerful than ever.

  45. Ha, sounds like a similar reason to the absence of recipes on my blog 😉 that, and just laziness (sometimes taking pictures just takes too long – we’re hungry people!). And oh wow, if I had something worth posting every day there would be a whole ‘nother issue…

    Safe travels!! Very curious over here. :)

  46. i find nothing wrong with living off of peas & healthy bites. safe travels girlfriend! i love keeping up with your gallivanting. you’re the wife of the century for sure xoxo

  47. Safe travels and yay for a new adventure!! I am jealous and glad I can live vicariously through you. :) Working a 9-5 job is boring so keep the adventure coming for me. Also I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that is superstitious. Love the blonde!

  48. I actually just posted about how an injury changed my life. Well, kind of. I had a persistent bad knee from running, and I just kept ignoring it and running through the pain – even though my body was clearly trying to tell me something. Eventually, it got to the point where I couldn’t walk to work anymore, so I took a break and focused on lifting. I am now a weight lifter, through and through! Safe travels :)

  49. Umm, I love your confessions and your honesty. No way I could post every day. Are you kidding? I’m just not that witty or interesting. I’m with you on the superstition thing – I would have done the same. Safe travels!! Oh, and I have to place that healthy bites order. Maybe I will do that right now…

  50. Your hair looks beautiful!
    I love that each post I read (or watch) of yours is interesting and informational.
    Safe travels!

  51. I’m totally the same way! I let myself do/act how my mood feels at the time. Luckily- I tend to want to eat healthy and exercise but I’ve learned to not beat myself up and get upset when I don’t!

    I love my wine also ; )

  52. Love your hair! And your honesty. And your sense of humor. Pretty much you rock. Safe travels!

    ps – we are having eggs for dinner tonight with store bought tortillas and leftover potatoes. I’m going all out, clearly.

  53. My life got flipped upside down two weeks ago when I found out we were moving to Florida. I am a planner, and moving to a place I’ve never been, where I don’t know a single person, and where I don’t have a job scares the living begeebers out of me, but I’m going. I’m going to send it up to the big man upstairs and trust that he’s driving this crazy car called life!

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way girly!

  54. Ok, let’s set things straight here, missy! You have NEVER written crap. Truly. Every single one of your posts touches in me in some way. However, I COMPLETELY understand not wanting to blog every day! Even though I love to write, it’s way too much pressure to post so frequently! I admire everyone that does; but I’ve learned to accept that that’s not me. :)

    Your relationship with running sounds so similar to mine. This is not running season for me; it’s break season, which means lots of long walks outside. I realize that 80% of the invigoration I get from running comes from being outside in the fresh air! That’s enough to make me feel content. I make up for the other 20% knowing that I’m doing what’s right for my body right now. :)

    I hope you traveled safely today! Sending huge HUGS! <3

    p.s. horray for bringing back the blonde! 😉

  55. Ahhhhh…. Where are you??? :) I’m so curious. You’re coming to visit me aren’t you? My confession list is too long. Ha ha.

  56. Laura @ LauraLivesLife says:

    I love your confessions – and I’m superstitious too, more then I even like to admit! I’m finding that I am okay without running (or training) 100% of the time. Sometimes it’s nice to run for an hour and being done – and exploring other fitness options is fun too! For me, this summer is about living in the moment, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  57. Enjoy your trip!

  58. HA! Love your superstitious behavior…freaking hilarious! Safe travels and have a wonderful time being the best dang sherpa out there! xoxo

  59. Love this post! I think I can relate to just about everything you posted! I too am superstitious lol.
    Have a great trip!

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