Cotter Combo Locos

My local grocery store (HEB) has a catchy way of marketing. They always send out flyers with “combo loco” deals. Is that Spanish for crazy combos? I didn’t take Spanish but I am assuming that’s what it means. Correct me if I am wrong though. Anyway, the combos are crazy because they are a crazy good deal. And maybe those items on sale are just crazy good together? Or both? haha.

In order to finish off the week with a fun non thinking post, I’ve come up with a few Cotter Combo Locos. These are my (our) favorite combos come lately. Winking smile

Kix with Core Power strawberry recovery milk. Childhood Combo!


Cottage cheese or a baked sprouted corn tortilla with tomato and slaw. And Peach Fruit Strip with mini Love Grown Granola bags. Snack Combos


Balsamic glazed Peas with shrimp and sauerkraut mixed with ranch, tomato, and zucchini. Weirdest Pasta Topping Combos (but DELICIOUS!)


A historic town and candid moments. Best picture taking Combo.


Chocolate Zico mixed with Muscle Milk and WholeFoods Salad in a Cup.

Brilliant COMBOS!


Mint Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Crunch Bites

Tasty New Healthy Bites Combo!


New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Wine and New Zealand… LOVE COMBO


What’s your combo loco?

Cheers and happy Friday!



I’ve got some planning to do. Someone turns the big 3-0 on Monday, and it’s not SADIE. Hehe.

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  1. The bites combo sounds perfecto! I’m trying to think of any crazy combos I have. When I was a kid I loved to peel the chocolate layer off those Little Debbie snack rolls and eat with cheetos.

  2. I love your combos!! Especially the LOVE GROWN and ZICO combos, those are my newest fave products right now, OMG. I love it all!

    PS. The big 3-0 is huge! You gotta do it up in style…with lots of that NZ sauv blanc on hand for a certain someone’s big bday 😉

    • have you tried the chocolate zico? i mean it’s like MILK!! wowza! and yes, the big 30 for someone means NZ wine for sure. I’ll start early. hehe

  3. Oooh. I LOVE Kix, and I always forget it exists.

    Those new healthy bites look delicious!

  4. Pavey Combos? Pavey Loco is more like it. LOL.

    I ran my first double last week. Run in the morning followed by a run in the afternoon… that is the closest I come to a decent combo, and will have more of those in the future. Great photos and concept!

  5. Warmed up pb stirred into puffed rice cereal with some stevia and cocoa sprinkled in! Yummmm.

  6. Hmm… I’m a fan of GF Almond Nut Thins and Laughing Cow wedges, popcorn and mustard, stir-fries and sriracha, and long runs and sports massages!

  7. i love this idea! my recent combo loco is egg whites and coconut oil. so delicious!

  8. I love sauerkraut. so it would go good with anything. I like your combo for it.
    Zico…can’t get into the taste. Tried it at Expo West. Wasn’t my thing.

    my combo… but not so weird, I think… pretzels and cheese dip. so not good for you… *sigh*

    haha. have a great weekend!

  9. You know I’m all about the loco combos. And I put kraut in and on everything. It’s great with ranch, I agree, but you need to add some sriracha to that combo! Also great with mustard and ketchup. I had that yesterday for a snack in the afternoon, actually. With some celery and turkey sausage crumbles. I called it (in my head…I always name my snacks) my bratwurst bowl. It was delicious, but I think if anyone had seen it they’d have visibly gagged.

    Except maybe you wouldn’t have. 😉

  10. quinoa, dates and coconut kefir mmmmm.

    I have no idea what half of those products are… but I trust in your crazy combo thinking 😉 Especially when it comes to WINE. Oh and tasty healthy bites (anything that involves coffee/chocolate).

    Where was the historic town? Looks awesome!

  11. Weird combos are the best!! I like your strawberry core power and cereal idea :)
    My combo loco is definitely tuna and pb– so weird and yet so delicious haha
    Have a fabulous weekend! :)

  12. love this, great fun combos there. I’m partial to the wine with just about anything…. it’s friday and that’s the only thing on my mind hah!

  13. GREAT combos and theme for this post!! Especially, the HB new flava! YUM!

    Happy Birthday James!!

  14. Your 30th is on Monday?! YAY!!!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you!! I just had a healthy bite and always smile eating them because I know they were made with love :-) I want that new flavor! And I LOVE PEAS! That looks like a super topper for whatever was on that plate 😉 XOXO!

  15. pesto and apple…not sure why, but I love it:)

  16. Love the combo loco idea :). My favorite combo from today was cottage cheese mixed with a chopped up apple and topped with cinnamon! Delish!!

  17. crazy combos? anything with nutritonal yeast! almond butter and sweet potatoes! hope you have a great weekend Lindsay :)

  18. Yum yum yum to all of it! Now I need a snack :)

    • is it dinner there yet? hope so! How’s the hubby healing? What’s next for you race wise?

      • Yes, and dinner was fresh grilled tuna and veggies! Jeff is good, just trying to avoid weight-bearing on the knee for a few more days in the hopes it heals better this time. I’ve got a 1/2 marathon next weekend (just a training day though) and a sprint tri 2 weeks after that. THEN the volume picks up :) Have a good weekend!

  19. I like cocoa powder and cottage cheese.
    I love your pasta combo – looks like a lot of my dinners.

  20. I like these combo locos! Why do the weirdest sounding ingredients always taste the best. Have a great weekend and celebrate the 30th!!! :) You deserve it! My combo loco would be cottage cheese and cocoa powder.

  21. Okay this post just makes me smile. :) My combo loco is egg whites and sugar free jam. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. TOnight it’s going to wine with well,m whatever. Ha ha! Have a great weekend friend!

  22. I used to love french fries dipped in frosties from Wendy’s. The salty sweet combo…so good!

  23. Lindsay i am lovingggg your combinations! I think the weirdest things go together fantastically :) My combo loco? hmmm…. how about ketchup on every.single.item I eat! I went extra nuts today!

  24. My husband and my wee one is my fave combo…. or God and any day…

    Oh, wait… you meant “food combo” no? Hmm..

    When we lived in Mississippi, it was French dressing on greasy pizza…

    The hub always has some “interesting combos” going on…. chutney and veggie burgers; goat cheese with Annie’s GF mac and cheese; chutney and any non-chutney item… :-)

    • i like your hubby’s style! goat cheese is the best in mac and cheese. and God with a quiet morning and cup of coffee is the ULTIMATE combo!

  25. Kix and Core Power…I must try that. I’ve always been a fan of Kix.

  26. Those core power shakes are the best. I recently won a few samples of those in a 5k and I’m addicted!

  27. Mmmm….the healthy bites look yummy!

  28. Combos!!
    Oh my gosh I LOVE HEB and miss it so much haha!
    Happy wknd Linds <3

  29. Can you just come over and cook for me for a week!? It’s nice and cool and dry here!!

    Some of my favorite combos are eggs and ketchup (used to think it was so gross!), oreos and pb (to DIE for), salt&vinegar chips + cottage cheese.

  30. I used to always make a protein shake (nice and thick) and pour it over a bowl of cereal!

  31. Kix and strawberry milk? Sounds like a GREAT combo to my childhood favorite!

  32. Hello Girlfriend that Peas Pasta Combo is redunkulous! You crack me up…How do you come up with these things? Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! xoxo

  33. I’m all about the combos in life :-)

    Sometimes the weirdest sounding ones are the best!

  34. I had a combo loco on Friday! I combined leftover whole wheat pasta with pesto on it with leftover lemony green beans and mushrooms. It was delicious!

  35. Loving those Instagram pictures!!! :) And isn’t Love Grown Granola the best?!

  36. Being Asian, I’m used to all kinds of weird combinations. Haha!
    Have fun at the birthday celebration tomorrow!

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