Bahama Mama

I’ve nicked named myself the Bahama mama Sherpa. I only say that because I have the hair to prove it. It’s my “holy cow humidity FRO” hair.

bahama hair

I blame it on the rain. It’s been raining everyday since we got here. I think we must have brought it with us. Sorry bahamas. But the good news is, with my new FRO, I have yet to wash my hair. So… I am saving on shampoo, right?

Anyway, here’s a little video of where we’ve been staying, etc. Please excuse the hair once again. It has a mind of it’s own. Plus I had just gotten back from a walk. Yes, I am sweating like I was in a steam room. That’s totally normal when you walk 2.0 mph here. Winking smile

And here’s our ride. We call her the Bahama Yellow Beast.


A view from the house. The 2 minutes it wasn’t raining.


Tomorrow we are off to the island Eleuthera.


Lots of good riding there and of course WHITE BEACH! As the official Bahama Mama, I’m packing balls.. I mean bites. Bahama Breeze Bites. Yes, I am sharing the recipe. This recipe definitely needs to be shared. Come get your Bahama Breeze on with me.

pineapple rum coconut

Bahama breeze Bites
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: healthy bite
Serves: 22-24
  • 6 oz. dried pineapple
  • .25 cup cashew or sunflower seed butter
  • 2 tbsp. coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp pb flour (optional)
  • 25 grams vanilla protein
  • 2 tbsp. shredded coconut
  • ¼ cup banana chips (crushed)
  • ½ tsp. rum extract
  • ¼ cup honey or agave nectar
  1. Grind up pineapple and banana chips separately in food processor. Transfer into a large bowl and a pinch of
  2. coconut. Then stir in your protein powder, nut butter, and coconut/pb flour. Pour in the rum extract and mix
  3. together.
  4. Last, mix in your honey/agave and then roll into balls/bites. Roll each bite in the extra coconut and protein powder before storing. Freeze right away then store in fridge or freezer to maintain freshness .
  5. Makes around 22-24

Tell me, how do you tame your hair?

Happy Holiday Weekend!



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  1. Personally, I think you look SO PRETTY with the beach curly hair! I dig it :-)

  2. Just let your hair go crazy! I think it’s looks beautiful all poofy.

  3. ah, I love my hair when we are in Hawaii… it gets the same way. you look beautiful! <3

  4. Pony Tail!!! My hair is ridiculous in humidity—it’s not actually curly, just cowlicked around my face, and then kind of dented and frizzy. I found some really good styling products that aren’t made of all chemicals, so I blow dry it, and then when it still gets frizzy, I put it in a pony and wear a headband!

  5. Oh silly, your hair looks adorable!!! Glad you are having fun there!

  6. I wish i had your sexy tousled hair! Mine is stick straight, doesnt frizz or have humidity issues. But its straight and thin so i use volumizer, thats it! Wish i was in the bahamas despite the crappy weather!

  7. It looks amazing there! I have curly hair too, and when you figure out how to tame it let me know!! Have fun. Xo

  8. Haha, there is nothing that helps when you have a natural fro! I have the same problem in TN. You look hot and wild!

  9. Oh, man. There IS NO FIX for the hair. Mine is ridiculous in FL.

    I AM SUPER JEALOUS. We love the Bahamas!

  10. Two things:

    1) YUM

    2) You look CUTE. And as a curly girly myself, I feel your pain. My solution? Don’t rinse your conditioner all the way. Or go a day extra without washing your hair (I was going to say “don’t wash your hair” and then I remembered you’re gross too!). Also, this sounds crazy, but volumizing products work wonders on humidity-ridden hair. I love Samy’s hairspray (it’s in an orange bottle) and John Frieda’s volumizing mist (it’s in a blue bottle … dunno the name). Leave-in conditioner is always good too. Oh, but my favorite product is Kevin Murphy’s motion lotion. Which would be reallllly great with your hair type because you have thinner hair and your curls would get an extra boost (it’s too much for my hair when it gets too long — poooof!).

  11. Haha I’m pretty sure my hair would be doing the exact same thing!! Humidity makes it go crazy! You’re rockin’ it though :). I love using John Freida FrizzEase finishing cream on my hair (when it’s more dry, not wet) and it definitely helps tame some of the frizz!

  12. I have my head shaved… LOL… sooo, you will get no tips from me other than our house saves big bucks on shampoo AND conditioner.

    I’m not gonna lie, I use soap on it. Trade secret.

  13. How beautiful are you with your hair like that!!!!!! O I am hoping that you are getting peace and enjoying God’s creation while being there :) sending love<3

    • god’s creation amazes me with every sunset. How are you friend?!!

      • :) Im sure I would just wanna sit there and absorb EVERY moment!!!!
        I’m doing pretty good. Start my summer job on the 4th….kinda feel like I’m in a workout rut, and not sure what to do about that. I recently was given a book to read—the 4:8 Principle and OH man is it speaking TRUTH into my life and helping me to find JOY again :) Got my first teaching rejection letter in the mail this week, but I realized it wasnt what God has for me at this time or not the school for me

  14. Honestly, my hair is fro style I love getting up in the morning and looking at my fro (I will add hairspray to FRO IT UP even more, not going to lie!). If my hair gets frizzy though, I’ll add a touch of Moroccan Oil to tame that frizz! :)

    Keep the FRO, it looks great on you!

  15. ha! remember when we went to St Thomas and every day was 80’s hair day?! yeah well i got nothing to help you – you’re in paradise and that’s the price you’re paying 😉

  16. linds! you look HOT! so excited for you for eluethera. it is BEAUTIFUL! take pics please! xoxo

  17. Sorry, I have no sympathy (or suggestions) for you and your Bahama Mama hair…humidity makes my hair go limp, flat, lifeless. I’m always envious of those whose manes go manic. My mane sticks to my forehead. And I think on this long weekend, I’m making Bahama breeze bites. Thanks for the recipe…and good luck with the ‘fro!

  18. Um, gorgeous hair! Workin the fro better than anyone iv ever seen!

    Thanks SO much for the bites recipe( you know I adore those), I live about as far from the Bahamas as you can get- so when I make these ASAP, at least ill get a lil taste:).

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  19. these look awesome – and so does your hair (it’s beach waves!) :) i made some healthy bites today – caramel pecan apple pie ala mode based on your peach cobbler ala mode! so good!

  20. I’m sorry I’m so far behind what’s been going on!! I just read the last few posts and feel completely caught up in you and James’ life =) Sounds like an awesome opportunity – “real” life can be put on hold for a few weeks!! Don’t work too hard – enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company!
    PS. You look pretty gorgeous to me! The beachy/wavy hair is in these days (so I’m told – LOL)

  21. Those sound AMAZING! Wow. Girl.

    Your hair looks adorbs, but I have naturally curly hair too, and sometimes you just want to tame it. I put super cheap clear gel (Tres Semme) in it when I wear it curly and if I really want it to JUST GO DOWN, I put some serum on top. :) Have fun!

  22. Heaven! Oh what I wouldn’t give for a day there! Let me just say I am love love loving your hair! It’s sassy and carefree! Mine is not that curly, but if i’m lucky it might get a little wave when it’s humid. I definitely never bother to straighten it in humidity, but waste of time. Oh, braiding it would make some pretty waves… can I please come too? 😉

  23. Oh yay, another video post! So fun! Your digs look amazing. Why leave? LOL As for the hair, I have curly hair too, and the humidity makes it impossible. I mostly use tons of product on it and keep it pulled back!

  24. YUM on the bites and I LOVE your hair! I think you are just so beautiful, Lindsay. Great job driving the car today (saw that on your FB status – ha!) and keep enjoying your time – can’t wait to see pics of the white sand beaches and hope James enjoys riding out there! Great to hear from ya. Love you guys!

  25. girl I like what the humidity does to that hair of yours 😉 my GOSH you are stunning

  26. I LOVE the fro!

    I wish I could have a fro…. big hair is GOOD!

    • Austrailia is so dry, no humidity ever comes that way. I’ll send you some humidity.

      • Where I am (sub tropical) it IS actually really humid in Summer…. I just have crap hair that just stays FLAT and blah whatever the weather!

        NZ is wicked DRY in comparison to here… every time I visit I go all dry and crusty 😉 hehehe

  27. you hair is not bad at all! mine would be ten times as bad. one reason I am glad I do not live in FL anymore

  28. I love that photo of you! Haha, your hair is funny, but mine also looks terrible when it’s rainy or humid outside. Cotters seem to have crazy hair! 😀

    The place is gorgeous, I wish I could be there with you!

  29. You look gorgeous!!!! Seriously, your hair is so pretty!! I love this opportunity for you and am so glad you got the change to do it!! Have a great weekend!!

  30. I think your totally rockin the crazy hair!

  31. Girl, I love the hair! Lotsa volume with curl… so cute!

  32. Oh my, jealous of this travel for sure! :-) I think you and I may have similar hair? I have naturally wavy hair, frizzes quickly in humidity, gets heavy, etc. I actually have been having a lot of luck by applying Biosilk. Oddly enough, adding more “oil” to it seems to help??? I only use it every other day or so. Too much is too much, but a little oil seems helpful. A lot of friends of mine with similar hair have good results with other various “oil” type products too. Enjoy your time in the Bahamas!

  33. These bites sound yummmmy. I love pineapple.
    My hair always needs taming. I love the look on your face in the first picture, lol! People put in a lot of hard work to get beach hair – looks like it’s come naturally to you! :)

  34. Love the rocking beach hair…It looks awesome! I’m a huge fan of beach hair, especially cause you can get away with not having to wash it for a few days, which is just awesome. Embrace the humidity and those curls…I’m doing it in Jersey. 😉

  35. I think your hair looks so good like that! I love beachy hair! Those bahama breeze bites look so tasty! Yum! I hope you’re enjoying your time over there!

  36. Ha! I think we have the same hair- mine looked like this during most of my time in Florida last week. :) P.S. Guess who’s applying for a job in Austin?!?

  37. OMG I love your facial expression in that first photo! I love your curls! OK, so this may be coming from the Chinese girl with stick straight black hair (who’s not jealous at all of women whose hair have some body to it) but love it!

  38. Unfortunately my hair gets about 10 times bigger. It’s unreal. Yours looks CUTE! – Seriously!! GO with it:)

    Love the video, and even with the rain looks beautiful! Safe island hopping travels!

  39. Ooooo I LOVE the idea of banana chips in a healthy bite!! Any chance that you would be able to make some more soon?? 😉

  40. I love beach hair and wish mine did what your hair is doing! It looks awesome.
    The place you are staying looks amazing!

  41. Those bites look amazing!!! I think you make a beautiful bahama mama!!!

  42. You should have taken me in your pocket. Geez.

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