Altering Plans

“…every plan, priority and goal should be held against the backdrop of eternity because it is from that backdrop  (life’s backdrop) that our priorities are validated, our calling confirmed and our time best invested.” source

We have a running joke in my family, if you ask the “Cotters” what their plans are for the day, week, month, etc. you will always get an answer with the phrase “but that could change anytime” at the end. My family knows we are always altering plans. They know nothing is “set in stone.” In fact, the hubs has been nicknamed “Standby Cotter.” Needless to say I have adopted the same pattern, and this weekend was the perfect example.

An alter in plans. We drove up to Dallas for more medical testing (stomach). Let’s just say that didn’t happen. We didn’t make it in time. We got stuck in traffic twice due to wrecks. Our 3 hour trip turned into 4+ hours. Got to the hospital late, tried to register anyway, but the staff who was suppose to administer everything had already left for the day. Bugger! But then again, I don’t blame them. It was after 6pm on a Friday.

So here we are in Dallas, with altered plans. And I have to say that I was excited for these altered plans. It meant that I could go to my childhood friend’s wedding. Altered plans meant for an alter viewing (wedding altar that is).

Altered plans also meant last minute shopping on Saturday as well, but I think we pulled it off nicely. Thanks to GAP sale rack!


Altered plans meant Sunday was a relaxing day, no reporting back to the doctor/hospital. It meant we could go to our favorite Whole Foods, you know, the one that carries all the latest flavors of LARABARS!!



Altered plans meant I had time in the kitchen. Time to make my banana friend’s vegan Healthy Bites. Time to play with flavors and make a tasty dinner (Roasted blueberry lime glazed salmon)

vegan cookie doughsalmon

Altered plans meant extra time playing outside with the pups. Fresh air and vitamin D.


So you see, sometimes an Alter in plans means a blessing in disguise. Or maybe it’s just how you “proceed with the altered plans. Yes?

We have some major Altered plans coming up. Life plans that is. All I know is that I am along for the ride, whatever “standby Cotter” decides. I’ll let you know when that happens. Haha! Winking smile

How have you Altered plans lately?



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  1. Oh gosh. This post hits home in so many ways with me, Lindsay. That STINKS that you hit so much traffic heading to Dallas. When I lived in Killeen, I hate the trip up to Dallas along I-35 – there was always traffic – standstill, parking lot traffic. So I feel your pain. So glad that you and hubs were able to make the most of the weekend =)
    Biggest “altered plans” have been due to baby #2…definitely a blessing (and not even “in disguise”!) and I couldn’t be happier. But all of my big plans for 2012 (breaking 3:10 in the marathon, completing my 1st Ironman, and running my 1st 50-miler – all had to get put to the backburner…They will all happen – one day…just not meant for 2012 =) xoxo

    • You’re baby #2 is going to be a blessing and more! In fact, he just might help you exceed those running goals in 2013! The hubs has a similar situation with his Knee.

  2. Well, that’s kind of crap on a cracker in terms of figuring out what’s going on with your stomach issues. But, it looks like you made the most of your weekend, because really…what good would it do just to stew?

    My “altered plans” include the addition of the cat to my life and my house. She’s adjusting wonderfully, but I’m having a bit of a harder time. Just her being there alters all my routines, but I’m trying to adjust and remember that it’s good to change the status quo. Life doesn’t go as planned, and you just need to let go and hold on 😉

  3. Sorry you missed the appointment, but it sounds like it all worked out quite nicely! I love it when that happens. Sometimes Plan B is the best plan of all. And I love that pink color on you.

  4. I need to find that pineapple upside down cake Larabar! Sounds like a dream! :) Glad you had a fun weekend!

  5. that salmon sounds delish!

  6. totally a bummer that you missed your appointment, but you and JC seemed to make the most out of your altered plans! those healthy bites look scrumptous! friday the bf and i were going to go to our favorite oyster/lobster rolls place, but it was a 2 hour wait, so we found another seafood restaurant to get our grub on – and it was GREAT!

  7. I absolutely love this post! So positive. It made me smile the whole way through :)

  8. Now that my friend is called seeing the silver lining. I love how you can take any situation and see the positive. And of course I’m excited because I also made out and get my healthy bites. Wahoo!

  9. Sometimes those altered plans turn into God’s way of helping us to ever so gently shift directions without it feeling quite so abrupt or uprooting. Interesting how He works, huh?

    Ps you look gorgeous in pink!

  10. Boo to traffic!! That’s annoying but I love how you turned it around and how you are taking things as they present themselves. Altered plans aren’t always a bad thing. BTW – you look great in that dress!!

  11. I admire your tude towards the missed medical exam situation- I’d have thrown a tantrum, haha( though I’m only 19, so I’m going to pay my stroppy teenager card while I still can!). I do hope your stomach problems get cleared up soon though.

    Gosh, you just look too pretty at the wedding( as per ush!), and the hubs is looking mighty fine too;)- a handsome couple!

    If I were not a poor student living a gazillion miles away , I would SO be nabbing up some of your healthy bites- I adooore ball snacks! BUT, I am so so grateful for the recipes for bites on your blog – iv been making a batch or 2 every week for months now, and they are delish<3, the cherry berries and the pbj' are particular favourites:).

    Oh, and that glazed salmon sounds beyond awesome, I LOVE bloobs!

    • Oh I wish you did live closer! I’d feed you. Love it! Have you bought the heathy bite ebook? You might like all the ball recipes. And it’s cheap!

  12. Love that the new Larabar flavors are out & about! SO tasty, of course. :)

    This post seems loaded with possibility – that’s a contagious energy. Hope all plans – altered or scheduled – work out whatever way you two want them!

  13. How do I get a “Standby Cotter?” I want one for christmas… :)

  14. sorry things didn’t really go as planned. Everything happens for a reason, right?

    salmon looks great, although Dan doesn’t do fruit and proteins like fish together

  15. My altered plans this weekend meant ditching all the crowded restaurants and not attending any parties for Mother’s Day. Just me, hubby and the kids eating, watching movies and playing board games at home. Enjoying their undivided attention and company made for the best Mother’s Day. Glad you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

  16. My plans seem to be altered hourly lately. :-) I have gotten much better at rolling with the punches in my old age. hehe!

    Love the pink dress! You are gorgeous Lindsey and I am so glad you were able to attend the wedding.

  17. love this! what a fun opportunity to have opened up to you! i love going spur of the moment and so many good things come that way…..glad you had fun and you looked so pretty in your weddign attire :)

  18. This post was JUST what I needed today! Sometimes I get so out of whack when plans change, but this is a great reminder to just go with the flow and let God handle the rest :)
    Hope you have a great start to the week, love!

  19. Altered plans…are always intentional by a higher power making things happen ‘just so’ right? I am so glad that you got safely to Dallas, even if it meant missing your appt (SO frustrating though!) and got to go to a wedding!! you looked gorgeous and it sounds like you had an awesome time!! XOXO

  20. I have been altering plans left & right recently — and working at rolling with the punches and being more graceful from those alterations. :) I’m bummed you missed your appointment though, hope you get another one soon!

    I finished my vegemite bites last night, they were SOOOO good! I’m still rationing the other two, but I’ll have to order some more soon. :)

  21. LOVE this! that dress is gorgeous! and you are gorgeous in all your photos! i cant think of an exact example of when plans have been altered but i have come to realize little goes as i plan it so stop stressing so much. well its a lot easier for me to say that than to live it…but i keep trying:) happy monday friend!

  22. You look beautiful! I’m sorry you missed the appointment, but glad you had a great weekend! My life is definitely not set in stone! There are way too many outside factors that change constantly everyday! I’m just learning to roll with the punches!

  23. you have such a great attitude, Lindsay. your outlook is always refreshing and uplifting.

    I feel like much of my 2012 has been altered plans, standby and on hold. A few ups and several downs, it is a roller coaster I am on… I still tend to think that things happen for a reason, you just have to be open, aware and willing to learn what the reasons are.

  24. love your wedding dress and i am on the edge of my seat about the NEW plans!!!

  25. You look so gorgeous! It’s fun to occasionally get out of yoga pants right? Not that I would know really…
    Graduating college in a week, no set in stone plans, no one tying me down…. I expect several alterations in the coming years!

  26. Glad your altered plans turned out to be SO enjoyable! That’s the best feeling!
    I alter plans all the time…minute to minute, even second to second!

    Today I altered my workout plan based on the weather, and my dinner plan based on my lack of grocery store visiting!

  27. Ummmmm altered my plans of dinner tonight with a friend because I had lots of mantra may to do for tomorrow! I didn’t mind!!

    Got to love gap sales and I love the pink on you! So pretty!

    Love you!

  28. Bummer you missed your appointment! Your attitude is wonderful. Life is full of alterations. We just have to roll right along with whatever comes our way.

    My recent altered plans? My kiddos daycare is closing. We were planning on finding a new school within the next 6 months anyway so this gave us a little kick in the butt to start looking sooner!

    • kick in the butt for sure, but sometimes it’s a blessing. maybe then you will have time later versus now to get things done, ya know?

  29. Your obsession with Larabars CRACKS ME UP! Do you know that I’ve only had one in my entire life. LOL! Hope that we’ll be taking yoga together tomorrow. I’m planning on going at 9:30 AM and I think it’s going to be a sweaty mess and can’t wait. XOXO

    • i’m definitely obsessed with larabar, but i am also an ambassador for them, so get all the cool flavors. ya, i’m spoiled! yoga is on this week for sure!

  30. You look gorgeous in the pink dress! Your altered plans sound like a lot of fun, although it sucks you missed your appointment.

  31. Sorry the appointment was missed, sounds like everything worked out in the end though! I need to gain your mentality, I am so bad with things not being set in stone. I like to know when EVERYTHING that day will happen. It gets ridiculous sometimes haha. I’m working on it though!

  32. pineapple upsidedown cake larabar sounds SO good! I always have to be lienent in my plans. With 2 kids, plans are always altered! Makes life more interesting that way!

  33. definitely have altered plans here lately, as we are having major computer back-up issues for our business. so we are doing our best not to panic and waiting to hear back from our computer data person to see if he can help us get our information back! so we had to alter some things around here, but all good. fingers are crossed we get good news tomorrow!

  34. Way to stay positive! Glad some great things came out of it. Altering plans..hmm, that happens to me so much lately it’s starting to become normal. Always altering workout time to make sure I get one in. Altering vacation plans. Altering how I alter… :)

    • dang it i should have CALLED YOU!!! I was so wrapped up in these new plans that i forgot i had to time. Oh it will happen one day Casey! come to austin!

  35. You look fabulous in that pink/fuschia color!!!

    I love your outlook on altering plans…my husband and I are the same way, really. We’re always changing things up. Actually, he changed something last minute just before our first date and showed up late. His response? “Babe, I’m not late. I’m spontaneous.” Who could resist that charm? lol

  36. I just said to my class this morning that despite what it seems like, I do always have a plan for class. It’s just that the plan never sticks. I alter plans constantly. And not just for that class. For my life.

    • ha, now thats my type of professor. Never knowing what the real plan is, but i am sure it keeps your class engaged. And as for life, yes, altered plans are the way to go. We do need some spontaneity in our lives. ANd new types of mustard don’t count. haha

  37. Awesome outlook Lindsay- I’m going to approach tomorrow with that same attitude!

  38. How frustrating that you missed your appointment. But… Seems like you handled it well. :) Oh altered plans…. That’s what life is about, yes? Once we think we have it figured out the man above “alters” it. :) hugs!!!!

    • the man above always has other plans. I am learning to go with his, learning yes. Oh me and my stubborn ways. hehe. how are you friend?

  39. I have and it used to be so so so hard for me to do.
    no more:)

  40. What a beautiful wknd the altered plans turned into! I’m working on gaining that “go w/ the flow” attitude back. I totally used to be like that but lost it along the way somewhere. Determined to find it again :)
    Hugs <3

  41. You’re so lucky to be able to grab the new Larabars so easily! I haven’t even seen the Capuccino one yet!! The orange float sounds awesome.

    Altered plans – just did it this morning with my workout… wasn’t feeling a full run so I did a run/walk combo and ended with some core work!

  42. You have a really great attitude. I feel like I am so rigid and live in a routine that anything that alters my plans totally throws me off! I really, really want to be more flexible (and my husband would certainly love that). Really, I blame my job for making me so “set in stone” because that’s just the way it is here.

    • i think working at home and on my schedule has me a little more flexible in life. Ya know? Its hard to get into routine and its hard to get out sometimes. But, to make change we must change, right?

  43. Oh how I wish I were more flexible like that!! It’s definitely something that I need to work on:o) I know this is been a long road for you trying to find out what’s going on with your stomach and I hope it comes to an end soon. I’m still praying for a good resolution!

    BTW, you look gorgeous in that color pink!!!


  44. uhh traffic is so annoying..thats a bummer. sounds like u guys had a pretty good weekend though-ur dress is adorable! btw, lara bar orange float? what?? yummy

  45. Great attitude :) and YUM I will have to keep an eye out for those new flavors! I’m obsessed with Larabar!

  46. That does sounds like a great weekend! My family has the problem with deciding. No one will just make the decision and go with it. It gets annoying sometimes especially to those who are married into the family. Me I am used to it so I am always down with whatever.

    Next time I am at whole foods I am buying the pineapple one. Looks way good.

    Oh and when you make your healthy bites you are way more neat than me. Lets just say yours look more like balls and mine look more like rocks. haha But I do love them and we eat them up fast over here!!!

  47. altered plans often lead to the best results! my altered plans and the upheaval in my life led me down a dark road. but, you know what, i’m in the light now and it shines so bright! :)

  48. Oh Lindsay, I love how you turned a disappointing situation into something beautiful! It sounds like a lovely weekend; I’m so happy you were able to attend your friend’s wedding! And those delicious Larabar flavors? Totally worth the trip to Dallas. 😉

    I like the mantra “live buoyantly.” A pastor at my last church gave a sermon about buoyancy, and it truly changed my life. Learning to go with the flow and how to embrace change makes life so much more fulfilling…and fun. 😀

  49. You look gorgeous, Lindsay!
    I can’t wait to try out the new larabar flavors…they sound so delicious!

  50. Love that you focused on how great it turned out to be instead of the frustration of a missed appointment!

  51. I think that is our families mantra as well! We like making plans…but don’t always stick to them. Probably why we have moved and lived in so many places! That blueberry lime salmon looks awesome…what was the verdict on taste? what did you end up serving it with?


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