All things Green and Winner

This is a semi wordless post. It’s not too important. Well, besides the announcement of the HEALTHY BITES winners!! Oh yea!

In order to not make it too lame, I will talk about my big realization this weekend. Green! Yep, it’s everything and I didn’t even notice before St. Patty’s day.

I know I know, important stuff!

Happy Sunday!

I see green, I wear green, I look green, I snack green, my breath is wintergreen, but thank goodness my breakfast cereal didn’t turn out green.



I definitely miss THIS green (New Zealand)


Oh and I pin things green… maybe a little too green but it’s still cute, right?


Are you sick of green yet?

NEVER! It’s actually my favorite color.

What was your GREEN this weekend?

Oh and last but not least… I’m greening grinning with excitement to announce the healthy bites winners.

These were randomly selected but I have to say, I love all these ladies and their responses are just plain AWESOME!

Congrats to the 2 Healthy Bites eBook winners.. Lauren and Sarah!!! You ladies had some crazy tell all TUESDAYS!


I’ll be emailing you the eBook soon!

And congrats to THIS WOMAN who finally get’s her hands on some

 Healthy Bites.


Email me your flavor choice and address woman! And good luck at your race today! Smile

Thanks to all who entered. I’ll be sure to do this again.

 Happy Sunday!



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  1. One St. Patrick’s Day when I was a kid, my dad snuck downstairs before we woke up and died the milk green with food coloring before putting it on the table in a ceramic pitcher (which we could see through). My sisters and I were quite shocked when we poured green milk onto our cereal! My dad claimed it was the lepracauns…

  2. MegSmith @ Cooking in College says:

    I love LOVE that green kitchen! Too cute. Congrats to the winners :)

  3. You’re so cute girl. And I love that kitchen actually. Nice and bright, airy.

  4. I really love that green kitchen actually.

  5. I am loving all this green!! I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream to bring some green into my St. Patrick’s Day. I wish I had a green kitchen – that is too cool!

  6. Yay for green!
    I think the green kitchen would be amazing. In fact, I’ll take one just like it :-)

  7. Christine (Merf) says:

    I love green too. It’s the color of life!

  8. I like the green kitchen :) It’s totally a different kind of green in NZ…. can’t beat it, not the same here in Aussie… it’s LUSH green in NZ!

  9. you are the cutest. Love all the green picks!! Happy St Patrick’s Day 😉

  10. Green is my favorite color! Looks like you did your part to celebrate! Congrats to the lucky winners!

  11. I quite like that green kitchen; it looks really fresh and springlike.
    I’d be lost without green in my food *tries to imagine life without broccoli* nope, couldn’t do it!
    I suppose apart from that, and spinach and leeks, my “green” was sorting a load of recycling out – another good green thing :-)

  12. That kitchen is awesome. Not to much green at all! :) I think there was some mistake because my name wasn’t one of the winners. :) He he. I guess I just have to purchase your ebook and order some Healthy Bites for my boys and I. Hope you’re having a good day! :) Everyday should be a green day!

  13. green is one of my favorite colors too! well actually both lori and i love it!

  14. Not sick of green yet. I am actually thinking about keeping the green background on my site. And that green kitchen is way cute!

  15. my green was the green hillsides rolling past j and i on our roadtrip. such a nice, peaceful drive and a great way to unplug, relax, and just hang out!


  17. I totally boycotted St. Patrick’s Day. I wore white pants and a black shirt. I was a total grump. ha! Keith didn’t pinch me either…he knew better! haha!

    • haha, glad there wasn’t any pinching. Although i think you could have taken keith. 😉
      You know james has some irish blood in his family so we of course had to do something. Guinness was poured for sure.

  18. Congrats to the winners!!
    That’s a lot of green! 😀 Actually one of the ladies that we work with looves green, too!!! She’s got an entirely green kitchen!

  19. That green kitchen is cute! :) I wore green on Saturday to celebrate!

  20. Green is a great color!!! I can’t wait till the grass turns green again!

  21. I thought I loved green, until I went to get dressed on St Patricks day to findI had only 1 green thing to wear. Guess I subconsciously don’t like wearing that color! I eat a lot of green though so maybe that makes up for it!

    • haha, that has happened to me before. I think i avoided buying a lot of green cause i thought i already had it, then you realize you don’t!

  22. there was a ton of green at the bar i was in on saturday! from 10am to 8pm i saw green everywhere!

  23. Not that it would work in my house, but I actually really like the green kitchen, it’s so bright and fresh!! I forgot to wear green for my Saturday race, but I did rock a green sundress the rest of the day. Yes, sundress in March, it’s been a weird weather weekend!

  24. Yes! Winning! 😉
    I love green too. And I don’t own nearly enough green clothing. It’s something that I discover every March 17th, and then forget about for the rest of the year (and keep on buying gray and black).
    I did wear green this year though- thanks trusty green blazer!

  25. You look great in green and I love the green kitchen! Green is my favorite color too. It couldn’t be because my birthday is on St. Patricks day. 😉

    Have an amazing week!

    • my grandmother’s birthday is on st. pattys day. I think you are very much like her… JUST BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Way to rock that race by the way.

  26. We spent St Patrick’s Day driving from DFW back to SA, so it wasn’t exactly festive. :)

    I love that kitchen too! But – I wonder if I’d get tired of the green after awhile. I really want white cabinets some day.

  27. Yay thank you so much for the ebook!!! I really look forward to reading it. xox

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